1. Amber - Chapter 6

    3/15/2018: Annie looked around the campus with a smile. She’d enjoyed her last year of high-school much, much more than the rest put together. Like a switch inside of her, she’d suddenly been aware of how hot the other students were…and more importantly, how hot she was. Everywhere she looked, she was hit with eye-candy beyond her wildest desires. The overweight guy in the sweatshirt, poring over a chemistry read Sex Story
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  2. Hot for Daddyyy!

    3/15/2018: This is my own original work. I did not copy this from anyone. Even though it is extremely cliche and probably over written. I just thought of the idea one night and decided to write about it right away. I'll love you forever if you leave me any comments. Constructive criticism would be great. This is my first story that I've ever written like this. I hope it's not too terrible. I'm gonna shut up read Sex Story
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  3. Surprise 2 Counseling

    3/14/2018: Surprise 2 Counseling We arrived back home a weak before School began . Most of the town had heard about me being kidnapped. Each one of them had their own ideas of what had happened. All of them were afraid to ask. My Mother, through the school, had set me up with weekly sessions with a School Counselor. Mother had told me to tell everything to the Counselor to hold nothing back. She said it was read Sex Story
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    3/14/2018: ___My mind drifted back to when Wendy and I first met. * This wife dreams about what she wanted to happen between her new girlfriend, her and a guy. The new girlfriend was a farm girl, who now lives next door, still with her parents. Very naïve, no experience, home schooled, no contact with guys or girls, she had never seen porn, but after one video Jan showed her, now she wants to try things. Jan read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Coercion, Lesbian, First Time, Incest, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Discovering Lynn 1

    3/14/2018: I pulled into my driveway and killed the engine. It had been a hard week at the office and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. As I sat there de-stressing, Lynn, my neighbor, came out of her front door. She saw me sat in the car and shouted over. “Hey lazy, get your shorts on and come for a run!” I waved and shouted back. “Maybe tomorrow. I need to clean up and eat.” We had been read Sex Story
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  6. Steve stays a few nights

    3/14/2018: Steve stays a few nights I have to admit that Steve was a very hot 26yr old guy, and even though he was the partner of my friend and they had a new baby together, I was still very physically attracted to him. So when he asked to stay with us for a few nights because our house was closer to a job he was doing, I got very excited. He has beautiful blue eyes, tall and very deep tan from being outside read Sex Story
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  7. Dad's young hot widow

    3/14/2018: Beginnings Myself Jim, 2 older sisters and of course mom and dad,Fred . We generally had a good relationship. I had learnt how to treat a lady since my sisters would make me suffer if I did not. From what I saw, mom and dad were fine together. No issues. Until one day, all of a sudden, dad left. I found out later that mom had slowly over time been holding out more and more and eventually dad left read Sex Story
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  8. My daddy and me 3

    3/14/2018: I was a little nervous to see my daughter again, I won't lie, the problem was that I didn't know why I was nervous, she was my daughter for crying out loud. Maybe it was because of the chemistry we had between us at the nude beach a few years ago. I think it was that same chemistry that we still had that made me nervous. You'd think that I was going to meet a girl that I just started dating, it read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Incest, Author: Pussyeeter, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Dennis and Brie Part 1

    3/13/2018: I sat in the waiting room. Basically, Brie had told me that if I really was as much of a manwhore as she gathered I was in my last year of high school and during the Fall semester (yesiree), then I had to get tested before we had any more sex. She’d actually rebuffed me a day before, my right hand on her bra, my tongue having just been stuck in her mouth, and told me the terms and conditions read Sex Story
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  10. A Step in the Wrong Direction - Part 2

    3/13/2018: The next morning Jenny saw Sarah and Dave out of the door and donned her running gear. The tight Lycra showed off every curve, the top required no bra and she'd not worn panties, using talc instead, wanting to keep clean lines and avoid chafing. She jogged to the supermarket and walked up the healthcare aisle, taking her time to select what she needed. Choosing the same brand she used with Dave, read Sex Story
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  11. The Kennedys, 1.6: Kiki at Large.

    3/12/2018: It was Sunday evening, I was expecting Kennedy back, some time. This weekend, I'd been left at home, while Kennedy went off to work. I spent most of the weekend unsuccessfully trying to not jack off, Kennedy would have use for that when she got back. I'd mainly been thinking of the weekend before, which was the second time Kennedy/Kiki had taken me down to L.A. for a shoot. I didn't know when to read Sex Story
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  12. Lake Nicaragua

    3/11/2018: CHAPTER I Finally, summer vacation was here! Six whole weeks of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. The minute I got through the door at home I kicked off my shoes and ran upstairs, turning the shower on and tossing my bag down onto my bedroom floor. I unzipped my skirt and it dropped to the floor, I kicked it towards the laundry bin and began unbuttoning my shirt. I wasn't sure what was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Incest, Author: Doc88102, Source: sexstories.com