1. Next Chapter 3

    8/3/2017: Yes. That was the answer that rang in my head and gave a bounce to my cock. Yes. Do it. I would like to say that it was because I wanted Tara to experience sex with love. I would like to say that the ‘yes’ was for both of them so that we could all move beyond what had happened and create a new level of trust. And I really wish I could say that my decision was motivated by a pure desire for Kayla read Sex Story
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  2. Incest Roulette

    8/3/2017: This story is a repost of the original story I posted on 2013-06-20. It is edited to conform to the age rules. Incest Roulette We all grew up in a small rural town, which is fun in the summer, but boring as hell in the winter. All summer we’d be working and playing outside, but in the long and dark winters there was next to nothing for us to do. Our parents never bothered to check up on us when we read Sex Story
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  3. Jake's night in (Part 1)

    8/2/2017: Hello, my name's Jake. This is a story of what happened after two family friends stayed round after dinner one Sunday. Characters: Jake - 6ft, athletic, 7 inch cock. 16 Charlie - 5'6, big booty, 36 DD, 16 Brigit - 5'7, big booty, 36 DD, 40 Jim - 6'4, skinny, 8 inch cock, 43 Jake rolled over in his bed. 21:13. Flashed his clock. He rolled back over to try and get back to sleep, he had a read Sex Story
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  4. My Photogenic Mom 10 - 11 (corrected)

    8/2/2017: 10 While Harold was out of town Karen had plenty of time to think about the events of the last couple of days. She had taken a couple of days off of work so that her sore pussy and back could get back to normal. She could walk without pain now and the rug burns were healing nicely. Karen had known for a long time that she really loved Harold. She hoped that he loved her as much as she did him read Sex Story
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  5. A Song of Lust and Desire: Chapter VI: The One In Which Sansa And Joffrey Take A Ride

    8/2/2017: CHAPTER SIX: On the King's Road Sansa was having absolutely the best day of her life. When her scheduled lemoncake brunch with Queen Cercei was cancelled upon the arrival of the honor guard to escort the King and her Father to King's Landing, her stomach was set aflutter as the Queen told Prince Joffrey - Sansa's betrothed - to entertain her. And despite the unsettling gaze of ser Ilyn Payne, and read Sex Story
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  6. The Hardship of a Large Chest

    8/1/2017: My choir teacher claps, alerting our attention. “Your dresses have finally arrived. When I call your name, please come take yours and try it on in the storage room.” Yay! Judging by the wall’s framed photos of past choir classes, the dresses are so lovely. I already feel stylish and queenly thinking about mine. “Abigail.” Hooray for having a name early in the alphabet. I step off the risers, read Sex Story
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  7. Cherry (chapter 8)

    8/1/2017: ***Read the first seven or you'll be lost! Thanks for reading. Chapter 8 I had a dream that I was watching TV when I suddenly felt a familiar presence. I looked over at the couch and Katie was watching TV with me. She still wore her blinding-white dress, but she looked nervous for some reason. I said, “Hello, Katie. I haven’t seen you in a while. How are you?” Katie said, “Hi. I’m ok, I guess. But read Sex Story
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  8. I'm A Sex Addict

    8/1/2017: Amber runs down the street she looks beginf her to see these nerds chasing her right. Amber thought nerd a would of been scare of her , but I guess not. Amber ran and ran when she saw the metro bus and she runs to try to stop the bus. Amber ran up to the front of the bus and the bus driver stop the bus. Amber gets on and pay her fee she walks to the back of the bus to see those nerds anywhere, so read Sex Story
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  9. Lust Part 2

    8/1/2017: Part 2 On my drive home from the gym I could notice the wetness coming out of my pussy. I was really excited because finally, things like this didn't feel as wrong anymore. Knowing that my husband was approving of everything I was doing, was a huge turn on for me. When I got home there was nobody there. I went upstairs, got on the bed and watched the two videos I had in my phone. Both of them were read Sex Story
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  10. Harry Potter NR.1

    7/31/2017: Legends of Potter by Roff WARNING! There is no pairing and Ginny is a good person. Chapter One – Privet Drive "GET UP BOY AND GET BREAKFAST READY!" "Yes, Uncle Vernon," said a groggy voice. Uncle Vernon opened the bedroom door. "After that I have some chores for you to do outside." Uncle Vernon almost seemed cheerful when he said that. "Yes, Uncle Vernon" said Harry while putting on his glasses read Sex Story
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  11. hOMELESS--Part 5

    7/31/2017: Part 5 CHAPTER 13 I called down to the bell desk once we had finished breakfast. David was there with our limo and the bags were in the trunk as I tipped the bellmen and followed Jennie and Lady into the rear seat. I sat back, completely relaxed, as David drove away. We had a relatively easy trip to LaGuardia although there’s never a really easy trip in the city. I had just tipped and thanked read Sex Story
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  12. Asian Catholic nun's charity.

    7/31/2017: **co writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** A swirl of black and the steady click of hard shoes on stone pavement marked the swift and determined passage of the young Thai nun as she whisked around a street corner in the shabby part of the town. The locals hardly paid Sister Mary Atchara notice, as they were all familiar with seeing her bustling around their community, darting here and read Sex Story
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  13. A Mother's Love (CAW 28 entry)

    7/30/2017: Beatrix looked back into the dense London fog; someone was following her. Turning into the next alleyway she waited. They had made a really bad mistake if they were trying to take her life. The soft click on the street stones plus an even softer tapping let her know they were close. A moment later a hooded figure started to turn the corner when she leaped out. Swinging her Kitana she took the top read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Non-Erotic, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com
  14. Property and Ownership

    7/30/2017: I'll admit I was impressed by the device Dan had put together to transport me. It was a red plastic bin. In the brief glimpse I caught of it from the outside, it looked like it had some white lettering on it. Very “Baywatch”-style official. It was not quite as long as I am tall. I am only 5'2”. And husky. Dan would force me to say I'm husky. I have a great big ass that most men like to smack. I read Sex Story
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    7/29/2017: I REALLY LOVE YOUNG COCK How I got myself into this situation I do not know but I don’t want to stop. Hi my name is Amy I’m married with two lovely boys one 6 and one 4, I have been married for 15 years to a wonderful man and have a great marriage Sex is so good and I love him so much I just wish he were at home more his job takes him away for weeks on end, My only escape while he’s away is going read Sex Story
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  16. Jay and Amy part 6

    7/29/2017: Jay and Amy part 6 When they finally drive off, we all relax. “Thanks girl for showing up, my nails were getting fucked,” Michelle says to Nicole. “What’s the video?” Mike asks. And well Nicole goes on to blow us away. “I taped the 3 of them having sex….with each other,” Nicole says before putting away her taser. “They’re related,” Luke says while stunned at the surprise. “Why’d you fucked them read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Asian, Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Teen, Teen, First Time, Written by women, Author: jvo, Source: sexstories.com
  17. Lost Empire 26

    7/28/2017: 0001 - Tempro 0003 - Conner 0097 - Ace 0098 - Lucy(ungrown) 0101 - Shelby (mother ship) 0667 - Marco 0798 - Celeste 0999 - Zan 1000 - Sherry (To grow) 0125 0403 0200 0778 0301 0908 0098(Lucy) 0667 awoke with a start where was he? The last thing he remembered he was in battle with several of his brothers and sisters. Reaching out he couldn’t find anything to grab a hold of, it was almost read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction, Alien, Non-Erotic, Violence, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com
  18. Rainy Day Blues

    7/28/2017: We were sitting together at the desktop computer surfing the net, not much interested in anything, not looking for anything special. It was raining and cold outside, our friends had other things to do that afternoon, our parents were gone somewhere. It was as gloomy inside the house as it was outside, my sister and I were bored. No – Way beyond bored, it was so bad we were actually socializing read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen, Author: Mystic47, Source: sexstories.com
  19. Breaking out of a Boring Life

    7/27/2017: My name is Daniel, and I’m a college student at a small university in Bum Fuck Egypt, South Carolina. I am 26, and yeah I know that’s a little old to still be in college unless you’re doing graduate work, but I wasted a few years of my life and now I have to play catch up, so to speak. I actually had some college credits from another institution in another town in BFE, but I moved with my parents read Sex Story
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  20. "The Bank Robbers"

    7/27/2017: "The Bank Robbers" Part 1 The bank teller smiled warmly as he watched the pretty young woman walk towards his window. She looked to be about nineteen years old and was wearing tight riding jeans and boots. Her golden hair was cut short and boyish and her blue eyes sparkled as she returned the teller's smile. "What can I do for you today, Miss?" "I've come to make a withdrawal" she drawled in a read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, BDSM, Cock & ball torture, Cruelty, Discipline, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Humiliation, Spanking, Torture, Violence, Author: mstrmrd1, Source: sexstories.com