1. Our boarder

    1/3/2018: Our Boarder Times were hard, money was tight, and so we invited a boarder into our home. Since money was tight we decided to advertise in the local university paper for a boarder, to help pay for the bills. Within a day of the ad being in the paper we had a call from the university saying that there was a 1st year student looking for accommodation and was it OK for him to call round. That evening read Sex Story
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    1/2/2018: Narrator…. __We have two very horny females in this family. Mom and daughter. Can the dad handle them and find harmony between them all?… let’s find out…. ___My daddy (Ben) and I ( Millie) had our ‘super secret‘. I was a real daddy’s girl and would do anything for him. I was his little spoiled brat, and we both liked it. I started doing little sexy things to get his attention. Mom (Lena) would get read Sex Story
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  3. The Business Part 2 Visiting the Rancher

    1/2/2018: Bruce and Carla left Virginia City to visit the Rancher Carla got up early on Sunday. She called for room service to bring coffee up to the room and she showered quickly. While she was dressing Bruce answered the door and got the coffee. He had a cup and then showered himself. They decided to head out early for the ranch, down in the Washoe Valley below Virginia City. The rancher had invited them read Sex Story
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  4. Adventures with my Daughter 3

    1/2/2018: Part Three: We Go All the Way (First 2 published under Jetadore) This is the third part of my series - “Adventures with my Daughter”. It is a work of fiction and depicts no events that actually took place between a man and his daughter in this reality. “Adventures with my Daughter 3” Part Three: We go all the way. Pammy and I returned from our trip to the mall. As promised, I had allowed her to read Sex Story
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    1/2/2018: Merlin had a plan, a plan that his Glimmer had given him. Looking at Hopix he knew it was dangerous, Hopix’s temper was almost legendary. Merlin smiled when he remembered the first time Glimmer had lost her temper at him, damn but that hadn’t been a very good day that was for sure. Sighing, first Alan had to defeat the last three. Merlin knew that the last two plain mages would be no problem but read Sex Story
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  6. Preacher's Sinful Daughter Chapter 4: Sinning at the Club

    1/1/2018: Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Four: Sinning at the Club By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 “And you are sure this is a good idea, dear?” Mother asked Daddy. As always, Mother wore a conservative dress: skirt long, neckline high, though it was sleeveless, a concession to the summer heat. Her hair was perfectly coiffed even after a day spent weeding at the church. I didn't even recall her slipping read Sex Story
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  7. Cat Fight

    12/31/2017: Bill sat at his desk, god he was tired, this job was shit but he wanted to eat so he kept at it. Old, he felt so old he was surprised he made it in every day. After all what did he have left to look forward to? Go home to his cat; eat a cold dinner that was leftover from the night before. Just once he wished he had something different in his life at least a woman friend. Smiling yeah he thought read Sex Story
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  8. Lake Nicaragua (Part 2)

    12/31/2017: CHAPTER VIII We sat naked on the decking, drinking coffee and eating bagels. The lake looked amazing and made me want to either be on it or in it. I watched the chemistry between Anna and Robert, all the years of marriage behind them and they were still in love. It wasn't that they loved one another, they were 'in' love with one another. Still with the puppy dog eyes. ''Hell-cat, you look read Sex Story
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  9. The Love Impaired

    12/30/2017: It was the day after my sister's eighteenth birthday party and already I was getting a headache from the thoughts running rampant through my head. My relationship with her had always been solid, right from the minute she was born we were best friends. And I guess I now had an understanding of how parents feel watching their children grow up and step away from you, because I knew that at any moment read Sex Story
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  10. Denise and Darnell, pt 1

    12/30/2017: ​After college, my fiance (Denise) and I (Jack) happened to find a good 2 year lease on a house rental. We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.​ It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around. Our wedding happened 3 months after we moved in. Yeah, it was a busy time, but we had planned a small wedding and had made read Sex Story
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  11. A Family Betrayal Chapter 34

    12/30/2017: Jasmine’s POV: Heath took Michelle away for the weekend to help her become a mother. Us wives didn’t mind as she wanted to experience what we have. It’s around 9 o’clock that I make my way to Allison’s room. She has been acting odd the past few months making my wives and I curious as to why. So I volunteered to find out. At her bedroom door I knocked a few times to get no response. I placed my ear read Sex Story
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  12. Fantasy world adventurer pt 2- World of Warcraft.(Fucking and breeding a Worgen)

    12/30/2017: Chapter 2 (Inspiration for the World of warcraft character stories comes from rule 34 artists Lucien and Vp.The Inspiration for any marvel or Dc universe characters is from Sunset riders07.Check them out sometime on rule 34) Daren found he could not go to sleep no matter what he tried.He was just too excited and nervous about actually being in a alternate universe and being an emperor to boot.He read Sex Story
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