1. Sex And The Clitty - my first lesbian experience

    11/20/2018: Nicole - My first Lesbian Experience I should point out in this story the "fanny" I am referring to is the UK meaning, i.e. poonani, chuff, quim, cunt. April 2002 : When I first started to spend a lot of time in London, I met a new group of people. I was networking, I needed people to spend time with in the week, and bizarrely I was introduced to a girl called Nicole, by a gynaecologist I visited. Nicole was from Luxembourg via San Francisco , and had been a model, had been a lot of things the truth be told, including an exotic dancer, and a grand-a-night call girl. Ni read Sex Story
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  2. Horny Field Trip

    11/20/2018: Horny Field Trip Synopsis: Horny teen seduces science teacher on a field trip. Field trips have lost their luster for Amber. As a k** they were the best days ever but now that she was in high school and has become sexually active, everything sort of lost its luster. While all the other teens in her grade got high on pot, molly, or whatever was popular that week, Amber got high on sex. Today her class was visiting the museum of aviation and it was now that she needed a fix. Strolling through the halls of memorabilia, Amber came across her science teacher, Mr. Montgomery. All the g read Sex Story
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  3. Spanking School #2: Petra-2

    11/20/2018: Spanking School is the name my students use for my exclusive Erotic Education Enterprise for fresh well-bred virgins of some social standing. Petra is the name of the first graduate and granddaughter of Professor Peter, who founded his Enterprise for her. Together they inspect in Summer their first ever applicants from all over the globe for a full year of training in a small class of classy cute beauties, who all just turned eighteen. Exclusive education is expensive. In special cases the School offers scholarships. First to apply is a ravishing red-head, also called Petra. She knows Pr read Sex Story
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  4. The Island, Chapter 35

    11/20/2018: Chapter 35 The moment was magical. It was late evening, and the sun had gone below the surface of the sea, momentarily producing a spectacular light show. It was lost on the four of us, however, as we were so focused on each other’s bodies it could have been snowing on the horizon for all we cared. Stars were already visible in the clear tropical air, even before the sky had darkened into its read Sex Story
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  5. Turkey Holiday,Proposal&Cheatin on Fiancee

    11/20/2018: WEDNESDAY 15TH JUNE 2016 - SISSY PROPOSED TO ME AND I ACCEPTED SATURDAY 18TH JUNE 2016 We were in Turkey for 4 nights and i was feeling a little disheartened at the fact i hadn't seen anyone i took a fancy to. We went to see Mustafa the local travel agent and he recommended the night cruise to us. We agreed and off we went. We were picked up by a minibus who took us to the marina and there it was the love boat. Yes it was actually called the love boat. We boarded the boat and went straight to the top read Sex Story
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  6. Rear Window (Revised Version)

    11/19/2018: I was unhappy with some aspects of the original Rear Window.so I rewrote parts of it. I am now happy wit this new revised version, Enjoy Rear Window Nikkie Silk Rear Window is a 1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. This fictional story is inspired by some of the characters and events of the film. For a while I wished I could go back and start that day again. It had all begun so well. The forecast was for a beautiful summer's day; clear blue skies and wall to wall sunshine. I hadn't taken the Norton out for a long time and this se read Sex Story
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  7. Jack’s Painful Lessons

    11/19/2018: Jack’s Painful Lessons Susan called me and asked me to stop by her house after work. Susan was a real pain. She was the widow of my dead ex-partner and, as far as I was concerned, a real nut burger, to put it mildly. Jim, my old partner, had been a good friend. I owed him (and his f****y) I guess. While Susan was ditzy, she was also very beautiful and she had a handsome son, Jack. Jack had been a marriage surprise. Susan thought she was putting on a few pounds when her doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Susan went from being a young trophy wife to becoming a mom, Jim a dad, and I was read Sex Story
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  8. Chronicles of Rima - 1

    11/19/2018: It happened one day about 6 years after Abhi and Rima had been married. As is the norm, she had met many persons in the marriage. Some nice, some not so nice but she had developed a liking for two persons. One was Abhi's elder b*****r and the other was a close friend of Abhi's. Nothing proceeded further because of two reasons. Firstly Rima did not know exactly what she wanted and secondly there were no such opportunities. Theirs was an educated f****y, modern and yet somewhat conservative. As time went by, they became more and more free with one another. And entertained the notion of inviti read Sex Story
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  9. First Meet

    11/19/2018: RE: First meet. Finally the evening had come around, dragging on for two long weeks, I had been chatting to a couple online, for the last few months, for the story, lets name them Lesley and Darren. We were chatting about Fantasies and likes, when Darren told me of their favorite pastime of playing cuckold games. Not too sure about the full extent of the roles, but Darren quickly explained the terminology and what it entailed, with the order of how things happen, and why, which was interesting, and hot. I got to chat to Lesley as time and confidence built, and as time read Sex Story
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  10. d***k and left alone

    11/19/2018: It was another Saturday afternoon as I finished up running a few errands before heading home. My husband was going to have his friend Mike over for the night so that the two of them could hang out in his man cave and enjoy several drinks. I was out running a few errands as well as picking up some potato chips for the guys to enjoy later on. I eventually finished up and headed home. Once I got home, my husband was out back firing up the grill. He was going to make a few burgers and hot dogs so we could all eat. He told me that Mike was on his way and would be arriving shortly. They hadn't hung read Sex Story
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  11. Teacher II

    11/18/2018: For the first time I felt his hand on my dick, his firm but soft hands felt good. I arched my back pushing my hips forward giving him full access to me. Mr. Roberts said " You're so hard, do you like me touching you" My breathing was quick, and My head was spinning. Yes sir I finally said. He closed his fingers and thumb around the tip and slid down sending waves of excitement through me. He stroked me a few times then he cleared his desk and told me to hop up. I hopped on the desk in front of him and spread my legs. He leaned over and licked the head which was electrifying, then moved down ti read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo, Author: 1120scott, Source: xHamster

    11/18/2018: mai 31 years old hu. meri marriege ho chuki hai 3 years pahle. Par abtak hamne baby plan nahi kiya hai. So we are still enjoy our marriage life. I am 5’ 3’’ tall and my complexion is milky white. My figure is 36-26-36 and weight is 50kgm only. My hubby loves me very much because I am very much pretty & broad minded girl. Jo bhi mujhe dekhta tha tariff kiye bagair nahi rahta tha. Last year ki bat hai mujhe apne mom-dad ke marriage anniversary ke liye mayke(Banaras) jana tha. Mere hubby Delhi gaye huye the official work se. maine unse bat ki to unhone bola ki wo agle din Delhi se challenge. Mai read Sex Story
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