1. first time

    8/15/2017: For as long as I can remember, my favorite person in the whole world has been my uncle. I love my mom, my f****y, my best friend, but sometimes I just don't want to be around them. That has never been the case with Uncle Benny. Uncle Benny has a way of always knowing what to say. He makes me smile when I'm grumpy. Can cheer me up when I'm sad. Makes me feel good about myself, when I'm feeling down. He even knows when to just sit and be quiet when I want him around, but don't want to talk. He never speaks down to me. Even when I was little, he would talk to me sincerely about everything from read Sex Story
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  2. cheating mom

    8/15/2017: This goes back some 30 + years but I can still remember it as if where only yesterday when I caught my 44 year old mom cheating on my dad with one of his best friends. But first let me say a few things about sherl, my mom. she is a natural red head, When I was a young boy she would walk around the house in her panties and bra and as a young horny boy I would look at her and see her red hair through her panties and her hard nipples poking through her bra. She has 38 C tits with soft pink nipples that got really hard. When she would leave for work I would got into her bedroom and take her pantie read Sex Story
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  3. Like a rocket man

    8/15/2017: Al and Dawny had been friends for some time now. They met on harmless flirty social media site and had hit it off from the outset. They often confided in each other about events in their lives and future plans. Dawny often thought about Al and would wonder if he was o.k since they lived in separate parts of the U.K. After some careful thinking Dawny thought it was time for them to meet up and hang out for the weekend. She mentioned it to Al who seemed keen and they both agreed to meet half way in Southsea, let off some steam and maybe hit a speed dating venue on the first evening. Dawny arri read Sex Story
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  4. The Devil's Pact Chapter 42: Dreams

    8/15/2017: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Forty-Two: Dreams Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. General Olmos's assassination of Governor Holt, and the subsequent massacre of the Governor's supporters, was the first of many atrocities committed by the Tyrants. The fact that they had General Olmos hung does not exculpate the Tyrants for the heinous act read Sex Story
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  5. My Best Friend and his Cock

    8/14/2017: One day my best friend Dave and I were alone at his house drinking and watching T.V. he went into his room and came back with Pornos and asked me if I watched porn and I said yes, we started to watch porn and drinking our beer and soon he all of a sudden pulled out his hard cock and was asking me if I have seen a cock like his. I have seen his cock many times when we showered at school and it was the first time seeing it rock hard, it looked like a cock you see in the porn movies. he was playing with it as we were watching porn and he was getting all hot and asked me if I wanted to touch it read Sex Story
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  6. My best mates Dad!

    8/13/2017: My mate Tom had a Dad that was to die for! He was one of those men that was perfectly proportioned, rugged, big shoulders hair in all the right places, thick muscular legs and good looking ! Fuck, what more could you ask for. It was always distracting when I’d visit and Tom’s Dad would always smile his disarming smile, he had one of those killer grins that made you weak at the knees, just like he wanted you and you were only person in the room. And to top it all off, he was just a great decent human being. Needless to say I was very jealous of Tom, but loved to visit their house at the week read Sex Story
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  7. Fiancé for all: A story of cuckoldry and lu

    8/13/2017: I gazed down at the pussy that used to be mine and mine alone, covered in every man's cum in the room except my own. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, overdosed on ecstasy. "She's a fucking legend, mate", said the portly, silver-haired gentleman who had last been inside my fiancé of 4 years, the girl who was a virgin before we met, the girl who hadn't slept with another man until tonight, a woman who now had 11 conquests under her belt and inside her tight little muffin. The din of shitty dance music rang in my ears as she writhed around on the swear-and-semen sodden bed. Glist read Sex Story
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    8/13/2017: It was a rainy Milwaukee afternoon and I was bored out of my mind. It had been dark for days and I was feeling the urge to get out and let loose for a while. My fiance, Tiffanie was out of town on business so I was flying solo. My roommate Ziek was bartending at the neighborhood bar so I decided to head up there for a few. About an hour in to the night I noticed Tiffanie's best friend, Carla was read Sex Story
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  9. Humiliation

    8/12/2017: The girlfriend and I were on or way to a bbq at my friends. We drove in awkward silence because before we left our apartment, we tried to have sex but I could just not keep it up. This was not the first time and it was starting to put a strain on our relationship. I don’t know why we can’t just talk about this, she said. It’s probably all those fuckin pills you take for sl**p. Maybe we should see a doctor. Maybe we can get you Viagra or something. Can we please just drop it? I asked, feeling very embarrassed and frustrated. I probably should have listened to her. Maybe I should have let myself read Sex Story
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  10. First Time for Santa

    8/12/2017: It was a week before Xmas and my friend billy, his wife Anna (names changed) my wife Jill and myself were invited to a 40th birthday party.My wife looked stunning this particular night in a pencil skirt and fishnet tights and a pair of black calf high boots. I could hardly take my eyes off her and neither could a lot of the male guests at the party and i could see was getting admiring glances from some of the other women. Needless to say it was a great night had by all, what with the time of year and the drink flowing freely everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I couldn't help b read Sex Story
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  11. Cruise Part II

    8/11/2017: My wife and I walked over to the pool and set up our stuff on a couple of chairs. The sun was hot plus I needed to cool off from that little display I just put on. I was hoping the water was cool because my cock was refusing to go down from the earlier massage of that man. At the very least the water would hide the wet spot I had. It almost looked as though I pissed myself there was so much precum. I jumped in but to no relief the water was warm, and my cock was being so stubborn. My wife joined me in the pool which was now very crowded, and we both decided to swim up to the bar read Sex Story
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  12. Life Redone (Part 6 of 10)

    8/10/2017: [Thanks for reading! Enjoy.] That was the halfway point. The most incredible device in the world only had five marks remaining. I knew from this point forward I would have to make sure that I did the most regrettable moments. If I didn’t do something during this opportunity, I would regret things even more, knowing I had the perfect chance to live out anything right here. I had a couple of girls read Sex Story
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  13. Pretty Panties in the public toilets

    8/10/2017: Wheer I grew up in the North of England there wer many small villages with local toilets. Only much later in life did I realise how many sexy panty wearing dirty minded wonderful people are out there, I wish I had met more of them then, this is dedicated to all of them. When I was younger in the late seventies I was perpetually horny ( suppose I still am ) At one stage I was in between girlfriends and I started realising that public toilets were a very good place for sex , I had been to a couple of local ones and read the graffiti and loved the drawings that were often ther , more read Sex Story
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  14. Summer after college

    8/10/2017: His hand stroked furiously. The pressure was building and he began to feel the tingles deep in his chest. He clenched his jaw and his ass cheeks. Tight. His left hand held the windowsill for support. The only way to keep upright. A small grunt escaped his lips and he forced his mouth closed. He continued to pump is turgid cock with all he had. In the garden below he watched the two young women, read Sex Story
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  15. Lustful Awakenings

    8/10/2017: Paving a path for yourself is hard for any young man, more so myself. I abstain from using the term boy because I have recently lost one of things a boy must lose to become a man, my virginity. The story of how that came to be is quite peculiar, more so the predicament I am in now. I was born in Edinburgh to my mother Hazel Esquire along with my sister with whom I share my birthday. Twins we were read Sex Story
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  16. The Night My Wife Got Blacked While I Watched!!

    8/9/2017: I want to thank you for the great memories that I have when you gave my white wife the fucking of her life. Watching your BBC giving her orgasm after orgasm was almost more than I could stand. I am posting this because I am hoping that maybe you will read this and want to give her again the fucking of our lives and that any other hot black well hung professional type businessman would be willing to put in the time to do the same. As you know my wife is a classy older married white conservative women that you met as we were sitting at the bar in the nightclub off Hampton is southwest St. Louis read Sex Story
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  17. Hubby sent me this anniversary treat!

    8/9/2017: This is an email I received today from my husband - please do not copy or steal, it is original: We have a weekend arranged without k**s for our anniversary and agree that it's time for us to do something special... We get dressed up in our fanciest clothes, me suited and booted - looking immaculate and muscular after my recent gym workouts. You're all made up, looking beautiful and sexy in a revealing black dress that shows your amazing curves and more cleavage than you're usually comfortable with but at the beginning of the night I say to you: "Tonight, you're mine to do with as I p read Sex Story
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  18. Gym Family Fun

    8/9/2017: I am 16 so if this is not very good can you please not go to hard on me as this is also the first time a have written a sex story. When this happened I was 16 and was really horny all the time. I am bi so nearly anything was getting me hard and horny. My name is Jonathan For the past three months my mum, and my two sisters and me have been going to a personal trainer. My mum (Margaret) is 50 years read Sex Story
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  19. Straight guy blow job

    8/9/2017: Im just like you. I wasn't even curious. I was the right amount of horny and d***k and was seduced by a guy. It wasn't any different than being with a woman. My advise though is to not talk and have the lights dim. I have done it three times. The first was out of pure frustration. My wife stopped putting out i got frustrated and started to look for women on craigslist. Finally after several months or maybe a year, i did meet one girl but we had nowhere safe to go. I got a hand job in a parking lot, but that was it. Every time i posted I got a ton of guys offering blow jobs. Finally, read Sex Story
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  20. A test for Video embed

    8/9/2017: Here's a little short but sweet, real life tail you might like. We used to live in a quite part of Essex, near the Cambridgeshire border. As we were both living with our parents at the time, play-time of a sort, meant having to find different ways to enjoy ourselves. We couldn't really get up to much in our respective homes, which normally meant the odd squeeze of the breasts and nipples, tickling of the, "Bud", rubbing Scott's cock or some finger fucking quietly in our bedrooms. Never being able to scream once you reach orgasm (I'm quite load) was a real disappointment. When we did wa read Sex Story
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