1. La mia primissima ingoiata di sborra.

    8/15/2018: Ciao a tutti i miei ammiratori, ho deciso di raccontare qualcosa di me, una vita di signora moltissimo riservata con episodi intimi che mi hanno accompagnata dopo qualche anno dal mio matrimonio, un matrimonio nel primo anno trascorso con tanta monotonia .Tutto è cominciato quando dopo un po’ che lavoravo in un negozio d’abbigliamento mi sono invaghita del figlio della mia titolare. Pino non mi dava tregua nel corteggiarmi, un bel di giorno del mese di maggio intorno alle 16,00 Pino era davanti a Pc a fare l’inventario mentre io gli dico che vado al bar chiedendogli se desidera anche lui un ca read Sex Story
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  2. Court Ordered Spankings

    8/15/2018: Growing up in a small town you know everyone and everyone knows you. I started a summer job at the local diner as a waitress to earn a little extra money between school terms. The local Sheriff, John Stone and my good friend Judge Bob Mahoney eat breakfast every morning at the diner and were pleased to see me serving them. Mrs. Martins that owns the restaurant supplies us girls with a simple uniform dress. The dress fits me real tight around my hips since my measurements are 35-22-37, a fact that does not go unnoticed by the patrons. Mrs. Martin watches as the men are always looking at my read Sex Story
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  3. The Boutique

    8/14/2018: When I was in my mid teen years my first job was working at a department store at the mall. They called me a gopher, as in go fer this and go fer that. I liked it and it was fun. Next to our store was a little boutique owned by these two ladies. The boutique catered to high end professional ladies. My boss would loan me out to help these two ladies when they needed some lifting and they would give me some cash. I found the ladies to be very attractive and had a very classy and high society attitude about them. One was named Bonnie, very blonde, tall skinny woman. Wore alot of jewelry and read Sex Story
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  4. voodoo slave part 2

    8/14/2018: I forced ash to hide in my closet until my parents went to bed. she softly sobbed inside. I told her if she screamed or was too loud I would force her to fuck her dog. once my parents went to sleep I opened my closet and found her in the fetal position. she flinched as I opened the door. "get up we have work to do." I said reaching down and jerking her to her feet. she let out a small wine but read Sex Story
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  5. Rose [2]

    8/14/2018: Rose is about eighteen. On top she still is my pupil. Though I love her I do need to keep professional distance. I am as mad about her as she about me, but I have double her amount of reasons for it. I lead her: four to two. Rose and I have fourfold relation and not five yet because by law I strictly need to keep my hot hands at home. I am her favourite teacher of languages and also a friend for long walks when I her show birds by my binoculars. Rose lives right behind my temporary room at he attic of a friend, from where I can see her bedroom window. I know she does not know. Nor read Sex Story
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  6. Night Burglar PT 4. Jason Meets his Match

    8/14/2018: Night Burglar pt 4…Jason meets his match Jason replayed the video almost nightly and always had a explosive orgasm as he watched the eyes of Jennifer as she knew her last moments of life was near. At times Jason wished he could spend more time torturing his victims, but he would get so lost in his need to watch them die. Having his own little retreat afforded him the luxury of drastically read Sex Story
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  7. 18 Year Old Seduces Her Tutor

    8/14/2018: Roger Boyer was a 20 year old junior in the Engineering School of the local college. He still lived at home and commuted to school. He was paying his own way through school and he had just started tutoring high school students in math. Being and engineering student he was very proficient with math. He was a swimmer and had swum for the high school team but now he did it just to stay fit. Roger was also a runner and his 6'2" 190 pound frame was well toned. Between college work and tutoring he stayed quite busy although he still did find the time for girls. Having a steady girlfriend was read Sex Story
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    8/14/2018: ....For some reason, all us mothers have a code that is taboo to ever talk about. We don’t talk about our sexual feelings for our sons or daughters. It’s somehow so taboo, so unthinkable, so naughty, we never talk about it. (except in low whispers with a friend who will never ever tell we talked about ‘it’) Mothers will say (outwardly) how disgusting, sick, weird or say that any sexual feelings read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Bisexual, Coercion, First Time, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Summer of 79 Chapter 1

    8/13/2018: Summer of 79 Chapter 1 School had just let out and the neighbor hood pool had been open for a week, actually it had been opened for 2 weeks but the first week was for swim team only. I wasn’t on the relay teams this summer, I’d decided last year to join the diving team and had been practicing all winter at the local college pool which was an indoor pool so we could work on our diving all winter read Sex Story
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  10. Fucking Britney

    8/13/2018: Britney had just separated from her husband and decided a night out with the girls was called for so she contacted a few and arranged to meet at a bar they all knew from their singles days. Karen felt good about it decided not to get too tarted up so picked out a while blouse and mini skirt that really was a bit too short, but what the hell, it was all girls together. They all arrived and were soon knocking back the drinks, Britney especially as the girls, feeling sorry for her thought they'd help her drown her sorrows. Britney, on the other hand was feeling good and the drink was definitely read Sex Story
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  11. caught masturbating

    8/13/2018: My new neighbors are both a turn on to me! She is about 25 5'7 brown hair down past her shoulders, about 145, with at least a C cup. And her legs are amazing! He is probably 25 about 5'9 brown short hair and slim but nicely built...He never wears a shirt so he is very tan! One day I was getting a little excited so I got a porn out popped it in and closed all my doors. I quickly got naked and started watching the porn not touching my 6" smooth shaven cock to build the anticipation. As one of the girls in the movie was working an 8" cock, mine quickly got stiff. I slowly started stroking my read Sex Story
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  12. When I was 18 part 1

    8/13/2018: When I was 18 and just graduated from high school I had applied for several secretarial jobs and in a couple of days I received a call. It was for a receptionist at an investment firm. There was just my boss and I working there. It was a great job I really enjoyed going in every day ! My boss really treated me great and in my first few months I had already received 2 raises. Mike my boss was 59 and a very handsome man and like I said really treated me great He was always gracious and very professional Mike told me that he wanted to set up a party for his clients and their f****y's He told me w read Sex Story
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