1. Cherry (chapter 8)

    8/1/2017: ***Read the first seven or you'll be lost! Thanks for reading. Chapter 8 I had a dream that I was watching TV when I suddenly felt a familiar presence. I looked over at the couch and Katie was watching TV with me. She still wore her blinding-white dress, but she looked nervous for some reason. I said, “Hello, Katie. I haven’t seen you in a while. How are you?” Katie said, “Hi. I’m ok, I guess. But read Sex Story
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  2. I'm A Sex Addict

    8/1/2017: Amber runs down the street she looks beginf her to see these nerds chasing her right. Amber thought nerd a would of been scare of her , but I guess not. Amber ran and ran when she saw the metro bus and she runs to try to stop the bus. Amber ran up to the front of the bus and the bus driver stop the bus. Amber gets on and pay her fee she walks to the back of the bus to see those nerds anywhere, so read Sex Story
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  3. Transformation

    7/31/2017: TransformationFran Avatar Damn, that hurts! And it stinks too! No escaping either of it. The pain and the smell don't seem to be affecting my cock though, my meat is rock hard. So's my master's, buried deep within me. He's enjoying this. Probably more than I am - and I'm about on cloud nine! With every touch of that electrolysis wand I keep going further onto that cloud. My reaction and the fact that it's him who's holding that damn thing is what's keeping him hard inside me even with his moving around for any friction. Just the thought of it all. The thought o read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, First Time, Trans, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster
  4. Asian Catholic nun's charity.

    7/31/2017: **co writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** A swirl of black and the steady click of hard shoes on stone pavement marked the swift and determined passage of the young Thai nun as she whisked around a street corner in the shabby part of the town. The locals hardly paid Sister Mary Atchara notice, as they were all familiar with seeing her bustling around their community, darting here and read Sex Story
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  5. A Time Just For Us - My Very First

    7/31/2017: Some are sweet and romantic, some incredible, some bizarre, some painful and some even downright disastrous. My story contains some of these elements but see for yourself how it was for me. If you like wham bam sex stories, this probably isn’t for you; if you prefer more romantic, slow burn, real-life accounts, but with complete honesty, then please enjoy. Thanks read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: KJessica, Source: LushStories
  6. I can still dream

    7/30/2017: My nearest neighbors are thais. I was with them in the years to celebrated my 63 birthday. I and the father of his 13 year old daughter were at home. We sat and drank Hong Tong. here is a thai whiskey that tastes good and gives head most delicious fantasies. He said her daughter did not like boys, because she liked girls. This was something I have a hard time believing. I have seen her many times alley looked at me, the times I've been standing outside the house after I've been training center to get bigger muscles. When I'm wearing a tiny panty and played a little with arm muscles. I' read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: badboyareme, Source: xHamster
  7. Addicted

    7/30/2017: I wane start with saying sorry, my mother language is not English is not that good, but I hope you will enjoy my story. It is part based on a true story and other parts are just my dark imagination. Chapter one. Let me begin with telling you a little bit about myself. I’m a young girl (19 years old) and I live in a small town called Pikes. I don’t have many friends but that’s okay I like being read Sex Story
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    7/30/2017: Intro: Belinda and I started dating in high school. During the summer after our freshman year of college, a game of “truth or dare” led to a threesome between Belinda, myself and Belinda's life long best friend Marcella. The three of us ended up fooling around and experimenting with each other for the rest of that summer. After eight years apart, the three of us ended up together again after read Sex Story
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  9. Meeting my daddy "Tim" and my first time

    7/29/2017: This story begins with my move to a small town in Maryland known as Thurmont. I was 18 and unsure of my sexuality. I did however know I was strongly attracted to men much older then me. Generally men with grey hair and a thick build, but we will get to that in a minute.. I was a senior in high school and met a friend named Tyler, whom I became close with. We would spend a lot of time at his place and the moment I saw his father, Tim, it sent a huge surge through me. I thought the way he looked at me was "strange", but what did I know? I was young and never been involved sexua read Sex Story
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  10. Déjà Vu - Part Two

    7/29/2017: This is Part Two of a Two Part story. You’ll probably enjoy it better if you read Part One first. While Chari watched the tow-driver finish hooking up her car, I went and got mine and pulled it around. Chari jumped in and we drove the ten miles to my house with the tow truck following behind. I think that Chari was disappointed that my car, a restored Triumph Spitfire, was a two-seater read Sex Story
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  11. Jay and Amy part 6

    7/29/2017: Jay and Amy part 6 When they finally drive off, we all relax. “Thanks girl for showing up, my nails were getting fucked,” Michelle says to Nicole. “What’s the video?” Mike asks. And well Nicole goes on to blow us away. “I taped the 3 of them having sex….with each other,” Nicole says before putting away her taser. “They’re related,” Luke says while stunned at the surprise. “Why’d you fucked them read Sex Story
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  12. Breaking out of a Boring Life

    7/27/2017: My name is Daniel, and I’m a college student at a small university in Bum Fuck Egypt, South Carolina. I am 26, and yeah I know that’s a little old to still be in college unless you’re doing graduate work, but I wasted a few years of my life and now I have to play catch up, so to speak. I actually had some college credits from another institution in another town in BFE, but I moved with my parents read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Anal, First Time, Trans, First Time, Author: LancerMojo, Source: sexstories.com
  13. A Dancers Love

    7/26/2017: Kara was practicing her moves for the fourth time that day. It had only been the start of practice and she was already getting sick of what she was doing. It was boring, and frankly she didn't really want to keep pushing herself much longer. However, she continued to do it for the sake of her recital later on that month and for her instructor, of whom was the main reason she was still dancing after all these years. Her instructor was a sexy, older man, a man with hips that could move in a hypnotizing way. He was a very sensual guy, with a beautiful head of dark hair and green eyes that seem read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: BlueAmberRose, Source: xHamster
  14. Addicted to Cum

    7/26/2017: I'm addicted to cum, the taste, the texture, the smell, the stickiness, everything. And I have my wife to thank for that. She'd read somewhere about guys eating their own cum from the pussies of women they'd just fucked and what a powerful aphrodisiac it was for the women. Not so much the men because if you are a man you know that for all good intentions in perhaps wanting to eat your own joy juice, the post-orgasm blues just prevents you from doing it. Well, Beth, my wife, would have none of that. She was an experimenter, when she read something interesting she always wanted to try it read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  15. Cuckold Training my Husband

    7/26/2017: When my husband first admitted to me that he wanted to watch me have sex with other guys he had no idea of the Pandora's box, or should I say Cassandra's box he was opening! Over the last 5 years I have transformed my husband from a dominant and jealous man into a totally submissive cuckold. He used to get angry whenever another man so much as looked at me and now he is completely trained and willingly submits to watching me getting fucked by other men. This is because he knows it is only when my pussy is full of of another man's cum that he has any chance of receiving any sexual release fr read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  16. Husband tied and teased

    7/26/2017: So one day my wife decided it's time to get even with me. The night before everything happens my wife cooks a special dinner. Both of our k**s are off to camp for a week. She cooks great food and great deserts. So we sit and eat and she says to me, "I made some chocolate chip cookies" ,of course she knows those are my favorite. She added some extra ingredient into the dough. I finish my dinner and couldn't wait for those cookies. So she picks up everything at the dinner table and brings me two large cookies and they taste awesome. After about an hour I was feeling so sl**py and could not keep read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Mature, Author: Dsmiamiman, Source: xHamster
  17. Jerry's Huge Cock

    7/26/2017: When I met Jerry at work I knew there was something different about him he was average in looks and was about 5 foot 7 140 pounds he was all skin and bone but what was special about him is that he was hiding a huge package in his pants the first time I noticed it is when we took a shower and I noticed that his flaccid penis Was well over 7 inches long and look to have a circumference of 6 inches to say the least it was impressive he was soaping up his penis as he was taking his shower and I couldn't help but stare I started to get an erection and he looked at me and smiled he said don't be read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Hardcore, Author: Theloadman, Source: xHamster
  18. Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 2

    7/25/2017: My neighbor and I walked to and from school every day for weeks with the exception of the days I had track and field practice. He was a bit of a nerd but very sweet. The more I got to know him the more attractive he became. I found myself thinking about him while I masturbated. My fantasy of him was heightened by seeing him doing yard work with his shirt off. He was thin and cut and, as read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: HeatherHeathen, Source: LushStories
  19. My First GangBang

    7/24/2017: Well a little about myself before we get into the fun, I was 22 when this happened, I'm 5'7 Brunette white, maybe on a good day 130 pounds and very nice C-cup breasts. Enough about me. On to the very nice story. I was pretty nervous about doing a gang bang, even more so with black men. I had been browsing ads on craigslist for sometime (maybe 3 months), trying to get up the courage to go through with it. Back in December, right before Christmas I met some very nice black gentleman in game I play, who used my Avatar as their personal cum dumpster, but were very nice while doing it. That expe read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  20. Bent OVER in the BARN by FARM HANDS

    7/24/2017: I want to tell you about my first time with other men and just what they did to me on a daily basis! I was in high school and knew from an early age that I liked cock and playing with my own ass! I would get home from school, jerk off and even fuck myself with one on my mom's vibrators I stole from her night stand. They never missed it being gone, or at least they didn't tell me..LOL! My fantasy was to be able to suck my first cock ever and maybe even have a man fuck me in the ass. I lived in a small town and our f****y owned a farm out in the country. We had several guys workin read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Taboo, Author: bifun4u, Source: xHamster