1. Our only three-some

    6/12/2018: My very favourite recollection is when I watched my wife being fucked. I remember this vividly in the finest detail! I had a friend, A, at university and we ended up sharing digs together. He had a girlfriend studying elsewhere but she frequently came up to stay with us for the weekend. He must have had the same sense of sexual pleasure as me because he always seemed to arrange things so I saw his girlfriend in underwear or naked. On one occasion, they were both in my room about mid-day – they were in dressing gowns. For some reason she playfully switched off my radio which annoyed me read Sex Story
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  2. Neighborhood MILF

    6/11/2018: I lived in a small conservative town as I was growing up. We had a MILF who lived in the neighborhood named Sandy. Every teenager in the town wanted to fuck her but we all knew we couldn't. I was a senior in HS and ditched school one day and drove to a Strip Club several miles away. The doorman barely glanced at my fake ID and I was let in. I was enjoying watching the dancers, they introduced Bambi to the stage, Imagine my surprise when Sandy came on stage wearing midriff shirt and short skirt. She had on thigh high boots and her hair was flowing down over her shoulders. Everyone in town knew read Sex Story
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  3. Cassy

    6/11/2018: "So it's a done deal right? No going back!", I said to Steffan. Steffan and I had drifted apart through the years. He was my second cousin who I used to prefer playing in family gatherings when we were younger. "Yes, meet you up at nine a.m. sharp", he said in his smooth voice. There was always something unsettling about him; something I could not quite put a finger to. Steffan had always been a read Sex Story
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  4. Tris's 7th Fear.

    6/10/2018: I go onto my next fear. My surroundings are Tobias's apartment. He walks towards me. We pull each others faces to each other. Our lips open to each other. He bits my lip and we pull away. He grabs my waist and tugs up my shirt. I smack it away. "No Tobias." I say. He grabs my wrists and pushes me on his bed. He kisses my neck. "No Tobias!" I say loudly. He ignores my requests and slides his read Sex Story
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  5. Gay For a Day

    6/10/2018: "So, I want to try being gay for a day." "Sorry, what did you just say?" "I've been thinking and I've decided that I want to try being gay, just for a day." Dumbfounded, she looked over at her man. She wasn't sure what to say. Her mouth hung open, but no words came out. "I want you to arrange everything. I want you to arrange a gay makeover, so I look the part, and then I want you to find a guy to fuck me." She considered this request for a long while before responding. "If I set this up for you, you need to go along with everything. There is no backing out half way." "I'l read Sex Story
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  6. Ma premiere fois avec un mec

    6/10/2018: je l'ai connu j'avais 18 ans, c'était un collègue et ami a mon père. La premiére fois que je l'ai vu c'était pour un réveillon de noël mon père l'avait invité car il était seul, sa femme venait de demander le divorce pour plusieurs raisons. Dés la premiére rencontre il me trouva mignon et pendant la soirée me questionna savoir si j'avais une copine ou pas si j'aimais les mecs. Toute la famille s'entendait avec lui et à partir de ce jour on le voyait régulièrement et il est même venu en vacances avec nous, nous avons fait connaissance de ses enfants et je suis devenu bon ami avec sa f read Sex Story
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  7. Very True Sexual Encounters with Strangers.

    6/10/2018: GoT more than I bargained for on a Train Journey Friday night meant a night out in town with my girlfriends, and as they all lived in town, it meant a short train ride for me. Being a leggy blond meant short skirts and stocking as an added attraction for men to buy me drinks, all part of the cheap night of fun and perhaps sexual pleasure if the bloke appealed. I got on and sat down in an empty seat, admittedly showing an awful lot of leg, as the hem of my short skirt sat under my bum. Don't get me wrong, that was its sole intention, and I quite liked how my legs looked, read Sex Story
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  8. Getting started in the "life style"

    6/10/2018: I decided to post the story of my wife and I starting off in the life style ... I've shared this with a couple of friends here so I decided to just go ahead and post the story. Hope you enjoy it. My wife and I had often talked about what it would be like to have another woman, man or couple join us for sex. She was bi and I must admit that the idea of seeing her with another woman really appealed to me ... I wasn't quite sure how I might feel about her with another man. I was pretty sure I'd be OK having another couple with us. The opportunity actually presented itself rather by accident read Sex Story
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  9. my first tranny..................

    6/9/2018: [iim donnie, i had just dropped my girlfriend of at shipyard to work graveyard shift. i wanted to have a drink in bar, not a beer in a parking lot. as i drove toward the bridge i saw a cocktail sign, u know a cocktail glass. so i made my way to that street and pulled up in front of "the black rose". i went in and sat at the bar and ordered shot of jack and a bud. ik looked around and thought i died and went to heaven. all i saw was tits and leg and pretty women. i was enjoying the view and cocktails when i noticed this gal walk in. she was gorgeous, big tits great legs and as she sa read Sex Story
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  10. two old men

    6/9/2018: " let me see your cock " he said. his eyes darted side to side,looking to see if we were being watched.for this was a dangerous thing to be doing in broad daylight in a small public park. especially this park. in a small town, it is a well known hook up spot for sexual activities. known by young and old, men and women, and the local and state and park police too. even today, a bitingly cold wind blowing off the river didn't stop people from parking in the bright sunlight. i pulled the elastic rim of my sweats, sliding my pants to my knees, i shivered in spite of the well read Sex Story
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  11. About me

    6/9/2018: About me. Well where do I begin? I was your average kid I'd say, kept to myself alot for whatever the reasons. I was short for my age about 5'6 and a 135 lbs with a 24-26 waist. Lots of brown hair, not hippie long but I guess you would say like skater hair. haha. I had just average clothes, never got into the popular namebrands….jeans and a tee kinda kid. Had a small frame and didn’t really read Sex Story
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  12. There Can Be Only One (Part 7)

    6/8/2018: Disclaimer: Ok Since Apparently you all are not reading my disclaimers I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY! It is a report of story from another site that I wanted to share with the xnxx community so stop criticizing my writing because this isn't my writing. If you don't like the story, stop reading it and shut up. If you like it thank you for reading it. There Can Be Only One Chapter 7 As I lay relaxing read Sex Story
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