1. First Fuck After French Exam

    7/24/2017: First Fuck After French Exam ***This is a true story and is as much as I can remember, but seeing as it was more than 15 years ago, I might have missed out a few details*** My friend John and I had just finished our written French exam. It was barely 12.30 in the afternoon and we had no reason to remain at the school. We began walking home together as we shared part of the route and got to talking about our girlfriends. I had recently split from this dumb, fugly girl who I had only been with because she was obsessed with me and I was desperate to loose my virginity (as it happened I only read Sex Story
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  2. Death of the Hero

    7/24/2017: A Hero's death need not always be literally. As the old saying goes, you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villian. But in doing so a Hero is dead anyways. Gone are the morals and the justice. No longer are they a role model for the youngsters. Often they don't even maintain the same appearance or name. So in essence they are dead regardless. And this is one such story. Our Hero doesn't meet her life's end, but her no beginning as something not quite what she used to be. Our Hero is Scarlet the Speedster. She is the fastest woman alive which is horrible for h read Sex Story
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  3. My fantasy about my wife

    7/24/2017: (Some Background) Ever since I got engaged I have been having these thoughts of my wife Amber doing things I would once consider taboo, I'm not into her actually banging somebody else, but I wouldn't mind if she jerked someone else off or even sucked em off & allowed that same stranger to ejaculate on her face, ass, hands, feet or tits whatever she would like!!! My wife is a petite Latina with a great body and amazing ass, she is very pretty in the face, very feminine, small hands and pretty feet!! I always catch people staring at her when we go out, sometimes I will see older men just **** h read Sex Story
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  4. The Math Teacher

    7/24/2017: This story is somewhat true. Names used in story are fake for privacy. I had just graduated high school and I had got a call from my Math teacher, Ms. Brisk, that I had left somethings in her classroom and that if I didn't come to get them that they'd be thrown away. I hated Ms. Brisk's class to be honest. She was always so annoying and got on everyone's case. She did have a fairly nice body though. She was in her late 30s with brown skin. She rarely wore bras so you could visibly see her nipples through her tops and can tell that there was some sag in her D-cup breasts. Her ass, however, was read Sex Story
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  5. Innocence Enslaved Part 2: Overwhelmed

    7/24/2017: Emily sobbed quietly. The beautiful young redhead lay on her back, completely nude. She was tied to a wooden bench, her legs held apart and suspended in the air. Her head and hands were held in the inescapable grip of the wooden stocks built into the wall, and the only light came from the glowing monitors above her. She could feel the cool air blowing over her body, and the monitors displayed read Sex Story
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  6. Ruined?

    7/23/2017: Damn! It was ruined! Would it ever be the same??? Red, swollen, stretched and gaping open. But wow was it HOT! I obeyed her as she said lick it clean but go easy I'm sore. On my knees I bathed her used pussy with my tongue. Sucking the 2 big loads of come out of her loose hole. So let me tell you how her once little pussy got this beat up. With my permission we went out with the goal of getting her fucked by another man. Wearing her fuck me heels and a short yellow sundress, we went to a hotel bar a few exits out of town. I sat in the corner while at the bar she ordered a drink. It didn't t read Sex Story
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  7. It Started Out Consensual

    7/23/2017: *This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living in the past or present is purely coincidental.* The CCD stood for “Community Center Dance”, which was exactly what it sounded like. On the Friday at the end of every month, the Buffalo Valley Lions Club held a dance for kids in 9th through 12h grade. The initial fee to get in was $12, but drinks and pizza costed much less. A DJ was read Sex Story
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  8. My first non internet hookup

    7/23/2017: If you are new to my stories, all me stories are true. I write the stories to document my past sexual exploits. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. In my first job after college, I lived in a far suburb of a major city. There wasn't much to do in my town so I often traveled to the city for fun. On one particular weekend, my company had a work function in the city. My roommate and I decided to make it a weekend and to get a room in the city. A lot of my coworkers had the same idea and decided to take their wives for weekends in the city (I imagine an "away game" read Sex Story
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  9. My Affair with a Hmong/Hmoob co-worker

    7/22/2017: To get the full story, please go read "Married Hmong affair - Part 1" She said don't quit if you quit, make sure u tell me or else I will MISS you a lot...then I said really? LOL!! then she replied "oh yeah!" and LOL! Then I said to her, "i can get your phone#?" she said, "i will think about it." Then she walked back to her desk. I have thought about it over night and I felt scare to myself. I could get into trouble if she tells anyone like her husband, friends or our manager at work. On January 18th, at our workplace, she came asked me about work related questions. I told h read Sex Story
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  10. Bruce suspects wife's infidelity

    7/21/2017: It was back in the early part of the summer when Bruce first discovered his wife's infidelity. He had suspected for some time of course, but with the realisation came a certain feeling of fulfillment, a sense of excitement. He had been warned by many of his friends to think carefully before marrying Janice. They had said that she was a flirt at best, but with her long sexy legs, full breasts and alluring smile, Bruce had fallen head over heels and they were married within the month. That was almost two years ago and although he was almost certain that Janice had fooled around since, he had nev read Sex Story
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  11. Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Virgin Bride

    7/21/2017: Foreword Hello readers, sorry to delay the storytelling, this is just a short note about why I wrote this story. If you page down to the Prologue now, you won't miss any of the story. The creator of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle – is possibly the world's most famous author of short stories, and these days erotica is the literary genre now most commonly presented in small, delicious portions; so the marriage of the two was too enticing for me to resist. I own (and treasure) a paperback collection of Sherlock Holmes stories that I have read many times over. I love the Victor read Sex Story
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  12. Horny Wife Goes Wild Over Black Cock

    7/21/2017: The first time I ever watched porn was in college. I was at a party and someone had a porn flick playing on the television in the living room. I remember trying not to look, but I was so memorized by the movie that I found myself hidden in a closet, masturbating feverishly with the closet door cracked just enough to see the television and the movie that was playing. I’m now married and my husband and I have enjoyed watching porn together ever since we met. Of course, we have our favorite movies, but one night, my husband found a new video for us to watch. It was an unbelievably well h read Sex Story
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  13. My first taste of cock

    7/21/2017: We finally met after several weeks of swapping emails and getting to know each other. You picked the spot, a quiet little park on the edge of town. We met one spring afternoon. Both anxious and nervous, both having our first BI experience. I climbed into your car and after brief pleasantries, you broke the ice and asked if you could touch my cock. I eagerly unzipped my jeans and slid them down, exposing my cock and balls. You reached over and started gently stroking my cock. The feeling of having a man stroke me was exciting and strange at the same time. I asked to see yours and you pulled you read Sex Story
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  14. MIssy Part I

    7/21/2017: Despite the last 18 months Missy Pryor was happy. Her divorce from her second husband was finalized, her real estate career was flourishing and she was finally able to put the last 18 months behind her. Five years ago Missy married her second husband. Paul Bennett had worked for a large brokerage firm and most people wouldn’t have pegged him as the type of guy to be involved in any sort of shady goings on….those people were completely wrong however. Paul Bennett would eventually be convicted on a laundry list of offenses that would send him away for 20 years. Initially there was some specula read Sex Story
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  15. 90210 Mrs. Walsh Enjoys Dylan

    7/20/2017: Mrs. Walsh opened the door and was shocked and very happy to see her daughter’s boyfriend. Brenda was out, but she invited him in any way. Always happy to see his young handsome face around the house, she brought him into the kitchen and began talking to him, neglecting to mention Brenda was probably gone for the afternoon. So was her husband and son. All were off doing other things, leaving poor Mrs. Walsh home alone to fend for herself. She had been doing just that too. She had been doing laundry when she accidentally bumped against the washing machine. Remembering ti read Sex Story
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  16. My s****r And Wife Seduced By His Old Friend

    7/19/2017: Hi, this is Bala 32 year’s old married man. I am married and my wife Archana is 28 and she is a housewife. She is a beautiful lady. Where ever she goes, the guys around wont take the eyes away from her. I am very lucky to have her. Her size is 36-28-40. She has a nice and firm breast and round bubbly ass which swings while she walks and many persons around the street waits to watch the moment of her ass while she walks for the nearby market. She always wear Sari a read Sex Story
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  17. Flying to Indonesian

    7/19/2017: Meeting Rica If you didnt read the frist of my story then let me tell you about Rica. She is a 19 y/o Indonesian girl I chatted with online. She is only 5ft.3in. prettiest girl I have ever seen and with a body any man would love.Her34c breast and long black hair and when you see her looking so innocent and shy don't let her fool you. We had been chatting online now for 3 months.She opened up to me telling me her fantasies and how young she was when she sucked her frist cock.She had told me one of her fantasy was to try D.P. also she wanted to be handcuffed and blindfolded read Sex Story
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  18. First Threesome

    7/19/2017: It was her first threesome and she was really nervous. Excited as Hell, but nervous nonetheless. Drinks had been flowing for a couple hours and I could see the flush on Jen’s face. I’m sure other parts were flushed too. We’d been talking about including a plaything in our bedroom for some time. This was the first person we’d met. I’d lost the coin toss fair and square so this time we’d met a guy read Sex Story
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  19. Tamed by Meg (male submissive, pegging)

    7/18/2017: It's funny how sometimes you look at something in life and think, I could never do that. "I could never be a surfer..." or "I could never travel alone in Africa..." And then somewhere down the road, you find yourself actually doing exactly that thing. I've always enjoyed sex and sexual experimentation, but I never thought of myself as particularly "kinky". At least until I met Meg. I met Megan ("Meg") while I was teaching at a local university. She was the T.A. for another class in my department, and had similar interests, so we hit it off right away. She was about 5'6" and had long, dark h read Sex Story
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  20. s****r for Christmas

    7/18/2017: My younger s****r Kristy and I have always been very close. Since we are only a year apart, my parents treated us like we were a twin set of boys. By that I mean we took baths together until we were about 10 and we were f***ed to sl**p in the same hotel bed on f****y vacations until I was 16. We finally needed our own beds because even though we were close we still always fought about everything, just like any other b*****r and s****r. When we were younger my s****r was quite the tomboy. She always chose to follow my friends and I to get in whatever mischief we were in. She would even parti read Sex Story
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