1. A paladin visiting the cathedral receives a '

    8/3/2016: Petric trod into the Cathedral of Light during moonless midnight. The sun had been down for a good six hours at least, and the large centre of worship in Stormwind was utterly silent. Candles flickered fitfully, several dozen of the thick waxen stems placed along walls, chandeliers and in metallic candle holders. Only a few people were there, s**ttered among the columns and benches. Most of those were priests or priestesses. He saw one of the men lighting a candle, then leaving through one of the many doors. Only two female acolytes were left, a young woman with red hair and face speckle read Sex Story
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  2. Mom's Hot Halloween Party Surprise

    8/3/2016: "How could you!" I screamed at my phone and was so mad I wanted to throw it on the ground and smash it. Only the fact that I'd worked all summer to pay for it kept me from doing just that. "I'm sorry Randy, but it just kinda happened. I hope we can still be friends," Jill said insincerely. I hung up on my girlfriend as rudely as I could, mashing the end button hard as if it made a difference read Sex Story
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  3. Gina Loses Her Virginity While Babysitting

    8/2/2016: I've been babysitting for the longest time. Every weekend, I have a job and have made enough money to buy a car. I've been babysitting for the Jackson’s for about two years now. They hired me overnight and will be paying me three hundred dollars. I’m so excited to go over there tonight. The best part of babysitting over there, is their gorgeous son named Jack. I wasn't sure if he'd be home, but read Sex Story
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  4. The Summer of Brooke

    8/2/2016: In high school I was never the big star or the class clown, or really much of anything. I slid down the middle in everything and was never noticed by anybody besides a few friends. Women were included as I never had a stand out personality or body. There was one girl, Brooke, I would have been fine cuddling her as much as I wanted to fuck her. She had an electric personality and the body to match read Sex Story
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  5. Losing My Virginity

    8/1/2016: “You mean you actually let him fuck you? Properly? All the way? Put his dick right inside you?” Janet nodded. “Well, we were on the sofa, and I’d taken my shirt and bra off so he could play with my boobs,” she went on. I nodded. This was what I did with my boyfriend too. Most of our friends agreed that taking your bra off and letting your guy play with your bare tits was okay. If I knew read Sex Story
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  6. Changing Sides at the Gloryhole 3 - New Limits

    8/1/2016: Changing Sides at the Glory hole Part 3 New Limits Since Lana and Ivy's recent activities had led to every Friday night being 'Gloryhole Night', where they would drive down to the services and suck off random strangers through a hole in the wall together, they had not missed a single night. This friday night however was different. Lana had to work late, and Ivy wasn't feeling so great so they read Sex Story
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  7. Herbie: The Reunion (Part 1)

    8/1/2016: I hadn't seen my best friend, Herbie, from c***dhood for close to six years when I got a call from him letting me know he would be passing through my area and wanted to know if I'd like to meet for dinner and drinks. The city he was going to be in was a 2 1/2 hour drive from me, so he suggested I stay at his hotel to avoid driving home after having a few drinks. Even though I hadn't seen him in years, we remained in contact with each other and I was excited to see him again. I'd had many fantasies about Herb since high school. During the drive I began to reminisce about my friendship wi read Sex Story
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  8. An Older Woman

    8/1/2016: It was a hot July and I was working at my father's restaurant. Since it was seasonal, the staff only worked there from May until September. I started working there when I was ten years old, but now that I was eighteen, I was promoted to a more responsible position. The restaurant had a cellar where we stored all the foodstuffs, a main floor that could accommodate 180 people, and an upstairs read Sex Story
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  9. The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Willow's Fantasy

    7/31/2016: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Willow's Fantasy Note: This takes place in between Chapters 32 and 33. Sunday, July 15th, 2013 I walked through my clinic, inspecting the finishing touches to the remodel. Everything was looking great, which was a good thing, because tomorrow was Monday and the grand opening of the Women's Health read Sex Story
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  10. An Anonymous Relationship Pt 5

    7/31/2016: I woke up to the sound of the front door shutting at my parent's farmhouse. I looked and watched Stacy sl**ping peacefully when I heard my Dad's pickup rumble to life. I quickly looked out the window to see him driving away. "Now where is he going to?" I wondered as I lay back down on the bed. Again I looked at my blonde friend as she lay on her side with her back to me. My father's flannel shirt was pulled up and I could see her ass covered by her thin blue panties. I started to wonder again what it would be like to have sex with another woman. Stacy had always just been a friend to read Sex Story
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  11. first time half sex wz neighbor

    7/31/2016: This is real story 6 years ago in africa, im not that good writer but i have tell my real story. I was the oldest in my neighbor, which is i was trusted by the people. All my neighbor girls were so beautiful and hot, i was afraid to talked them, because of their f****y. And i was liked one girl the closest neighbor and also her parent were very close friend, specially with my mom they were good friends. That is why i been respectful, but their girl make me crazy, everytime she saw me , she talked me dirty. And one day my mom visited for one weeks to her mom, and i left with my siblings, i w read Sex Story
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  12. First With a Monster

    7/31/2016: It was my first time with a man. I turned 21 the day before, and somewhere along my binge of top shelf alcohol, I ran into Jimmy Kristol. Ironically Jimmy’s rock hard dick was straining vainly for freedom from the boxer briefs he still wore. How I ended up here, in my bedroom, completely naked and seconds away from being fucked by a hung hot guy, I don’t quite know. It was around midnight when read Sex Story
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  13. The Judge:

    7/30/2016: Well, I met Don through a mutual friend he worked with. He was a recently divorced judge and was just looking to just go out and have fun. I agreed to meet one day for lunch at a local restaurant. He was very flirtatious. He had hungry, wondering eyes left you would expect from a man who hasn’t been properly fucked in a while. I was not really interested in him. He was rather on the heavy side and just not really my type. We did talk on the phone though for several weeks. I was just being nice and being a person who was there for him as company during his new divorce. Our schedules nev read Sex Story
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  14. Best Friends

    7/30/2016: I was young, healthy, and single. I had just broken up with my girlfriend Nicky (who completely turned me out) at the time and was looking forward to having a little free time even though Nicky and I would still hangout and hook up. My best friend during this time was Jay. We went to the same school and played on the same neighborhood sports teams and a lot of the same friends. Jay and I were best friends and pretty much inseparable, if he ever needed anything I was there to help and vice versa. After graduating high school we knew we were way more than just friends. Jay and I had a se read Sex Story
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  15. first time watching me and fucking me

    7/30/2016: I pushed the curtains of the floor to ceiling window to the side and gazed out at the busy city traffic. The sun had set and I admired the view of the bright lights and tiny cars from the 36th floor. I dimmed the lights in the room, eagerly awaiting his return. I stood wearing nothing but my black high heels, just the way he liked it. There were many apartments around and anybody could see me at any moment. The thought of being watched sent a thrill through my heart. I stood with my hip leaning against the glass window when I heard the sound of the door unlock. The sound of footsteps read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Voyeur, Author: alcapoony, Source: xHamster
  16. Mom doing anything for kids has a new meaing - 2

    7/29/2016: He decided after seeing me in the pool, the time had come to see how much more he could get me to reveal. I was so willing that he spent this morning with his cock buried deep in my now very tender pussy. I have never been fucked as he fucked me in my life. I didn’t know it could be so exciting. I am not sure where he learned how to do it but he was masterful and confident every step of the way. I read Sex Story
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  17. Fantastic Sisters

    7/29/2016: Rose had invited me home for supper---pot luck, she said---because I was temporarily on my own. I was eighteen at the time, and I'd never been invited out by a girl before. So I was quite surprised when it turned out there were four of us for supper. Three of the most beautiful women I could ever hope to meet, and horny me. I'd put on a decent shirt for the occasion, just to make a good read Sex Story
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  18. Daughter's invitition to a f****y affair pt 4

    7/29/2016: The delivery man, handled three or so boxes to Julia. She was dressed in a tank top and some loose jogging bottoms/sweat pants. Her tank top didn’t really cover much cleavage so she let them flow creating a lot of side boob. The delivery drivers disappeared off, in an instance. Julia stacked the new boxes on top of the ones from earlier in the week. They were all shapes and sizes – some rectangle, some square, others were loose parcels. The thumping bass rocked through the house as Milly danced in her panties and a stringy top. She was wiggling her little ass and rolling about gyrating her hip read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: doomhound, Source: xHamster
  19. A romance in Byzantium ... (Part 1 - Prelude)

    7/29/2016: Istanbul! That means: "the Turk's there,"... Constantinople, that means "the city of Constantine"... But for me it's "Byzantium" - and that was never Turkish, was never Roman, was never Greek. That was always just "Byzantium", the melting pot of nations at the entrance to the Bosporus, where blend Orient and Occident, mingle…, mate… great people bringing forth. Byzantium…, that name should commemorate to Byzas, a mythical figure, a Megarian army commander (today would we say "warlord"). He, as legends tell, is said to have founded the city - but such obscure myths are nothing more tha read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: wixer53, Source: xHamster
  20. Bruce and Selena

    7/28/2016: The story was suspended for violating the under 18 policy. Even though no ages were ever mentioned, I’ve touched up some of the language to make it less suggestive. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Selena Kyle had witnessed the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and was thus a key to Detective James Gordon finding the identity of the person who committed that crime. Much of the police force read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Fan fiction, Female Domination, Teen, First Time, Author: stillers7, Source: sexstories.com