1. The Right Cock.

    5/24/2018: I was walking my dog down the trails, enjoying the beautiful weather. I sat down in a clearing to rest a little and smoke. After a while this older guy approached, and we began to chat. He was familiar with the area, and knew the history of the trails too. Weird instincts of mine got me steering the conversation towards darker topics. He mentioned he used to be a heavy drinker, but quit, and never liked smoking weed. I asked him what else he still did. He said he worked and that's about it. He didn't bite. Later I brought up the nearby bookstores that were shut down some years ago. He knew read Sex Story
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  2. Double Barrel

    5/23/2018: coed – double penetration – college – threesome – mmf Mark and I have been friends since we were five. We met in kindergarten and pretty much were inseparable all the way through high school, college and to this day. Pee Wee football, junior varsity, varsity. sl**povers at my house and camping trips with his f****y. When he got a car for his 16th we started double dating as well. Both of us played ball just well enough to get chosen for our small state college as walk-ons. Neither of us are very big, but both very athletic. And we played well together. Our friendship helped our play read Sex Story
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  3. Help from IT pt5

    5/23/2018: Chapter 5 Charlie had been at the store trying to decide what would go well with drinks, so far he had a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine, something to eat was kind of important. He was looking at frozen pizzas when his phone chirped. "Hey just finished up my tickets, I'm going to get out of here before any more come in. meet me at my place?" He checked the address and it was just across town, it wouldn't take long to get there. "Sure thing, I'm just at the store now. grabbing some drinks and food, should be there in 30 or so" "Perfect, I wil read Sex Story
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  4. To Be Owned

    5/23/2018: The bar wasnt the best I knew, not even one of the best... It was just too conservative...it was so 21st century. Seemed like it was pulled out from a history book... The music didnt quite suite my taste, but since this was the only bar which only allowed humanoid races in, it was my regular hangout. I admit it; I dont like aliens. I just cant quite enjoy a drink while there is some kind of a squid thing sitting next to me and sucking in something that I dont even want to know what it is. I suppose some people may disagree. All those equal rights fighters. But the way I see it. you d read Sex Story
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  5. sportswear

    5/23/2018: He had been trying to join the Panthers soccer team for almost a year and although the coach had stolidly stuck by the basic age requirement of 15,he had been so impressed with the boy's keeness and demonstrated ability in the minor league, he had finally relented and agreed to accept Brian although it would still be almost six months before his fifteenth birthday. His good looks and manners had helped, as well as his sturdy build and muscular thighs. The coach was also a connoisseur of teenage boys for other than soccer-coaching reasons, and had noticed the very slight growth of read Sex Story
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  6. First time Bottom

    5/23/2018: This was something I had done a little over a year ago. I have been hooking up with people off the internet from different sites. I was just sooo horny one night I just did not care what happened as long as sex happened with another person. I got online to an adult dating site where I have met women, couples, and single guys before. Within an hour I found a local guy. His profile did not say he was into men, but he chatted with me. During the chat he let me know he was horny also and just wanted to nut. He usually did not do anything with guys, usually couples but he really needed to bust a read Sex Story
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  7. We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART FOUR

    5/23/2018: This is the final part to my 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Parts 1, 2, and 3 My dominance kicked in and I grabbed the twink and pushed him to the ground so he was lying on his back. I stradled his face and I dropped my cock into his mouth. I steadied my hands on the ground above his head and I began mercilessly pumping my cock into his mouth. He let out some girly moans as I fucked his throat hard. My heavy balls slapped against his chin with each thrust I made into his face. I grunted aggressively showing the twink who was the alphamale as I f***ed my cock into him. Bu read Sex Story
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  8. How I fuck wife and her husband

    5/22/2018: This is story between me and my co-worker. I am 24 year old hot Gujarati boy. I am 5’9”, fair and athletic body. She is around 35 year old average looking Malayalam girl. She is around 5’, slim and black. We have very good relationship. We share most personal things. One day I ask here why don’t have any k**. She told me her husband is impotent. She stay with only because she is average looking poor girl. I console her. One day we are leaving office, I ask her if I can drop her. She said okay. She ask to me to come to her home. She has ask me to wait, she come after change cl read Sex Story
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  9. The Warm Day

    5/22/2018: It was a warm, sunny day. The kind of day were it takes very little to cause a stirring in one's groin, and the kind of day were the need to overdress, or layer jumpers on top of tee-shirts, and then cover with a coat to protect from the elements was not necessary. So, it was on that day as I stood in my bedroom, drying myself after my early morning shower and looking at the cloudless sky, feeling read Sex Story
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  10. A kitty in a movie hall Part -2

    5/22/2018: I got back to the original room where we had started and walked over to the bench where I had left my pants, t shirt and sandals only to find that they were gone. I stood there in disbelief as the situation registered with me. I was stuck in a movie hall after being fucked and cummed on, covered in cum wearing only a pair of torn, hot-pink panties. "Fuck me," I said to out loud to myself. Once again, I had let my perverse desires get me into a fucked up situation. Walking around back here dressed in only a pair of panties was one thing, but how was I going to get out of the hall and go home read Sex Story
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  11. I went to an adult bookstore...

    5/22/2018: Adult Bookstore April 13th 2012 I had a fun weekend! Went to a local ABS last Fri. night and there were some girls fucking everybody (kind of fat so I passed). Pretty cool watching one guy after the other climbing on them! One of the guys watching started feeling my dick so I let him take it out and jerk me off. Another guy joined in so we had a three way jerk going on. The first guy had a HUGE, THICK cock! I put my dick away and walked to an open room and the first guy followed. I sat down on one of the benches and he came in and sat along side. He got his dick out and I bent over and star read Sex Story
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  12. Paralysed Faggot

    5/22/2018: Paralysed Faggot By Mathew Elizabeth I lay in bed unable to ever move my entire body. After a tragic sports accident years ago I was left paralysed from the shoulders down. Years of therapy were able to get only my hands moving again and retrieve sexual sensation. At least I could still masturbate, I thought to myself. It was the only highlight of my life. When I told my male caretaker that I need read Sex Story
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