1. White Pussy Boy Gay

    10/7/2017: "Like what you see, boy? Ready for some action?" I could only nod my head. "Then strip, faggot," he said as he sprawled on the couch. He watched me as I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and socks and dropped my shorts and underwear. "Still looking ready to be fucked, whiteboy. You got a nice body, in shape, well toned and real fuckable." His hand went to his crotch and massaged the growing bulge in his boxers. "This is the piece of meat that's gonna do it to ya too, pussyboy. You like being a pussyboy for a black stud like me?" "Yes, Sir." I replied. "Yes sir, what?" he demand read Sex Story
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  2. 30 day cum load

    10/6/2017: Ive been watching alot of huge cum load videos lately. Watching this cocks so hard and big exploding cum all over it got me so hot.I wanted to do this myself. I wasnt sure how well i would do i masturbate quite often but maybe i could do it with some determination. I decided to stop jerking off a month ago in an attempt to have the most amazing cum shot ever. Everyday i would watch porn and tease my cock for hours at end . Going out places was incredibly hard as i had to constantly hide my boner at places like the restraunt, beach, grocery stores. I was getting close to day thirty. Today read Sex Story
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  3. Black Package 2st step GayMaker

    10/6/2017: A couple of weeks had passed since the UPS man caught me looking at gay porn while delivering a package to my house and made me suck him off by threatening to tell my wife and neighbors, and in spite of the fact that he had said he’d be back in a week, I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him. To be honest, while I liked the taste of his big black meat and liked being f***ed to swallow his cock, the fear of being caught or having this spiraling out of control was enough to make me happy that he hadn’t returned. It didn’t stop me from looking at gay and bi-sexual porn on the web and beating my meat t read Sex Story
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  4. Out in the snow

    10/6/2017: One late afternoon my new fuck buddy the young black 18 yer old wanted to try something new he wanted to fuck in the snow. I was excited to try it so I went and got a pair of black bikini panties on with a black pair of leggings and a pair of fluffy snow boots and a tight black sweater. We got in my car and drove to a park near by. I had been snowing for a bit so the snow was pretty deep it was about a foot deep. After we looked around for a bit to see that no one was around I leaned in and started kissing him he pulled me closer and grabbed my butt I felt his hand squeezing my but cheek tight read Sex Story
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  5. Blackmailed By Hot Neighbor And Her Niece

    10/6/2017: We had been playing the domination game for some time. I'd gotten trapped by these two teen boys that were just coming out of the puberty thing. I was enamored of their bodies, and did a foolish thing that got me trapped into doing everything that they told me to do. As we got more into this they got more and more demanding, and demeaning. They learned a lot from the magazines that I got for them. Probably not a good idea, but we had lots of fun. They started out very easy, but it got more embarrassing as things went along. They had me stop at the door, and drop my shorts and bo read Sex Story
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  6. Luke Has them Both PT2

    10/5/2017: The next day everything seemed to be back to normal. Chastity was now feigning sort of bare tolerance toward Luke, and Luke pretended Chastity didn't exist. I figured they were trying not to arouse my suspicions, but I was only partly right. It was their last day with us, and Chastity went shopping with her s****r, leaving Luke and I alone together. I was stunned by what happened next. Chastity and her s****r had barely left the house when I came out of the shower, into my bedroom, to find Luke sitting on the edge of my bed, naked, and stroking his hard cock. I froze in my tracks and just look read Sex Story
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  7. On site

    10/5/2017: So I work as security. and I work some sites where I sit there for hours on end and make sure no one comes on site either day or night. so I got the idea to bring Steve onto my site and utilize my time. While on duty just as it was getting dark io messaged Steve and asked him if he was able to meet me at my site. He asked what we would be doing, I said "anything you want". He thought the idea was read Sex Story
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  8. My first (almost) Anal sex

    10/5/2017: I remember one of the few times I let someone fuck me. He was Russian. We met in a bog and he invited me home to his place. I was hoping for a good oral session and believe me, he was very good, but he had an ulterior motive. His cock was the largest I had ever seen outside of a porn film. It was thick and long and it fascinated me. He asked me to let him try to excite me enough to let him read Sex Story
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  9. Australian Beach Sex

    10/4/2017: Finally the weather is warming up here and it is time for Kip to spend some more time on the beach in his speedo. Yesterday Kip and I got stuck into some work early, then packed up the car with the usual beach stuff, beer, towels, sunscreen; but we also packed other stuff like condoms and lube. Before we left, I got onto Grindr and updated our profile saying that we’d be at Birdie Beach; read Sex Story
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  10. The end of our fist weekend

    10/4/2017: After waking in the morning I looked over at Charles sexy black body half cover with a sheet, I knew I wanted more. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to pee. Sitting on the toilet I checked my hole that was surprisingly not sore but still well lubed and loose. I crawled back into bed after grabbing the tube of lube off the night stand and applied some to his cock. Charles cock already in a semi hard I started to stroke it. He let out of a soft moan and chuckled. You like this cock don’t you? I smiled and blushed and replied fuck yea. Laying there jerking his lubed cock, suc read Sex Story
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  11. Bicurious first time (true story)

    10/2/2017: Hope you enjoy my true story of my first time, this is the only place I can share this, not something I can chat about with friends down the pub. A bit about me, I have an athletic build, short hair and a nice trimmed 6.5 inch uncut cock and had come out of a long term relationship 8 years ago. At that time I had always considered myself straight and had no attraction to men, the difference now is that while I don't have an attraction to men, I am attracted to a nice cock and open minded enough to have realised that pleasure can be given and received by both sexes. I think lots of guys feel read Sex Story
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  12. An Unexpected Private Strip Show

    10/2/2017: It was a muggy Wednesday evening in Marietta, Georgia as I left my downtown office and walked the six blocks to the closest gay bar. My name is Tony Gibbs, thirty year old junior partner at the Stevens and McCloud Law Firm. I needed a beer badly after the long hard day I’d had in court today. I got my client off, but it wasn’t easy. As I walked down the hot sidewalk I unbuttoned my suit coat read Sex Story
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  13. Ashley's first time pt. 1?

    10/2/2017: It all started on a sunny monday afternoon. I was 19 bored and laying in my room which was cluttered with my girlfriend at the times clothes, she was so sexy, blonde hair which flowed down her soft 18 year old shoulders didnt weight but 110lbs standing 5 foot 4 inches off the ground. She also had great taste in style but hardly ever wanted to have sex leaving me constantly horny. She had made me mad that day and we got in a fight which led to her leaving me alone in the house for the entire day. i first went over to my laptop and started browsing through a few tube sites try read Sex Story
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  14. A Camping Trip

    10/1/2017: Linda and I went out to go camping one nice summer. We packed our sl**ping bags, tent, food, little portal T.V. and clothes with swimming wear. We went to the national park to camp, the people with tents had an area near the pond, the pond was pretty clean. There was a portal potty near by, knowing me, I’ll just pee in the woods. We were in the wooded area, where only people with tents can go, if you had a camper you had to park in a non wooded area. So the woods was almost private, you could see another person about 20 feet away, but it was far way. We got to our camp site, I put the tent up read Sex Story
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  15. Daddies bear

    9/29/2017: Daddies bear the morning started like any other boring dull day. waking up at the blaring sound of music that i called an alarm. doing my morning rituals before getting breakfast. The morning had came and gone. The afternoon rose with surprises and thrills. my friends had decided as my 18th birthday neared, that they would take me to the quaint cabin i go to for solitude when my brain is strained. This was my haven. As i packed for a few days away, I made sure to pack some safety measures, just in case there was another surprise for me. All packed and ready to go, we set of for the cabi read Sex Story
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  16. My First Time with a Guy

    9/28/2017: I had always considered myself straight. Always liked girls, and had only ever been with girls. But in 2002, when I was twenty-two, it was a very confusing time. My father had died a few months earlier and I had broken up with my girlfriend a few months before that. I guess I had fallen into a bit of a depression. I stopped going out with my friends. I was spending most of my nights home read Sex Story
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  17. Craig - A Very Close Encounter on the London Underground

    9/28/2017: He always changed trains at my Tube station, this young man. He reminded me of a smart young guy I used to pass every morning on my walk to work in the city where I grew up and had my first job. In those days, I used to give fictitious names to the strangers I passed in the street regularly and I would even create a domestic background for them from my imagination. But the quiet and innocent read Sex Story
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  18. Hotel gay fun

    9/28/2017: Hi I'm Adam 21years old. This is going to be a part of a series BUT each story can be stand alone stories. All of the stories I am going to be making are completely true. -Any feedback is welcome. **Toronto, Ont** this is part 4 So For a while I wanted to meet up with a guy I was seeing from time to time named Steve in a hotel so he could take full advantage of me and do whatever he wanted. And read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Teen, Author: Adam_loone, Source: sexstories.com
  19. Mother's day Surprise

    9/26/2017: Mothers Day was coming and I wasn't sure what to get Lisa. Both Her Kids had already let Us know that They wouldn't be able to be there and each had already bought Her a gift. That meant it was up to me to make Her day special. I had it all planned out... I let Her sleep in...which She really enjoyed. She woke to a nice homemade breakfast. I started a nice hot shower for Her after breakfast. While read Sex Story
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  20. Things have changed … but they remain the same

    9/25/2017: This is more a reality check than a story, since it will deal more with attitudes and understandings than “I sucked him until his head caved in!” I will get to all that later. First, I am a published author, retired government type, and retired military type, and have literally gone around the world … I have sucked cocks in thirty seven countries! I am in my late sixties and grew up in a read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: oldsailor67, Source: LushStories