1. Rest Area Fun

    5/7/2018: It was around 2am on a Thursday Morning. I was driving from a funeral in another state. I was an hour from home but had been on the road for 5 hours and 3 hours since my last stop for gas to pee. I really needed to stretch my legs and was also feeling a little tired. I pulled into the rest stop their were 3 other cars there, I parked away from them as we were spread apart, one left as I got there. I took a walk for 5 minutes to stretch my legs. I got in my car put my seat and decided that I was going to take a power nap for 30 minutes. About 10 minutes two bright headlights shine in the read Sex Story
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  2. Black Package 1st step GayMaker

    5/6/2018: My wife had left for the office but I decided to stay home that day as I was sick and tired of working and needed some time to myself. After grabbing a cup of coffee, I flipped on the TV and powered up the PC to check my morning mail. After rifling thru the usual spam and bullshit messages from friends and relatives, I decided to check some of my favorite adult websites. I like a combination of erotic stories and pictures so I had several different websites up simultaneously. I like beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and color, but I'm also very comfortable exploring the "wilder" side of thi read Sex Story
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  3. Scene Five at the Boarding School

    5/5/2018: I remember slipping out of Mr. and Mrs. L’s bed that morning after the Christmas Party, getting dressed and going downstairs. No one was awake yet so I found my panties, jeans and pullover in the room off the kitchen. I got my coat and gloves from the hall closet and quietly left the Dean’s home. As I walked home I was trying to understand just who I was. Am I still the sissy I love being or read Sex Story
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  4. How I started with my stepdad

    5/5/2018: It was three years ago, the first time I had sex with my stepfather. I was a very horny eighteen-year-old at the time and as it turned out, he sure liked other things besides my mom's pussy! Steve had sucked a few other cocks over the years and he sure liked mine, a whole lot. The first time he gobbled my dick, I almost passed out it felt so good! After a few times like that, I got kind of curious. Steve was more than happy to let me have a taste of his big cock and creamy cum. It took a few tries before I got the hang of it, but by then, I was already hooked! Then I seemed to wan read Sex Story
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  5. First time at his place

    5/5/2018: Hi I'm Adam 21years old. This is going to be a part of a series BUT each story can be stand alone stories. All of the stories I am going to be making are completely true. -Any feedback is welcome. **Toronto, Ont** this is part 3 I've been seeing this guys Steve for a while now. Nothing official yet but it's been an ongoing thing. He would message me or I would message him and he would come over, read Sex Story
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  6. My First Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy Part 1

    5/5/2018: This is a true story about My first Bi-sexual encounter many years ago, id had fumblings with girls, heavy kissing sessions, playing with their boobs etc but id never had My cock touched by another person and I was desperate to get some experience. One Saturday afternoon me and my mates went swimmng and spent a few hours with the girls in the pool messing around and seeing if they fancied some fun afterwards, but as per usual we were left high and dry. My mates had had enough so said they were getting changed, but I said I'd do another couple lengths and I'd meet them in the cafe above t read Sex Story
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  7. The boys next door

    5/4/2018: I've been getting a lot of negative feedback on my stories of late, so thought of making a fresh start. Got rid of all the crappy stories. Hopefully this one will turn out to be better than my other efforts. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It was a hot summer day, the mercury touching 42 degrees Celsius and still read Sex Story
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  8. Krazy for Black Kock

    5/3/2018: So I had a little mental melt down and wound up in a state hospital when I came out of it I could not believe where I was wow what a scary place this is strange people wandering around talking to themselves gesturing at the ceiling I was uncomfortable as hell the doctor assured me that after my evaluation in two weeks I should be able to go home... Last night I was visited in my bed by a big crazy guy I was asl**p in my bed and then suddenly I realized I was not alone there was a huge black guy there and he was naked and had a huge hard on it stood out from his body like a ram r read Sex Story
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  9. hubby sucks

    5/2/2018: My husband and I had never done any swinging before but had talked about it many times. It was just kind of a fantasy thing that we shared. Then through a friend of ours, we were invited to what was billed as a swing party although it turned out to be more like an orgy. The party started out mildly enough. Val, our host had only invited couples. We kept to ourselves at the beginning and found ourselves in a darkened room. We took off our clothes and tried to fit in with the groups of people in the room. That’s when I noticed one pair of couples on a mattress at the far side of the room. Wh read Sex Story
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  10. The Kinky Auditor

    5/1/2018: It was going to be a tough week. The NGO where I work was going through its annual audit by an external finance company. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it is always a bunch of work that comes at the most inopportune moment for my job. I breezed in and the auditors were already at their laptops in the conference room. Last year’s lead followed me to my office already asking for reports and documents, and I really wanted a cup of coffee, to check my email, and start MY day. Of course, she went on, and said that she wanted to introduce me to this year’s ‘lead,’ so as I turned and saw the t read Sex Story
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  11. A Cuckold In Session

    5/1/2018: The attractive woman ther****t, who went by the name of "Susan", sat back in her chair across from the desk that separated us, and as she scanned my chart, she eventually looked up; and smiling as she did, she said in a very friendly and welcoming manner "I see here from your chart that you have had a long sexual fascination with black men; and with black men that have large cocks. Is this right?" "Yes," I said, feeling my face growing hot and flushed. Susan looked at me for a moment, that friendly smile still very much in evidence on her face, and then she said: "There is absolutely not read Sex Story
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  12. Snowbound

    4/28/2018: Ridley seldom listened to the radio and never paid any attention to the weather reports. On the way to an exclusive lodge resort he was told about a shortcut that would save him at least an hour of driving. Sadly, this decision proved to be a mistake, well, at least initially. As the snow started to fall rather hard his vehicle began to slip and slide prodigiously. At wits end, he was about read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories