1. Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 4

    9/7/2018: Chapter 4 More to Learn Sunday morning around 11:00 Daniel awoke from a long well deserved and needed sl**p. He was lying back thinking about the previous evening and trying to recollect what had transpired. He remembered in the afternoon going to the pool and meeting Campbell with the huge cock showing in his Speedos and Arthur the cute boy of East Indian heritage. Later he went to the party at their apartment and was chatting and socializing with their friends mostly gay guys who were super friendly. He had a few minutes to speak with Campbell who cornered him for a private chat and sa read Sex Story
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  2. from curious to first time part 5

    9/7/2018: (Recommend reading the first parts to get the whole story) There is no other way to explain the last visit to Garys house than to say that , he rocked my world! That night is still memorable! After that night we met a few times, but not as often as we both became busy. We chatted and talked here and there but could not make the time to meet! Frustration started to build you could tell between us read Sex Story
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  3. Sean's Story: Chapter 6

    9/7/2018: Sean’s Story Chapter 6: The Best Kept Secret We lay on my bed for a while before the cold hit me and I realized that I was still naked despite the lack of any sexual feelings between us at the moment. I was content emotionally for now but I was cold. Laying in front of me was Josh, his eyes were closed. “D-Do you mind if I get dressed?” He laughed. “I guess the moment died huh?” “It went down in read Sex Story
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  4. straightt fagggot at Sex club needs to be dominate

    9/7/2018: My wife kiss me goodbye took the k**s and went on her vacation to visit her f****y in Las Vegas sorry you couldn't go hon she explained to me that she got in the car I know it sucks. As soon as you drop off I went into the house I called of the local and hair waxing salon and bleaching do have my asshole and balls waxed and my asshole bleached. It felt so dirty having so much attention down in my hole area I already felt like a little slut . Back at home I already have aligned the Tina the Viagra I took a shower and do used my pussy out and tell I was crystal clear.. I went to the local sex read Sex Story
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  5. Fuckbud and his m8s using queerboi (Part 2)

    9/7/2018: Took about 10 minutes for my head to clear from the fucking I got from Mick. He, Joe and Boss sat around chatting while I came back from the fuck daze. Managed to hold all Mick's remaining spunk, and the burning turned to tingling as my innards readjusted. "Looks like he's almost back with us." Joe had been keeping his eye on me - I knew he wasn't finished with me yet, and wasn't sure if Mick was... "You ready for more cock?" That's when I noticed he and Joe were both standing proud. "Could do with some water, a piss, you know... 5 mins more." - "Well, as soon as you're ready you can sit ri read Sex Story
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  6. Depression

    9/7/2018: Back in the nineteen thirties, when the Great Depression hit hard, like so many young men I found myself on the bones of my arse. One afternoon as I passed by a farm, starving, I simply couldn’t resist and soon found myself knocking at the front door. I was so fucking hungry. All I had had to eat over the previous few days was half a loaf of stale bread. It felt like my guts were attacking read Sex Story
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  7. Master Ross

    9/6/2018: I had developed a curious fascination with Master/sub relationships. I being a submissive, longed for a Master. I had no luck meeting a real Master. It was becoming frustrating. It wasn't until I saw Master Ross' webpage and filled out his application. I had to include a detailed background report on my upbringing and sexual history. I also had to send pictures of me naked and clothed holding a sign for Master Ross' and the current date. It wasn't until about a week later he emailed me back. He had given me a list of specific instructions and a time to chat with him online. I went out and purc read Sex Story
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  8. The Wedding Gift

    9/5/2018: I had known Thom and Gary for a few years. I met them at a Gay Pride festival shortly after moving to the area. They had been partners for fifteen years. They were both big into fitness and we participated in several runs throughout the state together. Even though they were both in their mid forties and I in my early twenties, we got along very well. Over time, I grew attracted to Thom while being fond of Gary too. Thom was a take charge kind of guy, very confident, a wicked sense of humor, and a hung top. Gary was a jovial,easy going, always smiling guy, who was a versatile guy. I made my fee read Sex Story
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  9. Gay games at the gym

    9/4/2018: This story actually began a while ago, about a year. I work swing-shift, and hit the all night gym on the way home three nights a week. I shower then head home clean and ready for bed. My wife works mornings so she is asl**p when I arrive, and I am asl**p when she leaves. The gym is usually mostly empty, except for a few die-hard body-builders. These are mostly big black men, and when I say big I mean TERMINATOR big. I try to keep trim at best. I had been at this for a few months. The others had grown accustom to my presence. I’d hear them coaching each other, some laughing at their conver read Sex Story
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  10. Summer Seminar-part 1

    9/4/2018: The mid-sixties found Travis and I in Chicago for a six week training seminar. About the same age and single, we’d worked together in Denver for about eighteen months, during which time we gradually became good friends. I’d seen him around for a few months, nodding greetings and exchanging occasional small talk, before I got my first glimpse of his dick. I was taking a piss one morning when read Sex Story
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  11. My Journey part 2.

    9/3/2018: My Journey part 2 Up until this point in my life I was quite inexperienced in sex with women and men never even featured in any fantasy let alone real life and at that time I did struggle with guilt and shame but one of the good things about being a young man was that these doubts and guilty feelings were quickly forgotten or justified as soon as we get turned on and or got a hard on, with Matt moving away in a few months for a new job we both had very little time to explore and play so we began playing hard and fast in all sorts of kinky ways, the only thing new I had brought to the table read Sex Story
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  12. How a Young Boy Turned Gay!

    9/3/2018: This is the remake of my first story with ideas that make it better. Please enjoy and tell me how to make it better! This a story a boy named Chris. Chris is a very sexy boy with a 5 inch dick. And it starts with his dad but gets more interesting. The father's name is Alex. Alex is a very sexy white man. He's very built with a big dick which is 6 inches. And here's the story! One day Chris and read Sex Story
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