1. My First Time With a Man

    12/23/2017: I was 38 years old the first time I experienced another man. I had been toying with the idea for a few years prior to actually acting on my desires. The years prior had been spent surfing gay sex sites and masturbating to my fantasies. I was working away from home and living in my RV when I finally decided to try being with a man. I posted an ad on an adult dating site and was surprised to read Sex Story
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  2. Potential

    12/23/2017: "May you live in interesting times," Anya intoned. "Man, I always get that one!" "In bed," I reminded her saucily. "Speaking of which… Josh's coming over tonight," she giggled. "Read yours!" "You are about to embark on a fabulous adventure." I paused for a beat then added, "In bed." "Well, you are going on a trip tomorrow!" Anya squealed excitedly. "And it's been way too long since you had a man in your bed, mister." The reminder that I hadn't had any dates since Peter left stung a little. "I hardly think that will be a fabulous adventure, little s*s," I scoffed. I still couldn' read Sex Story
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  3. The Stall

    12/22/2017: Waiting for a flight must be the most annoying thing about the holidays. This Time was a little different though. As I sat Waiting for my delayed flight a man a couple seats down as visibly upset at his delay. I paid him no mind and went back to playing my game of solitaire.10 minutes later I went to the bathroom and then he entered still mad about the delay he mumbled to himself. I could here him from my urinal he was two down from me following proper manly bathroom etiquette. "What the fuck will I do for an hour and a half "he mumbled. Once I finished i walked up next to him and whispered read Sex Story
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  4. Revenge

    12/22/2017: After the show the old lady led the exhausted and somewhat drowsy white boy to a room on the third floor. Callum was asl**p before his head hit the pillow. Meanwhile downstairs Achmed was talking with Ijah and Jamaal about the boy. It was clear to Achmed that Ijah feelings towards the boy were growing, this worked to his advantage. At the same time there was a growing jealousy within Jamaal, he angrily demanded his share of the money from the show tonight. Achmed happily paid the boy, but he was still not happy. “He has paid his debt to me, now he must go back to his people!” Jamaal read Sex Story
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  5. Boy LEARNS from a BIG HARD COCK neighbor

    12/22/2017: I was at a party with the cool and horny people from SwingingBiCouples. They are a balst and after we had all fucked each other and I had a few large loads of cum pumped inside me, we started talking about our past experiences. After I told them this story, they said I should write about it and have it posted here on Hamsters so here it is! First of all, it's true story that many of you can probably relate too. I was young of course, curious about everything and not really sure about my sexuality, one way or another. I knew my little dick would get hard whenever the wind blew acroos it read Sex Story
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  6. Just the start

    12/22/2017: I met him on a gay website. The first conversation was quite short. And in minutes he was stepping out of his truck and striding confidently to my door. I didn't want to appear too eager, at least not until I was on my knees which I hoped would be soon. So I put the dog out back and then opened the door for him in the front. I was nervous. I was standing before him the way he had instructed in our conversation. Panties, collar and chain and have a camera ready. As I stepped back into the living room, after shutting the door, he reached out grabbed the chain and f***ed me to the fl read Sex Story
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  7. Ripe For Picking - Part 1

    12/21/2017: Ripe For Picking - Part 1 By Kevin Moore I was eighteen years old in the summer of 1970, although a good many people said that I looked more like a sixteen-year-old. I was tall and gangly, with blue eyes and blond hair. My uncut cock was only five-inches long and attached to a tiny, round ball-sac; however, when it was fully erect, it was as hard as nails. My arse was also small, with a prominent read Sex Story
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  8. My first bi-guy (part 2) - a true story.

    12/19/2017: This is the second part of my true story, if you haven’t read part 1, I would recommend you do so before reading this part, you’ll find it here:http://xhamster.com/stories/my-first-bi-guy-613685 Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words that may pop out at you – oh, the joys of being a dyslexic cnut! Setting the scene – so, I am working away from my old home town, living in a shared house, and my old mate Simon is visiting & staying for the weekend. Last night, Friday, we both shared our first bi experience with each other, but it didn’t go as well as read Sex Story
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  9. Me and My Step Brother

    12/19/2017: Its starts off like this my dad had just met this women whom happen to have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 daughter. I met this oldest son first (the one who I would eventually put my cock inside) then I met the youngest son (who I still have sex with to this day), The oldest son shook my hand and gave me a look. Now at the moment I thought nothing of it, but as I thoughtabout it some more I realized it read Sex Story
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  10. Cornfield Chronicles

    12/18/2017: CORNFIELD CHRONICLES Like the rest of the willing participants I hoped would be there, I was on a hunt that balmy summer night. For something hot, hung, hungry and strange. Possessing the same desire, skills and equipment as myself. Though on a hunt, I felt the natural defense of being in a strange place. My surroundings consisted of the things around the rest area my eyes could make out in the relative darkness of the distance. My companion disappeared into the darkness as I decided to walk up the small hill, sit at the b read Sex Story
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  11. A Tragic Love (Part2)

    12/18/2017: Daniel is the first to wake up. He is almost blinded by the shafts of light that are penetrating the curtains, he shifts slightly and realizes he is holding what feels like Jake's arm so he gives him a reassuring squeeze. He notices it pulsate and that it was much thinner than his arm, suddenly it dawns on him, it wasn't his arm. He feels up the length of Jake’s erection and determines it to be read Sex Story
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  12. Boarding School Punishment, Scene One

    12/18/2017: Location: An all-boys Military Prep School for young men ages 18 to 22. Cast: The Head-Master, Mr. L., is fifty five years old. He is a masculine, six foot, two hundred pound, short haired bisexual who rules the school with an iron hand. Timmy is a slightly built, eighteen year old, 5’8” tall, 145 pound virgin male, who wishes he was really a girl. Timmy hides the fact that he wears read Sex Story
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