1. Interviews of My Sex Life: Boy Toy Part 2

    3/15/2017: Coach Krisby and I had sex a few more times after that, each time ending the same as before, with me wanting more and him pretending that nothing happened. I thought it was our dirty little secret, but one night, after the football players had gone and the Coach had used me as a human masturbation piece, I was alone in the locker room, cleaning myself up. “Hey.” I jumped and turned around. It was read Sex Story
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  2. First time gay fantasy

    3/14/2017: This is totally a fantasy, but I would love for it to happen. I meet him on a cruising site. We will call him Jack, just for putting a name to him. My name is Chuck. I have never been with another man, but I have dreamed about it a lot. I want to play and see just how far I will go. Jack can host, I can't. I work a strange schedule, but I am off on Mondays, so, it is a good time to get together read Sex Story
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  3. Lake Powell Threesome

    3/14/2017: As I said yesterday, Lake Powell was awesome. Kip and I barely wore anything other than just speedos the entire time which is something I don’t even get to do here at home in Australia because I have random people dropping by all the time. There were 13 of us one the boat and if you consider Kip and I a couple, it was 6 couples and one single guy (Jason). Kip and I had our own room with a double bed, 2 of the couples pitched tents (hehehe) on the top deck of fhe boat. Everyone kind of had their own space. Poor Jason was going to camp on the top deck but for 3 nights he ended up sl**ping read Sex Story
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  4. Cock Craving Gay

    3/14/2017: I had just gotten out of a long relationship with my ex girlfriend and had moved into a nice townhouse in another town. In the past I had sex with a few guys and I knew from these encounters that I really enjoy servicing men. There is something about the power that a hard cock projects that get's me on my knees and begging. For years, I kept these thoughts and memories tucked away inside my head. I would fantasize about it often, but never act and was a completely straight acting, masculine guy... with a secret craving. Now that I had the freedom and my own place to entertain, I decided that read Sex Story
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  5. Teacher's pet part 3

    3/13/2017: “wake up…” I heard a voice say gently then I felt something warm and wet against my mouth. “mmm…” I moaned turning on my stomach pulling the pillow that was underneath me closer. “fine if you won’t wake up then I’ll….” the voice said then I feel a wonderful sensation in my ass. My dick got rock hard as I tried to get up but something heavy was now on top of me. “Since my little boy didn’t want to read Sex Story
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  6. Tales of Kairndal Part 1: Act 2

    3/13/2017: (Alaric) Light struck Alaric unkindly in the eyes the following morning. He ruffled his blonde hair and sat up. He groaned from the throbbing pain in his ass. Tyr was still curled next to him and had a rather strong grip around his waist. From the position he was laying, Alaric could clearly see his semi hard shaft hanging from its sheath. Smiling impishly, he leaned forward to lick the large pole read Sex Story
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  7. Firsts

    3/12/2017: M. was just as surprised as me that W. had agreed to get together. Neither one of us thought it would actually happen since we started corresponding three months ago. But there we were at the local pub having drinks. The conversation flowed easily, much to my great relief. After an hour or so (and 3 drinks knocked back in quick succession) W. says, “Alright, let’s go.” The walk back to the house was quieter, as if we are all lost in our own thoughts. When we got inside and out of our coats W. suggests that M. and I go upstairs and get started and she will join us shortly. In the bedro read Sex Story
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  8. Firefighter

    3/12/2017: By the time I was sixteen, it was clear to one and all, that I would live my life as a gay man. I was not effeminate, but simply refused to play the pretense game, that so many unfortunate souls had to conform to. Luckily, my parents were very laid back and non-prescriptive. When I eventually ‘outed’ myself, it was a total non-event. I had never had proper sex at that age, but knew what did, read Sex Story
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  9. Never Going Back Again

    3/12/2017: feminize – feminization – transsexual – crossdresser – gay To tell the truth, I never really figured out how to do the guy thing very well. I was always small for my age. People used to say that I'd shoot up someday, but it never happened. All through my school years, I looked about two years younger than my classmates. It didn't make for an adolescence filled with confidence, or even security. I was picked on mercilessly—teased, of course, but also actually beaten up from time to time. It didn't help that I wasn't just small of stature but also small in the "manhood department"—s read Sex Story
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  10. Taken But Not Robbed

    3/11/2017: I should have never cut through the park but I was in a hurry to get to my girls house. Just thinking about the pussy I was going to get caused my cock to start to get hard. So wrapped up in my thoughts of the fucking I was going to get I never realized anyone else was around until they grabbed me and stuck a gag in my mouth. They pulled me off the path and into a spot surrounded by high bushes. I noticed there was some sort of old table setting in the middle of the place. "Quit struggling or we'll blow your fucking head off," growled one of the men holding me. I realized then that to strug read Sex Story
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  11. Uncle Brian

    3/11/2017: This is the penultimate part of something that actually happened to me when I was younger. There were actually a few months of 'lead-up to the 'story' below but I thought you'd find it more entertaining if I just cut to the chase. Right, deep breath, here goes.... He picked me up straight from school as arranged. My parents made sure that my rucksack contained clothing suitable for the rainy weekend we were expecting. Rain didn't bother me, in fact it helped with the fishing that Uncle Brian had planned. We arrived at his caravan near the river and we got ourselves ready for a couple of read Sex Story
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  12. Lost clothes

    3/10/2017: It was the summer of 1971, summer was in full swing. In the town my mom and I lived in it got so hot the tar in the streets started to bubble. I was riding my bike looking for something to do. (at that age, more like trouble to get into) some of my friends had left for summer camp and others were in summer school. I was a couple of miles from home and was getting pretty hot. I knew of a creek not far, so I peddled my way there. I hid my bike in some bushes and walked through the woods till I came to a clearing, I walked to the edge of the creek and seen the cool water. Looking around I didn't read Sex Story
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