1. Fraternity Backdoor

    1/6/2018: My fraternity brothers were practical jokers in college and as usual I was the brunt of their fun..I'm not even safe when it comes to sex. We started fucking as a group in college and still do occasionally now. Our last get together put me in the center of one of their pranks, even though it some what backfired on them. Ted brought several sex toys and playing with the rubbery gadgets was amusing read Sex Story
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  2. My second experience with cock.

    1/6/2018: My second experience with a cock begins when I am 19 years old. It was a Saturday, and like most Saturdays at the time I was working. So myself and a bunch of people decided after work that we were going to go get something to eat and then go to the bar. At that time I had a fake ID so I was able to drink. We'd all had a hard day at work so getting time to relax and unwind was much welcomed. We all just pretty much sat around and played a couple games of pool and it is set there and shot the shit. Before we knew it it was closing time, because I have had a lot to drink I chose not to drive. So read Sex Story
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  3. my first time ever. how i got broke in.

    1/6/2018: Ok well it all started when I was 16. I always talked to guys online about what we would do if we met up but u never had a ride. But one night I was talking to these guys that where dating but wanted to fuck me. I told them about how i liked it rough and how i fantasized about being held down and fucked hard af. Well one weekend they said we will come get u and even tho i was nervous as Hell I couldn't say no. While I waited I loosened my virgin ass with the handle of a brush but I didn't get to do that but for like 5 mins before he showed up so I quickly slid my black and red thong on and ran read Sex Story
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    1/6/2018: It was the cool of the evening, around 8:00PM, Betsy, Hal, Jim and I had just finished a couple rounds of torrid sex and where sitting around sipping drinks and engaging in conversation. Betsy and I were stripped down to just garters, hose and heels while sitting at the small dinette table in their small cabin. The two guys, totally naked sat in the den drinking their beer while regaining their strength for some more fun! My husband Jim and I had agreed to stay the night and since Betsy and Hal's cabin was located in a very secluded spot, I figured that Hal had some outdoor activities in m read Sex Story
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  5. Relief... continued

    1/5/2018: He only worked for us for 4 days. (the continuation) That night I’d given him a second blow job and there were 2 others. We just couldn’t pay him what he wanted (even with the other ‘benefits’) so he left. I was sad to have that happen but, he may stop by in the future for a little more service. There are some advantages to owning this place which have begun to show up over time. Being gay here is not i*****l but very frowned upon; it’s a very conservative small town. Like every other small hotel/guest house we rent our rooms hourly and pretty cheap. About the time that Tuan left we’d start read Sex Story
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  6. Black Cock Owned Again

    1/4/2018: About 6 months ago I began dating a man who I met off craigslist. His name is Barry. Barry is a very handsome 50yo white man. He has a nice athletic hairy body and a 7inch uncut cock, not very thick. I hooked up with him from a post i made seeking tops into watersports. He and I hooked up 5 or 6 times after before he started hinting at wanting something more. It was a very romantic relationship and we shared many similar interests. I moves in with him and he even told me he loved me. I was almost ready to say it back to him until something happened this past friday night. Fridays Barry and read Sex Story
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  7. Muscle Coach

    1/4/2018: During Sex Ed, Coach taught us all the same shit he taught us last year. But I really paid attention to when Coach started showing us how to put a condom on. We all sat on the mini bleachers while Coach demonstrated the proper way to put a condom on. He used baseball bat to emphasize that condoms aren't “Too small” for your package. Watching a big manly ex-bodybuilder put a condom on a baseball read Sex Story
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  8. Die Fun Ch. 1

    1/4/2018: Read Ch. 0 before you read this. It was Sunday night, two days after Trish had been killed, and neither the suspect or motive had been discovered. Her murder had spread fast, hundreds of kids from school posting pictures of her, declaring they wanted revenge on whoever had killed Trish. After they had declared her house a crime scene, detectives had asked the three of us many questions. What were read Sex Story
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  9. My Boyfriend's Cousin - Part 2.5: The Party Part 2

    1/4/2018: 12:58 – He was already off his face by himself in the corner. The conversation had gotten quite dull now that his friends had left and he was forced to sit with his parents and relations now. Every so often when I glanced up I couldn’t help but smile and think about what had happened not much more than an hour ago. My boyfriend had his arm around me as we chatted to his family. He still had no read Sex Story
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  10. Chubby Freshman Chapter 8

    1/3/2018: Chapter 8 Terry a high school student was very shy due to the fact that he was chubby and didn't play sports or excel at anything that would make him cool and fit in with the popular students other than being having a very high academic average. He didn't have a girlfriend and had little possibilities to have one. If the truth was known he liked to look at guys more than girls. He often masturbated thinking about cute guys especially handsome athletic guys who were always popular at school. Although Terry was not athletic and chubby he was rather cute with is stylish eyewear and nice clothi read Sex Story
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  11. Day at the hole

    1/3/2018: One evening I was feeling horny and want to play with a cock. I got on a pair of pink panties, pair of black leggings, and a black t shirt. I drove to my local adult arcade. I walked in and I saw few guys walking around. One of the guys walked up behind me and started grinding his crotch on my butt, I stood there and let him have his way with my ass. He got a little rough and started slapping my ass. The stinging pain turned to pleasure I heard him groan and felt something wet hit my butt. I turned around to clean him and he was gone. I walked to the back room where the booths were. I found an read Sex Story
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  12. I would go in my pay in my life before he came.

    1/3/2018: My life was pretty good, not real great but bordering on it. I lived with my mother in a medium-sized town, my father having died in a train derailment on his way home from a business conference. Sad, yes, but I was just little. And while I have memories of him, they seem to be fading now. I do have some pictures. Him by himself or with my mother or the three of us on a day out to the beach. I don't really remember that, but I'm sure it was nice. My name is Ronnie. Well, actually it is Ronald, but as far as I know I was never called by that name, except a few times at the beg read Sex Story
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