1. Ma premiere fois avec un mec

    6/10/2018: je l'ai connu j'avais 18 ans, c'était un collègue et ami a mon père. La premiére fois que je l'ai vu c'était pour un réveillon de noël mon père l'avait invité car il était seul, sa femme venait de demander le divorce pour plusieurs raisons. Dés la premiére rencontre il me trouva mignon et pendant la soirée me questionna savoir si j'avais une copine ou pas si j'aimais les mecs. Toute la famille s'entendait avec lui et à partir de ce jour on le voyait régulièrement et il est même venu en vacances avec nous, nous avons fait connaissance de ses enfants et je suis devenu bon ami avec sa f read Sex Story
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  2. my 2015 dr visit

    6/9/2018: Every year I have my annual Dr's appointment and it seems it is getting a little different each year. like in the past years I've been seeing the same Dr. and nurse. I make my appointment and as usual I show up wearing panties and a a/b size bra. I only own panties and since they have seen me in them in previous years it is no big deal. I do wear pretty panties with lace around the waist and leg bands. When I was called back by the nurse as usual she had me take off my shorts and top and put on a gown and commented on my pretty bra and panties and told me to keep them on since they were read Sex Story
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    6/9/2018: My nose, and mouth and lips were pressed tight in Trevor’s ass. I felt the twist on both of my nipples and I lost it. My tongue snaked out and found Trevor’s hot, steaming hole. I pushed into him. I felt the bottom drop out of my brain. This was as debasing as it could get. My tongue was in a man’s ass. Part of my brain shut down, but not the part that controlled my tongue and mouth. I rimmed and read Sex Story
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  4. Behind The Beaded Curtain Of A Sleazy ’70s Sex Shop

    6/8/2018: The air was heavy with cigarette smoke. The two men were chatting behind the counter, waiting for the flood of punters who would arrive as soon as the city offices closed. It was unmistakably a sex shop. The windows were blacked out and there were tacky neon signs and entry to the shop was via a beaded curtain. There were rows and rows of magazines, ranging from the tame to the explicit, read Sex Story
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  5. First Time Smoke a Joint Gay

    6/8/2018: Two months after my 18th birthday, I got my first apartment; I'd saved up from my job to be able to afford it and my parents had given me some old furniture and things to supply the kitchen (pots and pans, plates and silverware). It was the third day in my apartment when everything changed in my life; the day when my sexuality would be questioned. I love girls and always have. I love their beauty and I love the control I have with girls during sex. There is nothing like a girl on her knees in front of you when she takes your dick into her mouth; the very feeling of a wet mouth sucking your read Sex Story
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  6. Surprised to see me

    6/7/2018: This is a true story I posted elsewhere some time ago and I thought I would share it. Late 1970's / early 80's and I was working in the North of England. My job took me around all over the place and I would have to visit various building projects for the company I worked for. I was late 20's , married , and had been interested in wanking and occasionally cocksucking for a few years. This particular day the job I had to go and look at was in a prison, in Co Durham. I won't give the name of the prison because to do so could quite easily identify someone who may wish to remain annonymous read Sex Story
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  7. My first bi-guy (part 3) – a true story

    6/6/2018: After having my face and throat fucked by Simon, I wanted Simon to give my thick seven inches some attention… … this beauty was all his, if he wanted it. This is part three of my true story, if you haven’t read parts 1 & 2, I would recommend you do so before reading this part, you’ll find them here: Part 1 -http://xhamster.com/stories/my-first-bi-guy-613685 Part 2 -http://xhamster.com/stories/my-first-bi-guy-part-2---a-true-story-615359 Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words read Sex Story
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  8. grandpa from my building

    6/6/2018: When I was 18 the grandpa that lived in my building would call me over to hang out because he's lonely. He was 74 years old at the time. We would take walks and go to the park together. When he felt like peeing he would just turn around and pee in front of me, I would ask him to show me his dick and he would show me it for a second. I would only be able to see the top or the tip of his dick which was very thick and wide. His dick was much thicker than my dick. The tip looked so good, it was very broad and wrinkled, with a couple of gray hairs visible. About 4 months have passed since he fi read Sex Story
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  9. Scene Two at the Boarding School

    6/5/2018: As I entered the dorm building, I couldn’t help thinking what just happened to me. I was sent to the Head Master, Mr. L., for punishment for missing a drill and not paying attention in class. He spanked me then made me suck his cock. Then he sucked mine and also fucked me. I was no longer an eighteen-year-old virgin geek. I was his to do with as he pleased. His last words were for me to read Sex Story
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  10. Gangbang with my new Master

    6/5/2018: I was in a big room, a basement with couches lining the walls. It was dimly lit except for one light in the centre shining down on me. I can't really see anyone, though I can hear people in the room. A lot of people. When I had arranged the meet-up with the other xHamster user I had been flirting with online for so long, I never expected this. NEVER. He never mentioned anybody else, but just said to meet HIM at this exact place for our first real-life sexual meet-up. i was so stupid to have trusted what was in truth just a stranger. If he was constantly abusing his power online, why should read Sex Story
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  11. How I became a dick sucker.

    6/5/2018: Nine years ago my wife left her email account open on our computer and I looked through her emails and seen a man she worked with had sent her a email with the title "our video". I opened it and watched the video he sent her. I could not believe what I was seeing there was my wife sucking his dick while he sat back on the couch like he was some sort of king with her between his legs. It then got worse as she got up and took her clothes off and got on the couch on her knees with her hands on the couch back and let him start fucking her pussy and she really seemed to like it. I was boiling mad, read Sex Story
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  12. Football Star And Secret Whore For Big Black Cock

    6/4/2018: This is an erotic fictional story that I wish really did happen to me... My name is Josh. I'm 19 years old and I play football at State College. I'm a quarterback. It's the summer after my first year and the coach liked my performance on last year's freshman squad, so he recommended me for an elite 6 week summer football camp for the elite freshman players all throughout the country. I am one of six quarterbacks and we all get along very well. The first week was mostly conditioning and try outs for the summer coaches, and now the camp has been split up into four separate teams. I am the read Sex Story
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