1. Cultural Barriers

    12/14/2017: Story by Alhena Mala is a 21 year old Jordanian Muslim woman that moved to the United states a year ago. She moved to a place that was generally quite suspicious of Muslims. Her f****y decided to move to the mountains of West Virginia; where she attended college while her father worked as a paralegal and her mother worked as a housewife. Mala believed that the true reason people anywhere were suspicious of outsiders was because they refused to assimilate into t read Sex Story
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  2. Dee’s Naughty Descent: Final

    12/14/2017: Dee arose at eight. She would have another day of interviews and photoshoots and doing whatever Vic told her to do. It was her last day in London. Lisa was in the shower. Dee stepped over to the window and stepped out onto the balcony. The cool London air touched her nude body. She put her head back, extended her arms, and whirled around and around. Across the square, a paparazzi caught read Sex Story
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  3. Girlfriend's Revenge

    12/12/2017: Eighteen year old Sheila Coronet admired her reflection in the full length mirror as she fluffed her shoulder length blonde hair and batted the long lashes of her big baby blue eyes. Every thing was perfect today. She had graduated high school yesterday morning and was to be wed to Gregg Wilson on Saturday afternoon. Gregg had been the captain of the football team and she had been the captain of the high school cheerleader squad. They had been elected Most Popular and Most Likely To Succeed by their classmates. He was tall, handsome and his f****y was one of the wealthiest i read Sex Story
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  4. Tyronne's Work Overnighter

    12/11/2017: This is a story about spontaneity, lust and an open mind. My wife, Sarah and I live in Del Mar, approx. 20 miles North of San Diego. We have been married for 5 years and do not have any c***dren. As with most couples without c***dren, we immersed ourselves into making life as good and fun for ourselves as possible. Sarah is 28yo, 5' 6" tall, blonde with hazel eyes. Going to the gym every night has kept her body in fantastic shape without an inch of fat. Her pussy is always clean shaved and has only seen one cock, mine, as we were both virgins when we got married. She is definitely the best read Sex Story
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  5. Angelique's experience with cock sizes

    12/11/2017: My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. She said she didn't understand why guys were so hung up on size. "Size doesn't really matter" she said. I said, really guys weren't the ones hung up on the size of a cock, but it was the women who were fascinated with it. I said "the women not hung up on size are the one's that haven't had a really big dick yet." "What do you mean?" she said. I read Sex Story
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  6. Correction the 5 way ebony way

    12/10/2017: Correction the 5 way ebony way Sitting in a bar talking to friends. “You need to man up before it’s too late,” Tom suggested as I explained that Melissa had insisted that I take her mother shopping instead of going to the game. “Yeah, but she’s beautiful,” I sighed as I drank my seventh or eighth beer of the evening. “So’s mount Fuji,” Dan observed proving once again he couldn’t hold his liquor read Sex Story
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  7. Nigerian Nightmare - Part 2

    12/10/2017: Nigerian Nightmare - Part 2 By Andy Caulden When fully erect, Samson's cock curved upward and looked far more imposing than Kola's. The curved cock looked as though it could reach the parts of an inner sanctum that no straight cock could; in fact, it gave the impression that if Samson stood bolt upright, a wimp like Kevin would be lifted off the ground with such a monster inside him. 'Open up, read Sex Story
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  8. Going to the Gym

    12/9/2017: “I’m headed to the gym, baby,” the six-foot-three-inch two-hundred-sixty-pound Black man said to his wife of seven years. “Ok,” she replied barely looking up at her beefy, brown-skinned husband. “I’ll be at the hairdresser by the time you get back.” “Alright. See you later,” Darius Woodham smiled. The former Division One linebacker started his black metallic 2012 Ford Expedition and backed out of the driveway. At the end of the street, he stopped at the intersection and pulled out his phone. He sent a message to the person he was heading to see. Three months prior, Darius was watching read Sex Story
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  9. NBWO - 10 Phases

    12/8/2017: The 10 Phases of BIG BLACK DICK Addiction: BIG BLACK DICK addiction is an addiction like no other! Once you witness the incredible power of the Big Beautiful BLACK DICK, you just keep craving it more and more! You will become BIG BLACK DICK addicted whether you admit it or not, and it goes exactly the same way for everybody. See for Yourself. These are the 10 phases of BIG BLACK DICK addiction that every white male goes through once he discovers the power of the BIG BLACK DICK. Check out these phases and you will see exactly what the Power of the BIG BLACK DICK will do to you if it hasn’t do read Sex Story
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  10. John return at my house

    12/8/2017: already four months that John is gone, we took my husband and me our lives, but sometimes I think of John and his cock, that is enough for my pussy is all wet. and I also think at Max's bar, I'm really vicious, but I miss it. my husband love me almost every day, one day he asked me. You lack not just John, when we were in bed all three. Of course, I miss, I so want his cock in my pussy, my ass or even in the mouth. after all that, I went to my doctor, and as usual, he controlled my pussy putting his hand in and then my ass, but he especially after I told him my story with John and Max, do read Sex Story
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  11. 2 OUTTA 3 club..ex wife Toronto gangbang from cums

    12/7/2017: We liked how clean and wonderful Toronto was. Our quick trip was drawing to a conclusion. The night before I'd suggested anal sex, and she gave her standard never response. Two different groups had tried to blackmail me with her in porn tapes. In all of the tapes she had been airtight. Figured it would end in a losing argument for me. So we were having a late lunch after a trip to a museum. Our good mood seemed to continue with drinks and food. We went to the bar to waste a little time, before our evening plans. We were the only people at the bar. She was wearing a sundress and sandals read Sex Story
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  12. Contract for Sex

    12/6/2017: My story is a warning to all those arrogant men who believe they are all their wives could want, and who are complacent about their spouse's fidelity. My wife Alex and I had been married for five years, and were both 26. Alex is a 5'4" redhead, not the prettiest girl in the world but very attractive sexually. She had put on some weight since our marriage, but her fuller figure only served to turn even more heads. She had wanted to have c***dren fairly soon, but I had insisted that we become secure financially before starting a f****y. This entailed my striving to become a partner in th read Sex Story
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  13. The Bag - the flip side

    12/3/2017: So. I expect that you’ve already read my pathetic husband’s version of the last few months. I’ve just read it – and as a result he is curled in the fetal position at my feet crying, maybe through remorse, but mostly because he has just sustained a reasonably brutal beating of his balls and cock, for being a LYING LITTLE SHIT! (He just received 3 more stamps from me on his bruised and unbelievably swollen member). Some of what he told you is undoubtedly true. He has for the last 9 months spent his life in an environment of ever increasing BDSM with particular focus on CBT. In the last 6 months read Sex Story
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  14. Harry potter And the Dark world ch 1

    12/3/2017: I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY.ALL CHARACTERS OF THE HARRY POTTER SERIES BELONG TO J.K.ROWLING. #################################### From Legacy203/Bigaim24. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. Sorry for the lack of updates but the season was too good to miss out on.I'm back now and the posting will be back on the following stories 1 DESTINY IN A WORLD OF HEROES. 2 GAME OF THRONES:LOVE AND read Sex Story
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  15. The Craving - Part 2

    12/3/2017: The Craving - Part 2 By Andy Caulden The public bar was packed with West Indians when Kevin and I entered the Bedford Arms. My boyfriend was clearly enjoying all the attention he was attracting from those around him, but I was more concerned about our safety. A bald-headed man in his fifties, sporting a prominent gold tooth, put his hand on my shoulder and told me to follow him upstairs. 'I read Sex Story
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  16. My work friend makes me his sissy

    12/2/2017: I'd always been a little insecure about my sexuality but was embarrassed by my fantasies and had never tried to explore much. I had recently moved to a new town and didn't have too many friends but wished I could meet some more. I had a coworker that I was kinda friendly with so invited him over to puff a blunt and watch some TV one day. I wasn't intending on anything sexual and still kinda thought i was straight but he was pretty attractive. He was tall, black and muscular, about 2 years older than me. He said he was down but didn't have any trees. "That's cool, I have a bit we could sm read Sex Story
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  17. my christmas

    12/2/2017: Season's greetings to all my readers. I thought I would share a very memorable New Year's Eve true experience with you. This true story happened a number of years ago, but it remains our most unforgettable NY Eve ever. Hope you like it, and comments are always welcome! Photos posted on KB with story. For Christmas that year, I had given my wife, among other gifts, a set of adjustable nipple clamps, connected by a chain. It was apparent that she got turned on when I or another BBC played rough with her nipples and tits, and she couldn't wait to try out her new toy. While read Sex Story
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  18. How she got me to love BBC (Pt2)

    12/1/2017: "I am in the wrong place. She clearly gave me the wrong address" I think to myself; There are naked people all over this place. There are black men fucking or getting sucked by women and men. The ones who aren't fucking are talking to their potential prey. Then, just like that, I see her walking towards me holding a gigantic black mans hand. He looks to be about 6'6 with muscles that make him look like a body builder. His dick is as big as Gina's legs. She is naked from head to toe only wearing heels. She is stunning, but yet, I am as confused as i am mesmerized. She kisses this man on his lip read Sex Story
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  19. Anna, Milf from Aberdeen

    12/1/2017: In 2010, I got speaking to a 53 year old woman on fastflirting, her name was Anna, she was half German and Scottish. We exchanged face pictures, and after a little while she sent me private posing pictures of herself, which were very hot and had obviously been taken by someone else, poses included her straddling a chair in a clear plastic outfit wit tits hanging out, a lot of her pics also included her playing with a large black rubber dildo, which she told me had a name "Leroy". We arranged to meet in Aberdeen, for a night of fun. We stayed at a Travel Lodge near Bridge of Don, checking in read Sex Story
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  20. Wired Up BBC

    11/30/2017: My wife was out doing some gardening one day and I found myself staring out the bedroom window looking to get a glimpse of her tits as she bent down or a flash of her knickers, don't ask me why when I can just call her inside and she'd rip off the blouse and drop the skirt to the floor on the asking. I think it's because I love women to be feminine and my wife is certainly that.I had a hard on for well over an hour on and off thinking about walking up behind her and sticking my cock into her lovely pussy there and then in our front garden..I decided to get some of her lingerie out and some s read Sex Story
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