1. Helpful clerk (and I didn't even buy anything

    11/18/2018: I was shopping early one morning, taking in a glorious Spring afternoon at an outdoors outlet center. There were few people about, despite the warm weather and blue skies. I'd arrived early on a Tuesday, not many people out and about as I was, as it was one of my regular days off and my work-week had concluded the day before. Lucky me. Very lucky, as it turned out. I slipped into a store to look for some new briefs, and new socks. It was just after 10:00 A.M. and walking inside, I didn't see anyone right away. Surely someone was there, the front door being unlocked. Oh, well. I saunte read Sex Story
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  2. White sissy used by black Masters

    11/17/2018: White sissy used by black Masters I’m booked into a London hotel and, after you text me to say you’ve arrived, I text you back the room number. It seems like ages before I hear someone attempting to open the door, followed by a firm knock and I jump up, excited but nervous about what’s about to happen. I walk over and unlock the door, careful not to meet your eyes as the door opens. I'm dressed in male clothes but I perform a very feminine curtesy as instructed, feeling both self-conscious and humiliated as I do so. I see your dark presence enter the room out of my peripheral vision a read Sex Story
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    11/14/2018: I could hear that the shower was running when I woke up, the slut had decided that she needed to get cleaned up after her gangbang. As I entered the bathroom she was drying herself, you could still see the faint writing on her body from the marker pens. I looked at her then asked. "What the fuck was all that about, letting three black men fuck you?" She began to cry as she told her story. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself, they were at the club the girls took me to. I was slightly d***k when they began to dance with me, they all took turns and kept on telling me what they wanted to read Sex Story
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  4. A Work Party- Chapter 3, Things Are Getting Emotio

    11/14/2018: A Work Party- Ch. 3 Ron was true to his word, and Tony got a promotion. From an area sales representative to a District Sales Manager. I think he would have eventually gotten the promotion, anyway, as he was good at his job, but now he was a manager. With it came some nice benefits. A raise, and he got a company car, better health insurance, and his retirement benefits increased. He had access to stock options, and better bonuses, too. With it came perks and responsibilities. Sometimes he could come home early, and sometimes, like near end of month, he was extremely busy. He had peo read Sex Story
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  5. Fancy Dress (Fuck) Party..

    11/14/2018: My friend is in to helping people and he set up a charity night for the refugees in our town, his idea was for a fancy dress party to raise some money for them for warm clothing for winter, so he asked all our friends to come and ask others to post some flyers to inform others in the town. he hired the town hall and it was a go now so he went to the local refugee center and talked to the f****y's there and told them what he was doing and they were so happy he was doing it. they asked if some of them could come along. he said yes of course send as many as you want free of charge of course read Sex Story
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    11/13/2018: The tale of a desperate Latina and a desperate White Man Story by Maria My name is Trevor, and I'm a 40 year old business man who feels as if all is lost. A depressed business person, shocking...I know... Anyways I currently live in Charlotte North Carolina, the banking hub of the south. I work as a manager at a pretty big bank, so I make quite a decent amount of money, but I've been depressed since my wife divorced me and took my two little ones off to Was read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: WhiteCockWorship, Source: xHamster
  7. My Ebony Mistress

    11/13/2018: I met her at the bar across town. She was wearing all black leather from head to toe. Her name was Alisha, she was 5'8 with long shoulder length black hair, with big brown hypnotic eyes i could get lost in for hours. When i first laid my eyes upon her i knew i had to have her and i would do ANYTHING to make it happen. I walked to the barand introduced myself "Hi my name is james. How are you this evening?" She looked me up and down smiled and laughed then said "Hi i'm Alisha, i'm doing well thank you." I bought her and myself a drink then after about 20 mins of getting to know each read Sex Story
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  8. Wife WebCam affair with Husbands black co-worker 1

    11/13/2018: Sitting down on the bed I opened my laptop and clicked on the Internet button waiting for a signal from the hotel's wireless. Took only a moment before I was connected and right away contacted my wife Marisa through an instant messengers. She had been sitting at the desk waiting for me and replied almost instantly. I asked her if she was ready? Confirming she was I hit my web cam software. She did the same and I was soon staring at my wife's face as she sat in front of our computer in the living room. "Can you see everything clearly?" she asked. I told her she was crystal clear and that th read Sex Story
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  9. The Taylors

    11/12/2018: The Taylors Chapter 1 A year ago I married a beautiful black woman. She was every thing a man could want smart, funny, very sexy and sexual. Just how sexual I later found out. But first I must give you some background on my f****y. This is not my first marriage I was married to a lovely white Russian woman and we had an even lovelier baby girl who now just turned fifteen years old. Her mother went back to Russia leaving me and Beth to fend for ourselves. Beth was just 10 at the time and I watched my baby grow up to be quite a stunner 5'4 inches tall and 105 pounds with just th read Sex Story
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  10. Monday Blues

    11/12/2018: As dawn broke I got out of my car in the car park, thinking of nothing in particular. As I walked to the underground elevator, I quickly look back at my joy and lock the doors with the familiar beep and flash of lights. Pulled my over coat closed as a breeze of bisque morning coolness blew through the car park. Arriving at the elevator, the quiet air of silence that only early morning offers. Still waiting...finally the audible bell as the doors open, still moving in a robotic manner as every other day nothing new nothing special just Monday blues. Positioned towards the back of the elev read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Interracial Sex, Author: Nickoxoxo, Source: xHamster
  11. The Housewives Of Coxville County part 1

    11/12/2018: The Housewives of Coxville County By; Ota & The Ogre Prologue: The Games Afoot The crowd went into uproar as the basketball fell through the white netting of the rim, a loud burst of sporadic cheers on the left side of the gymnasium where fans of the Coxville basketball team sat. Yet another three-pointer had been aimed, shot, and stuffed right through the open net in an audible swish. The game was quickly turning into a blow out for Coxville's cross-town rivals from Bartown. The baying cheers of the Coxville crowd all but drowned out the low groans from across the w read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: Milffann, Source: xHamster
  12. New York Zebra Club - A Young Wife's Demise,

    11/11/2018: It was really painful the first time I saw my wife with another man. I guess that I had known that something was going on for quite awhile but just didn't want to admit it. So I went along as though everything was fine. We had been married about three years and had move to New York City about 18 months ago. She was both pretty and cute. I adored her. She was about 5'5" long light brown hair, brown eyes and had a smile to die for. About 1120 pounds she had smallish breast curved hips and the most sensual thighs a guy could imagine. She was 24 at the time. The fantasy cute young wife. I loved he read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: laurelndan, Source: xHamster