1. The Making of a Sissy (Part 4: Total Submission)

    3/17/2017: As I made my way upstairs, the house was filled with silence. It was almost as if the pounding Sam had given me the night before had deafened me, and my ears were practically ringing as I dizzily wandered into the kitchen for breakfast. I still had my panties on from last night, pulled up tightly under my shorts, wedged into my soft ass and capturing what remains of his semen that were still trying to leak out. He was changing me, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat my breakfast when I spotted my mom's car keys laying on the kitch read Sex Story
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  2. Alone with Melissa D PART 3

    3/16/2017: It has been almost a month, since John and Morgan walked in on me and Melissa. The moment is still melted into my mind. John and Melissa making out getting ready to jump into bed and thats when they spotted me and Melissa laying there naked and speechless. All four of us speechless. I still remember Morgan running out the room straight home and I followed her. I told her I knew about her and John and told her to come out and tell me. It was something I truly didn't want to hear. She told me that she had been sl**ping with John f read Sex Story
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  3. The Magic of my first Black Cock.

    3/16/2017: [user][/user] Wow ! This was my first real experience with Black Cock. it was right after my divorce. I was in my late twenties. I ran my ads as a crossdresser on a few dating sites and on Craigslist. I recieved a message on my AFF site from a member whos profile mame was BBCRicky. My interest was immediately peaked. His profile discribed him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10 inch thick cock. He was older in his late 40s, Interested in meeting petite submissive white sissys which fit me perfectly. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. He loved my pics an read Sex Story
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  4. A Shortie for Susan - Part 2

    3/13/2017: Bindi Andy was in the shower stroking his cock, remembering the amazing fuck with his Math Tutor Bendy Bindi yesterday afternoon. In his imagination he could still feel her hot thighs pressing into his arse and her hands pinning back his ankles as she took him in the Amazon position. Just when he couldn’t imagine it getting any hotter, Susan his step-mum appeared in the shower, standing behind him, pressing her tits into his back and gripping his slippery cock. “What are we going to do with you, you naughty boy? I bet you’re thinking about fucking that Indian slut Bindi again. Well read Sex Story
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  5. The Thrill of the Unexpected

    3/12/2017: One evening, leaving the husband at home, I escaped for a girl’s night out. I ended up at a local club, drinking dancing and drinking more. I was having a good time, enjoying the music, the crowd and talking to the guy that owned the place. Nothing serious, just talking and maybe a little light flirting. I had talked to him on another occasion before as he was friends with other people I knew. Anyway, we talked, had a few drinks and I noticed another guy I “knew” had come into the club, another guy who I had been “having fun” with for a while but at this point was more or less done with hi read Sex Story
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  6. The Twos Resort

    3/11/2017: My wife Ellen and I, both in our sixties, had made a reservation at the The Twos Resort. This was a resort for couples only with no k**s allowed. The drive up had been long but with nice scenery and the resort was about 5 Km off the main road. It was located on a beautiful Lake with lots of activities available such as canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, tennis, and lots of walking trails in the woods. The rooms were beautiful and as we had a ground floor one we had a hot tub outside on the patio, but also a large Jacuzzi in the room itself. There was a fire place and a huge king sized bed an read Sex Story
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  7. Inpregnation by BBC

    3/9/2017: I sit here in my panties, a cute litttle negligegh; and wig awaiting what my black bull will cum and do to me in the next few moments. His cock is large and my pussy is small. Oh how it will hurt before if feels so good and right. Last time he came by he ripped my hole and made me bleed. Its only been a week but i want more. I need more. Its always bareback. Thats something you should know if you are new to BBC. They are going to fuck you big black and bareback. When they do, you wont be able to have it any other way. My bull has made it clear from the start that his cum is going in my ass read Sex Story
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  8. I Saw My Maid's Tits (SG)

    3/8/2017: I had a maid for over three years now. She’s not exactly pretty, in her late 30s from Cambodia, but she had a nice figure and nice curvy breasts. For the first two years with me, I never bothered much about her. I treated her well, she was good with housework and my toddler son and I liked her just as employer-employee relationship. However, I noticed she never wore her bra at home and it had been going on since I can’t remember how long. Just that I was never home much and never paid attention to it. About a year ago, I changed jobs and started working from home. Since I spent most of m read Sex Story
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  9. Anita picked up at the adult theater

    3/7/2017: Anita picked up at the adult theater Friday afternoon Victor had flown away from home again and I felt so horny at work… There was an adult theater on my way home from office. My friend Helena told me sometimes had seen women in there playing around. Always were there horny men available for receiving a hand job or a blow… even they could be in a mood to fuck… That evening I was even hornier than in the afternoon, so, I decided to go there to see what I could find… I entered the main saloon and sat down about two thirds of the way back. After a few minutes I saw a shadow walk through read Sex Story
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  10. Tales of Travelling and Trolling: The 7/11 Teens P

    3/7/2017: I could feel myself getting fuller and harder as I hefted it into my hand to stroke for them. Both Kat and Dana were topless. Kat, was a little heavier, so here tits were a little bigger than Dana's. Dana, being so tiny and thin, was almost flat, but here nipples were erect and hard looking. The tights they were wearing left little to the imagination. Both had nice tiny bodies even if Dana's was a little smaller. "So, what do you think, ladies?" I asked. They kind of looked at one another blankly. Then at me... "What do you mean?" Dana asked. "Well," I began, "do you like wha read Sex Story
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  11. Dylan Alone

    3/6/2017: For Dylan, the more he hid his deeper, truer feelings about his sexual obsession with black men, the stronger this obsession came to be. The irony of this was inescapable. He'd spent his first 20+ years growing up in a f****y of white racists, and everyone else he knew was, in one way, or the other, the same way, and yet, and yet there was this...thing, this...strange, and exciting, and sometimes even scary fascination (which had quickly grown into an obsession!) with black males; and particularly towards black men with BIG cocks! Where, he often wondered, had this come from? Dylan had read Sex Story
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  12. What was supposed to be a straight 3some ended up

    3/5/2017: It started off with my post. I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a couple to play with, because of my size I attracted couples looking to spice up there sex life with a bigger cock easier than I attracted singled females. So a few hours after the post went up I got a email that said, "me and my girl are going to go out for a few beers....we are attractive 40's. wanna meet up in a bar? I'll have a blur button up shirt on...not tucked in. where are you? lets meet.” I wasn't looking to meet that night and the post said as much. I reminded them that I wasn't free that night but was interes read Sex Story
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