1. my first time ever. how i got broke in.

    1/6/2018: Ok well it all started when I was 16. I always talked to guys online about what we would do if we met up but u never had a ride. But one night I was talking to these guys that where dating but wanted to fuck me. I told them about how i liked it rough and how i fantasized about being held down and fucked hard af. Well one weekend they said we will come get u and even tho i was nervous as Hell I couldn't say no. While I waited I loosened my virgin ass with the handle of a brush but I didn't get to do that but for like 5 mins before he showed up so I quickly slid my black and red thong on and ran read Sex Story
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  2. Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 1

    1/6/2018: (At the house, downstairs, Racquel has invited her friend Sunny over, and they are both just finishing a drink, sitting next to each other on the couch wearing their bikinis, waiting to go for a swim in the pool with Racquel’s boyfriend, Steven.) Sunny: Thanks, so much for inviting me over for a swim! Been looking forward to this! Racquel: No problem, especially after you told me how hot and gross you felt as you were sitting at home last weekend. I figured you might enjoy visiting us here for a cool dip. Sunny: Yeah, I can get hot and bored on my days off… I think this cool dip in th read Sex Story
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  3. Her Pants Were Wet.

    1/6/2018: Claire was at work today and she came home laughing, i said you are in a good mood? she said yes its a good day. i asked why and she said nothing really just a good day. all week she had this huge grin on her face coming from work? i asked everyday why and everyday she said nothing i'm just happy. i never suspected anything unusual cos she is a happy girl, on the Friday she rang and said she was going to be a little late, that's ok love i am going to the pub for a couple after work also with the lads so meet you at home i will bring the tea in so no hurry home. good she said see you soon read Sex Story
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  4. Relief... continued

    1/5/2018: He only worked for us for 4 days. (the continuation) That night I’d given him a second blow job and there were 2 others. We just couldn’t pay him what he wanted (even with the other ‘benefits’) so he left. I was sad to have that happen but, he may stop by in the future for a little more service. There are some advantages to owning this place which have begun to show up over time. Being gay here is not i*****l but very frowned upon; it’s a very conservative small town. Like every other small hotel/guest house we rent our rooms hourly and pretty cheap. About the time that Tuan left we’d start read Sex Story
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  5. 79 Avril and John part 2

    1/5/2018: 79 Avril and John part 2 Sadly I got the ladies name wrong in the earlier part of this story, her real name is Avis and I deeply apologise to her [Edd] We had been sitting there for a while, the seven of us having a few drinks and making small talk when I kept noticing Avis glancing at one of the black men and fidgeting a bit. "You liked that black cock, didn't you" I leaned over and whispered to her. She looked at me for a few seconds, "Oh yes". "They were so good". I could tell she wanted more and again whispered to her, "Go ahead". "You've been peeking over at that one guy for so read Sex Story
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  6. I needed new dick

    1/5/2018: I guess I should start from the beginning. Jon and I had been together for a while. Life was good. He treated me well and I loved him. One day we started talking about our exs. I learned that he had a pretty wild relationship before me. He is older than me. I am 23, he is 29, so I knew he'd had previous relationships. I just didn't realize how wild the sex with this ex was. We had a great sex life, but nothing like he described. I'd only had one other partner before him. I mean, I'm pretty. At 5' nothing and 100 lbs, I get a lot of attention and I love it, but I never act read Sex Story
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  7. Black Cock Owned Again

    1/4/2018: About 6 months ago I began dating a man who I met off craigslist. His name is Barry. Barry is a very handsome 50yo white man. He has a nice athletic hairy body and a 7inch uncut cock, not very thick. I hooked up with him from a post i made seeking tops into watersports. He and I hooked up 5 or 6 times after before he started hinting at wanting something more. It was a very romantic relationship and we shared many similar interests. I moves in with him and he even told me he loved me. I was almost ready to say it back to him until something happened this past friday night. Fridays Barry and read Sex Story
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  8. Day at the hole

    1/3/2018: One evening I was feeling horny and want to play with a cock. I got on a pair of pink panties, pair of black leggings, and a black t shirt. I drove to my local adult arcade. I walked in and I saw few guys walking around. One of the guys walked up behind me and started grinding his crotch on my butt, I stood there and let him have his way with my ass. He got a little rough and started slapping my ass. The stinging pain turned to pleasure I heard him groan and felt something wet hit my butt. I turned around to clean him and he was gone. I walked to the back room where the booths were. I found an read Sex Story
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  9. Dwayne again in my laptop

    1/3/2018: Dwayne again on my laptop I was still out and so far from home that long weekend. My business trip had been delayed another couple days; so I called my sweet Ana and told her I was very sorry, but I would come back home on Monday. She laughed and answered: “Do not worry, hun, tonight Dwayne will come again to warm you side of the bed… I will set my laptop on the night table… you can watch us”. I was a little bit mortified, after watching that huge black bastard enjoying Ana’s cunt and even sodomizing her; but there was nothing I could do to avoid it. She was going to be fucked wildly read Sex Story
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  10. A conference meeting at Miami

    1/2/2018: A conference meeting at Miami I had a boring conference meeting there, in my well know city of Miami. My loving Victor at same time had flown to Chicago on a business trip. I arrived at the hotel close to midday; had a light meal and a warm shower before getting into bed for a good siesta… Then I recalled having a dream about several black men fucking me in a crazy hard gangbang. They all fucked my cunt, ass and mouth… I thought it was just a dream, but then I felt somebody was pulling my panties off… I began to wake, but then I discovered I was naked on bed… Then I realized read Sex Story
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  11. Two black men

    1/2/2018: After happened I saw that my wife was able to fuck with my neighbor and her son while I was in the kitchen washing dishes, I definitely has convinced she's really a whore addicted to cock. I got very happy with it and made it easier for her. Really I did not care what people said. A very gossipy lady our neighbor had spread the news that my wife was a slut bitch. She told everybody saw men coming into my house when I went to work. She thought it was hurting me to spread this news, but she was wrong: many men who knew that news decided to knock on my door when I went out, trying to fuck my wif read Sex Story
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  12. Having My Beautiful Young Maid Nanditha

    1/2/2018: Hi friends, this is about an incident which happened while I was studying in 12th standard. It happened with the maid in our house who is 4 years elder to me. Her name is Nanditha. She came to our house to work 2 years ago when she was 19 years. Now she in 21 years. Young and fresh. She was brought up in an orphanage and was then sponsored by my father. From the day she came to our home, she was mentally and physically tortured by my mother. She scolds and beats her sometime even if she did all works on time. She alw read Sex Story
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