1. Jamie's Descent Part 8

    8/30/2018: Chapter 8 I stared open mouthed at Lexi. ‘What do you mean we’re going to be auctioned?’ I hissed at him. ‘People bid for us and we get bought for the night. I can't believe your Mistress didn't tell you.’ I shook my head and Lexi reached out his hand to hold mine. The man on the stage began to speak again. ‘My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. We will now begin the auction. Please remember our rules, if you make a successful bid, you will be entitled to take your prize to one of our rooms for the night. The prize will perform whatever services you require during this peri read Sex Story
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  2. Uncle Jays Cabin

    8/29/2018: Many people ask me if I get hot writing these stories. My answer: "Fuck Yeah I get hot writing these!!" That's one reason it takes me months to follow up previous tails...errr ummm, tales. I certainly DO love this site and am happy to be able to contribute to it's content, upkeep and maintenance. So should you......Please donate to this free and lovely website so we can keep the cum flowin'........Thank you. ********************** "Uncle Jays Cabin" ************************* Uncle Jays giant, veined boner twitched inside me. I cooed girlishly as he hel read Sex Story
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  3. Ch 4 - The Birthday Present

    8/29/2018: The actual Final Chapter of this story line. The point of my previous chapter was to feature more action with "The Husband", but I got so carried away with what was in my mind that I nearly left him out. This story focuses more action with him, though it is hard for me to write this story line from his perspective. I guess that means I can't be a great erotica writer because I always need to inject myself into it. Chapter 1:http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Glutton/posts/352356.html Chapter 2:http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Glutton/posts/352356.html Chapter 3:http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Gl read Sex Story
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  4. Lisa’s New Role Part V

    8/28/2018: About a week later Lisa was walking past Troya’s bedroom when she heard groaning. Curious she peeked in and saw her roommate masturbating furiously. Spotting her, Troya demanded, come in here slut! Not today. I’m kinda tired, said Lisa. Troya was instantly up, throwing her to the bed naked, face down, cuffed, spreadeagled with 3 pillows shoved under her ass. Don’t ever say no to me again slut, shouted Troya. SMACK!! And a pink hand print appeared on Lisa’s right buttock. Lisa groaned in a mix of pain/pleasure. SMACK!! And a pink hand print appeared on Lisa’s left buttock. Lisa gro read Sex Story
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  5. The Cuckold Test II

    8/27/2018: Danny stood next to Claire as she sat at her dressing table reading the airmail letter that the postman had just delivered. She was naked and Danny wore just his boxers. He couldn’t read the writing on the letter but as much as he was interested in her letter he was fixated with her body. They had been back from Jamaica just over a week now and she still held her suntan. The only real white areas on her body were around her bikini area. The whiteness of her flesh stood out glaringly. Danny looked down at her pussy as she sat with thighs parted. He had fallen in love with it all over again read Sex Story
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  6. The Business Trip Part 2

    8/26/2018: After my last encounter in Sheffield I was taken aback when in October I received a message from Mr Dial a Cock . He said he hadn't been able to stop thinking about me since our brief escapade and before he left the country permanently he wanted a engraved reminder of all of my juicy assests when he came to Manchester . He wasn't beating about the bush - no pun intended and I didn't have anything to loose but a lot of throbbing to gain. When he contacted me in the week I had already made plans to be away for the weekend which I couldn't get out of otherwise he could of fucked me gladly fro read Sex Story
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  7. TROY 2

    8/26/2018: I woke up, naked but freshly showered on a crisp clean set of sheets on a large round bed. The events of earlier were sketchy at best. As the sl**p left my eyes and I started to become more lucid, I started remembering how I was a total slut for dozens of hung black tops. How they used my body for their sexual pleasure and how I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I couldn't get my head around that fact. I had never had a gay thought in my life, and now a scant few hours later I was naked in a strange mans house starting to wonder where all the hard cock that I had played with earlier had read Sex Story
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  8. Bar man tales pt 2

    8/26/2018: I had been working at the golf club for about a year, when I was able to get a job for my younger s****r as a bar waitress at big nights. She had just turned eighteen and this was her first job. Whilst the pay wasn't great, the tips made up for it. My s****r - Emily - had been working just over a month, when we had one of the most anticipated nights of the year. A male dance group - strippers - were coming to play at the club. It sold out in days and was the talk of the area. My mother and her friend Jean were going. Come the big night I said I would drive everyone in, so they coul read Sex Story
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  9. Twins - Beautiful Thais in all holes

    8/26/2018: Twins have always interested me. Identical twins are particularly fascinating. When I got divorced and went to Thailand in search of a new wife that was not in my mind until I saw identical twin girls working as waitresses in a Bangkok restaurant. They were beautiful and I couldn't get them out of my mind. After a few visits I managed to persuade them to come to my hotel room with the promise that I would make a portfolio of photos to get them modelling work in the West. They were nineteen years old and their pay at the restaurant was quite low so they didn't take much persuading when I off read Sex Story
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  10. I found your xhamster account honey

    8/25/2018: I am only postng this now we have reached a good point in our relationship, I found your login details to xhamster jusy over a year ago and I have been trying to find the right time and way to tell you. When I found your account I was really upset and angry with you, looking at all the pictures and videos you had on your account. You were even chatting to some of the women and couple on here which I just counldn't understand. You were going away for a week with friends so I thought I would wait until you got back to tell you. I was planning on what to say, writing it down when I thought I w read Sex Story
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  11. Stuffed like a turkey

    8/24/2018: I was traveling back to work the day after Thanksgiving and ended up with an unexpected layover in Philadelphia. Since I was going to be there for 24hours I figured Id make the most of it and jumped on A4A to see if anyone was around. After 2 or 3 unsuccessful hits I finally got a bite. He was a few years older then me but in great shape and with an amazing looking cock between his legs! We chatted for a few and when he didn’t take the hint I finally came out and said I was horny as hell and would he please come t my hotel and fuck me silly. That’s when he said he would love to but he did read Sex Story
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  12. My first bi experience after boot camp

    8/23/2018: I had just graduated from boot, and was headed to my A School. But first I took some leave to go back home, and hang out with some friends and my f****y. My buddy Hoss picked me up from the airport, and since my folks were at work, and weren't expecting me, Hoss took me back to his apartment for a couple drinks. We get there, and to my surprise his high school sweetheart Annie was there, 3 months pregnant. Annie was a lil pixie of a girl, long dark hair, tight fit body except the tiny babybump she was growing. Very cute, she reminds most people of Shannon Elizabeth. She brings so read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Author: SpicySide69, Source: xHamster