1. Thanksgiving BBC

    10/13/2018: The Thanksgiving Holiday brings back so many memories for me. Eight years ago I left my small town on the east coast to attend college in the Midwest. I was pretty good in basketball and my parents made damn sure I was pretty good with the books as well. When I received a basketball scholarship to attend college it came as no surprise to anyone. To my disappointment my first year I was red shirted. I spent my freshman year hitting the books and chasing skirts. My second (red shirt freshman for those in the know) I had moved up to the number two shooting guard. I was really enjoying the college read Sex Story
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  2. A final show from Dwayne

    10/12/2018: A final show from Dwayne A week later I was once again at work; that black bastard Dwayne was off. Towards the end of the afternoon I got a text from my sweet Anita, telling me Dwayne just had left and I had a video available when I got home. Once again I came back home almost after midnight and was really very tired; but Ana’s laptop was there in the living room, waiting for me. Ana and Dwayne were naked in bed. I knew my sweet wife was on her period; so, I watched as the black man fucked her in her tight asshole… He pumped her buttocks wildly and when he was going to finish, he pul read Sex Story
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  3. The Taylor's Chapter 2

    10/12/2018: The Taylors Chapter 2 Hop in baby lets go we need to get dinner. Beth jumped in the shotgun seat of my SUV "Daddy?" Beth said you were the special person I always wanted to pop my cherry and now you have and I am so happy. Beth you have no idea how long I have wanted you and now my beautiful girl you are my secret lover forever and ever. Daddy? Yes baby? Can I suck your cock on the way to the store? Before I could answer Beth took out my hard cock and started sucking me like a pro, baby I said unless you stop your going to me cum again. OOOhh she said read Sex Story
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  4. pool time for Wanda

    10/10/2018: Hello, my name is Wanda and I am writing about what happened at the beginning of what I call my summer of dirty fun that happened last year. First a little about me, I am 37 5'6 and around 190 to 215 pounds with above the shoulder brown hair and brown eyes with a 38DD chest in case you were all wondering. I'm not in the greatest of shape but not completely flabby either but after two k**s my boobs aren't nice and perky like they used to be. I am married and we live in a nice subdivision that has its own park, tennis court, and swimming pool which is paid for by our home owners' association fee read Sex Story
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  5. Caught My Wife Cheating Pt 2

    10/8/2018: I was just replacing the receiver when Annie came in and asked me "who was that on the Phone?" I told her it was Z and that he said he’s coming over in about an hour. What else did he say she asked me as if she already knew? He said he’s bringing Carl with him. He also told me to make sure your pussy and ass is completely shaved for them. Oh how exciting I better get ready she said. Then Annie added, wait til you see the size of Carl’s enormous black cock. But two guys? I said?, Z and Carl coming over? She said I already saw the photos on her web page getting double penetrated by the both read Sex Story
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  6. An Interesting Friend CoCo

    10/8/2018: Hot CoCo! Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of knowing 2 pretty nice ‘girlfriends’; one white and CoCo…hot and black. Casual, raunchy, sexy, free-spirited and just fun to be with. CoCo was a marvel, a wonder of hormone therapy, with ‘her’ everything had gone perfect. She was about 5’ 8 “ with breasts that were well proportioned, not too big or too small, a great ass and killer legs. She was a little overweight, I’d just say a little ‘fleshy’, mildly attractive and oozed a physical glow of well being…along with a satirical sense of humor. We met at one of those places that tried read Sex Story
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  7. On the road again...

    10/7/2018: I meet this guy online who lives two hours away. He's immediately possessive and serious. When I go out, he tells me to pretend we're married so that I'll be good and not flirt with anyone. All kinds of stuff like this before we meet. We talk sex stuff but he's all like he doesn't want to have sex the first time we meet because he wants it to be serious, not just about the sex. He invites me to drive down and stay the night, I can sl**p in a separate bed if I want. We'll go out to eat, then come back and watch Netflix and drink and talk. So I warn him that I'll be a little wary about the drink read Sex Story
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  8. One saturday Night...

    10/7/2018: With a White Milf. What an experience this was and I hope to play with her again. Maybe I will post some pictures of her but she was very resistant so I didn't bring a camera or use my phone during this meet.How we met We met on an interracial dating site a few months ago showing a mutual interest but at first I was a bit skeptical because she is 20 years older than me. The photos she had up were obviously PC so but I thought she looked good and seemed cool. She was obviously looking for play but wasn't sure if I wanted to be with an older women yet(biggest age gap for me h read Sex Story
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    10/2/2018: Ode to men like Buttlover (his xhamster video links are below) As a bottom, I don't think there is a man on the planet, black, white, brown or yellow, I'd rather hookup with than Buttlover. Or a man like him. He truly lives up to his name -- he REALLY loves butt! Which is a perfect fit for me since I REALLY love cock! And he knows how to make his bottom know he loves their butts. He utilizes his masculine powers of seduction to somehow make his bottom boy want, need, crave and beg for his big black cock. And I would be willing to bet, he has NEVER hurt a single one of his bottom w read Sex Story
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  10. 52 black fridays

    10/2/2018: Convincing my wife at try another cock was the hardest part. It took over a year of careful suggestions always being sure to not over play my hand. Then that one night the stars were aligned just right. We had a friend of mine staying the night due to being what I thought was over served. As my wife and I were picking up around the pool after everyone had left I made yet another suggestion that she go inside and give my buddy a blow job. She was just buzzed enough to listen to what I was saying I convinced her that he was so d***k that she could suck his cock without him ever knowing. Sh read Sex Story
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  11. His Personal Secretary

    10/1/2018: When I answered the add for a personal secretary I was a little leery the man worked out of his home but guys do that and all so I took a shot what the heck you know I know it sounds funny a guy being a secretary but I needed the money so when he answered the phone and I told him about myself he seemed interested so I went for the interview... He lived in not too nice a part of town and I was kind of worried about my car being stolen but I put extra locks on it and set the alarm I found his house easily and rang the bell he answered the door in his underwear which I thought was funny read Sex Story
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  12. 1st time-GAY BATH TS's and Black men

    9/30/2018: I was in Columbus on business a few years ago and happened to see an ad for a place called CLUB BATHE at a gay bar I was in. It was near closing time at the bar which was loaded with Transsexuals (mostly black) due to a drag show they were having. By the end of the night I was so horny I was dying to suck some black cock as I am hopelessly addicted to the wonderful taste of them that I decided to go to the bathhouse on the ad. I drove the few blocks to the bath and went in. The guy at the front desk told me how much for a "membership" which gave me access for as long as I wanted to stay as read Sex Story
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