1. Mom’s Used Cunt. part 2

    10/19/2016: Here I am lying in my bed staring up at the ceiling thinking back to last night when I fucked my mom, when who should walk in to my bedroom but her. She had on her tee shirt, cum nightie and straight away, I noticed her braless tits pressed up against the thin material. Mom sat down on the bed “I know what you did last night” she said then crossed her legs slowly making sure I saw her do it. I started to turn red and I was getting prepared for a right good rollicking when I released she was wearing nylons, how strange I thought with her nightie. Mom crossed her hands and placed them on read Sex Story
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  2. Craigslist

    10/19/2016: It's been a horny week. Loads of cock sucking sluts wanting to friend me on my sight. Yet I was only interested in meeting a slut craving a cock down there throat. So I posted this interest on craigslist and got 2 reply. Followed both up and over loads of e mail back and forth, finally got to exchange mobile numbers and the hunt was on.1st up was a bristol woman. Who's interest was anal but said she knew how to suck cock, as she had been doing it since the age of 14. Now in her forty she recond she could take most cocks. I found out later she e****ted on the side also. The second was a ho read Sex Story
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  3. Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam

    10/18/2016: Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam When living in L.A., just months after been married, I started suspecting that my sweet Anita was cheating on me. I had to fly weekly due to my business and I finally was sure she brought her lover to our own home. I bought a small camera and installed the device in our bedroom ceiling. I was almost sure that Ana was not going anywhere, but fucking her lover right there, in our bed… On Friday afternoon I confirmed her I was to fly late night and then I dragged her to the kitchen, made her bend over the counter and fucked her pussy in a wild way. I read Sex Story
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  4. Baseball Cuckold Ch. 02

    10/15/2016: Timmy's girlfriend submits to his mother's masters! Timmy did not know why the coach or Mr. Smith had it in for him so bad. He knew earlier in the season there was some problems and he had almost been taken off the team; until his parents had a talk with them. Timmy did not realize his mother had had to fuck both men while his humiliated father was f***ed to watch. He did not realize his mother was now their sex slave and had a ring through her left nipple to remind her and her husband of it, or that the two men had plans for his girlfriend, Cindy. The coach knew Timmy h read Sex Story
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  5. "The Center"

    10/15/2016: "The Center for Interracial Relations" could have been more fully known as "The Center for Interracial Relations AND CUCKOLD TRAINING", because cuckoldry was at the very heart of it's existence! Since The Center's inception, in the summer of 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, had grown almost exponentially! It's founder, and CEO, Demetrius Williams, a lifetime citizen of that same sprawling Southern city, had begun the business after he had become involved (sexually) with an older white married Southern couple; and this single encounter (the husband of the wife had implored Demetrius to "PLEASE sat read Sex Story
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  6. My First White Cock

    10/13/2016: By Pakistani Shy Housewife [user]www.xhamster.com/user/getbhabhi[/user] Bablee was standing below shower as water poured over her naked body. She made sure that all her body was wet with water before turning off the water tap. Her hair was completely soaked and was spread across her back. She picked up the soap and started soaping her body. As she touched her breasts while soaping them, suddenly a strange feeling passed through her body. She opened her eyes and looked in the full length mirror in front of her. All her breasts were covered with soap bubbles and soap. She slowly took b read Sex Story
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  7. First time back with the BBC that owns me

    10/13/2016: I just got back out from R&R and though I was still sore from my stop over in Philadelphia I was ready to hook back up with the BBC that owns my slut ass out here. I sent Sir a text to let him know I was back on the base and waited like a schoolgirl for him to reply. It felt like forever but was really about 20min. He said he’d been waiting for me and to have myself at his room that night. I made the usual preparation, cleaning out my cunt and shaving everything nice and smooth for him then rubbing some cherry flavored lip-gloss on my hole just in case he wanted to eat my pussy before he f read Sex Story
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  8. All he could do was listen and imagine...

    10/12/2016: It was New Years Eve and we were at one of the best hotels in downtown Chicago for a NYE event... I was dressed to the nines- a sexy, mid thigh length dress- tight in all the right places. My long hair curled down to the middle of my back, and gold heels to show off the shape and tone in my long legs. We had dinner, a few cocktails, and we ready to dance and party. The news station was there live. We even made it on tv. We dance and drank and mingled all night. Now, the both of us, especially him, have some wild sexual fantasies. You know, ones you talk about while in bed to spice read Sex Story
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  9. The BNB Cuckold: Episode 2

    10/11/2016: A few months had gone by since the encounter with the lawyer. His second stay which he had scheduled when he visited before was tonight. He emailed stating that he would be arriving around 2. When he came in he set his bags on the floor. "I will have the same room as last time, right?" he asked. "Yes. At the end of the hall", I replied. "Good. How is Kelly? Will she be around this evening?" he inquired. "Yes. She is out at the moment" I told him. "Wonderful. I expect when I return this evening she will be able to assist me with anything I need" he said as he walked down read Sex Story
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  10. I'll send You a Postcard from Africa.

    10/10/2016: "Honey, we should go out tonight! We never do anything," my beautiful wife Gina said to me. We never go out, and always stay home. She is finally able to convince me to step out to a club on this Saturday night. A few things about my loviely wife. Her name is Gina; She is a beautiful tall Bolivian blonde; she has the prettiest face you will ever see, and has a body that would make any man want to bow down to her. She keeps in shape all the time, and even though she is not old (early 30's), she looks a lot younger because of how active she stays. To say that I love her would be an under read Sex Story
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  11. first glory hole

    10/10/2016: i am a white chubby guy who likes to wear panties and tight pants mostly to show off my butt. i was feeling horny one evening and thought i try a new place. i got my blue bikini panties and a pair of tight blue jeans and a black shirt. i got to the place witch was a little far. it was dark and the place had a sigh light in neon with black out windows. i walked in and there was a front room full of toys and videos and a back area witch was filled with booths. i walked around the toy area for a bit looking around then walked into the back area witch was filled with guys. most of them were olde read Sex Story
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  12. He Gave Me One Chance

    10/9/2016: I went to a local adult theatre last week. It was a cruising spot for men - gay men and also men who don't call themselves gay but just like to suck cock every now and then. I'm in my mid fifties now, but I still have my boyish face that makes me look only about 40. I'm also very cute - and I have a big thick 8 inch dick. I'm a hottie to most others, and in this place any true hottie like me gets lots of attention. Even from much younger men. When I visit this place I don't want to get my big dick sucked. I go there to suck dick, and I only suck dicks that are black and bigger than my own read Sex Story
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