1. Chubby Freshman Chapter 10

    8/8/2016: Chapter 10 Terry walked behind Jerome in the bedroom and further looked at the man from behind admiring the broad shoulders and the thick neck and powerful arms. The chubby boy looked lower taking in the wide back and then the large round ass cheeks which in the tight silk trousers. Jerome said waving to the chubby boy as he looked out the large bedroom window "Come here and look at the party below. Would you like a glass of champagne?" Terry let his eyes leave the rounded ass cheeks and walked over to view the party below. He then heard a cork from a champagne bottle pop open and a fe read Sex Story
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  2. Happy Ending ! Part 3 !

    8/8/2016: Happy End – Part 3 The alarm went off . I was still tired . After several rings , I expressed the alarm clock , and realized that my husband was already up and stood under the shower . I pushed the curtains aside . It rained what a horrible day in autumn . I liked this time of year not too , it rained a lot and it was much too dark . I also felt somehow limp and listless , so I decided to stay home today. When my husband was out of the shower into the bedroom , I asked him to apologize in the company for me today . We usually eat breakfast together , but today he went without leaving our read Sex Story
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  3. White Wife - Black Baby

    8/7/2016: I have something to tell you that will make you proud of me. My wife is a very fertile young lady, she has 1 k** from her last marriage and still has a hot body to die for. She has really light almost perfectly white skin. With bright lights on, you almost need dark glasses to look at her, her skin is that light. Both me and her ex are white also. Our story: We told my wife's doctor we are trying to have a baby together but she hasn't been able to get pregnant. He ran all the tests and both of us came back extremely fertile. The doctor told us he is unsure why she hasn't been able to get p read Sex Story
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  4. Spring break fun with strangers

    8/7/2016: I was on spring break in clearwater beach Florida with my f****y and after a few days of relaxing I was feeling really horny. I talked to my husband about getting some local cock so we made up a story about how I had to go see a friend so the husband and k**s would go to the beach all day without me. I got onto the florida craigslist and posted an add. It said early 40's white married woman looking for local bbc to come fuck me. within a hour I had over 30 replys from all types of guys wanting to fuck. The condo we were staying at had a beach level door to a spare bedroom so I thought I would read Sex Story
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  5. My first black Pussy

    8/5/2016: I was around 24 years old when i had decided I wanted to have sex with a black female. I had always had an attraction and figured it was time. I started flirting with a sexy lady named Tanisha on a dating site. She was 34 and lived alone in a neighboring town. We chatted for weeks just getting to know each other and after agreeing that it would only be for sex because neither of us wanted to deal with the racist static you get from dating another race the time had come. Tanisha sent me a message early on a friday morning that said.....Im going to some friends house tonight to drink and play ca read Sex Story
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  6. My Wife's Interview

    8/5/2016: The Interview The night had been quite a success. My wife, Wan, and I had come to a major hotel in the centre of Bangkok for a job interview. Why did my wife come when it is me when it is I who is the candidate for the job? Well the company has the policy of interviewing both the candidate and their spouse to make sure they fit the company culture. We met the HR Manager in the lobby and we went through to the bar come coffee shop. We ordered a meal and chatted as we waited for it to be delivered to us. This was to be a high profile interview and I made the decision to wear a suit, shirt and read Sex Story
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  7. Anita tries a second round after first massage

    8/4/2016: Anita tries a second round after first massage The next day after the massage and the incredible fucking session that Markus had given to me, my cunt was really sore. During the morning the pool area was deserted, so Victor and I decided to lay out in the sun for a while. When my loving husband went to the bar for some drinks, I saw Markus approaching me; he was smiling… “Babe you look hot! Let me take you into the pool to cool off". He said laughing. I accepted and we dived into the pool. As we played in the water the huge black man started touching my ass, but I grabbed his ha read Sex Story
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  8. Barb and the amateur dance contest

    8/4/2016: I was in my late 20s, had blond highlights in my hair, and weighed in about 118 pounds. When I wore a bra it was a 32-B, I have long slender legs and my areolas are quarter sized with nipples about pencil eraser size, my stomach is flat with no stretch marks and my light brown pubic hair is trimmed to a bikini triangular shape. My husband loves me to show off my body and loves it when other men admire, flirt with and talk to me. He often told me it would be just fine if I fucked other men, especially if he watched or joined. We had been married 3 or 4 years and the lust of newlyweds had not read Sex Story
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  9. Timmy's Prison Cavity Search Ch. 02

    8/1/2016: Timmy was too embarrassed to come out of his cell. He wasn't just embarrassed; he was afraid, afraid of what might become of him now. He couldn't believe what he had done. It didn't matter that he had no choice. He should have fought. Every convict in the prison had to have heard how he had given head to a big black convict by now. Shit there was an entire room full of hardcore convicts who had literally watched. Sure that female corrections officer had, had him by the balls - literally, but he should still have fought. Instead of the hardcore gangster convict he wanted to become, Timmy had be read Sex Story
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  10. A new black toy recommended by Jerome

    7/31/2016: A new black toy recommended by Jerome Thursday afternoon had been a pleasant time for me. My black lover Jerome could not come to fuck me; but he had sent one of his youngest mates, a handsome guy called Shawn. Of course no time to lose in preliminaries; just wild sex fuck. I was with this nice guy in my bedroom, when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I looked over to see my loving husband Victor watching me from the doorway. My legs were wrapped tightly around the back of the muscular body of my brand new lover Shawn. I was biting my lower lip and my fingernails were digging i read Sex Story
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  11. Trick and Treat

    7/30/2016: I usually watch scary movies on Halloween, sometimes do a marathon. Depends on what's out, I'll rent some DVD's or maybe just watch my own as I have quite a horror movie collection. I haven't been trick or treating since I was a young teen. But my friend Michelle said I should get out this Halloween, do a little "trick and treat." I said I'm not really interested in going around to houses begging for candy anymore and mocked her for the way she said trick and treat. "I'm not talking about trick or treating, I'm talking about something different. You know of my friend Josie?" I've ne read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: giggitygood69, Source: xHamster
  12. first time watching me and fucking me

    7/30/2016: I pushed the curtains of the floor to ceiling window to the side and gazed out at the busy city traffic. The sun had set and I admired the view of the bright lights and tiny cars from the 36th floor. I dimmed the lights in the room, eagerly awaiting his return. I stood wearing nothing but my black high heels, just the way he liked it. There were many apartments around and anybody could see me at any moment. The thought of being watched sent a thrill through my heart. I stood with my hip leaning against the glass window when I heard the sound of the door unlock. The sound of footsteps read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Voyeur, Author: alcapoony, Source: xHamster