1. Don't trust an online Mistress!!

    2/13/2018: Sorry for the spelling but I'm just a dumb sissy blond bimbo! Don't trust an online Mistress!! As I write this my cock is in a pink chastity cage, but Miss says I'm not to call it a cock now. I have to call my cock, my sissy clitty. I used to have a big ish cock, when hard just over 6 inches long and real thick with a huge vain. Now my clitty is locked up, with the smallest pink chastity cage imported from China. Mistress D shows it to anyone who will look! When they laugh at me I have tried to tell them that before I was caged my clitty was above average, they just laugh even read Sex Story
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  2. Hit on at the grocery store

    2/13/2018: I was in the grocery story yesterday picking up some lunch. I was looking around while I was waiting for my sandwich to be made.. Nothing special.. normal crowd. But I did notice a few people looking my way. I figured it was because I was holding my motorcycle helmet(it is bright and gets lots of looks) and some would look away as I would notice them staring. But this one guy did not look away.. he just smiled and so I smiled back. Got my sandwich and pushed my cart down the isle, got in line to pay. After I got out of line and headed towards the door I notice my friend (who got into a diffe read Sex Story
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  3. Trainee passes with flying colors.

    2/11/2018: "Thank you for all you've shown me this past few weeks. Is there anything else I need to know?" I'd been training Geraldine on the Inspection Station assignment. A system of conveyor belts would bring product to a meeting point, where an operator would check for defects, see if all paperwork was in order, label the widgets for customers, and etc. The Inspection Station required only one, responsible operator. From not-too-near Production and Finishing machines, one could see the Inspector half-hidden behind a partition (which separated that area from others, as well as protected it from read Sex Story
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  4. The New Addition

    2/10/2018: One thing I want to do is to have my own business. A few months ago I finally decided to get started. It is a small distribution business. I am mainly the middleman arranging products to be shipped all over the country. I don't have much of an overhead. So I don't need an inventory, just an office where I can conduct my business; a place to hang my hat so to speak. At first I worked everything myself spending most of my day on the phone. I needed a client base. As the amount of my customers grows, I notice I am spending more and more time in the office. Between the phone calls solic read Sex Story
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  5. ...Fat Dick Last part,,see part 3

    2/9/2018: So there we were. Mick done his cleaning job on Rasto's dick. Rasto stood there and said, 'Hey b*o bring us a beer,' Mick wandered off to the Kitchen and Rasto sat next to me. He grabbed me and kissed me, saying how amazing I was and how he liked a nice slutty white wife to entertain him.'Mmm,'he said,'love the taste of my f****y on your lips Doll!' Mick arrived back with the beers. He walked over and handed one to Rasto. Rasto took it but still wanted to kiss. Then with one movement he swigged down the whole bottle. He stood me up and turned me to him.Hands on my ass still sore from his v*** read Sex Story
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  6. Used!

    2/9/2018: Linda picked up Serena at school and the mother was looking forward to a get away with her daughter. The two would spend the long weekend shopping in the big city. Linda looked at her pretty daughter as they set out on the road. She could not help but think of herself at that same age. She remember moving into the years were her body transformed into a woman. She wondered if Serena had already given her virginity to some clumsy boy. Linda remembered how her early sexual experiences were so disappointing to her. Her mind flashed on her first few boyfriends who would beg, plead and try eve read Sex Story
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  7. Question Do I Suck Cock! Turned GAY

    2/9/2018: I was brought in and told that I was arrested for stealing over $10,000 from clients, the five clients that I had done the reconciliations for. The interrogating officer said that they had me on video stealing from Bill's desk and my fingerprints were all over the files of the clients swindled. They put me in a holding cell and told me I would see the judge in the morning. They also told me I would not get a phone call until the morning and all I could think was I could never let my parents know about this. I was put in a holding cell that was dimly lite, smelled bad and was isolated down a lo read Sex Story
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  8. The Taking of Darlene, Part 3

    2/7/2018: Frank sat stunned in front of his computer, his head spinning, his face flushed, chills running down his spine. He was not sure what to do but he felt like throwing up... Slowly the call sunk in, Darlene was in trouble, he had no idea what to do and the only help he had was some guy telling him to lock his cock in a chastity device. Hell, he did not have one and had never even seen one except in pictures. Where would he get one and why the hell should he do it anyway...who was fucking with him anyway? While Frank let his mind run in little circles, Darlene had challenges of her own. Maste read Sex Story
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  9. Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 4 )

    2/7/2018: Woke up my last day of holidays in Jamaica. Things had been getting out of hand and I didn't realize that I would be going out with a BANG! I got up the weather was again beautiful hot & sunny, I had a shower put on another very small Yellow Bikini everything hanging again! I made my way down to breakfast then over to the pool to enjoy my last day. I was back at the pool over by the beach there was a gang of young guys there playing volley ball there, I found a lounge chair then lay down to enjoy the sun. I was well tanned after a week of being there my yellow bikini not hiding much of me as I read Sex Story
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  10. the subway

    2/7/2018: years ago, when chat rooms were big i used to frequent chat rooms that had black men.... i was BBC starved... i wasn't having much success.... i kept writing out there that i was a whit male from NY and i was looking for a BBC to suck in public.. i was being cursed at and called all kind of names, but it didn't stop me....i would even send private messages to guys, and sometimes i didn't get any response, or a fuck off fag, and every once in a while i'd get a response from someone who actually chatted with me, who would be willing to get of sexting..... seemed most guy were either not from NY read Sex Story
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  11. Consent 2

    2/7/2018: This story picks up where Consent ends so you might enjoy this more is you read it first. "I will leave you two for now. I am sure you and Celeste have much to talk about. Celeste stay here and take good care of him." "Yes Mistress Karen I will. I have never met a man quite like him before." The front door shuts and Celeste pulls the sheet from me. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply. She sighs and lays on my chest. "God did this all really happen? I have never been fucked like that before and now Mistress wants a threesome." "Is that OK? Tell me about your Mistress, Karen." "Share yo read Sex Story
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  12. Bound 4 trouble

    2/7/2018: Glad everyone liked my previous encounter. I have had a few since. One happened recently that I thought I would write about. About a month ago, the guy I see now and then said he had a friend that would like to meet me and possibly "get to know better". I have never been with more than one guy at a time so I was hesitant, but after a little consideration, I thought it might be something to try. The next weekend I went over to his apartment on Saturday, his friend was there and we had some drinks. His friend was pretty cute, tall and athletic. We started playing a card game and drinking and read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Author: Jll178, Source: xHamster