1. Nice Indian Girl

    4/13/2018: Being a semi-pro photographer I often get asked to photography parties. On this occasion it was a 40th party in a large detached house in its own grounds. I arrived early so I could get a good look at the rooms, the place was palatial !. The guests stared to arrive so started to click away as is my norm, believe you me there were some stunning women of all nationalities. As the evening progressed I was mingling quite happily when I caught sight of a rather delicious looking Indian lady wearing a rather short red dress with pl read Sex Story
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  2. My black wife wants more than my little white peni

    4/11/2018: My wife and I have been married for two years now, she is an African American woman with a med Brown complection, smooth skin with nice long shoulder length auburn hair, always keeps herself looking very nice with the softest most refreshing scent. I often take long wiffs of her hair and body because she always smells so good. I really like how nice she keeps her nails, always a fresh manicure and pedicure with her hair always fixed to perfection. She stands 5'3, a nice 120, very curvy in all the right places, nice plump breast with nice size nipples that perk up and poke through her shirt if read Sex Story
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  3. Blindsided

    4/10/2018: We had just moved into this fancy-ass neighborhood about a month and half ago – my mother and I. It was just the two of us by ourselves. My dad had abandon us when I was 7. Unfortunately, my mother was torn up about him running out on us. She was upset for years after that, mild depression, she developed a bad drinking habit, and she tried dating different men, but they were usually no good read Sex Story
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  4. A Thanks Giving Pie

    4/10/2018: "Fuck me harder" she said as she grabbed my balls and pulled me in deeper inside her creamy pussy... It all started in school… There I was, sitting in class, by the door, when I saw her passed by in the hallway; 5'8", tanned, beautiful oval face, long fake blonde hair, slim figure, with a fitted pair of white pants squeezing her beautiful set of tight ass cheeks. As she walked by, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in them jeans! The swing of her hips only put me into a trance deeper and deeper. All I could hear was a distant "yo LP...LP!" as my friend tapped my shoulder - "sorry man read Sex Story
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  5. Adventures of the Dark Side: Highschool Heatwave

    4/10/2018: Ever since I was a young Man in High school I had a constant and very pressing problem. It was made especially worse in the hot summer months, when all the slutty girls (most of the girls at migh High School were total Sluts!) would walk around wearing next to nothing or in the tighest cropped outfits. The Teachers were powerless to stop it and some of them seemed to get in on it too. Only the Principle and the Geography and sports teacher were Males, there was the one gay music teacher, but almost the entire staff were females, most of them older Women in thier late 30s and 40s. Howeve read Sex Story
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  6. How My Wife Became A BBC Slut

    4/9/2018: Barb and I have been married for over 25 years. My wife is 45 y/o, 5’6" tall, 180 pounds, 38D breasts, very curvy, a big round ass to die for, a shaved tight pussy, perfect legs, long blond hair and a beautiful face. I am older, 57 years old, 6’2”, 220 lbs. dark hair, mustache, average size cock and shaved smooth. Barb is everything a husband or any man could ask for. The first 20 years of our marriage our sex life was very good and we were both sexually satisfied. We had sex almost every day and she loved to suck my cock and when she drank too much she would beg me to fuck her up the ass read Sex Story
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  7. Ripe For Picking - Part 4

    4/8/2018: Ripe For Picking - Part 4 By Kevin Moore Bryan tied me to the bed in double quick time, and then retrieved a Pentax Spotmatic camera from the wardrobe - I later discovered that the man was a professional photographer, and that bum-boys and pornography were his two main passions in life. As he fiddled with the camera, a naked black man entered the room. 'Nice of you to finally turn up, Lloyd,' said read Sex Story
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  8. Everything depends on the lubricant gel

    4/8/2018: Everything depends on the lubricant gel My loving wife Ana was very horny that Saturday afternoon and she asked me to go downtown to an adult book store, to purchase “something new” for our sex foreplay games… I went directly to see new movies and Ana stayed watching magazines. Suddenly I saw my wife was behind the counter, kissing a black guy and rubbing her hand all over the bulge in his pants. I could see everything as well as several other people that happened to be in the store. This black guy had his hand on my wife’s ass while he kept kissing her… She was telling the blac read Sex Story
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  9. Impregnated by BBC

    4/7/2018: I am a normal, everyday housewife, with a husband who loves me and a beautiful daughter. My name is Megan, and I still look very good at 32 years old, being 5'5" tall and weighing 125 pounds, with shoulder-length, natural blond hair and sparkling green eyes. My husband Ed is 35 years old and works as an editor for a book publishing house in New York City, and he always tells me how pretty and sexy I am. I am trim and fit from frequent workouts at the gym, and I have full and firm DD-cup breasts that look big for my small frame. But Ed says that my best features are my firm, heart-shaped ass an read Sex Story
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  10. I hosted a gang bang party for my wife.

    4/7/2018: The life of a cuckold husband isn't that difficult. Two to three times a week my wife either goes out for the evening or entertains one of her friends while I'm at work. That's normal around here, but a week ago I was told that she was in the mood for a gang fucking. We where setting on the deck one evening after dinner enjoying a mixed drink and the subject of a gang bang came up. Out of the blue my wife said my pussy wants to be fucked raw. I know better than to try and talk her out of anything she wants to do. So I just asked what that ment? She said I want to be fucked by several guys read Sex Story
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  11. 1st time in Germany (True Story)

    4/7/2018: I posted an earlier story about losing my virginity. Xhamster seems to be cutting off parts of titles and I meant to say only names have been changed and the story is true. This follow on story is also the same. Names have been changed but the events are true. As mentioned in my 1st story, I graduated from Basic Training and was assigned to Fort Stewart Georgia for my 1st assignment. I lost my virginity there to a Monica a white BBW that was 19 years older than me. Once I went over to white, I have never looked black, I mean back. I dated only white BBWs and SSBBWs. I never found th read Sex Story
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  12. A Girl alone in Rome, with 4 large cocks.

    4/6/2018: A little message to you the readers. I am a girl, a female, I have tits and a pussy, and I love porn. OK we have that tiny piece of gender out of the way. I like to try to please, and to those men I shall never meet, I want to seduce you with my words and dirty thoughts, just to show you we girls like a bit of fun too. Admittedly we are the receivers, we let you put your cocks inside us and thrill to feel your seed try to impregnate us, it's a big gamble but it's a big part of the dominance theme, to allow a man to 'Bareback' you, and walk home feeling his semen run out of read Sex Story
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