1. Wife filled my fantasy as a birthday gift (found i

    1/28/2018: Richa is in her 28th year. She is fair and tall. She had one of the best boobies you will ever see and the roundest of ass you will every lay your eyes on. She is a teacher in a School and teaches Math’s in a Middle school class. She has long silky hairs that she usually keeps open. Her lips are juicy and red. They taste like strawberries. Her Neck is the most sensual part of her body. If you want to get her in the mood for fucking and she does not, all you need to do is plant a kiss on her neck. He immediately gets horny. She is My wife for last 3 years. Among other things that Richa likes read Sex Story
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  2. Twin Peaks

    1/28/2018: You love them or hate them, office parties; I could not stand them, particularly this one given by my ex, and it was one of those awkward ones. It was my ex-girlfriends fortieth birthday party, and because she was the boss of the department, she had invited people from other departments as well. Some of whom I didn’t know, one of them was her new flame. We, that is my ex and I, had read Sex Story
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  3. The Sexy Latina Milf.

    1/28/2018: James could say sincerely that he often wondered why he remained friends With Terrence. James was 20, Terrence 35. While James was more of a quiet individual, Terrence made sure he was seen plus heard, Very loudly. Where James was….regrettably single, Terrence was sending out child support cheques…to women he had knocked up and hadn't slept with in along time so he was technically in the same read Sex Story
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  4. When Fantasy Becomes Reality

    1/23/2018: This is a true story, with our names left out, his name changed, and it goes long with the pics we shared.... We are finally on the extended part of my business trip when it's our own personal vacation time, and we decide that the first day we'll spend sightseeing in the city. So to get there, we use Uber for the first time. The Uber driver available to us is named Tre and he looks like a young black man on the Uber app. When he arrives at our hotel, he's indeed that, and he seems to be a nice guy. We chat with him on the drive into the city and he gives us some local flavor. I know it read Sex Story
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  5. Sex in a Porsche

    1/23/2018: "This seems to be where I seemed to keep my car keys." I said, spying three keys. "We should go for a drive!" exclaimed Maria excitedly, "After all you've told me about cars." "The car is the defining machine of the twentieth century, its still important in the twenty first." I responding, not questioning Maria's excitement. "Which car, I seem to have three, a MINI like I used to own, a Scion and read Sex Story
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    1/21/2018: To start of with I'm a 19 years bi white male from london I'm a crossdresser t,girl fem boy what ever you want to call it and i love to dress as a sexy girl/women wear womens sexy clothes skirts stockings panties thongs heels wigs makeup purfume the hole lot. anyway i have had a black cock fetish for a few years now i have never been with a black man and have only ever watched video's and looked at pictures on porn sites i love the look of a black cock hot big and fat they are and how they so sexy being brown so and vainy, but the bell end is just like the iceing on the cake for me, like a read Sex Story
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  7. A Very Good Morning

    1/21/2018: "Madison." I groan and push my face deeper into the warmth of the pillow. Hands run up and down my arms slowly bringing me out of my dreamy trance. "Maddie." Kayla says in a sing song voice. I sigh and finally roll over and see my beautiful black goddess with her head propped up on her elbow and smiling at me. Her curly black hair was cascading around her shoulders and her brown eyes looking at me read Sex Story
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  8. Finding out my wife went Black

    1/20/2018: Over the past six months or so things got stranger and stranger around the house. But, before we go there here is a little about us. My wife Jennifer and I have been married for 15 years. We are both in our early 40s but wear our age well. She is a stunning brunette, 5’7” with a great body and long sexy legs. She has been working real estate out of home for the past 5 years. I’m a broker with a read Sex Story
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  9. My Pakistani wife fucks a German Turk continued

    1/19/2018: You may remember couple of months ago I started to write about my wife Suki's encounter with a German Turk Bruno. Well sorry for the delay in completing the story. My wife started to flirt with Bruno almost from time we met him at our niece s restaurant in Belgium. Once we had established Bruno's ethnicity, this six footer hunk was in Sukinas mind all the time. Every time we were alone she would comment about his size. Height, size of his hands and even said " I bet his dunda is big and thick" dunda means stick in Punjabi but it's double meaning dick, penis or lunn. I won't beat about the read Sex Story
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  10. The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 12: Cats & Dogs

    1/19/2018: Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect. I am only human after all. Author’s Note 2: Although read Sex Story
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  11. Missing Coed - 2 A walk in the Woods

    1/18/2018: Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Coed (Hannah hooked up with Jesse, black ex-football player. They went to the forest preserve washroom where things took a bad turn.) Jesse let go of one thigh and slapped her breasts back and forth. “Nice hangers bitch.” He laughed as he watched them jiggle. “Tell me you want it harder.” “Oh no Please.” “Smaaack.” “Wrong fucking answer.” “Jesse held his hand read Sex Story
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  12. What Would You Have Said If You Were Me?

    1/18/2018: First night at a swingers club leads to a surprise meeting This is the completely true story of our first ever visit to a swingers club and how it led to my wife’s first interracial experience. I’ve stayed true to the events and emotions, so that the reader can immerse themselves and feel what it REALLY feels like to experience the wild world of swinging. All the characters are real, so join me into the dark erotic world of swinging. Let me introduce myself, my name’s Rick. It was a whirlwind courtship. I was chatting her mate up in the bar, she stood there looking quite plain, not sa read Sex Story
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