1. A Vacation

    3/26/2018: This all happened a few years ago while on a long weekend get away to Ft Lauderdale. We booked a beautiful ocean view room on the beach for a weekend of sun and fun. After checking in late that afternoon, I put on my swim trunks and told my wife I was heading to the pool. She said she wanted to freshen up and would meet me at the tiki bar. After a quick dip in the pool I went to the bar and read Sex Story
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  2. Meeting Sam

    3/25/2018: I had been married for 5 years, but something just wast right with our union. Sure, the sex was amazing, but there was just something missing. I started watching other women whenever i went out, and even started following the ones I really found attractive. I would never approach them, just follow them from afar. So, after an evening of grocery shopping for the wife, I had been following a young read Sex Story
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  3. I thought I was straight?

    3/24/2018: For as long as I can remember I loved women. Ever since I was young I always loved being around them being with them and yes ever doing stuff with them. With everything that has happened lately I never thought in my wildest dreams about the way I’d feel about men, but maybe it’s just sexual? 6 months ago “Man this shits getting old” Jeremy said to me throwing more logs into the back of my pick-up read Sex Story
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  4. ....Part 2-When Dick is FAT

    3/23/2018: ...so there we were in our hallway. Rasto was stood towering above us Mick and me and Rasto had told Mick where his place was, or should I say at this moment where it was not!!! Mick had told Rasto to cool it and said that he was going too far with me as he had got my tits in his hands as he shoved down the catsuit tome ankles. I was not wearing a bra or pants under it as it spoiled the look with the nylon being so sheer! Mick was too timid to complain further as he had many times been on the receiving end of a horny Bull and he knew he was no challenge, even if the Bull was stood with his d read Sex Story
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  5. The Librarian: Part 1

    3/23/2018: 7:45 a.m. I started rubbing my clit faster; I could feel my orgasm nearing. This was the first time I'd touched myself in days. I'd woken earlier than needed simply because I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until after work to masturbate. Also, today was my birthday and I felt I deserved to treat myself a little. "Almost there Sloane, almost there!" As the orgasm flushed over me and read Sex Story
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  6. Pt 2 of First time having a black guy at my house

    3/22/2018: After Mike came he just fell on top of me keeping his cock buried in me. Steve was at the foot of the bed just looking and jacking off as fast as he could and within a couple minutes he was shooting cum all over himself. We all laid there a few minutes catching our breath and not saying anything. Steve finally broke the silence by telling me to take Mike downstairs to the guest bathroom to get cleaned up while he went to the man cave to fix a few things up for later. As I stood I had cum running down both thighs and my legs were a little wobbly but I could manage to take Mike down two flight read Sex Story
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  7. An interview with 'Ruth Jameson' 1-3

    3/21/2018: Interview with "Ruth Jameson" part 1 Interviewer:- so Ruth! Your well known throughout the worldwide web on various adult site as a 'premier fuck-slut' who's always looking to get fucked as much as possible by men and women alike perhaps you could tell us what keeps you motivated? Ruth:- well being nothing but a complete and utter nasty old fuck-whore does have its advantages! I just can never get read Sex Story
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    3/20/2018: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 51 THE TURNING POINT I felt relieved on informing my husband about my lesbian relationship with our neighboring teen aged girl Melina. I also informed my husband about my sexual session with Melina's 15 year old boyfriend Christopher. As expected by me, my husband's reaction was very normal. I am proud to have such a loving and understanding husband with an open read Sex Story
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  9. Self Fulfilling Fantasy

    3/19/2018: Self Fulfilling Fantasy Michelle’s husband, Bill, moaned, as he flipped through various pages of a scrapbook that lay resting on their bed. The 48 year old, balding, overweight man was on his knees, naked, stroking his erect six inch cock to the images in the scrap book. His eyes trailed the woman in the photographs legs, butt, and back. She was wearing spandex shorts and a sports bra in one read Sex Story
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  10. The Club Slut Wife

    3/19/2018: The Club Slut Wife by RLM NOT MINE! The club was extremely nice. There was a large lounge area with couches, love seats, recliners, easy chairs, a spacious bar with intimate tables off to the side, and a very large dance floor. It also featured two game rooms with pool tables and video games. In the back there were a number of private rooms. The cover charge was nominal; I paid it and Gail and moved into the lounge area. I was still amazed to be here. We were on vacation in Dallas. After three days, we were looking for something new to do in the evening. Nothing I suggested read Sex Story
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  11. Marlee: Chapter 03

    3/18/2018: When it comes to trading whores, I am master. I like to be a black master to white women, too. Right now, I have two white whores. Their names are Marlee and her daughter, Sindi. I started with the worthless -- That's Marlee. She took a lot of special handling. Then I traded up to Sindi. She's priceless. Along the way, Marlee's husband, Fred, came into my possession. I sold him. He was read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial, Author: MrDeep, Source: LushStories
  12. Hot time with young black guy from Ghana at bus st

    3/17/2018: I was about 80 miles from home on business and forgot some crucial material for a meeting. I had a package sent via a busline as it was the only way to receive it on time. I got to the station and found out the bus was running 90 minutes late. I was rather perturbed and went to sit in the near empty waiting area which had about 5 people sitting in an area that could hold several hundred people. I spotted a thin, cute, very dark-skinned black guy sitting by himself near the entryway. He was SOOOO pretty and had a very smooth, hairless body. He had shorts on and his shapely legs were beauti read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Gay, Interracial Sex, Author: reesielover, Source: xHamster