1. Near Miss (Part Two)

    7/15/2018: This is the second part of the “Near Miss” story and the third instalment in the series that started with “Please Miss!” and follows a young man’s lustful adventures with his English teacher.Near Miss (Part Two) I gulped, suddenly realising just how vulnerable I was. Miss Smales knelt between my legs, her hand cupping my balls, gently massaging my swollen, tender nuts as Miss Markham absent-mindedly stroked my cock with a faint smile on her face. “You didn’t answer my question, Richard.” she said “Did you enjoy the show? Did it turn you on, watching me get dressed? I s read Sex Story
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  2. Werewolf women of the SS part 1

    7/14/2018: 1940 As you were told Upon arriving here you are the best of the best the perfect Aryan women but this unit is much more than you think we will make you into Über women. As Diana heard the Fürher speech she renewed her resolve on this program standing in line with hundreds of other girls all of them around 20 to their mid 20's all over 6'0 and were quite beautiful all dressed in their black SS uniforms it was quite a sight for anyone especially this girl from a small village in northern Germany. Diana was a sexy 6'2 black haired grey eyed beauty she had a toned and sexy body with lus read Sex Story
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  3. Today On Ellen: Miley Cyrus!

    7/12/2018: It was ratings week and all the talk shows were fighting to sign up the best and most in the news stars. Ellen DeGeneres seemed to have a jump on the competition with such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey, Adele, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton headlining each day on her popular daytime show. Signing Mrs.Clinton at the last minute was a major coup, but it meant having to bump Miley Cyrus to the role of playing second fiddle. The sassy singer was surprisingly gracious allowing Hillary to take the first shift, but was the talk of the show when she c read Sex Story
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  4. Hotter BY July

    7/7/2018: She stood about 5'7" and had long sexy legs. Her feet were wrapped in the most beautiful leather stilettos and all I wanted to do was to suck her toes, tits and cunt. She approached me while I was pruning the bush just outside my bedroom window. She had asked me if a Mr Walsh lived nearby. I was not sure, as I had just moved in the area a few weeks ago. I did not have any real time to meet my new neighbors. So, I replied, " I'm not sure I just moved here from L.A." She stayed a few seconds and began to look into my eyes and the glare of the sun behind her, made her red locks of hair g read Sex Story
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  5. visit to mexico

    7/6/2018: Terry Nichols stepped out of the airplane, onto the uncovered tarmac and into the hot air of small Mexican airport. Terry is 34-year old teacher from a small mid-western town in the United States traveling to Mexico to perform some research for her doctorate in Aztec culture. She was taking a year long sabbatical from her junior professor position at a university so she could visit the ancient city and study the culture first hand. Terry had never been out of the country before now, in fact, she had never been out of her home state. She was a single c***d raised on a farm by he read Sex Story
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  6. Portia, Dawn & Sandy Blacked

    7/6/2018: Devlin is 25 years old, single, 6ft 2inches tall, black and well-built with a strong muscular physique. His parents came to Britain from Mali some 30 years ago but brought Devlin up as British. Most importantly for his job as an adult entertainment stripper, he’s very well endowed with a nine-inch-long fat penis when erect which makes him very popular with the ladies especially when doing his male stripper act at a local night club. The club like their strippers, both men and women, to have no body hair and have their own salon where the staff can be waxed. The club obviously allows the audie read Sex Story
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  7. The Bazaar

    6/26/2018: It was always difficult being one of the few high figure salary females in the consulting firm. Making a 6 figure income and traveling all around the country helping other companies out of whatever crisis they were undergoing. Being just into her 40’s and being single also made things more than simple. Let’s face it, having a body to die for and working hard to keep it that way always brought the attention of the men in the room, and some women, which made her corporate position that much more enviable. She had her choice of cocks and pussy at any of the companies she consulted f read Sex Story
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  8. A new relationship

    6/24/2018: My name is Polly, I'm 23. This story is based on my diaries and memories from when I was 16. My father died when I was 7 and Mum remarried when I was 12. I got on very well with Mum's new husband and his daughter Sarah, who was three years older than me. Neither of us had any other siblings. When I was a little over 16 my Mum got a part time job and one Thursday, as was usual, the house was empty when I got home from school. I got myself a drink and took it to my bedroom. I had my own TV and started to watch a quiz program. It wasn't long though before my hand wandered up my skirt read Sex Story
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  9. hanna becomes a slave for life 2

    6/22/2018: my breath comes in short harsh gasps as the needle touches my nipple, pricking the sensitive flesh. "Stay still cunt, or this isreally going to hurt you. Not that I really give a fuck as to how you feel" "Nonono please" i moan The doorbell sounds loudly and i twitch on the end of my restraints. The needle rakes across the meat of my breast, drawing a thin line of bl**d which begins dripping slowly towards my belly. "You stupid fuck. I warned you. Now I'm definitely NOT going to make this easy. What the fuck now?" Moving swiftly you open and pass through the doorway, slamming it he read Sex Story
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  10. Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 1)

    6/19/2018: "Did you want to grab something to eat this afternoon? My treat?" I said, eagerly awaiting Sar's response. "Sure thing, Bianca! I have a lunch break at one. Wanna meet up?" "There's a great Italian place not far from your office. Paradise Restaurant I think it's called. I've been thinking of trying it for a while." I lied. I had been there before, but I wanted her to feel like we were experiencing something new together. "I think I know the place. I'll see you there soon." "Sounds good!" I hung up the phone and let out a deep breath. Sara was gorgeous, with long read Sex Story
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  11. Addicted to My Ex-Wife Ch. 02

    6/18/2018: Ex-wife, her divorce lawyer and a promise. "You remember Francine?" my ex-wife Denise asked as she ushered her divorce lawyer past me and into my house. What an unpleasant surprise! "How could I forget?" I asked in reply. Francine smirked and I grit my teeth. She was a tall thin brunette that might have been pretty if everything about her didn't scream 'uptight bitch'. She had her hair in a bun of all things and always wore conservative suits. He glasses weren't overly attractive, but added to her businesslike persona. "We finally settled my divorce from Bob an hour ago," my read Sex Story
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  12. Melissa

    6/14/2018: I have written this quickly because I just have to get it out and I am horny and find it difficult to type while masturbating. One hand typing is not easy! I took a trip to a small town called Lillooet. There is a gorgeous lake called Seton where I spent all day Saturday of my visit soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. One view that I really enjoyed was a young First Nation girl who was beating the heat while swimming in the cool water. I watched her for a while, she appeared around 18 to 19, slim build, long black hair and a pretty face. Her body was beautiful by my standards an read Sex Story
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