1. Summer's Fantasies

    1/31/2017: My name is Summer. I am in my early 30's, single with brown curly hair and curves in all the right places. I am not a rail thin model type, but I blessed as I am with an ample chest and I still turn heads whenever I show off some cleavage or wear a bathing suit. I guess I would say I've got a girl next door look. I'm not glamorous, but I'm still easy on the eyes. Publicly if you were one of my friends or worked with me you would think I'm pretty conservative. I drink occasionally, but at work outings I never get d***k and out of control. I date occasionally and sometimes stay with a gu read Sex Story
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  2. My First Time... With A Girl

    1/25/2017: My First Time... With A Girl Sat at the bar, waiting for my date. It was 10.34pm, he was meant to turn up at 10. ''Bartender give me a large vodka.'' ''Date hasn't turned up?'' asked the red haired bartender with the handful of breasts she was stacking. I don’t usually take notice of women, never wondered why to be honest, but I just noticed that this woman, with her flowing locks, was particularly interesting. ''Yeah.'' I answered, picking up my vodka. As I downed my Vodka, A girl about the same age as me, and a bit taller with light brown hair all the way down her read Sex Story
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  3. Wife sets up yet another 3way!

    1/20/2017: Just recently our fuck buddy Angie found a boyfriend, and told us that unless shit goes bad, she can't fuck around with us anymore. Now, trying to tell this awesome tale quickly, we've been looking for a new woman to join us anyways.... About a month ago, I stopped by the liquor store after a long week of work for beer and glad I did because I usually go to the store for better deals, but was lazy lol. I walk in and I'm greeted by a sexy voice saying hello, so I smile and say hi, but don't look to hard yet because for now I have cold brew on my brain. I grab my beer and walk to the count read Sex Story
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  4. cowgirls vs convent whores

    1/18/2017: The red Honda Civic rental car came to a halt in the dirt driveway. A small figure exited the vehicle, and sighed as she looked at where she would now be living. This was her first time seeing the ranch style house in person. It looked just like the photo the real estate agent showed her, and she was grateful for that. Weeks ago she had made the arrangements for everything to be in working order in the house and for her furniture to be delivered. Now that she looked at the peaceful surroundings, she hoped it had all been done. A flock of birds flew overhead above the line of trees and she read Sex Story
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  5. A bar meeting

    1/18/2017: The first time I felt her body against mine, is a feeling I'll never forget. Her curvy, athletic figure with her long dark hair is an image still burned into my memory. I never thought I would have ever wanted to be with another woman. I never thought I would ache for a woman. In my life, I was as straight as they come. I've always desired men. I loved men. Of course I had the moments in college where you're drinking and playing truth or dare and there is always that one guy who dares you to kiss another girl, but I never even imagined I would feel another woman's body on me, caressing me, kis read Sex Story
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  6. The loan

    1/15/2017: I am at the bank, desperately looking for a loan. I am hoping the loan officer is a man, so I can “persuade” him to lend me some money! I am shown into the office and the door is closed behind me. As I sit there waiting, I see that the name on the desk says “Jane”. I am very disappointed, but I have to stay and ask. The door opens behind me and perfume comes wafting in. It is a very sensual and arousing scent. A very nice looking woman walks behind the desk and sits down. She introduces herself, and asks what she can do to help me. As I describe my problem, she stands up, closes the door read Sex Story
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  7. Short Story

    1/9/2017: Sara had Carol naked and strapped into the armless chair. Her arms were bound behind the chair and her legs were tied to the legs of the chair with her pussy spread wide. Sara was naked and standing behind Carol rubbing Carol's huge DD tits and hard nipples. Then she rubbed each nipple between two fingers before she pinched them. She kissed the side of her neck as she pulled and twisted the puffy hard nipples. Then she pulled Carol's head back and bent over and pushed her tit in her mouth and Carol knew to suck hard. As Carol sucked Sara slapped her face then each tit. Even though the sex coul read Sex Story
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  8. Lesbianism in Modern Literature-4

    1/8/2017: The two women were mostly silent and avoided eye contact as they ate an early dinner. They were both feeling a little guilty and embarrassed. However, Sally was also elated. What had happened was beyond her wildest dreams. Now she knew that Sam wasn't totally opposed to a little contact with another woman. It was also quite thrilling to know that she could turn on the older woman. When Sam finally spoke, it almost startled Sally. "Well, since I'm not going to get home for a few days, I need to make a few calls." "Can... uh... can we work on our essay afterward." "Yes, that would be an read Sex Story
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  9. We'll Always Have Paris-1

    1/6/2017: When the taxi lurched to a sudden stop, Diana nearly fell off the back seat. "Voila!" the driver said, his right hand gesturing at the hotel entrance. Not much of an entrance, Diana thought. Well, she'd wanted the Left Bank and now she had it. When she climbed out of the taxi, she could see the St. Germain des Pres church up ahead, which made her feel much better. The hotel might be small, but at least here she was in the midst of youthful memories. The driver happily carried her two bags into the hotel entrance, and when he returned she tipped him, he tipped his cap, they smiled at e read Sex Story
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  10. Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: Sade

    1/4/2017: Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 2: SadeVenice, CAApartment 22Saturday, January 18, 201412:20pm As consciousness slowly returned to Cat Valentine, she quickly realized that she was on the floor, and her body felt incredibly rigid. Memories began to flow back pretty quickly, and as she looked around the empty living room, feeling partially stunned to find that there was no one there. "Sam?!" she called out, getting up and spending more time looking in an obviously empty room than she should. "Jade?!" The petite redhead gave a frown for a m read Sex Story
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  11. Minister's Wife Gets Measured for new clothes

    1/2/2017: Jonny texted Angela to check if she was able to take a call in private. Angela was in company at the time but she knew she should take the call so she said “Give me 5 minutes to get to a private place.” Angela excused herself from the company and found a private place. She waited anxiously wondering what Jonny had to say. She was aware that the promised punishment ad not been visited on her so she wondered is that what Jonny wants to say. It was nearly 10 minutes after his first call when Jonny rang. He sounded cheerful, so Angela took that as a good sign. “Following my examination o read Sex Story
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  12. A Game of Truth or Dare…

    12/31/2016: A Game of Truth or Dare… Having just returned from another star-studded event in Beverly Hills, the women of the "Victorious" cast arrived back to Victoria Justice’s quaint two-bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles. There they stumbled inside and collapsed to the sofa, and helped themselves to more alcohol before Elizabeth “Liz” Gillies suddenly produced a hefty joint. "Whoa! Where did you get that?" Ariana Grande inquired. "One of read Sex Story
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