1. My Initial Meeting With A BBQ Harem!!!

    9/4/2018: In chatting with a female friend the other night, she made mention that she would love to someday have me write a story about her and her friends. These women are BBW that are hot and sexy! So what else could I do?!?!? I did not include their XH names or pictures because… Well I don’t have their permission. I did not ask… Maybe I am hoping to be punished by them some day!!! Maybe they will post some of that in the comments!!! Anyhow, enjoy!!!! ++++++++++ Cast of characters…. Queen: Straight blonde hair blued eye mature dominant of the women. Mrs. CEO: Short, submissiv read Sex Story
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  2. Having my daughter at the week-end Part 2 Frankie

    9/4/2018: Four weeks ago my daughter Sarah stayed with me; you may have read about it It was quite an unusual but none the less exhilarating experience which I shall never forget. I felt ashamed that I allowed the situation to get out of hand but in the end I was just putty in her hands. She had burst into my bedroom without knocking which was obviously wrong; and as it happened it was particularly embarrassing too as she caught me masturbating whilst displaying my penis on Omegle looing for girls. I tried covering it up but she had seen too much. I should have chastised her for not knocking; apol read Sex Story
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  3. Wife and Irish Exchange Student

    8/31/2018: I came into the kitchen and I was quite surprised so see my forty-seven year old MILF wife Kim embracing Kathleen. Kathleen was a stunningly beautiful red-headed Irish Exchange student who had come to live with us for the semester. Kathleen had nothing on but one of my large T-shirts which barely covered her. My wife a prominent attorney in town was all dressed up for court in a formal black business suit. I thought I saw my wife’s hand going up Kathleen’s shirt and I could swear she was fondling her breast. I wasn’t sure so who cares. They both gave me a nervous smile and left. This stor read Sex Story
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  4. Ch 4 - The Birthday Present

    8/29/2018: The actual Final Chapter of this story line. The point of my previous chapter was to feature more action with "The Husband", but I got so carried away with what was in my mind that I nearly left him out. This story focuses more action with him, though it is hard for me to write this story line from his perspective. I guess that means I can't be a great erotica writer because I always need to inject myself into it. Chapter 1:http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Glutton/posts/352356.html Chapter 2:http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Glutton/posts/352356.html Chapter 3:http://xhamster.com/user/Pr0n_Gl read Sex Story
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  5. Lisa’s New Role Part V

    8/28/2018: About a week later Lisa was walking past Troya’s bedroom when she heard groaning. Curious she peeked in and saw her roommate masturbating furiously. Spotting her, Troya demanded, come in here slut! Not today. I’m kinda tired, said Lisa. Troya was instantly up, throwing her to the bed naked, face down, cuffed, spreadeagled with 3 pillows shoved under her ass. Don’t ever say no to me again slut, shouted Troya. SMACK!! And a pink hand print appeared on Lisa’s right buttock. Lisa groaned in a mix of pain/pleasure. SMACK!! And a pink hand print appeared on Lisa’s left buttock. Lisa gro read Sex Story
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  6. Rupali and Suva Enjoying Lesbian Sex

    8/28/2018: Rupali and Suva were living in as neighbours with their f****ys in Jaipur. Suva was good at heart and very friendly so Rupali liked her. Suva used to tie rakhi to Rupali husband and Rupali used to tie rakhi Suvas husband Although Suva was in early thirties and Rupali was also of same age as Rupali, Suva used to call her bhabhi. Suva had 3 c***dren and Rupali also had three c***dren and all of them were in same school nearby. Both f****ys were a middle class. Rupali was fair and well built and had fairly large round breasts where as Suvas was also fair and healthy but her breasts were smalle read Sex Story
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  7. Finding Ex-Wife and Girlfriend on A Porn Site

    8/27/2018: My ex-wife Kim was a 43 year old nurse with short hair and could be seen as having a somewhat lesbian appearance. Apparently, the wealthy doctor she worked for learned from her female co-workers that Kim was a great cocksucker. In order to keep her job she was blowing him during the lunch hour and after work. Then she began accompanying him to medical “conferences”. Her friend told me on one trip she got d***k and as a favor to the Doc she blew three of his doctor friend’s one right after the other. Well, I was no saint; I was fucking a single Irish exchange student I met at a bar. Maureen read Sex Story
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  8. Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 1

    8/27/2018: Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 1: PuckentineVenice, CAApartment 22Saturday, January 18, 201410:21 am Cat Valentine rolled onto her back from snuggling up to her pink pillow as her body felt a shift in weight on the bed and the sudden chill on her bare arms and shoulders from her missing sheet and blanket. She slowly blinked opened her eyes and mewed out softly in a small yawn along with an easy stretching of her muscles. She finally opened her eyes then smiled up at seeing the source of the shift in weight: Sam Puckett staring down at her read Sex Story
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  9. Stella's sudden surrender [3]

    8/26/2018: Stella starts to tell Saskia the sexy story of her sudden surrerender into submission. Long lines full of love and lust. Saskia longs to listen to the long story of unexpected surrender after reaching realms of unthought pervert pleasure. Stella is clearly in command. Saskia feels fine she is the second in line at their mutual Master of secret ceremonies. Some sweet spanking started as an innocent play, which was a ploy so successfull she suddenly became my slave. Stella shares Saskia some sexy sweet secrets about how her very vanilla love life suddenly turned into submission read Sex Story
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  10. Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part

    8/24/2018: 1 July 2016. Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part 1 Dawn's always "liked girls" almost as much as men. In fact I almost think that if she ever "had" to choose it would be girls. That's fine with me and seeing that she enjoys "sharing" them with me I have absolutely no intention of ever having her choose. It was one of those cold, damp, miserable late January days we often have and I'd been outside trying to get finished with my winter garden work. I'd let it go the last year and as a result we'd missed out on a lot of the homegrown vegetables we enjoy so much. Dawn had ment read Sex Story
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  11. hot striper

    8/23/2018: My name is Maria . Tall with all the right junk in all the right places .this story happened when I was 45 . My girlfriend use to say that I was still in my prime. Theirs words where something like : how come those big tits are still standing up like that, you never where a bras and your 45 , or girl I wish I could still where skirts Short like that your legs are just flawless . One even said to me every time I see you I need to change my underwear twice you make me so horny and wet and I’m not even that much into girl. Yeah I like those compliment. I knew I still had it but coming from them read Sex Story
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  12. How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part IV

    8/17/2018: I was standing in the doorway to the nurse’s office. It was warm in her room, and the lights were a little dimmer. “Come in”, said the nurse. And I moved into the room to her desk. It was quiet in there, cold and flu season was over and nobody got hurt in gym class that morning...nobody was playing sports haha. “You’ve had a full morning” she said. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these fun days, I’m glad you gave us the opportunity!” I smiled big, “Oh no, thank you all. This has been an amazing day so far, I never knew I could feel the things I’ve felt today.” The nurse smil read Sex Story
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