1. The Christmas "After" Party

    2/16/2018: As the last few guest left, another successful Christmas Party was coming to an end. This year I had over thirty party goers and I was left with quite the mess. I began cleaning up when I cam across a coat. It was a woman's coat, I believed it belonged to my neighbor Lisa, I couldn't imagine anyone going out on such a frigid night without a coat, but she was only going next door. As I continued to clean I found a set of car keys. Who's keys are these? Everyone left. I peeked outside and saw one car parked out in the street a few doors down, but I had no clue who it belonged to. After fini read Sex Story
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  2. Cockatoo Part 3

    2/13/2018: Maybe things could have been different, I don’t know, but I found myself in a taxi on the way to Samui airport. I was struggling to come to terms with what had happened and I felt physically sick at what I had heard. I had to get the taxi driver to stop so I could retch at the side of the road. I managed to buy a ticket on the next flight to Bangkok and by mid afternoon I was back in the city. I booked into a hotel close to Nana Plaza and sent a couple of hours stewing in my room, drinking the gut rot scotch from the mini bar. I was raging at Alex, at Kritsada and above all at me read Sex Story
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  3. My First Lesbian Threesome Expereince

    2/13/2018: This is a story of my first lesbian threesome experience. Me once went to my cousin home and my cousin name is Kausalya, she looks beautiful, boys or men will scan her whole body wen she goes out..Such a structure.. I am pretty ok only not that beautiful. Actually previously we were good friends and after seeing her in saree I have gone mad about her.. So after that incident I used to hug her all the time. I used to hold her very tight during the hug initially she was k but after some time told me its paining when you hug… read Sex Story
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  4. Almost Caught with My Bi Lover

    2/12/2018: This story isn't as erotic as most, but it is true, and I always enjoy relating it to other bi gals. I had always had a desire to be with another woman, but due to my upbringing and my mother's warnings about "those" type of women, I would suppress those feelings. As I matured into my 40's, my desires became unbearable, to the point that I would taste my fingers after masturbating, and wonder if other women tasted as good! At this time I met a gal who was new to the area. It didn't take long for me to discover that she was very bi-sexual, and for our friendship to turn into a love affair. M read Sex Story
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  5. First Time Pussy Licker

    2/10/2018: Even at 18, I was awkward. I wasn't in the popular social clique, but I had my friends at school. I always loved horses though, and when I was younger, I started working at a stable, exercising rich people's horses. I shoveled hay, handled the a****ls, and kept myself fit. I went to dances and had some boyfriends, but nothing more than I kiss. When I look back, I was so naive, I really didn't know much about anything, let alone sex. This was all pre-cell phones, pre-internet. Sex education was word of mouth, and the friends I hung out with were more into school, work or horses. It was at read Sex Story
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  6. It's rainy outside

    2/2/2018: I had just got home from taking my k**s to school when the doorbell went. I opened the door and there was my neighbours s****r, she asked if I'd seen my neighbours as they wasn't in, I said I hadn't and she said thanks and walked off, so I went back to make my coffee. Outside it was raining hard and the wind was just as bad, I was just about to sip my drink when my phone went, it was jo from next door, she went on to explain that her s****r had driven up from Southampton and they had forgot to leave her a key, So me in my usual cheeky manner said that's fine but why should I care. There was a read Sex Story
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  7. Sinfull

    1/25/2018: SINFULL Lena Denson, 45yo, white female, 5'06, 135lbs, 34Bx27x37; brown eyes, and short, spiky hair was bored was ready to go home after being at work less than an hour. She worked the graveyard shift, and since it was a Tuesday night, she was sure that the hours were going to move as quickly as the hot dog rollers that were sweating juices from weenies at that very moment not two feet from her. She was working with Tawny Hobbs, 28yo black female, 5'02, 160lbs, 38Dx38x48, with brown eyes, and short, black length hair that she kept in an afro cut. She had a pretty face, and a decent enough per read Sex Story
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  8. The Making of a Fuck Toy - 4

    1/22/2018: Chapter Eleven – Claiming Her Ass The next several weeks went without much incident. Eric spent much time as he could at home teaching protocols and rituals to Cass. But there were still times when she was at home alone for her to practice. It went well for the most part. He gave her encouragement and praise when she accomplished a task well, and punished her when she made mistakes or breaches in the things she’d learned. They both fell into a smooth rhythm. Eric continued to be amazed with his Baby Girl’s enthusiasm and ability to retain as much as she had. As she grew comfortable read Sex Story
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  9. Dirty sex as you have never read before

    1/22/2018: 'Lets go in there and sit'. I looked at Julie, 'It's a swing park', I remarked, 'I know', she replied, 'but it has dirty old men looking for girls' she continued, 'and we can make a couple of bob, by pleasing them'. We walked down the pathway and saw some old geezers sitting on benches, 'I bet they're guessing the colour of our knickers', she laughed, as we approached one old man sitting on the bench. He was watching us as we approached him, sitting at the far side of it, as she stopped and put her bag down and lifted her leg and put her shoe onto the bench, and pulled up her hosiery, lo read Sex Story
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  10. Ricky's Christmas to Remember

    1/22/2018: In the months after my night of passion with Maggie, my relationship with my girlfriend got serious, and shortly after Maggie left for Manchester, I popped the question and we got engaged. Despite being engaged I still had two lives – the London life and the village life. London of the 80’s was exciting and I continued to flirt with colleagues and other girls in the pubs/clubs, but none of those resulted in sex, and after 18 months of engagement I had been faithful to my intended. We got married in the August of ‘88, but things changed soon after we got back from honeymoon. We moved in to our read Sex Story
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  11. School nurse going wild

    1/19/2018: Gina Stevens pressed the send icon, ”bombs away” she thought to herself. The process was started, filing for divorce with her son-of-a-bitch husband with the email sent to the f****y law firm initiating the inevitable. She had initiated the divorce after catching him fooling around too many times with his secretary. Suddenly there was a beep and a yellow lamp flashing next to her desk, indicating she had another patient benefiting from her daily drop-in session between 13.00 and 14.00 She was a school nurse and the drop in cases varied from broken arms to broken hearts. Sometimes a sad k** lo read Sex Story
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  12. All female foursome on a business trip to the BIG

    1/16/2018: Ok, so, those of you that know me, and what I like, you know I am a very into other sexy woman and love to explore my bisexual side. And I am going to tell you about a story that was a real first for me. So, last year I was asked by my boss the CEO of the company work for to tag along to a trip to America for a boring bio medical exhibition but of course while I was there I wanted to take a few days off R & R and do some shopping. So I a took a few days off at the end and went to New York to hit 5th avenue and also to meet up with a friend I met on line. She is a little bit of a butch la read Sex Story
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