1. Teen Does As She Was Shown

    6/6/2018: Ok over the years my wife (Kat) has turned many seemingly straight women into lusty pussy munching sluts and fucked there brains out with her 11" strap-on too. Most were or are married mothers most between 22 and 40yrs Kat herself is 48 now but still has the body and looks of a 24yrs model. But the story I am about to tell you still amazed me and living with Kat that is very hard to do. About 6 years ago Kat found Kim a 29yrs. mother of then a girl 9yrs. Stacy a spunky tomboy type at first like most others Kat either picked up Kim and took her somewhere to fuck or Kim came her read Sex Story
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  2. kate tuesday continued

    6/4/2018: I thought about the walk to the park , my mind full of doubt but I summoned up the courage to go, also the fear of what Kate might do to me , if I didn't go. I couldn't take another beating I left the room as it was and went down stairs , I looked in the mirror , I could see I was quite convincing as a girl , so I walked out onto the street , the sun was hot on my legs and the occasionallya light breeze blowing up my skirt added to the excitement, I reached the road I had to cross to the ally leading to the park I walk to the crossing , two women was talking, they paid no attention to me read Sex Story
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  3. When I found out I was a lesbian

    6/4/2018: Well, I wanted to share some stories here, and the best thing is to start at the beginning. Ok, first thing, I need to give some important context of myself, cause this was long time ago; I'm in avery happy spot of my life, I'm in a closed and happy relationship and not looking for nothing but friends, so thanks in advance. You see, I was born in a really conservative district, in areaaally conservative f****y. Being gay wasn't something "bad", it wasn't a thing at all, not a single one was gay (or at least doors out) in my neighbourhood, so I didn't knew that was e read Sex Story
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  4. Kalee and Katie

    6/1/2018: Kalee and katie This story is completely true. All the has been changed is names for confidentiality. Have fun ;). I got a new job this summer, working at a local park. I'm only a booth person, but I love my job. I myself am short with a fairly average build, and a decent size cock. Since I started working at the park I am at I've been riding my bike to work everyday. 4 miles to and 4 miles from. Kalee and Katie looking at them and seeing how they interact you would assume they are twins. Kalee is tall, and slender. She has a tight little ass and perky C-cups. Katie is the shorter one read Sex Story
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  5. Married With c***dren: The Camera

    5/31/2018: Peg Bundy was sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and watching Oprah on television when the doorbell rang. It was her next-door neighbor Marcy D'arcy. "Hi Peg," said Marcy flopping down next to her on the couch, "I just needed somebody to talk to. I'm so lonely without Jefferson." Marcy's husband Jefferson, along with Peg's husband Al, had supposed gone off on a week long "fishing" trip at a remote lake in Wisconsin. Peggy suspected that they were spending most of their time at a nudie bar near the lake. "I don't know if I can make it a week without...you know," sa read Sex Story
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  6. The Lesbian Card

    5/29/2018: Shortly after graduating college, I had a co-worker friend ( Jen ) that we would hook up on occasion. Just because we were single. Jen was by no means a "hottie". She was stocky, small breasts that were dwarfed by her large belly, had short thick thighs, muscular calves, but did have a nice round shaped butt. She always wore conservative professional clothing at work and never flirted or said anything not politically correct in the workplace. Jen had a reputation for being kind of stuck up, not really trying to be social. So it was kind of perfect timing for me the one day I decided to sit wit read Sex Story
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  7. Annie and Dolly.

    5/29/2018: Dolly pushed Annie on the shoulders, causing it to lay down on the bed with his back, and was now able to kiss her nipples. Having a tongue tip around the circumference of each nipple, she first swallowed and gently sucked the lips first one, then another. Dolly slightly biting their hands and crumpling the entire breast. Annie already furiously rubbing your Clit, causing her pussy softly smacking their lips. Opening his eyes, Annie saw his face chest Dolly. She also began to lick and suck. Her nipples were very hard and large. Both hands Annie lay back Dolly and pulled her down, pressing clo read Sex Story
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  8. visit to mexico

    5/25/2018: Terry woke up the next morning and felt alive and invigorated from a good night's sl**p. She had felt exhausted from the plane flight and all the excitement she had experienced during her first trip away from home. She pulled back the covers and got out of bed, but froze when she noticed her reflection in the floor length mirror. Terry almost didn't recognize herself in the mirror as she stood standing there in the white, silk thong and lace bra that Rosa had picked out for her the previous evening. She had never really looked at herself as a sexually attractive woman, but for the read Sex Story
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  9. Her First Time For Cock

    5/24/2018: Excited, but nervous, I knock on the door of the hotel room. You answer the door in a red silk bathrobe. "Hi. It's nice to finally meet you," I say, and look past you into the room for your significant other. I hear the shower running in the bathroom and figure you may have already had some fun. "Hello cutie. We hope you are ready for this. Come on in," you say to me. As I walk past you I take in a deep breadth and can smell some sweet scent you are wearing and can smell your skin faintly below it. I look around and see the bed is already ruffled up a little and almost instantly start ge read Sex Story
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  10. Movie Night

    5/23/2018: It was just a regular Wednesday night. Me and Sarah were round at her boyfriend Jake's flat watching a movie in his room as he lived with two other guys using the living room. We did this fairly often, all under the covers, Sarah in the middle curled up with Jake and me on the other side. The conversation had stopped about 10 minutes ago and we had settled into the movie. For the the life of me I can't remember what it was, we would choose something random from a huge library he had on his computer, but I guess the movie doesn't matter now. What I do remember is feeling bodies moving next read Sex Story
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  11. On the black screen of my sl**pless nights ....

    5/20/2018: You know, that feeling of something that bothers you .... This began arriving at a neuron somewhere ... Then two ... and here continued by awakening my auditory sense ..... A faint sound familiar, but can not decide which. I know where I am. It's night; the room is in a clear dark lit only by the digital display clock; I'm in bed, lying naked curled up with her back to Chris and Vero ... Who are sl**ping behind me .... Chris and Vero .... Who are sl**ping behind me .... This noise so tenuous, so familiar .... My brain cells begin to function at a higher level of consciousness ... Chris read Sex Story
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  12. Kaj teta na gosti

    5/18/2018: Nekolku pati imam odeno kaj tetkami koga sum nemala prevoz ili koga sum mnogu pijana za da ne me primetat doma,poveke za vtoroto.Taa vecer i nemav prevoz i bev pijana pa resiv da prespijam kaj tetka mi.Bese 2 sabajle i bidejki imam kluc vlegov direktno.Koga vlegov vidov deka vo dnevnata na masata ima edno prazno sise vodka i nekolku casi pa pomisliv deka e izlezena.Tetka mi ima 46 godini i zivee sama pa cesto izlaga navecer.Mislev deka i ovaa vecer e izlezena no od vnatresnosta na kukata cuv nekakvi zvuci.Vratata od sobata bese malku podotvorena i koga dzirnav ja vidov tetkami vo krevet so tro read Sex Story
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