1. Mature's are best

    8/17/2018: It was the Thursday night before Sharon departed on holiday with her f****y that things came to a head. I’d been out at an after work birthday drink, and got home a bit earlier than I expected. Sharon wasn’t in. I thought she’d be over with her parents, so I called them. She wasn’t there. About 30 mins later she got home. I asked where she’d been, and was told “At my mum and dad’s”. “Funny that, as your mum told me half an hour ago you hadn’t been there tonight”. “Oh………………shit!” Calmly and clinically, she went on to tell me how she wasn’t coming home after a week as planned, would be stayin read Sex Story
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  2. Merry Christmas Babes

    8/16/2018: I'm sipping a fresh brew of hot cocoa on Christmas Eve when the knock sounds on my door. I start out of my reverie and spill some of the contents near the top two buttons on my new blouse. Wisely, I set my mug on the coffee table before throwing my hands up in frustration. The knock sounds again, and I wonder who would be at my door in this weather. The snow's been falling in sheets ever since I got out of classes for the day, and the Midwest winter dark is out in full f***e. I amble toward the door and pull it open, trying to shield the stained shirt from my visitor. A shock runs throu read Sex Story
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  3. amazing threesome

    8/16/2018: It is a cold and blustery day and it is snowing out. I decide to call my friend Jayne and my friend Mark. They come over and we decide to watch a movie and have drinks. We put the movie in and start to watch it. About an hour later, we are all pretty d***k and feeling good we start talking about things and we decide that we want to all get together and have a threesome. We all take each other clothes off slowly enjoying each others bodies, looking and dreaming of playing together. Mark decides he will give me a message. I lay face down on the floor. He rubs my hands with warm oil. Starting read Sex Story
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  4. A Well-Learned Lesson

    8/13/2018: It's early Saturday morning & Sara is coming into school for math tutoring. Her teacher, Mrs. James, is waiting. She is in lifted spirits. She's finally 18! No one can tell her what to do anymore! "Hello Sara." Mrs. James cheerfully greets her. "Hello Mrs. James. Thank you for your help." "No problem. Let's begin with factoring." They sit & go over factoring for about half an hour. Mrs. James heads over to the window to open it. "Do you mind? This spring weather can get awfully hot sometimes." She asks. "Not at all." Sara replies. They finish factoring about an hour later read Sex Story
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  5. Lesbianism in Modern Literature-9

    8/9/2018: December 26 Samantha stumbled out of her front door and walked to the waiting airport limo. It was 5 am the day after Christmas, and it was dark and cold. Handing her suitcase to the driver, she waited for him to open the passenger door. When he opened it, she peered inside and saw two older couples and a businessman, none of whom she knew. Sitting in the back row, however, was the person she was looking for. She smiled to herself and made her way to the back where Sally sat waiting. Once they were on their way, she snuggled closer and squeezed Sally's hand and heaved a sigh of relief. I read Sex Story
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  6. She Stole My Wife Ch. 03 (Turnabout)

    8/3/2018: Turnabout is fair play. Kim came home , still dressed in workout clothes and sweaty from a long session. When she realized Andrea was gone and would be out for sometime, she stepped into my room. "So, you fucked Karen, didn't you?" "Yes I did." "I didn't think you had it in you." "You were wrong." "Andy tells me you always had a high sex drive, how did you manage without? A little internet porn? Spend all night in here alone jerking off? Feel like less of a man, losing your woman?" I didn't respond. She didn't deserve it. "Enjoy your little peephole?" So she read Sex Story
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  7. Tracy Plus 2 Ch 1: The Dance

    8/3/2018: There she was again, sitting in the same place on the bleachers. Watching across the gym floor while watching everyone have a good time while occupying nothing but the seat she was on. And why not? She had warmed that same place on those bleachers through every dance she ever went to at Susan B. Anthony, but it did get lonely warming that spot with a little larger ass than she'd like to admit to. It wasn't enormously large by any means, but a size 12 underwear (she only wore briefs, she didn't feel she deserved anything else) didn't exactly get you noticed by the high school guys that liked tw read Sex Story
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  8. Pastor John and the boss' wife

    7/27/2018: John was at a party comprising pastors, deans cardinals and all sorts of other religious men and their wives. There was a lot of chatting with pompous men and very prim wives. Janice was different. Janice was dressed in a scarlet dress that finished just below her pussy. (I bet she caused a lot of gossip amongst the other wives) Janice was a free spirit. John could not figure how she became the wife of such a boring, pompous dean of the cathederal (John's boss). Janice's dress was low cut in a square pattern.It was so low cut that Janice's bra was on display as was the top of her del read Sex Story
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  9. Near Miss (Part Two)

    7/15/2018: This is the second part of the “Near Miss” story and the third instalment in the series that started with “Please Miss!” and follows a young man’s lustful adventures with his English teacher.Near Miss (Part Two) I gulped, suddenly realising just how vulnerable I was. Miss Smales knelt between my legs, her hand cupping my balls, gently massaging my swollen, tender nuts as Miss Markham absent-mindedly stroked my cock with a faint smile on her face. “You didn’t answer my question, Richard.” she said “Did you enjoy the show? Did it turn you on, watching me get dressed? I s read Sex Story
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  10. Werewolf women of the SS part 1

    7/14/2018: 1940 As you were told Upon arriving here you are the best of the best the perfect Aryan women but this unit is much more than you think we will make you into Über women. As Diana heard the Fürher speech she renewed her resolve on this program standing in line with hundreds of other girls all of them around 20 to their mid 20's all over 6'0 and were quite beautiful all dressed in their black SS uniforms it was quite a sight for anyone especially this girl from a small village in northern Germany. Diana was a sexy 6'2 black haired grey eyed beauty she had a toned and sexy body with lus read Sex Story
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  11. Today On Ellen: Miley Cyrus!

    7/12/2018: It was ratings week and all the talk shows were fighting to sign up the best and most in the news stars. Ellen DeGeneres seemed to have a jump on the competition with such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey, Adele, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton headlining each day on her popular daytime show. Signing Mrs.Clinton at the last minute was a major coup, but it meant having to bump Miley Cyrus to the role of playing second fiddle. The sassy singer was surprisingly gracious allowing Hillary to take the first shift, but was the talk of the show when she c read Sex Story
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  12. Hotter BY July

    7/7/2018: She stood about 5'7" and had long sexy legs. Her feet were wrapped in the most beautiful leather stilettos and all I wanted to do was to suck her toes, tits and cunt. She approached me while I was pruning the bush just outside my bedroom window. She had asked me if a Mr Walsh lived nearby. I was not sure, as I had just moved in the area a few weeks ago. I did not have any real time to meet my new neighbors. So, I replied, " I'm not sure I just moved here from L.A." She stayed a few seconds and began to look into my eyes and the glare of the sun behind her, made her red locks of hair g read Sex Story
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