1. Rose, my slutty neighbor, part 3

    4/25/2017: After the visit in Rose house, fixing her computer problems, we saw each other a lot of times in her house for quite erotic meetings. She once told me that she thought that my wife was very sexy and that she wanted to have sex with her. She wanted to suck on her big tits and lick her wet pussy. She also got very turned on thinking that my wife did the same to her. I told her that my wife was not bi-sexual but Rose said that we are all bi-sexual deep inside. It was just a question of the right moment to reveal it. We discussed this topic the following times we met and I finally agreed to give i read Sex Story
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  2. Miss Vicky

    4/19/2017: It was already 7pm, when Vicky returned home from her work. Wet and a little cold from the drizzle and feeling tired, as she had a hard day at the college. Exam time was near, so everybody was a little more edgy and frantic than usual. As Vicky couldn´t be bothered to cook, she slammed a ready-meal in the microwave and opened a bottle of red wine. She took rather a large sip and exuding a big sigh, fell back on the sofa. What a day, she mumbled. PING, her food was ready. She got up, wizzed her meal another 30 seconds and then at her meal in total silence at the kitchen table. She had to hurry read Sex Story
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  3. Called To The Office

    4/15/2017: I was very nervous as I waited outside the principal's office. It was like being back in school myself. My name is Laurel Hennessey and I was thirty-one years old that cold November afternoon. I'd been summoned to school because my son, Jeff, had gotten into a fight and was going to be suspended, or possibly expelled. I sat there wishing, for the ten-thousandth time, that my husband, James, hadn't gotten himself killed in a stupid accident while driving d***k. I wished I was younger and prettier and had a husband to help me. I'd looked at myself in the mirror before leavin read Sex Story
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  4. Bianca Fucks Miranda (A Futanari Story) Part 1

    4/8/2017: Days rolled by since I pounded Elizabeth's tight asshole, and my cock craved a hole to fuck. My pussy quivered while my futanari cock stirred in my pants. The more pussy and ass I got, the more I wanted, feeding my sex addiction. I considered calling Sara, my futa friend, but decided against it. She had a big meeting coming up tomorrow and I didn't want to bother her. I decided to call Elizabeth again, but when I did, it went straight to voicemail. She must be at work, I thought. I tried jerking off, even while fingering my wet snatch, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I needed something read Sex Story
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  5. Babysitter nailed

    4/6/2017: Tina and Jerry had been married 4 years and had identical twin boys, Jerry had a high powered job and was always away on business, they had an open marriage and Tina had slept with a few guys, but it was for pure sex and to quench her high sexual appetite. It was Friday night and it was Jerry’s company’s Christmas party Jerry had phoned saying he was running about a hour late and told Tina to go and book into the hotel the company had sorted, Gill turned up to look after the boys and Tina set off in the taxi, about ½ hour later Jerry turned up letting himself in “hi Jerry” Gill shouted out as read Sex Story
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  6. Werewolf women of the ss part 4

    4/5/2017: As Diana was leaving the head doctors office she turned and was going to ask why those side affects were so pronounced but the head doctor cut her off and said 'all in good time now go lunch is about ready' she said with a smirk and closed her door. Diana was puzzled and walked to the cafeteria where the others were standing in line and Diana could smell something delicious as she looked ahed she could see steak like meat on everyones trays but it was still bl**dy and veggies, she wondered what it was till she had her tray finally and saw Ava she sat next to her friend and asked her if she kne read Sex Story
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  7. My new boss and I

    4/5/2017: I got a job at an accounting firm right out of college. My friends I had made in college were all going on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks I had planned to go but the accounting firm I applied at wanted me to start right away. One job requirement was that I wear a business suit every day and they had a casual Friday twice a month. Suits could be pants or skirts that could not be higher than just below the knees. I remember my first few weeks I was nervous a lot I was afraid of making mistakes. I had been given the task of balancing books for a small local business and I spent quite a few read Sex Story
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  8. LORNA and GRACE (a Lesbian Tale) - PART 4

    4/4/2017: LORNA and GRACE (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 4 Grace followed Helen into the Hotel Belleville and they both walked by the man at the reception desk without a problem. Helen also owned the Hotel Belleville. They walked up the wide but worn stairs to room 24. “Remember. Don’t make a fuss about who she is”, reminded Helen Helen knocked and pushed the door when she heard the “Come in” from inside. That hotel used to be fairly posh when there were many trains that crisscrossed at Belleville, but other large towns were built nearby and that’s where people now preferred to stay. The room seemed larger read Sex Story
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  9. The Pet's Pet: Miri Ep 1

    4/1/2017: A jolting pain in her stretched arsehole made Luna's eyes open and awake from a pleasantly hot dream. She found herself, completely naked, still in her master's arms, her hips firmly sat on his now rock hard cock, her nipples sore after the clamp session she had endured just a few hours ago, so sensitive to the touch of her lover's chest it made her shiver. Luna was a young woman with silky light tan skin and long waist length black hair, her breasts small for her taste were proud C cups and she had a round and nice ass, to match her curvy hips. The greedy pet held a moan, her read Sex Story
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  10. Coed Turned Bad 3

    3/30/2017: Kate rubbed her larger tits against Karen's, their nipples growing even more as they touched. Leaning down for another kiss that only two women could do. Their long tongued darting back and fourth in each others wide open mouths. Karen moaned with excitement slipping her fingers through the blondes silky hair. Her first kiss with a women was so romantic and so sexy, she loved Kate kissing her. Knowing what the older woman was going to do excited her even more. She wrapped her legs around Kate's back grinding her pussy against her wet, slippery cunt lips. The kiss lasted for quite some time, read Sex Story
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    3/26/2017: 118. Avril and Jon another visit My friend Carol called one day and asked if Jon and I were going to visit soon as she had a surprise for us. I told her we could and a couple of days later found us knocking at her door. Carol greeted me with a nice warm, passionate kiss, and then kissed Jon as well. After a while and some small talk and drinks, Carol went off to make a phone call. About ten minutes later a knock at the door told us her surprise may have arrived. When Carol came back from answering the door, trailing behind her was a black couple. I stared at the woman and her mas read Sex Story
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  12. An amazing first with with friend and her cousin .

    3/23/2017: Jamie and I had classes together and had become friends and I was hoping it would go further. Well one Friday after class she asked me if I would please come by her house and help her with her car and of course I said yes. What I didn't know at the time was that there was something more than her car she wanted help with. We got to her place. Jamie still lived with her parents but they were on a curse and would be gone for another week at least. We got there and she invited me in which wasn't unusual as I'd been there a few times before so we could work on class assignments together. She off read Sex Story
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  13. My latest cruise excapade, Nov 2015 Part 1

    3/22/2017: Just got home from another cruise and I want to tell you about two things that happened. During the cruise we dined at a table with three other couples. Seated next to me was the wife of a couple from a small town in upstate New York. The couple, in their early 30's, were very nice and the lady and I became quick friends. We also, unknowingly picked two of the same tours. One was a rainforest tour. The other, a party catamaran, snorkel and beach tour. While on the party tour, my new friend, lets call her "M", (which is the first letter in her name), and I were alone in the water. She says, wh read Sex Story
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  14. A Shortie for Susan - Part 2

    3/13/2017: Bindi Andy was in the shower stroking his cock, remembering the amazing fuck with his Math Tutor Bendy Bindi yesterday afternoon. In his imagination he could still feel her hot thighs pressing into his arse and her hands pinning back his ankles as she took him in the Amazon position. Just when he couldn’t imagine it getting any hotter, Susan his step-mum appeared in the shower, standing behind him, pressing her tits into his back and gripping his slippery cock. “What are we going to do with you, you naughty boy? I bet you’re thinking about fucking that Indian slut Bindi again. Well read Sex Story
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  15. Wife Conversion - Part 1

    3/13/2017: I think I'm a typical married guy. My wife and I would have sex maybe once a week if I was lucky and hadn't done something to cause her to withhold sex. She was strictly missionary or maybe if she was really randy cowgirl. But all that changed with an accidental cum blast. My wife, Kathy, would have sex but when she didn't feel like ( a lot of the time), she would give me a hand job or if I been real good a blow job, but never finish in her mouth and forget about swallowing. One night, I had persuaded her to whack me off and I was enjoying the motion of her soft hand s read Sex Story
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  16. The Coed Turned Bad 2

    3/11/2017: Karen's face turned bright red as she looked up at the beautiful blonde. Her voice cracked as she said hello, lowering herself down so her tits were not exposed. She couldn't help but notice how tiny her yellow bikini was. The top was just two narrow strips the covered about two inches of her big, firm tits. The center and side of her creamy flesh was left exposed. Her small erect nipples poked out against the thin material. The bottom left the side of her smooth pussy uncovered. "So nice to meet you Karen!" Kate said admiring the teen's tantalizing curves. She reached out her hand and got read Sex Story
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  17. 110 Louise’s First encounter.

    3/11/2017: 110 Louise’s First encounter. Louise, looked out of the car window, rain tricked down the glass, as they waited the lights, a dreary Devon day. She was going to stay with her aunt and uncle again, mum and dad having to go off on another business trip. Luckily it was just across town so she could still continue at the school she loved and with her friends, but she hated leaving her room and all her treasured possessions, 14 going on 15 now, puberty just upon her, she valued the little room and its privacy, her aunt Polly and uncle Sid, wonderful folk though they were perhaps thought of he read Sex Story
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  18. A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Fourth and fi

    3/8/2017: A young girls journey to womanhood Fourth and final Part Alison came over to the bed, and kneeled across to where Illia and I were embracing. I was feeling her small hard nipples in my mouth and she was caressing and moulding my defined breast and nipples. They became sensitive as she stroked and then she pinched one as she had seen Alison do to me. It made me both wince and get very excited. How did this girl know just what I wanted? “Daniella, put her on her back now” came the controlling voice of my dominant f***e. I immediately complied, although the thought of a hard smack for read Sex Story
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  19. After office hours

    3/3/2017: NOTICE: This is a work of FICTION. Any resemblance to any real life situation is totally coincidental. ***** Rosa, an Asian American who's f****y came from Vietnam in the early 80s worked as an executive assistant to the one of the upper level executives of mid sized agency for economic development. She enjoyed her job, but if you got to speak with her, she would tell you she preferred to be playing tennis or at least watching pro tennis in person. Her svelte, light brown body was accentuated by strong leg muscles which belied her avocation for her favorite sport. Her arms and shoulder m read Sex Story
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  20. Seducing Mrs.Johnson

    2/28/2017: Author note: i was told to make an erotic story for my friends to get through a hospital visit. Sarah, you are Mrs.Johnson and i am Kristin. this is what happened. Submissive I- Seducing Mrs. Johnson Carol Johnson walked across the stage carrying some of the props they were using in the senior class play. The performances were in two weeks and the rehearsals were already in high gear. Most of the cast and crew had already left for the evening, leaving Carol and a handful of others to do the final cleanup. Among those who stayed were her daughter, Kristin, and Kristin's best friend, read Sex Story
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