1. Kauai is for lovers- another couple

    7/26/2016: Cindi and I had worked hard and saved and we jetted off to Kuai for 10 days of sun and doing nothing. The hotel is incredible and we both were in awe. After day two Cindi informed me she wanted to find a remote seciont of beach so we could "really relax." We talked to one of the cleaners and she tole us how to find a real remote path the lead to a section of beach that was virtually unknown, except to a few locals. It was about a 45 minute drive first. The third day we organized some droinks and snacks and headed to our private locale for fun in the sun. The path was truly difficule to loca read Sex Story
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  2. Milwaukee Cuckolds wife and the babysitter

    7/23/2016: Our k**s were 10,8 and 3. Occasionally when we would go out of town to meetings I attended or sometimes just at home we needed someone to stay with the k**s. Judy didn’t trust anyone to young and luckily we found one of the k**s camp counselors, Andrea who was 22 loved to babysit. The only downfall was that Andrea didn’t drive so we had to always make sure we could get her to and fro but the k**s loved her and she made things easy I was away at a dental meeting for 5 days that summer so Judy made the decision to have Andrea stay the entire time to help with the k**s. On the first night I w read Sex Story
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  3. The Retrieval. Chapter One

    7/22/2016: Julia "Jules" Bradford glanced at her watch, sighed and then gently leaned her head back against the wall. She was ready to do just about anything to ease the throbbing headache she'd been battling ever since her alarm clock had gone off. She closed her eyes. Ugh. Nope, closing her eyes was not a good idea as her stomach let her know that yes, it was still in fact very nauseated. She sighed again...this was starting to look like it was going to be a long day. Trying to deal with a hangover in her own little cubicle sucked bad enough, but sitting in her boss's waiting room in one of these s read Sex Story
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  4. A Lovely Couple Geeta and Priya

    7/21/2016: It was another hot day in Bombay. The past few days had been a bit cooler than the previous nevertheless, it was still hot. Arunima_H (geetha) had just finished doing the laundry but the dirty clothes were already starting to pile up. The baby had to be changed because his diaper had leaked. And Geeta had changed into another sari because of the heat. She now changed into a hot pink sari top. It was actually one of her favourite ones to wear at home. It seemed as t read Sex Story
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  5. Making You Watch

    7/18/2016: I want to strip you naked, tie you to a chair, and make you watch. She has nice full tits. Her lips are the kind that you look at and can't help but picture them wrapped around your cock. Her nipples are so hard, she rubs them on my clit. Essentially fucking my pussy with her tits. Making me cum all over them. She lets you have a tiny taste of my cum with just the tip of your tongue. I make her lay on her back with her pussy facing you. I straddle her face and lower my pussy to her mouth. She begins to lick me slowly. Spreading my pussy to allow her tongue better access to my clit read Sex Story
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  6. The weekend

    7/16/2016: My weekend. Maastricht. Chapter 1 The arrival My flight touched down into maastricht at 3.30 in the afternoon , it's been a long exhausting day. Up at 5.30am for my dad to drive me to the airport. Passport control then, arrivals. I noticed a woman holding a piece of cardboard up withe words ELLA in big letters written on it.The woman had very long black hair, with sunglasses top of her head, white blouse, jeans and sandals. She was so gorgeous I thought to myself. "Hiiii, Ella, it's me Tess" she squealed , exited to see me. "It's me Tessa. "Hiiii Tess " I squealed back read Sex Story
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  7. Babysitter comes home from college for my birthday

    7/15/2016: On a cold dark winters evening in mid winter I was anxious to get home for the birthday celebration my daughters had planned for me but I had to work late at the office so my wife had to fix the k**s dinner, help them with their homework done and put them to bed before I got home. My wife and I had just finished a quiet romantic candle lit dinner and were washing the dishes when McKenzie showed up. I was leaning against the counter with my wife a few feet in front of me and McKenzie removed her heavy winter coat, scarf and boots. She came over to me, stood in front of me on her tippy toes ki read Sex Story
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  8. My Little Girl is Evil

    7/13/2016: My Little Girl is Evil This all began with a story, "My Little Girl is Responsible" followed by "My Little Girl is a Pervert", "My Little Girl is Impregnated" and most recently, "My Little Girl is a Pimp". As you can tell, "My Little Girl" is a very bad young woman who after catching me in an affair has made life a living hell! A sexy, vivacious and erotic hell!!!! Then a couple of days after "Pimp" happened, this occured!!!My Little Girl is Evil ======================================== I had just turned out of the subdivision to my normal Saturday mornin read Sex Story
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  9. LORNA and GRACE. PART 8

    7/11/2016: LORNA AND GRACE – PART 8 Grace spent her Sunday walking around the city and admiring the architecture. She had a nice lunch in a restaurant which had been recommended by Charlotte. It had been a long time since she had been alone in a strange city. She enjoyed the freedom and felt that people wanted her, needed her. She had totally lost her inhibitions about being a lesbian. She not only accepted her “condition”, she was happy about it since it gave her a lot of pleasure and made meet a lot of people. She was to meet a car at the hotel at 6PM. She had no dinner since she felt better performi read Sex Story
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  10. Two Broke Women

    7/11/2016: To my friend imornery81. . . . your writings have inspired me to be creative and post some more stories myself . . . And to toptramp for encouraging me to write again ================= Sandra and Angie have been friends for a few years now. They met through their husband’s mutual friends and seemed to hit it off from the beginning. The two couples got together often and the girls seemed to sense that they were attracted to one another but they didn’t take the next step to see if there was something there that they needed to explore. At one party the two couples attended Sandra and read Sex Story
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  11. Scandal

    7/10/2016: It was early March. I was in my senior year of high school, sitting in a chair in a Chapters bookstore and reading a Neil Gaiman book when I had the peculiar feeling of eyes gazing all over my bare legs and big breasts that peeked out of my tight halter top. Depending on my mood, sometimes I like to be watched. When I looked up, I was caught off guard by a tall raven-haired beauty staring at me. She wore a pale blue sundress with a plunging neckline and skirt that stopped short above her knees, all of which served to proudly display her lean and wonderfully statuesque figure. Her body wa read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Author: Wilbywon, Source: xHamster
  12. LORNA and GRACE (a Lesbian Tale) - PART 3

    7/9/2016: LORNA AND GRACE (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 3 “I’ll leave you alone to rest, as I’m sure you had a long evening”, said Janice smiling “Thank you”, answered Lorna “But I’ll make sure we talk later this week, when your friend is here”, added Janice Lorna’s head was buzzing and she would have agreed to anything. She was exhausted. Two hard orgasms in a few hours, not mentioning the heavy sex, Grace’s cold shoulder, and questions to be asked and answered. Lorna hoped she would sl**p and be able to talk sensibly to Grace tomorrow. ----------------------------------------------------------------- read Sex Story
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  13. Double Act – Chapter 2

    7/9/2016: Double Act – Chapter 2 "Doesn't that feel good?" she whispered at my ear. "God yes," I said, not sure if it was loud enough for Tim's benefit. I opened my eyes and saw him staring at my tits. Given that they were a little bigger than my s!ster's, Beth was making the most of them for his benefit. She ran her hands over and over them, letting her fingers flick the bullet-hard nipples. Then she ran her hands down to my waist and undid my skirt. I stepped out of the clothes and turned to face my s!ster. We grinned at each other, then shared a very close and intimate hug, wra read Sex Story
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  14. Celebrity Surrender with Anne Heche and Linda Blai

    7/7/2016: After the huge success of Ronda Rousey making her sexfighting debut, the folks at Ultimate Surrender were looking to add on to the list of celebrities getting down and dirty. Ariel and her staff were busy sending out all sorts of feelers and invitations to anyone they thought might be interested. There wasn't much response, except for a handful of negative replies. Most of the calls went unanswered, and Ariel just summed it up to nobody wanting to be the first to get involved. She optimistically figured that once she got a match or two, more and more women would be willing to give it a try read Sex Story
    Categories: Celebrities, Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Author: mayberry, Source: xHamster
  15. What's Gotten Into You - Xmen fan fiction

    7/5/2016: Emma Frost sat pensivelyas she made the final adjustments that prepare Cerebro to interface with her mind. Dr Xavier's technological marvel amplified her psi powers and enabled her to reach out and find...well everybody. But it was tuned to track mutants. She'd been sent here by Storm on an premise that was as preposterous as it was terrifying. Storm had received word that the Phoenix f***e had somehow resurrected and bonded with Professor X. Everyone knew that was impossible, but having cheated death and read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex, Author: Bartzeros, Source: xHamster
  16. Just Lucky I guess

    7/2/2016: I cannot remember the first time I thought of sucking cock but I can remember a time. I was a teenager and had some guys that I knew. One was a beautiful golden skinned Lebanese 15 year old that every knew was gay. Although I never approached him I would masturbate furiously thinking about his cock in my mouth. I never thought about a guy sucking me. I always wanted to be the guy that got the load in my mouth and eventually my ass. It wasn't until much later I realized I was a bottom. I am always cautious when approaching some one. I am not out and prefer to stay that way. That is unti read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Gay, Lesbian Sex, Author: truetrueblue, Source: xHamster
  17. Lesbianism in Modern Literature -5

    6/21/2016: The smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking awoke Sam. She opened her eyes and stretched. A feeling of great euphoria rushed over her and she smiled. All of her upbringing told her that what had happened last night was wrong. However, every other part told her it was so right. It was like she had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They were arguing right and wrong. But, she couldn't tell which position the angel or the devil was taking. Sam got out of bed and put her robe on and walked barefooted down the stairs. The fireplace was already roaring and the house was filled w read Sex Story
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  18. Miss C takes Mom and I to the Doctor's office

    6/19/2016: Doctor's Appointment As most of you know, I serve Miss C, my Mom's former Mistress. Two days ago, Miss C informed me that we were taking a trip to Maryland for the day and that i was to follow a few simple rules. I was to shower in the morning, but do nothing with my hair except brush it dry, not wear make-up and wear the clothes that She would lay out. Naturally, I did as I was told. In the morning, I awoke to Miss C's firm but gentle voice saying "time to wake and get ready... you have a big day ahead"! I got out of bed, showered and brushed my hair dry. Without make-up, I look much you read Sex Story
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  19. When the Dogs away, the cat's will play

    6/9/2016: A few years ago I was working out of town and thought I would be working over the weekend and told my wife and I would be and that was about 8:00 pm that Friday night when we spoke over the phone.She told me that she would have her girlfriend over to keep her company since she didn't like being home alone like she was all that week and I said that's fine. My boss then called me at the motel about 10:00 pm. to say that there was a material delay, so there is no since working the weekend. the material wouldn't be there till Tuesday. So I said well alright I'll tell the rest of the guys and be he read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Author: kat4all, Source: xHamster