1. Bound for Hawaii

    1/5/2018: “So this is how it’s going to be”, I thought to myself. I looked around at my crew and couldn’t believe my eyes. This is what I get for putting an ad on Craigslist. I should have known better. Free Trip to Hawaii I am off to sail the South Pacific and need crew to help sail my boat to my first stop in Hawaii. No experience necessary, just a healthy sense of adventure, no fear and willing to learn and work. Please text me at … All the men that responded were either pretty weird, running from the law, were lazy or afraid of water. I have no clue what’s wrong with men these days read Sex Story
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  2. A night to remember

    12/25/2017: Well my husband and I decided to get a sitter for our k**s and we go have us adult time. Well my friend and I have been out and got our nails and pedicure done early that day. While we setting and getting our nails and stuff done we was talking about my husband and my date night. Well first of all let me just say she is married too but her husband is locked up. I started feeling bad talking about the night my hubby and me going to have since her man is locked up. So I decided what the hell I invite her along my hubby won't mind since we role play about her sometimes. So I called my hubby up an read Sex Story
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  3. Falling in Love Sexually, with my Boyfriend's

    12/20/2017: I looked at my boyfriends s****r and saw in her, the reason why men sometimes just desire a woman for sex. I had heard about her on occasions from my boyfriend, but I must admit, upon actually meeting her, she took my breath away. I know between the sexes we have the alpha humans, one that inspires the rest of us to look up to, but for me, seeing her and watching her, was sexual, my nipples hardened, and I ached, like I do when my need for sex becomes a fact, even my boyfriend seemed enamoured by his s****rs presence. As fate would have it, we both were f***ed into a situation, out of ou read Sex Story
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  4. Meeting a friend

    12/15/2017: Arriving in my hotel after the long flight from Europe, I suddenly found myself feeling very horny. I needed some relief. Maybe a shower would help, I thought to myself as I stripped away my traveling outfit. My skirt slipped down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped free, my already bare feet slipping carelessly away from the skirt. I took a few steps toward the bathroom as I unbuttoned the white, just almost see-through blouse. It was on the floor just in front of the door to the bathroom. Wearing just a white bra and panties, I played with the nozzles in the shower until I figured out h read Sex Story
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  5. Ms. Claws

    12/8/2017: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house... Who am I k**ding, except for me, there were no creatures in my house to stir--at least no mammals. My lover had moved out three weeks ago. I didn't mind her going so much, but she took the elegant Siamese Amberdrake with her. We had a long hard custody battle over the cat, but in the end, I had to admit that Amber had move in with her, so she got to take him when she left. So here I was alone, again, for the holidays. I had my viewing all picked out for the next day, starting with Miracle on 34th Street, an read Sex Story
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  6. The Enterprise crew

    11/30/2017: Captain’s Log: May 15, 2153. We are studying a Class 4 red giant. The crew is enjoying some down time and relaxing, except for my communications officer Ensign Hoshi Sato. I ordered Ensign Sato to sickbay and report to Dr. Phlox. Hoshi walked into sickbay and looked around, when she didn’t see anyone she said, “Dr. Phlox, are you in here.” Dr. Phlox walked out from behind a curtain and said, “You’re up late Ensign, shouldn’t you be in your quarters resting?” Hoshi looked at Dr. Phlox and said, “I was on the bridge, the captain sent me down here because I have a bad headache. I am read Sex Story
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  7. Surpise

    11/24/2017: When I married my husband, he already had a daughter, he had custody, it never became girlfriend, she considered that it was because of me that his father divorced. Now that she is an adult, she has occasionally live in our house. One day I came home early in the afternoon, entering, no noise in the house, I go to the kitchen and passing in the hallway, I see Marie's room ajar, j hears a noise, the TV was on with a porn movie, a girl was doing love with two black. I look through the crack in the door, she was lying on her bed, naked, with all those little pointed breasts. she was spirited read Sex Story
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  8. My Changing Life- The Diary V

    11/20/2017: Bobby left and I stripped the bed, trying to get the house cleaned before the girls got home. It was a really wonderful weekend with Bobby, bu I was kind of glad that he left early. I am missing my girls! I'm sure they will be full of questions, and I have a few for them. So many things going through my mind. I grabbed a quick shower, well as quick as I can, then dressed. I decided to wear the Capri pants that Glenda picked out for me and a t shirt type top. I brushed my hair back, Thank goodness I still have lots of hair. I checked myself in the mirror. Damn, I look pretty good. My shape h read Sex Story
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  9. The Pill - part 3

    11/19/2017: This is the third chapter in the story of my adventures in London, on the day when I took a small pink pill and my face and body transformed into that of a beautiful young woman. However, I knew that I only had 24 hours before the effects wore off and so determined not to miss any opportunity as I had a day of sexual adventures, some planned, some on the spur of the moment. The story so far: I had started my day in the back of a van, in a multi-storey car park, choosing the outfits I would wear during the day, and discovering the wonders of my new female body. I had then greatly improved the d read Sex Story
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  10. Night Out

    11/18/2017: ‘Not bad at all’ thought Kim looking at herself in the mirror. Looking back at her was a figure dressed in lingerie, red and black basque framing her boobs and a pair of thin satin panties. ‘Better not be cold’ though she thought smiling to herself ‘Don’t want the shivers, this could be interesting.’ Dressing herself in a pair of jeans and top and applying her makeup, she glanced at her watch. ‘He’s late, bet he’s chickened out’ was just out of her mouth as she heard a car pull up outside. ‘Showtime’ Moving downstairs, she went out to the car to meet who was taking her to the club read Sex Story
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  11. First Kiss 4 – Fillow #1

    11/17/2017: B.t.V.S. - First Kiss 4 – Fillow #1 "Look, Red, all I was saying is B needs to chill out, okay? I ain't no leader," Faith grumbled as she paced back and forth in Buffy's room. Willow was sitting on the bed, watching. "Buffy's been going crazy with everything, Faith. No one wants to listen to her anymore, because we're not getting anything done and we keep losing Potentials. We need to make some headway if we're going to have any chance of beating the First. You can help us with that. Buffy just keeps telling everyone what to do." "That's kinda what bein' a leader is. She's, like, the read Sex Story
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  12. Surprise Guest

    11/16/2017: Over the last few months we had become very close friends that shared one magical secret. Although we were both married to others, our connection could not deny the passion that burned within. Having had a few little get-aways before, we booked a nice overnight get away and brought in some snacks so we would not have to go out. As we got comfy and kissing each other our passion grew as a knock sounded on the door. I walked over and open the door to see Jenn, one of your close friends and confidant standing there with a wide grin with a small shoulder bag; she hugged me and walked in huggin read Sex Story
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