1. Tittyhawk - The Wrath of Commander Titjob

    11/1/2018: Tittyhawk in The Wrath of Commander Titjob Evolution. Selecting mates based on favorable characteristics. In the not too distant future, Humans have begun to evolve. The favorable characteristics? Sexual prowess. The next evolution of Mankind is here... ...and it wants to fuck your brains out. Willing or no... Book 1 The City. Bustling with activity... and crime. And the HAWK. 5'3” tall with raven read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Death, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Group Sex, Group Sex, Mind Control, Rape, Trans, Author: MightBeRealz, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Lesbian desires 3

    10/31/2018: Part Three The Further Training and Breaking of A Sex Slave Jess feeling quite content in the enslavement of her former coworker Carrie continues her sexual, and mental onslaught, and soon a sex slave is born, these are the chronicals of a depraved lesbian making fantasy into reality, and the horrors that follow. Jess walked down the hallway completely naked, her nipples growing hard with read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, Lesbian, Rape, Author: krisk1221, Source: sexstories.com
  3. A New Clientele

    10/31/2018: Word gets around in my profession. It's what my business model is based on. It's what all massage parlor's base their business on. The fact that I fuck five out of every ten men who come into my shop has changed what I do, changed who comes in. The news that I offer a special package to some of my customers has attracted more business than I have ever seen and scared away some of my old read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: spuddick, Source: LushStories
  4. Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 03

    10/30/2018: [[[-IF6-P3.TXT-]]] ---------------- Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Written by: JeremyDCP M/F, F/F and a whole lot more ---------------- Chapter 03: "Matriarch" ------------------------------------------- -*- Sunday, October 2, 2016 -*- -*- Allentown, Pennsylvania -*- "Take another bite of your _Jell-O_, Mom? Just one more. Please do it for me." It was late in the afternoon; the time was 4:43pm and read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Romance, Author: JeremyDCP, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Breaking in the New House II

    10/29/2018: I guess I fell asl**p after Chris had fucked my brains out- again. When I woke, I was the only one still in the den. Someone had covered me with a blanket sometime during the night. I lay there thinking about when Chris and I first met. My first experience of sex with another man some had been some 28 years earlier and was, well let's say less that totally satisfying. I had crossed the threshold, and that part was good. But, it happened and it was over and I never saw Micheal again. I went back to my straight life, but had a lot of thoughts about what had happened that night and if I would eve read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: Fishdude1, Source: xHamster
  6. The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter Chapter 13: Portland

    10/29/2018: The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Thirteen: Portland Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Monday, July 4th, 2072 – Sarah Glassner – Outskirts of Portland, OR I couldn't sleep. We would be entering Portland in the morning. The city looked ruined, the half-destroyed buildings stretching for miles and miles towards the blue line of the Columbia read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Lesbian, Group Sex, Incest, Lactation, Lesbian, Group Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Toys, Violence, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  7. The Mermaid's Courtship 1: Rebellious Daughter

    10/27/2018: The Mermaid's Courtship Chapter One: Rebellious Daughter By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Kolin – Calthin Bay, Kingdom of Thlin The net was set, drifting in the water behind the boat. I sat on the lip of the small fishing boat I worked with my wife, Willa. The craft was a wedding gift from my father, a small sloop to begin our fishing trade. It had only one mast and two sets of oars to row. It was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Female solo, Lesbian, Incest, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Monster, Voyeur, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  8. The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 46: The Interspecies Threesome (Part 1)

    10/26/2018: Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect. I am only human after all. Author’s Note 2: Although read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Straight Sex, Lesbian, Hardcore, Lesbian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Written by women, Teen, Author: barbielez, Source: sexstories.com
  9. The Passion of Agnes Part 4

    10/26/2018: I retraced my steps in the direction of the dormitorium, wondering if I was still expected to fulfill my duties that day, much troubled in heart and soul, turning over in my mind the tenets of the strange philosophy expounded to me by Sister Gwendolyn. Even more than the tableaux of the previous night these diabolical views shocked me to the core. She couldn’t have been serious. I had no read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: Audrey_X, Source: LushStories
  10. Value Added Sex!

    10/22/2018: Friday night arrived at last, and I needed to make a quick stop at the local budget supermarket to pick up supplies. I'd made a mental list on the bus, and, seeing as my house-mate Lucy was away for the weekend, I put a few little treats in my basket as I went round. namely a couple of bottles of crisp, dry white wine. As usual, there were only two checkouts open, and a long queue at each read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: ColletteXx, Source: LushStories
  11. Jaz. Part 2

    10/21/2018: With their arms and lips locked to each they stood there in the kitchen gently sucking each other's tongues. Jaz's hand slipped down Marsha's back and went under her school uniform skirt where her fingers encountered Marsha's slip. "So warm and silky," Jaz said softly when she ended the kiss. "There's more," Marsha said as kissing Jaz's cheek. Jaz allowed her smooth hands to slide read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: ThePhantom, Source: LushStories
  12. Late Night Work

    10/20/2018: Author's note: I know it's impossible for three guys NOT to get caught hiding in a closet, but this is 100% FICTION. Please keep that in mind, thanks! My name is Allison, and Im 19. I'm about 5'6" in height, with auburn hair and brown eyes. I have a lean figure with D-cups and dimples in my back, just below my spine. It was Autumn, and I was starting my very first internship at the White House read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Fan fiction, Lesbian, Masturbation, Toys, Voyeur, Author: CandyDream, Source: sexstories.com