1. Husband tied and teased

    7/26/2017: So one day my wife decided it's time to get even with me. The night before everything happens my wife cooks a special dinner. Both of our k**s are off to camp for a week. She cooks great food and great deserts. So we sit and eat and she says to me, "I made some chocolate chip cookies" ,of course she knows those are my favorite. She added some extra ingredient into the dough. I finish my dinner and couldn't wait for those cookies. So she picks up everything at the dinner table and brings me two large cookies and they taste awesome. After about an hour I was feeling so sl**py and could not keep read Sex Story
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  2. Frustrated League Cup Liverpool Home perfect endin

    7/26/2017: Phoenix Ticker May 9 morning, Premier League last game of the 37th. Liverpool sits Anfield home 4 to 1 victory over Chelsea. This is the second time the two ultimate teams clash in four days. FIFA Cup final opponents Liverpool lost 1 to 2 missed the National Cup crown, while the game's victory greatly ease the recent weakness of the Red Army, which temporarily exceed Fulham ranked eighth in the Premier League standings. FA frustrated FIFA 16 players turned gorgeous half after blasting the Blues defense Suarez is absolutely central Liverpool, his play is directly related to the ultimate read Sex Story
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  3. night as a girl with wife away

    7/26/2017: My wife and i decided on a nice quiet night away nothing flash just nice bed and breakfast hotel. We had been girly shopping in the afternoon,and i was so excited my wife had bought me some new panties and a nightie so i was looking forward to being a girl later. In the evening we went for a meal then called in a few bars.My wife kept teasing me about the different men i was looking at and fancying and said it wasn't often i looked a women any more and how effeminate i had become and gay,and when we got back for the night she was going to make me cum as if i was a girl. Well this got my read Sex Story
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  4. The Second Place Sister: Ch. 6

    7/26/2017: *A Promise Kept* Stephanie sang along to the radio as she cruised into her neighborhood, her spirits high. Her introduction to her new modeling job had gone splendidly, but her first shoot wouldn't be until later in the week. She felt wet between the legs, remembering the way the photographer had fucked her with his eyes the entire time. He'd been really cute, in a rebellious artist sort of way, read Sex Story
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  5. Medical Practice

    7/26/2017: I was never much of a student, when I finished High School it was a relief to be done with all that study. My friends all went onto University while I went out into the working world. I got a job in a a call centre, I was on the lowest rung on he totem pole, so I worked a lot of nights and weekends. Subsequently I had very little social life (not that I was Mr popularity when I was in High school) but I was earning money and the job was relatively simple. One of my friends from High school, Michael, was a very good student and had gone into study medicine. We didn't get to hang out much du read Sex Story
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  6. A Party To Remember

    7/25/2017: I was invited to an old college friend's birthday party, who I hadn't seen in a few years. I remember thinking that it will be really nice to see Emily, but if I'm honest, I was dreading it, as I was told that my old college crush Max will be there. He used to have flowing black locks of hair, that caressed his perfectly chiselled jawline, and the most gorgeous hazel eyes and smile that would instantly attract any woman nearby. I always wanted to ask him out, but I never had to guts to. I wish I had just gone for it and asked him out when I had the chance. My friend's birthday party was in read Sex Story
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  7. Lascivious Thoughts.PART I.

    7/24/2017: It was her first day. It was not an ideal job ,but it was a job. She would spend five hours a day cleaning some rooms in the monastery. She was told only to clean the library when there was no monks present as strict silence was to be maintained at all times.She had busied herself all morning but knew she could not leave until the library had been cleaned and the long shelves full of books had been dusted.She gingerly opened the door of the monastery library and stepped inside,the long room was empty,all the monks were busy beating the bottoms of those who came to the monastery for punishment read Sex Story
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  8. Waking Up: Taylor Swift

    7/23/2017: Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has happened or ever will happen. ***** I had no idea what had just happened to me. I had just woke up after a long day at school and at work. My head was pounding like a drum. I felt weird as I tried to get up and out of bed. I almost fell over a couple times. I don't know why I was losing my balance, it just felt like there was something holding me down. I was still very sl**py so my eyes weren't completely open, at least read Sex Story
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  9. Would you Marry a Girl like me??

    7/22/2017: As a little girl I used to prowl through my mothers wardrobe to wear her things, and the first surprise was the smell of leather, hanging there. This weekend I laid out these garments on my bed, as I had inherited them after she had gone, and as I looked at these expensive hand sewn garments, through experienced adult eyes, I could only imagine the beautiful woman inside them, that was my mother, and the scenery around her, that could only be imagined in an adult mind. That was my dear mother, a temptress and a disciplinarian, a lover of young men. I am sorely tempted to use the word 'Very' read Sex Story
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  10. Lesley part 34

    7/22/2017: Kevin the delivery driver was delivering his cock into Lesley's well stretched rectum at 215am by her bedside clock. Sweat was running down his face and dripping onto her backside, then watched as the drops ran like drizzle into the crack of her arse and joined his dick sawing into her well oiled fuck hole. She was insatiable. He had been driving for most of the day, and had broken many driving regulations, just so he could get into this old birds knickers. He wasn't disappointed. Their was 15 years between them, and he had never fucked any woman as old as Lesley. And boy, was he getting a le read Sex Story
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  11. College stress relief/fun ;)

    7/21/2017: I met this really great girl at school in my Economics class. Her name was Caitlin and was by far an angel from heaven. She was 5'6 and had the most adorable face I have ever seen. But she also had a great body figure if you know what I mean lol ;) Anyway she had a great figure head to toe. The adorable face leading down to her nice small breasts. Then leading down to an amazing looking bubble butt that you could not take your eyes off of. She was wearing a pair of black leggings that you can see the outline of her panties. That alone got me really hard just seeing that amazing ass in those l read Sex Story
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  12. The Sorority

    7/20/2017: "Welcome to the fundraiser!" a voice called out, cutting through the clamor that filled the living room of the house. Rush week always brought out a wide away of characters and this year was no different. "After we are done here today some of you will get to join our noble organization, and we will have raised a lot of money for the house!" Margret had been the head of the sorority's chapter since read Sex Story
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  13. A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

    7/19/2017: It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning when I arrived at the airport with my beautiful girlfriend, Becca. Normally, it was difficult to find parking near the airport. However, luck was on our side today. There was an available parking spot that was relatively close to the airport doors. “We're here,” I told Becca, as I parked the van that I recently rented. “Thanks again for the ride, read Sex Story
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  14. Island Fever Ch. 31

    7/17/2017: [[[-Island_Fever31.TXT-]]] Island Fever Written by: JeremyDCP Chapter 31: "Bumblepuppy" ========================__________________________________ While making my routine rounds through the guest corridor in the mansion on this lovely Wednesday evening, I realized that there were gentle sounds of passion emanating from within one of the rooms as I passed by its entrance. Forever the intrusive read Sex Story
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  15. The one night stand camping trip

    7/17/2017: Many years ago my roommates s****r was going to a small college about 3 hours drive from the house. My roommates s****r Cindy had been seeing a mutual friend of ours, Peter and my roommate had been seeing his s****rs roommate, Megan. One day my Roommate Matt told me that he and Peter had been talking to the girls and were planning a late fall camping trip at a state park near the town where the college was located. Matt also told me the girls had another roommate, Jess that wanted to come along and she could be my weekend date. I was a little leery of the situation since Matt tended to manipu read Sex Story
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  16. Old Friends

    7/16/2017: Phil and Gary hadn’t seen each other since they were about 14 when Gary’s f****y moved away. Now 40 years later, they still couldn’t believe that they ran into each other by accident not to mention that Phil remembered Gary so quickly. Back in the day, they were inseparable and were heartbroken when Gary’s f****y moved to another state. Now they sat in the bar talking nonstop – playing catch up. There were a lot of similarities in their lives. Both attended the state university of their respective home state and both competed in athletics while there. Gary married his high school sweet read Sex Story
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  17. My webcam pet. Chapter 3.

    7/15/2017: Chapter 3 Not knowing what I may want her to play with while on webcam for me she decided to get all her new toys ready to be on the safe side. On a table next to her was lube, a 6" vibrator with suction cup base, an 8" vibrator with suction cup base, double dildo with a cock head on each end and a toy she wasn't aware existed til earlier today. This new toy was an all-in-one piece that, once inserted, would slip inside her sexy ass, inside her sweet pussy and vibrate against her clit all at once. This was the one she was most eager to try. Still dressed as she was told to be for the day sh read Sex Story
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  18. Blondie at the Club

    7/15/2017: My story begins this past summer when my friend and I took a visit to South Carolina. We spent most of our time in Myrtle Beach, and lodged in the neighboring city of Conway. Besides playing golf, and spending time on the beach, we came to SC so my friend can have his first experience at a strip club. This visit was my 3rd, so I had sophomore skills at these clubs. Anyway, we went on our first night to take a whack at it. My friend danced with a blue haired chick he thought was sexy as well as a couple others. He enjoyed his time. However, the way he was so confident had one stripper read Sex Story
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  19. My First Blowjob

    7/14/2017: For the first time in my life, I've finally had my first blowjob ever. Actually, it was supposed to be a full fuck session for me and her, but instead, it was just a blowjob. It happened sometime last year. This one friend of mine from high school asked me to hang out with her. Now, I've known her since high school. She was a bit of a tomboy back then, but when I saw her for the first time in 6 years, I was stunned to how ladylike and beautiful she really is now. We've been friends since high school, but after high school, we still keep in contact, mostly through Facebook of co read Sex Story
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  20. A Tale of Two George Flinns

    7/14/2017: George Flinn was a 25 year old collage graduate, who was a relatively fit guy who worked as an athletic trainer at his local gym, though he mostly spends his day sitting in front of a computer. He was relatively pale, had light chestnut hair, and brown eyes. He was a very easygoing guy; chatty, friendly, an relatively intelligent. George was single, and lived in a small apartment that he was just read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Foot or shoe fetish, Gay, Masturbation, Author: Dooplicus Maximus, Source: sexstories.com