1. The Long Con - Magnificent Mandy part 2

    9/28/2018: ​ That night laying in bed with Jolene we ended up talking more than usual and I could tell she was a little frustrated. She had rarely had to even hint at sex before I would be all over her, desperately fucking the image of her amazing daughter out of my head. Her daughter Mandy was stunning in every way, and after a normal day of seeing her thighs, thick and wonderful, her breasts, massive for read Sex Story
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  2. Sisterhood of Sin -- 4 -- Private Revelation

    9/27/2018: "What do you mean, 'Give him the stiffy test'?" "You really don't know? You can find out if he likes something by seeing if it makes him hard when you do something or talk to him about something. For example, if you hold his cock, not stroke it, just hold it, and suck his nipples, his cock will tell you if he likes that." "I don't think that will work with Dan. If I even touch his cock read Sex Story
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  3. Sex in the city - Chapter 1

    9/27/2018: Immanuel Calley wandered through the now dimming streets of Southwark (South London) to his destination. His young mistress, a 20 year old named Besany, would be waiting for him and he would have to be back at work in one and a half hours. Ten minutes later he arrived at her flat in Bermondsey, near George Row. He rang the buzzer and waited for half a heartbeat before she buzzed him in and he made read Sex Story
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  4. my mom want it

    9/26/2018: Later in my life I learn my mom always wanted a girl. After I was born mom's doctor advises her that her c***dbearing abilities are over, she will never have the daughter she always wanted. Subsequently she raises me like the daughter she can never have rather then the boy I am. My dad makes it easy for her. Dad's job requires intensive travel. Sometimes he is away from home for months, allowing mom to do as she pleases with my upbringing. This gives mom ample time to bring me up as young girl. She fusses over me and dresses me in frilly pink things as a baby. All her friends think it is cute read Sex Story
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  5. Sex Trafficking: Part 2: Jeff and Barbie Doll

    9/26/2018: Dear Reader: This is one part of another project. It gives information for events that will occur later on in another part of the project. Fall semester was finished and spring break was a month or two off. During spring break, Jeff knew the good looking sexy female population would jump from very few to an abundance. The past summer and 2015 Christmas season had been quite good for Jeff’s end of read Sex Story
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  6. my aunts wedding (true story)

    9/24/2018: It was a Saturday morning my Aunts big day, I arrived at her house early looking dashing im my black tux. She was getting her make-up done while i was chatting with a few f****y members and friends. After a while i went to greet my aunt, congratulate her on her big day. She then introduced me to her bridesmaids and that's when i saw her, she was wearing a pink saree exposing her toned stomach, long black hair, big plum lips. "This is Hani" my aunt said to me "hi" I said to her nervously, "hi how are you? you look handsome" Hani replied. smiled and said "thanks you too" she said "aww". At that read Sex Story
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  7. A Warm Spring Morning

    9/23/2018: It's Tuesday 7AM, a thin sliver of sunlight shines through my bedroom window, as I roll over in bed. My boyfriend, Gavin, has just left for his job and I get to laz-around until I start work at Noon. I stretch out under the covers, wipe sl**p from my eyes, and toss my hair. Something comes over me, I feel a little naughty this morning. Oh, Gavin and I had great sex the other day, but I've got a need THIS morning. I leave the comfort of the bed and slink to the closet. Under a stack of folded clothes, I pull out an oversized handbag and retrieve my favorite toy- the rabbit. My "never read Sex Story
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  8. The Realistic Dildo Experience

    9/22/2018: I was a thirty-four-year-old unemployed, still living at home, lonely, single, and incredibly horny woman. I watched porn on the net majority of the time. Every single day. I found hentai she-male and lesbian porn interesting and hot, lesbian porn was so hot! Especially when there's two smoking hot blonde women on top of each other rubbing their wet pussies together. Oh, man, I would rub my read Sex Story
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  9. Mommy and Daughter

    9/21/2018: 100% a real story that happed a few days ago. Never have i ever realised how sexy my mom is. im 13 and have pretty much figured out my fellings towards women. i follow in my moms foot steps, brown but more green eyes, perfectly tanned skin, long wavy dark brown hair, plump lips and of course, the boobs, she has 38DD and i have 36CC. if your wondering i am definatly 13 and yes i have big boobs for my age. i was masturbating in my room and noticed i was going to squirt and so i got up to use the bathroom but my mom was in there and the door was wide open. i saw her perfect boobs, big roun read Sex Story
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  10. Modern Family: 1 - The middle child unleashed

    9/17/2018: Chapter 1 - Alex and Phil The Dunphey house was loud with Phil and Luke trying to create a louder sound system than they already had, Alex growled, as she was trying to study and the noise was annoying her, more than when Haley was eating. “Want a drink?” Haley asked, for some reason she was being nice to her, but she nodded in reply and waited for her to come back, to see if she was going to ask read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Fan fiction, Incest, Masturbation, Author: FYI2, Source: sexstories.com
  11. Jenny, Mum and Dad Pt5

    9/17/2018: Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part 5. He grabbed her thrusting wrist and yelled, “Don’t you move a fucking muscle,” and then yelled as he relieved himself into her. Groaning and roaring through the pain his cock was in and the heat generated from his hot urine filling her cunt made him light headed. He wanted her to feel the heat as long as she could but felt he couldn’t stay upright for much longer. He was fucked from his hard work and felt like his cock would never be the same again. Jenny never expected anything like this. She knew straight away what her father had done and was shocked to feel he read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Taboo, Author: royby, Source: xHamster
  12. Hanks Burgers by GuyMaddox#1

    9/17/2018: GUY'S PRIZE-WINNING "HANK BURGERS" GUY’S PRIZE-WINNING “HANK BURGERS” It wasn’t more than a few days after I met him than I learned that Hank liked to cook. So we sat around in his Arkansas trailer in the hills above Hot Springs, sucking each others’ dicks and watching Food Network. On a Saturday morning, I was fucking Hank’s ass over the sofa in his trailer, and what comes on over his satellite TV but fucking Rachel Ray! Man, does she have cock-sucking lips- all glossed up and everything. For a minute, Hank and I stopped banging just to look at her. We laughed at each other, both of read Sex Story
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