1. My Sex Life - Part One

    6/2/2017: I'm 33 and from England and have decided to start documenting my sex life, as a sort of blog. First I will confess I have had many sexual partners. I have nearly always played safe and I have been regularly checked. I do this because, ultimately, I love sex. I absolutely love it and I want to try everything with all different kinds of people, as you will soon find out - if I keep the blog going, read Sex Story
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  2. Feeling Randy

    6/1/2017: I was home alone one week, while my fiancé was away at work, I was sitting around on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, wishing I had something real to play with. I had been on my phone looking at porn on XHam, when I came across a few sexy pictures of cocks. I have enjoyed a cock in the past, and was very turned on by the thought of another. As the minutes passed, I was so Horney, and decided to check out what I might find on Craig's list. I punched in the personals, and decided to see if there was anyone near me, who would like to get together for a man to man mutual blow job fest. I read Sex Story
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  3. Anita in Paradise

    6/1/2017: I can’t believe what’s happened to me! Here I am in a swingers’ paradise on a beautiful Caribbean island. Last night I had sex with seven people and tonight – who knows? Maybe more! Well I better put you in the picture – my name’s Anita and until about a month ago I was just one of those lonely divorced women who thought they’d never have sex again. That was until my wonderful, wonderful friend Lorraine came round with a gift – and what a gift! A magic wand which unlocked my sexual yearnings and within the hour on that morning I had had multiple orgasms, squirting orgasms and full on messy se read Sex Story
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  4. early wanking

    5/31/2017: Like most young boys I started wanking when I was about eight or nine. I would tug away at my diminutive prick and eventually have a dry climax. I knew that I liked what I was doing and the sensation at the climax was brilliant. The prevalent atmosphere at home decided me to keep very quiet about my illicit pleasures. Around about a year later a man the f****y referred to as "uncle Pete", although in reality he was no relation, came into my life. Uncle Pete was pretty good fun and generous! It was him that introduced me to train spotting which was to become a lifetime passion. Pete took me al read Sex Story
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  5. My jodhpurs fantasy

    5/31/2017: My first time writing here, so be gentle... I was out walking my dog in the countryside, and as we cross into a field, I see a woman riding a huge horse towards us. As she approaches I pop the lead on my dog, and tie him to a post, not wanting to scare the horse. As she gets closer she waves to get my attention, and I start to get hard at the sight of her riding the horse in her tight tan jodhpurs, white blouse, and her long dark hair bouncing as she rides, my mouth goes dry, and my pulse quickens. She stops along side me, looking down from her mount, sweating from her hard ride. I read Sex Story
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  6. Master's Pet, Katie's Gift

    5/31/2017: Katie paced the floor in nervous excitement. Her eyes darted around the room trying to make sense of things she had never seen before. Though she had been in this house many times over the last six years, this afternoon was her first time in this room. Until yesterday she hadn't even known The Playroom, as Maria said they called it, existed. She forced herself to hold still. Made herself take a read Sex Story
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  7. There's A First Time For Everything

    5/29/2017: I was in my second year of college when it happened and while most had to put up with annoying roommates who left their dirty laundry on the floor and almost always had a sock on the door I got lucky with my roommate. A beautiful brown skinned girl named Margaret who instantly went from stranger to best friend. She was had the most beautiful deep brown eyes i'd ever seen and long black hair that stopped just about the small of her back. She was perfect. Now, I wouldn't necessarily say that I am a lesbian but I know for a fact that the line that is my sexuality isn't straight either. Anyway read Sex Story
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  8. Soccer Mom and a Bully Chapter 4

    5/29/2017: As the week progresses, so does my mothers relationship with Colin, work calls become more frequent as well as late nights. I start receiving more E-mails from Colin with pictures and videos take from his cellphone. Pictures of her mouth wet with cum and spit, video's of him jizzing in her open waiting mouth or inside her sopping spasming pussy. She knows she's being videotaped in them, she read Sex Story
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  9. Little Bit of Fun

    5/29/2017: Prologue i. "Do you know what would be fun?" "No. Tell me." "Stealing a transporter band and going to Earth." "You think it would be fun to break the law?" "Nah, I think it would be fun to go to Earth. I don't care how we get there." "Well, you go on your own then. I'm not getting involved. They'll lock you up for life if they find out you've been to a forbidden planet. Especially the most forbidden planet in the galaxy." "They'll never know. We'll be back before anyone realises we're gone." "Enough of the "we". You're on your own on this one. I don't want anything to do with Earth." read Sex Story
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  10. First time with Dawn

    5/28/2017: I met the first real love of my life when I was at school. Dawn had long dark brown hair, she was tall, slender and very good looking, a real catch for a young lad. After a short while of the usual hormone filled passionate kissing and heavy petting sessions we decided on a night that we were going to have full blown sex. My parents were going out and the house was to be empty. A good 3 or 4 hours on our own was just the job. I loaded up with condoms and awaited the said night coming round. Almost immediately my parents left the house we were on my bed, pulling at each others clothing un read Sex Story
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  11. Whitechapel

    5/28/2017: Another one dead, and papers had given the murderer a name, but no one was using it yet. The police still called him "The Whitechapel killer," and the people on the streets called him just "the killer." Nothing more was needed. Almost everyone found time on their walking commute that morning (some leaving home to get to morning shifts, some going back home from night shifts to sleep through the read Sex Story
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  12. Dad's Drawers

    5/27/2017: A son discovers that there is another dimension to his Dad. Dad was a big man. 6', built like a wardrobe, hairy. Whenever you hear the term "bear" mentioned - his image probably pops into your head. He was also cold, and overbearing. Never abusive - simply the sort of father, it was best not to get noticed by. And I had become very good at flying under his radar - which made things rather read Sex Story
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  13. The night my vibrator ran out of batteries

    5/26/2017: I entered my house with some bags filled with groceries and other stuff. I worked as a nurse and took care of my five-year-old son. It was a long tiring day for me. My neighbor’s young daughter was sitting in the living room; watching T.V. She takes care of son in my absence. Seeing me in the house, she switched off the T.V. She stood up and told me that she had put my son to sleep in his read Sex Story
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  14. He ejaculated in my ass on the train

    5/25/2017: I was on E train during the morning rush... it was probably the most humiliating and degrading moment of my life. That day the platform was extra crowded because of delays, and so to avoid being late, I had to squeeze on behind this large lady. I barely made it on myself, so I was irritated when, as the doors were whooshing shut, this young man shoe-horns himself in behind me. His body was plastered against mine, and I could feel his junk crushed against my behind. But I thought it was an accident. When I craned to look behind me, he was a nicely dressed, pretty good looking white guy who didn read Sex Story
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  15. My Not So Innocent Cousin

    5/25/2017: My Not So Innocent Cousin By billy69boy I picked up my phone. "Hi mom, what's up?" "Someone's here to see you," my mother replied rather cryptically, "can you come over?" My mom lived about a mile away from my apartment, so it wasn't a big deal. "Who is it?" I inquired curiously. "You'll see soon enough: it's a surprise!" she answered enthusiastically. I walked through the front door and looked into the kitchen. Sitting at the table with my mom was Serena, my cousin whom I hadn't seen in years. "Well, hello!" I blurted out. I was definitely surprised to see her, no d read Sex Story
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  16. Bob Andy and Sylvia

    5/24/2017: 'Im telling you fella...it was her. Defo. Sorry, n all that shit. But I saw her. With some fucker, I don't know who he is. But, then, I wouldn't would I. I was only in the place to get some water. Soz pal' Andy was very apologetic, and sincere as he explained to his good friend Bob that he'd witnessed seeing Bobs wife, Sylvia, in a motorway convenience store with someone she shouldn't have been with. 'She told me she was working all day in the hospital. Some review board, or something. That place is, what, 30 miles away. She didn't see you did she?' 'Na, did she fuck. To engrossed read Sex Story
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  17. Forbidden fruit pt 2 her mother’s daughter

    5/23/2017: Veronica and Chris had been having sex more and more regular, the risk of getting caught was exciting, Chris had popped around to see Veronica’s husband one evening and he had invited him to stay for tea, Chris duly accepted. As they sat in the living room Veronica said she was going to do the washing up and leave us 2 men to chat, I did offer to help but she said it would be ok, after a few moments I decided to go and offer again and walked into the kitchen “mmmmm nothing like seeing a woman in water” and laughed “will you behave, it’s not possible” as I laughed and got behind her and held he read Sex Story
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  18. The dildo was in the bag -3

    5/23/2017: When she finally emerged from the bedroom, clad in a long robe, her hair was still wet from her second shower. She had resisted the urge to fuck herself again, by f***e of will alone. She'd picked up the dildo, which had lint adhering to it from the carpet, announcing it was past time for her to vacuum the floors. She washed it off in the sink and put it back in the drawer. She didn't cover it up this time. She felt tired. John was still in the chair, but the dishes he'd eaten out of were now on the coffee table, along with four empty beer bottles. Anger replaced her weariness and she read Sex Story
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  19. House of Repentance,the Interview.PART I.

    5/23/2017: It has been a month now since I had one of the strangest experiences of my life.Thinking back I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do,I didn't even think that I would be permitted to interview Sr.Concepta,but the 'services',if you can can call them that ,provided by the Monks and Nuns of Perpetual Repentance was certainly of interest to people and me being a free lance reporter I was determined to get an interview and try to find out what was the driving f***e behind the nuns and monks who administered,by all accounts,severe punishment to anyone who entered the convent and wished to repe read Sex Story
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  20. Xx photoshoot xX

    5/22/2017: Well this was an unusual one for me, i was quite randomly contacted contacted by a woman called bella, who had got hold of my profile info from one of my friends on the site, she wrote saying she was very fascinated by my profile and that she’d never seen or heard of a disabled submissive who dressed up and wanted to ask me a big favour. After the reading of her very sincere email i was actually intrigued by her whole idea, she wanted to have me for the day at her studio to do a full shoot of pictures dressed up in various outfits, bondage etc, i said ok sounds like a laugh, but i don’t hav read Sex Story
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