1. An interesting night part 2

    8/5/2018: An Interesting nigh Part 2: It had been about a week since I had sucked off Derrick and I couldn’t get it off my mind. Every time I saw him he would smile at me and in front of people we acted as if nothing happened. Just like normal. It was kind of nice, no awkwardness at all. The only things that were different was that I knew what his dick looked like and what it tasted like. He also knew what read Sex Story
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  2. Disciples of Meridiana - excerpt #3

    8/4/2018: ...In which our hero finally finds the promised land, of a fashion. I noted it included sex, but didn't say what kind and Bill Clinton would not agree that it does. But here it is: "So," Diana croaked once her lungs were full of smoke, "what's one of the fantasies you've never gotten to do? Something you always wanted?" She exhaled an impressive cloud as punctuation and handed me the pipe. After considering it through my own draw, and handing it back, I swigged a little Dew and said, "OK-- This's a simple one, but it's also one of my fondest and probably inspires the most longing read Sex Story
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  3. Tracy Plus 2 Ch 1: The Dance

    8/3/2018: There she was again, sitting in the same place on the bleachers. Watching across the gym floor while watching everyone have a good time while occupying nothing but the seat she was on. And why not? She had warmed that same place on those bleachers through every dance she ever went to at Susan B. Anthony, but it did get lonely warming that spot with a little larger ass than she'd like to admit to. It wasn't enormously large by any means, but a size 12 underwear (she only wore briefs, she didn't feel she deserved anything else) didn't exactly get you noticed by the high school guys that liked tw read Sex Story
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  4. Rachael decides to become her dad's wife

    8/1/2018: Rachael stared at her own reflection.To say she was amazed would be an understatement.She looked exactly like the woman in the picture on the wall behind her.Exact dirty blonde hairs,blue eyes and long slender legs.The only difference she could devise of was that the woman in the picture had bigger boobs compared to her.Rachael filled up a C cup bra quite nicely so she guessed the woman must be a read Sex Story
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  5. Classroom fun

    7/30/2018: It is tough being away at school sometimes. It makes me realize how much I miss my boyfriend. I miss our nice dinners together, our tv time, and our special alone time. Today I was missing the special alone time extra. I can't begin to tell you how horny I was. I still went about my daily routine and went to class like usual. I got to the end of the day and went to my class in the big read Sex Story
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  6. bang bang of aussie girl

    7/30/2018: This is not a story but a real life incident.I'm a dark, young, energetic, good looking male of Indian origin living in Queensland, Australia for the last 1 year and studying at Uni. During weekends, I used to sit with my computer and browse a lot. When I'm finished with my assignments, I used to chat online, particularly with middle aged women who were single mums or dissatisfied married women. I found that women here are very horny but broadminded and open to discussions on any subjects.Once while I was searching for a woman to chat with, I stumbled upon Lisa, an Aussie mum of 3 c***dren. Sh read Sex Story
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  7. Brother,Sister, Mother, Neighbor Part 2

    7/30/2018: ##################################### Part 2 Jerry had gone into the bathroom and masturbated to get over the thoughts and feelings he was having about two girls. After pumping a massive stream into the shower he dressed and decided to go out. As he walked down the hall he looked into Nita’s room and saw the two naked bodies entwined in each other. His cock jumped at the sight and his mind went read Sex Story
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  8. Ho sedotto mia nipote

    7/29/2018: Non sono lesbica. Capirete dopo perché esordisco dicendo che non sono lesbica. Ho anche una amica lesbica con la quale ci frequentiamo abbastanza ma, nonostante qualche sua avance, non mi è mai venuto in mente di fare qualche cosa con lei. Il pensiero di stare con una donna, non mi eccita: anzi! Ho 41 anni, mi chiamo Alice. Sono alta un metro e sessantacinque, capelli scuri, ho qualche chilo in più ma quando si passano i quaranta sembra che sia quasi normale. Vivo in città con mio marito, lavoro saltuariamente come cameriera. Ho una vita 'normale', forse anche un po monotona. Solitamente, read Sex Story
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  9. Gym Teacher 3 Revised

    7/28/2018: The continuation the Gym Teacher 2, but this time it is the Carol and Tim story. It is a true story too, and thankfully, to this day continues as a long running love story. Gratefully, this is a true story and the love of my life. I awoke at 6:45am, which is not unusual for me, for many days I am already gone to work. But I figured I could sleep in some, especially after the workout we gave one read Sex Story
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  10. A Warm Sunny Day. Part 2

    7/27/2018: Terry and me were still lying side by side on the sunbeds, we were holding each other and lightly running our hands up and down each others body. I smiled and said, Terry that was definitely was a very special welcome home, I was totally amazed when I looked over my shoulder to see who was stroking my cock and, there you were smiling back at me and your huge hard cock swaying back and forward and seemed to be smiling as well ! We've never done anything like this before, yes we learned how to wank together when we were boys. Do you remember the first time ? You'd been staying over at my house read Sex Story
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  11. Mentoring Brandon Chapter 17

    7/27/2018: MENTORING BRANDON By Bob Chapter 17: A Thanksgiving to Remember Part 3 Brandon was still licking the shaft of Mikey's penis at the same time. I could tell that this wasn't going to be a quick night, as I knew what both Mikey and Brandon wanted. Again the jealousy took a shot at me, but I also realized I wasn't going to be left out of the equation. This was going to be one hot evening and one that read Sex Story
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  12. His Virginity

    7/27/2018: I was working as a tutor for struggling high school students to make extra money. I don’t consider myself particularly attractive. In fact, I’ve always been self conscious of my looks. But I have a large chest; so all that surprised when I caught Matt, a shy, socially awkward senior was staring down my top. “What’s the answer, Matt? Matt? MATT!” He looked at me guiltily. “Sorry. What?” “Are you distracted by the view?” Matt just blushed. I don’t know what I was thinking, but the next words out of my mouth were “Would you like a better look?” and I undid the top button on my blouse. That read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Author: lovegoddes71, Source: xHamster