1. The one that got away

    9/29/2017: My man and I live in an apartment complex. About two years back, my neighbor and I were good friends. She was blonde, about 5' 4" size six, small but perky breasts with an incredible round and tight ass. She and I would have lunch together occasionally-usually at my apartment. Completely platonic. That was until one time I invited her over for lunch and my man prepared the meal. She was impressed with his skills in the kitchen. She also remarked to me how lucky I was that he cleaned up the kitchen and cleared the table allowing her and I to talk. She mentioned that on the phone later. Now I wa read Sex Story
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  2. It gets hot in the sauna

    9/29/2017: It had been a long hard week. Thirteen, fourteen hour days in the office every day and zero 'me' time. So come Saturday morning, Chrissie had been looking forward to spending a little more time at the spa than the forty five minutes on the treadmill each day she had managed so far this week. She'd particularly been hoping to strike up a conversation with the hot looking new guy. He'd been working read Sex Story
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  3. Helpless

    9/29/2017: After her wonderful surprise on arriving back home, Sarah wanted to repay Clive with a similarly unexpected evening. She sat, feet curled under her, deep in thought as to what he might like. She needed Clive to be out so she could plan her surprise. She decided to send him out for pizza. It’d have to go cold, there wouldn’t be time to eat it, but that was a sacrifice worth making… When Clive came back Sarah had got everything ready. He burst through the door, pizza in his hands, and stopped short when he saw the chair in the middle of the room. Almost identical to how he’d arranged it for S read Sex Story
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  4. Fucked by my boss

    9/28/2017: So I was working at this big office and I had a really hot boss. I was 19 at the time and he was 28. Ok so there were 4 other people in the office who did the same thing as me and for a week every month we always have extra work and have to stay a few hours late so we always have one person stay late for one day a week. Usually it requires staying long after everyone else has left. So I was read Sex Story
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  5. Craig - A Very Close Encounter on the London Underground

    9/28/2017: He always changed trains at my Tube station, this young man. He reminded me of a smart young guy I used to pass every morning on my walk to work in the city where I grew up and had my first job. In those days, I used to give fictitious names to the strangers I passed in the street regularly and I would even create a domestic background for them from my imagination. But the quiet and innocent read Sex Story
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  6. The Day My Life Changed Part 2 Oral

    9/27/2017: It had been almost 2 weeks since Cheryl and I had had sex. I had wondered if all was well, as she had not said anything to me about our first adventure. And what an adventure it had been, I did not realize how kinky and over sexed she was. I had already shaved my pubic hairs, and they were itchy. Some lotion helped, but the little whiskers were sticking to my under shorts, and the whiskers on my balls made my cock sensitive, all the time. So I had a semi erection most of the day. It was, actually, kind of cool, walking with a small, soft, boner all day. Around noon Cheryl called me into read Sex Story
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  7. Andrea's Gang Bang

    9/26/2017: The sun was shining brightly and I was laid back on the lounge in the back yard when suddenly the sun went away. I opened my eyes and looked up to see the perfect body of Andrea blocking the sun. The light shown through her dress, outlining the perfect curves of her body that were hidden underneath. She began to unbutton her top, revealing those magnificent tits. She leaned down and pulled on my read Sex Story
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  8. Hands on Training

    9/26/2017: How the fuck did I end up here? It was supposed to only be a three day trip to attend the mandatory OSHA training that was required by my company to attend every year. The only good things about these trips usually meant I ate good and had a few drinks on the ole expense account, but this time was different. I had to miss the normally scheduled class and attend the make-up date. This meant there read Sex Story
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  9. Carpet Cleaner's Young Wife - Part 1

    9/25/2017: Jim was looking at porn videos as he started his evening jackoff session and came across a video of a dumb bitch getting screwed by several guys. The girl reminded him of Yolanda that he had knocked up last year. The video triggered all his memories of the strange incident with the dumb married couple who lived near him. They were both kind of retarded, neither one could read nor write. The couple read Sex Story
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  10. Trying Out A Condom With My Aunt ~ Part 1

    9/25/2017: Before reading, I'm sorry but my English isn't that good. I originally published this story in Gujarati, Urdu, and Hindi; then translated. I'm 16 years old, my aunt is in her early 30's. Please be 18+ when reading. Hope you enjoy. I appreciate all comments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` My grandma always loves when I come over to her two bedroom apartment complex. She lives with my read Sex Story
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  11. Mom taking care of me 7

    9/25/2017: I hardly slept through the night as too many thoughts were running wild in my head. It turned me on so much that my sister had gotten off to the video that me and mom had made. The morning had come and it felt like it took a year as I was anxious and excited about what could happen for the next couple days. The morning wood was real as I started to get out of bed. I had to calm the thoughts before read Sex Story
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  12. A Strangers Cum Part Three

    9/23/2017: A Strangers Cum 3 We had a nice lunch down at the local pub in a quiet booth then Sue continued her story … We had used the memories of that holiday for a while to spice up our sex life but things were pretty much back to normal and nothing else happened until about 6 months had gone by. I was doing some Yoga one morning listening to the radio and won a pair of tickets to a Kiss Concert as well as read Sex Story
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  13. Just a little more 2

    9/22/2017: More 2 continued..... I laid her back down on the bed. Annette immediately stuck her fingers between her legs. She let her middle finger stroke gently up between her lips until she reached her clit. She felt a strong rush of pleasure rush through her body before reality came crashing down on her. Annette closed her eyes and started to slide her fingers over her breasts. In no time I could see her read Sex Story
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  14. Lisa

    9/22/2017: After having a friend recommend a train Journey I decided to give it a go and admire the countryside of Somerset. I arrived early for my train so had the pick of the carriages and took the quietest with only a couple of other travellers on the 2.30pm train. There were only two stops on the hour journey so when it set off I knew I would have some peace and quiet. As the train pulled out of the station I could hear the footsteps of a pair of heels, a woman, well that was a blessing at least but there were more than enough spare seats for her to take. As the footsteps got closer I looked up a read Sex Story
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  15. Longing for her presence

    9/22/2017: The image of her face is still strong in my mind's eye. How can one forget such gorgeousness! It's been almost ten days since she jetted off to Singapore for work. Not unusual in her line of work and she can be gone for up to four weeks at a time, so she tells me. We met a few days before that in this newly opened noodle bar. I was checking her out. She was checking me out. She read Sex Story
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  16. chance meeting with a stranger

    9/21/2017: First attempt at a story if is fictional I hope you enjoy it and please excuse the spelling and grammar It was a strange day I had been back in the UK for a while waiting for my visa to be approved to go back to the Middle East. The company that was handling this was based in London and I had some more paperwork that they needed to assist the visa application. I purchased my ticket, waiting on the platform of the village station there was nothing to take my interest the train pulled in and I got on board and took the first available seat it was not to busy, It was a newer type electric t read Sex Story
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  17. Exhibitionist Wife - Teasing an old guy

    9/21/2017: During the hot spell a week or so back we decided to go out for lunch. There was a pub a couple of miles away that we'd seen from the road that people had told us was worth a visit so we decided to give it a go We sat outside at a table underneath a large umbrella and ordered some food and a couple of drinks. After we had eaten Mrs O said she fancied staying on for a couple more glasses of red wine so i told her to go for it. As the afternoon wore on the garden started to empty out until there were only a couple of people at the far end and an elderly couple sitting directly opposite us, the read Sex Story
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  18. new self adventure

    9/20/2017: I view myself as a very open and adventerous person. I have explored many aspects of sex and loved all but few. Well, last night I ended up stepping into one more realm of enjoyment. I was home and doing some things, as wife was out running around with her mother doing holiday stuff. I knew that I was going to be alone for at least 3 hours. one of those days, where woke up horny, just had an itch that needed scratched, ever been there. Well, as I tried to get my wife to scratch it, she was not feeling up to it, and I understand how that it and respected her wishes. As she started to g read Sex Story
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  19. Bestiality is Best

    9/19/2017: hi all please feel free to leave comments, and feed back if you enjoy this . If you feel the need to leave negative vote. Please state why. Constructive criticism is welcomed. It was a warm summers evening , we we’re sitting in the back garden drinking and listening to the radio, a random mix of oldies playing while the sun lowered in the sky, leaving some long shadows running across the lawn, I read Sex Story
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  20. Libation to Aeolus

    9/19/2017: You thought I didn't see but I did. Boy did I see. I saw everything sweetheart, and afterwards I played it over and over and over in my mind, adding extra details each time, my mind racing with thoughts and my cock hard with excitement. I saw it as if in slow motion. I felt it first, the rising wind. It started slowly and then gained force behind it, blowing the autumn leaves across the read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation, Author: Lauradj, Source: LushStories