1. Caught (him) in panties (her POV)

    10/20/2017: DISCLAIMER NOTE: So I asked FlamingDice for his permission to do the female POV of his story caught in panties linked here:http://xhamster.com/user/flamingdice/posts/474832.html and well as I'm posting this I'm sure you can guess that he happily agreed to allow me to do so. I just hope I've done it justice and not ruined a perfectly sexy story lol :) (Also if you read both Flaming dice AKA the original and read mine too, it'll clear some things up) Thanks Flaming Dice for being cool about it :) Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________ read Sex Story
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  2. Class Reunion -- My Two Lovers

    10/20/2017: I went to my high school’s 25th reunion expecting nothing. I was recently divorced and figured I might as well get out of the house, enjoy a trip, have a few laughs. And ended up at a table with two women that had, long ago, been a part of my teenage fantasy life. By the end of the weekend, adult reality turned out to be even more interesting than my adolescent fantasies. One of my read Sex Story
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  3. Sheryl 4

    10/20/2017: I apologize for not writing before, I have had a tough time getting some time at home to sit down at write (yes, my wife doesn't know about this). I hope you enjoy this story. Feedback is always appreciated. If you want to know something specific about Sheryl and our experience let me know so I can think about our joyful past and if something true to that effect happened, I will write about it read Sex Story
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  4. The visit

    10/20/2017: The visit When one is divorced and have business together one always have to maintain ties. When you are divorced and Zefa is your ex-wife is no different. My current wife knows this and one or two weekends a month I travel to the house of my ex to take care of common matters. There I was on my way. I took the ferry. I takes almost an hour to arrive and when I got there Zefa was waiting for me at the exit. I noticed she got some weight. Her current husband wants her like that. But she’s still very attractive. A short pink dress, very sexy. Foreshadowed the absence of bra, as usual. The nippl read Sex Story
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  5. The Unexpected (Part 1)

    10/20/2017: The Unexpected As a freshman in college I was just finding my way. I was somewhat reserved but I still had women hit on me. I just didn’t find a lot of women my own age attractive. There was a sense of maturity not present, one of the biggest turnoffs for me. Linda was a light skinned black professor, short and curvaceous who soothingly referred to students as her “babies”. I was often the only male in the class because I was a primary education major which inevitably attracted attention. She spread her attention equally until one day she took notice of my gradually changing app read Sex Story
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  6. Macbeth Among The Witches (Version No. 2)

    10/19/2017: (A note to readers: I have no hope of ever coming anywhere near the talents of William Shakespeare, and I apologize in advance for using one of his characters and plays themes. However, for me there has always been something decidedly 'kinky' (or potentially so) in the scene where Macbeth comes to the witches hide-out---where they were conducting some sort of black magic ritual designed to further ensnare him! So, take my much less talented attempt to 're-contextualize' poor Macbeth's predicament, and make it, I freely admit, luridly pornographic! Shakespeare was the far, far, far better write read Sex Story
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  7. The day she caught the train

    10/18/2017: As I sit on the train coming home from work wondering how much the garage bill is now going to cost, the most stunning auburn hair milf strolls down the aisle sitting in the seat's across on my left hand side. Taking a look at her almost amazing leg's in her hugging skirt white blouse and matching jacket, my cock stirs in my boxers as I try not to make eye contact. Pulling out my phone to inform my wife that I will be training it home and the cars broke down assuring me my wife will be home the annocment comes across to disembark at the next station, cutting the conversation short. As we ready read Sex Story
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  8. I Go Christmas Shopping

    10/17/2017: I Go Christmas Shopping and Get a Whole Lot More and I Love It Terry was out of town this weekend; so, I spent most of the time doing some late Christmas shopping at the local mall. I wanted to find something sexy for my hubby to surprise him when he gets back home. I entered a small sex shop and chose some sexy lingerie to try on in the changing room. There was only the owner of the place, a huge black man, handsome, tall and athletic I thought here. I felt a little horny and frisky and walked out while wearing a very sexy outfit. I asked the black guy wh read Sex Story
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  9. Brush Fuck

    10/17/2017: My buddy, Gary, and I were eating lunch at the local sandwich shop when we overheard a couple of Texas ladies talking about wanting to see some bears and such. Gary and I sensing a chance to make a few dollars introduced ourselves and offered to take these ladies out to see some bears. We knew the bears would be digging in the landfill about this time and the landfill was closed because it was Sunday. The ladies husbands were off somewhere and were pretty happy to have something to do. Texas ladies are really neat as they say what is on their minds and it can be like running around the guys read Sex Story
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  10. Anita enjoys a wild BBC gangbang

    10/16/2017: Anita enjoys a wild BBC gangbang. It had been a normal day at work. After office, Josie, a young black girl from my own working team, suggested me to go with her on shopping. We went into the mall, had a nice warm coffee and talked for a while. The chat turned to sex and I confessed her that I had not had any in a few days, because my loving Victor had been so stressed and tired between two long flights outside of town. My friend Josie laughed and told me it was time to go on shopping some brand new underwear…She started to send some text messages as we entered a lingerie store. I wa read Sex Story
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  11. A Week in Stratford - Part 1 (Continued)

    10/15/2017: THIS HAPPENED IN 2010 – DONNA – The Stag Do As I sat in the bar after I could feel all the spunk congregating in my knickers, I stood up and went to the toilet as it leaked out of me. Sitting in the cubicle I wiped as much as I could out of me but as I did I felt a little tingle, I let my fingers roam over my clitoris and I felt a shudder go down my spine. I thought ‘god it was good’ as I had a wee and headed back to the bar. Sitting down the guy who I’d original seen before I went to the coach came over, I thought he was so handsome, we got talking and he said his name was Ted, he was t read Sex Story
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  12. The Last Star

    10/14/2017: "What are you reading Russ," Kath asked as she plonked herself down on the divan beside him. "Mmm...what?" "I asked you what you're reading." "Oh...er...some stupid story." "It may be stupid but you certainly seemed to be engrossed in it." "Was I...oh not really; I don't think I'll read any more of it." He laid the book on the coffee table and Kath quickly picked it up. "Mmm, 'The Lost Star'. What's it about?" "A film star who goes out sailing with her son; there's a storm and they get washed up on an island." He stopped speaking and Kath said impatiently, "Well go read Sex Story
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  13. Beauty

    10/13/2017: Beauty Jimmy was an old man. Famous actor, during his life he played many great roles. He was a guest in a popular TV show, together with some other… Ok, females. Subject: what should a man provide so the woman agrees to be with him. You can guess: it was a neverending list. - It’s not like that, the most important is love… – Jimmy tried to say something, obviously tired of stupidities he was listening. - Kva kva, kvakvakva, kvaaaa... – their story was going on. „And I refused Boring Mike for a beer“ – were Jimmy’s thoughts, while he was holding his head in hands. Th read Sex Story
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  14. Anita's first black experience Part 1

    10/13/2017: Anita's first black experience My wife Anita is 45 years old. She has long brown hair, and some big beautiful brown eyes. She is working as a teacher home in Norway, and that's how this all started. Anita was informed by her boss, that she was selected to attend a two weeks training course abroad this summer. Anita does not travel a lot, so she was quite excited about the opportunity to go to the US . Well ahead of the departure she started to prepare . Buying some new summer dresses, and a new bikini .She also brought home some sexy new sandals , which I liked a lot. I have alwa read Sex Story
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  15. Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 6

    10/12/2017: It was late August and the summer was starting to cool down. I was just finishing up my shift at the adult book store when I saw a customer come in through the back door. Lots of people come in through the back since the bigger parking lot is in the back, but something about this guy caught my attention. He was heavyset and older, probably in his early 50's. His hair was still fairly dark, but had some silver/grey coming in at the temples. He was wearing a polo shirt and loose khaki shorts. He wandered around the store looking at different items. At one point, he squatted to look at something read Sex Story
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  16. Chubby Freshman Chapter 6

    10/12/2017: Chapter 6 Francis continued to explore cafes, restaurants and art galleries in search of mature men who he could have sex with. A week after his encounter with his classmate Harris the chubby student went to an exclusive gay club which he found out about while chatting with a man on a site for chubby men and chasers. When he entered the club he was dressed in his usual preppy style with a sweater hung over his shoulders and looked around the club. He saw a dance floor and men of all ages either dancing or socializing while standing or sitting at tables. He also saw some young faggy gay guy read Sex Story
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  17. Indian widow Mother's Hero

    10/12/2017: Madhav had been away at college for nine months, as it was his final year of engineering education at IIT Delhi. During this time, his mother used to call him almost daily on his Reliance mobile phone. Madhav has become very close to his mother Sarita after the death of his father. Her phone calls were full of love and longing to meet him and glowing expectations about his final results. Now as he was returning home with good marks and a placement with a leading technology firm in their R&D department, he was eager to meet his dear Amma (mother in his native tongue) After getting down read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: vijayhot18, Source: xHamster
  18. Been a while - musings

    10/11/2017: Lots of running. Down to 128 pounds WITH A FLAT TUMMY !!! Boobs are still over-sized and bloated. I've gotten used to it and with another year of breastfeeding ahead, it's just as well. I can only hope that come summer of 2017 they get back into their old shape. I do not expect it but, I can hope. Last time I wrote of my ability to have cervical intercourse having returned. Well, it's back but will unfortunately need to be kept in the closet. The truth is there is nothing more satisfying for me than being impaled and breathless while taking my man into my womb. The vaginal or read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: andrea0817, Source: xHamster
  19. Wife tag teamed at party

    10/10/2017: It's been several months since the night my wife became the main attraction for two very horny and perverted young men that were attending the same party as my her. Let me give you some background of the events that lead up to the night my wife of 26 years was taken by two bold guys half her age. Carol, yes her real name had plans to stay at our friends acreage to attend a party as I was out of the country working at the time. Our friends have a beautiful place way out in the country and like to have large parties where there usually ends up being lots of drinking. Many of the guests take thei read Sex Story
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  20. More than a Handful - An Adult Story

    10/9/2017: I had known Mike for about five years. We were pretty good friends. We had almost all the same classes in school. We dated the same girls and hung out with the same group of friends almost every day. I would do anything in my power to come to his house anytime he asked if I wanted to come over. Besides the big pool at his house or his room that had everything you ever wanted. He had the greatest Mom ever. She was the number one thing no other of my friends had? His hot overly developed Mom; she was the hottest looking MILF in town. Mrs. Tia Smalls. I never missed a chance to check he read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo, Author: therealbk, Source: xHamster