1. A Week in Stratford - Part 2 - Granny MFF

    8/17/2017: THIS HAPPENED IN 2010 On our week away in Stratford, Donna was feeling quite fruity and fancied the coach driver, she told me she was going to sit in the bar and see if she can shag him. If you read our stories you’ll have read what happened to her. As I left her in the bar with a drink I noticed the coach driver getting a drink, I winked at her and made my way to a smoking area outside. In the smoking area was a mature lady she was wearing a blue blouse and skirt, we got chatting about the usual rubbish and she told me she was Brenda, 69, widowed a few years ago, she came on breaks away read Sex Story
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  2. Shopping Day With Granny

    8/16/2017: One summer day When I was fifteen my mom sent over to my granny's house to help her go shopping. I had brought my friend Joe and granny had her friend Maggie join us. We set off to the mall. My granny looks like Mrs. Howell off of Gilligans Island if any of you remember that show. She was about five foot five, small boobs-b cup I think, bottle blonde hair. She was very upscale classy looking lady. Her friend Maggie was much the same way. We must have a million stores that day. Granny and Maggie were drinking the whole time. When we finally got back to Granny's house Joe and I were tired read Sex Story
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    8/16/2017: DELIVERY MAN & MARIED WOMEN PT 2 THE FRIEND There was her Lady friend sat on the wall by my car, " I want a word with you, young man! “she said and gave me a slip of paper, then motioned me to follow her to her house. We went inside. As we entered her house she dropped her jacket and shoes, asking me if I wanted a drink. She poured us both a drink cracked open a blue pill poured it into both drinks we sat on the nearest couch. She was soon whispering in my ear nibbling on my ear lobe. The pill was a Viagra, she knew I had cum multiple times in the previous 12 hours and she want read Sex Story
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  4. Helena and me in the garage

    8/16/2017: Helena and me in her garage That morning I had stayed at home while Anita had gone to her office. It was strange to me receiving a phone call from Helena, my wife’s best friend. I asked if Ana was with her, if everything was fine; but then I was surprised when she told me she was alone at her home; feeling horny and looking desperately for a nice hard cock. I could not believe what I was hearing; that sexual goddess talking to me about sex??? I asked her for her husband Jorge, but she said that useless man was out of town and insisted she needed to be fucked properly… by my hard cock or read Sex Story
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  5. Mother In Law

    8/15/2017: How it started, I don't really know. My wife (Pam) and I have a great relationship. We have sex at least 3 times a week maybe more. But things do get stale. My mother-in-law (Debbie) comes and visits 2-3 times a year for a week long visit just to catch up. I have known her a long time, from when I was in high school. Debbie has a so-so body, but really likes to show off her more than ample 38D chest. We have always flirted. When Debbie's second husband past away, we invited her to come and stay as long as she liked. Pam and I thought it would be a couple of weeks, however we realiz read Sex Story
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  6. Murder on the Mainline: another Mike Claymore Mystery Chapter 11

    8/14/2017: CHAPTER ELEVEN 3RD FRIDAY Mike gets up at four and Nina wakes so he's pleasantly delayed getting away to pick up Trudy until five. It's twenty after six when he pulls up to her door. She comes bouncing out and says, "You want my help you've got to give up these morning pieces of tail with your wife." She laughs and he says, "It wasn't my wife, it was my neighbor's wife." At that they both laugh read Sex Story
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  7. Just Sex: Aronne and Rosaline

    8/13/2017: Rosaline reaches up and clutches the collar of my suit jacket and pulls me down into a passionate kiss, not like the brief kiss we shared earlier today. I wrap my arms around her, holding her to my chest. She smiles and softly bites my bottom lip. I begin to readjust myself on the loveseat, sliding underneath her. She lays her hands on my chest, pushing me slightly. I hear a giggle rise in read Sex Story
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  8. Mom’s surrogacy contract

    8/13/2017: Hi Readers. My name is Royden, 21 years old student, and I today share the story of me and my 43 year old mom. For about three years, I and my biological mother are in a sexual relationship. I encountered sexual intercourse with my mother when she was married to dad. We maintained our relation in secrecy for almost a year. It was getting difficult for mom so maintain her relationship with both me and dad, sharing her body with two males. So she decided to choose one, and I got lucky. Mom wanted a divorce from dad but couldn’t l read Sex Story
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  9. Fun with mother-in-law

    8/13/2017: Fun with mother-in-law -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mother in law is 76 years old and has problems getting around so my wife is constantly asking me to drive her around so she can do everything that she needs to. Usually when she gets home she gives me a instant lottery ticket. One day she handed over the ticket and I said to her "You don't have to keep doing that...." She assured me it was some sort of payment for driving her around but I interupted her ".... there are other ways you can repay me". I ran my hand o read Sex Story
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  10. 140 Forever a keeper

    8/13/2017: 140 Forever a keeper Now me I`ve never been a town boy, since I was a k** it was the open air and the woods for me. Thus as soon as I was old enough off I went to the nearest estate and got me an under-keeper now that really meant gun cleaner, dog washer, and general dogs-body, the absolute bottom of the estate staff list just above the keeper`s dog. However after a year or two I moved up to beat keeper, it was a place in Nottinghamshire, by the time I was 19 I was jack the lad, but I knew those woods like a road map. The Estate owners up at the ‘big house’ held shoots regularly twas eve read Sex Story
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  11. Wife comes clean

    8/12/2017: We are getting ready for bed and Linda asks if i would like some fun. I have never been one to refuse, but we hadn't had any sex for a while now. She is much more confident than before and says for me to get ready while she brushes her teeth. Linda takes a little longer than normal but when she returns to the bedroom it is immediately apparent that she was doing a little more than brushing her teeth. Linda is wearing a flouro pink skin tight dress, barely big enough for her frame and underneath you cansee her red bra no only emphasising her large breastts and cleavage but just hw small the read Sex Story
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  12. Swing Party

    8/12/2017: Dan and I were talking outside on a Friday evening. He said that he and Madison belonged to a swing group, and that they were having a party at his house tomorrow evening. He was wondering if Shirley and I would consider coming over. He was sure we would enjoy it, and he had already talked to the group about asking us. I said I would talk to Shirley and would let him know later tonight. As I've said Shirley and I had talked before about swapping with Dan and Madison, so swinging in a group was not too far from that. We talked about if we could take seeing each other with someone else. I h read Sex Story
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  13. Waiter free for all!! part two

    8/11/2017: Waiter free for all part 2 The second and last part of my wife’s going over by the local restaurant’s serving staff!! As Karen lay back on the sofa, spunk all over that pretty face of hers, I could tell that this was something she had been wanting for a long time. We had often talked of her being fucked by a group of men while we were having sex but I thought this was just to spice things up. Little did I think that this fantasy talk of hers would be coming true in our own living room!! The fourth man in the group had been watching all of this going on but had stayed back a little read Sex Story
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    8/11/2017: Jason and Emily May 20 2014 Jason was the typical stereotype "geek" in high school but I found him beautiful. he had crystal blue eyes, long curly shoulder length jet black hair,weighed in around 195-210 and was 6'3. In my eyes he was beautiful The one day during science our teacher gave us an assignment. Normally our assignments are in school but this time it was an out of school project. I read Sex Story
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  15. My Two Dirty Older Ladies.....at once!!

    8/10/2017: I stepped out of the hot shower, so excited at what may lie in wait this evening. I was lucky enough to know a beautiful and very naughty lady called June, who satisfied all my wildest desires, and has done so over the past several years. She's amazing for her age, in her mid-sixties, and we have shared some amazing dirty times in hotel rooms (and bathrooms!)around the world. She was due read Sex Story
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  16. Ana in the back of the van

    8/10/2017: Ana in the back of the van I came very tired from office, but my sweet Ana was waiting for me at home with a very nice dinner. Later on, while I was sipping a perfect glass of scotch, she came by me and told me she was real horny and she needed a good hard dick inside her. Ana also told me she knew I was very tired to fuck her that night; so, she wanted my permission to find out a man who could calm her down… My sweet Ana added she wanted me nearby to watch… She wanted me watching at her spreading her thighs and taking another man's cock. She would have a strange hard cock nudging read Sex Story
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  17. Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 2

    8/10/2017: Chapter 2 The Party At the end of their successful meeting Serge invited Adrian and of course Daniel to a party at the home of his employer for that evening. It was an event with a large number of people invited from the arts and business community artists, buyers and supporters of the arts and some musicians and a few from the theatre community. Adrian and Daniel arrived together and Daniel looked spectacular with his new hair style and wearing one of the new outfits which were purchased that afternoon. He felt wonderful and as he entered the large foyer. He looked in a huge mirror and admi read Sex Story
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  18. Wife swinging turned into cuckold part 2

    8/10/2017: Back to reality, Reality was... i had been tricked and my wife was now getting fucked in front of me. As he fucked her from behind ,he had full control of her body and was rubbing her breast as he was slowly fucking her with steady thrust, he moved his hand and started rubbing her clit as Adriana was moaning and forgetting I was even there. They fucked like this for a couple of minutes and he laid on his back pulling her on top of him so she could ride his big rod. She wasted no time getting on top of him, grabbed his thick cock and guided it inside of her as she lowered her read Sex Story
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  19. The Night My Wife Got Blacked While I Watched!!

    8/9/2017: I want to thank you for the great memories that I have when you gave my white wife the fucking of her life. Watching your BBC giving her orgasm after orgasm was almost more than I could stand. I am posting this because I am hoping that maybe you will read this and want to give her again the fucking of our lives and that any other hot black well hung professional type businessman would be willing to put in the time to do the same. As you know my wife is a classy older married white conservative women that you met as we were sitting at the bar in the nightclub off Hampton is southwest St. Louis read Sex Story
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  20. All Grown Up Now

    8/8/2017: Part 4 I'm all grown up now I am in my forties and my and mum and I still sl**p together. I have had a few women over the years but no one special so I went onto a dating site and I started chatting to a woman on there for a month. We got on like a house on fire then one Sunday out of the blue she said about meeting up, so we sorted an evening out that was good mutually and I went round to her house. I was so nervous I struggled to hold my cup of tea lol but she soon put me at ease. I surprising even myself, I made the first move and got on my knees in front of her and kisse read Sex Story
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