1. FINALLY SATISFIED-:Begining of sex relationship 2

    11/30/2016: continued from last chapter of this story posted 3 days ago. . After over a mounth... now exams are over. I was going in a washroom after a lecture with no intention to attend next one. I saw ronita madam going in ladies washroom. I went in gents washroom & did my work of toilet. there was no one in washroom. may be everyone busy in lectures. even toilet doesnt smells at all. nicely mantained by college. my intentions was to bring ronita mam here & it will no difficult to convince her for sex, as I had softcore with her before. So I made a phone call to her. she was late to attend a phone c read Sex Story
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  2. My night out on my own!

    11/29/2016: One night while i was resting at home i decided to try to call a few girls up to go for a night out on the town. I was very disappointed when i discovered that all my friends (meaning the 3 that i tried) where all out with their boyfriends. So i said "fuck it Im going out anyways". So i got all dolled up in my make-up and a tight white one piece dress, it was above the knee but not too short. As i checked myself out in the mirror i decided that i would maybe go commando (which i never do but my girlfriends told me i need to loosen up and have some fun) so the panties came off. i started a l read Sex Story
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  3. Living in Cockington part 21

    11/29/2016: I knocked on the door of my mother in laws bedroom and waited. "Come in" she said calling out. I opened the door and stepped inside ready to talk to her about what she had seen me doing the previous night, but froze when I saw Polly my mother in law sitting on her bed dressed in a black bra, panties and stockings. She smiled at me and told me to shut the door. As I closed it I then noticed Bob my father in law naked lying at her feet having his cock rubbed by Polly's stocking covered feet. I stared at his semi hard cock as her feet rubbed and fondled him until she spoke again. "So you li read Sex Story
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  4. Obsession

    11/28/2016: The obsession with this woman is incurable. She is a widow and had been a widow for 14 years before the night of August 25, 2004. She is very attractive and a little plump but she does not have one line or wrinkle. She is 5'6" tall with matronly 38 D cup tits that look like the heads of twin rockets when she wears a bra. Her legs are shapely and her short hair is a beautiful salt and pepper. She was 54 years old and I was 21 that night in 2004. That was the night that I could not control myself. I was obsessed with the thought of fucking her at any cost. I dreamed about it and planned it, even read Sex Story
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  5. The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 10 and 11.

    11/28/2016: Chapter 10. The Ghost of a Girl friend Past. When I wake up the next morning the sun is shining brightly and I can hear a noise in the house. I am still not fully awake so the sound of the clothes washer startles me a little. Then my mind clears and the events of last night calm my spirit. I crawl out of bed. I notice the pain of a few pulled muscles in my back. “Wow, I am really stiff and hurting” I say to my self as I stretch my back to read Sex Story
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    11/28/2016: THE WIVES SWITCH CLUB 2 PART 2 As tom and I drove home we didn’t say too much to each other it was strange as if we both felt guilty about what we had just done, As we arrived home Tom said do you want to talk about it “No not yet lets go to bed “ I needed Toms cock in me I could still feel James cum and I wanted to imagine Tom was James as he fucked me, After sex I asked him how it had gone with read Sex Story
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  7. My First Tranny

    11/28/2016: Cheryl had really opened my desires to fuck. She was, and is totally uninhibited, and a total sex machine, doing whatever she desires at the moment. When I felt my cock enter her throat the first time, and felt her tongue slide up my cock to the balls, and she sucked the cum right out like my urethra was a straw, I knew I had a keeper. I was hoping I was able to satisfy her, and hoping she would keep me around, this was really the best sex ever. I would get no argument from my wife, she was getting all the cock, and later I would discover she was getting pussy also, she had the best of it read Sex Story
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    11/27/2016: 142 DISTANT CONTROL the subject is a blond her middle name is margaret, shes Age 36 , size 32b 32 33 5 ft 6 inches tall her hubby is not named tony but thats lifethe bits in italics are thought unsaid the bits in bold are me She is sat on the sofa just wearing a tea shirt, black bra & panties and a denim skirt her hubby is to act for me and she will remain passive throughout just using the laptop. I am over 100 miles awayAre you on that sofa and ready? Yeh You can tell him what to do I will do as you say and let him do as you sayOK are you ready then? It read Sex Story
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  9. Just A Quick Flash

    11/27/2016: Another story from the randy old folks home in North Wales. JUST A QUICK FLASH I was sitting on a bench outside the small block of flats where I live. As I sat there enjoying the warm afternoon sun, my neighbour, Hazel Evans reversed into her space on the car park. I don't think she even noticed me and, as she got out of her car, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was wearing a pink top and a pale green, flower patterned, light summer skirt. As she opened the door and dropped one foot out of the car onto the tarmac, the skirt slid up her legs, displaying a good expanse read Sex Story
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  10. After a while... #1

    11/26/2016: After that amazing couple of days we passed together... we wrote each other every day... But because of the distance, and our activities, months passed by jerking off while chatting... we emailed each other fantasies... we even made sexy pictures... and we kept watching each other finishing thru the monitors... And then it happened... she had to come to my city because of work... I remember I was starting to date someone on my age at the moment... but that didn't stop me 'cause for me she my hidden fantasy. I lied to my parents again... saying I have some work for the university and I h read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Mature, Taboo, Author: gdinf, Source: xHamster
  11. Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 11)

    11/26/2016: Wednesday The next day Mason came home to find his mother wearing nothing but her panties, her hair held up in a bun. “Oh!” he said, surprised. “What are you doing?” Stacey smiled at him. “How was your day?” “…” Stacey’s grin widened. “What does it matter?” she asked. “You’ve already seen me like this…” She took a few steps closer to Mason. “You’ve already seen Mama’s boobies… You like looking at them, don’t you?” Stacey lifted her boobs with her arm and displayed them. “Mama is sorry for always hiding them… From now on you can watch them if you want… They jigg read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Mature, Taboo, Author: Tendril_Notion, Source: xHamster
  12. Threesome

    11/25/2016: Last night me & two mates went out in the pubs in Rotherham, in one of the pubs I spotted a women that I had fucked before & she was well pissed, So I went over & said, Hi Jackie how are you, I;m ok thanks a little pissed, I would say more then a little & laughed she ask me to buy her a drink ok what do you want I'll have a double whisky she says with a laugh so I goes to the bar leaving Jackie to chat to my mates, When I got back one mate says to me she's some nice tits I hadn't noticed but she was also wearing some legging that showed her camal toe looks like a nice cunt on her too, read Sex Story
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