1. My Mature Curvy Fantasy

    9/12/2016: It was the mid eighties and I had been married and divorced and went out with a number of women my age and younger in my bid to find a new partner, but my fantasy for older women was still strong. I met a lady whose name is Yvonne and who worked for me. I was a retail operations manager for a chain of retail outlets in the south of England. Yvonne worked in one of the stores, part-time, lived locally and I got to know her at work. She was divorced and lived with her son who was in his twenties. We chatted socially and she knew I was divorced. I was in my early thirties and I think she was in h read Sex Story
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  2. Debbie, 40th birthday treat, fucked by 2 guys in D

    9/12/2016: A few years ago, I answered an advert on fastflirting to meet with a couple. I was picked up around 8pm outside "The Globe" bar in the Westport area of Dundee by the guy, who was much older than me, and we headed off for Dunfermline to meet his woman. He told me on the way it was her 40th birthday and I was to sit in the back of his jeep when we got there. We arrived, and he sent her a text, I was sitting in the back, when the door opened and in climbed a very pretty blonde, about 5ft 4", slim and cute. Her eyes met mine and I just pounced on her, sticking my tongue down her throat, and pressi read Sex Story
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  3. true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 2

    9/12/2016: well here is part 2 hey sorry if my story is not worded right as i am not a writer and this is the first time i have ever written a story.well as time went on we were happy with our life and a had i stopped my whoring around.but after that i started reading stories on this site about other husbands watching their wives with other men and enjoying it got me to wondering what it would be like to see marta with other men altough i knew it would probably never happen because of my jealousy and i knew marta would never do it,but it still consumed alot of my time.at night when we made love i would t read Sex Story
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  4. Victor and I in a booth at the adult theater

    9/10/2016: Victor and I in a booth at the adult theater On that Friday evening Victor and I had fucked like rabbits at home; but after that incredible sex session, I was still really horny… I told him to go to the adult theater we used to enjoy in the suburbs. I wore a blue jean mini skirt with a very tiny red thong, a black tank top and heels. We went into a booth and Victor sat down and I sat on his lap. We found a movie of two black guys fucking a little blonde on a bed. I leaned back in my husband's lap and then he started to rub my clit through my silky red thong… I was already drippi read Sex Story
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  5. Lesbianism in Modern Literature

    9/10/2016: Samantha Edwards rushed from her car to the administrative building as the rain poured from the sky. She held her briefcase over her head with one hand in a useless attempt to keep her hair dry, as she struggled to hold books and papers in the other. It was another damp, cold, and dreary day in the northeast. The kind of day you would expect in mid-November in this section of the world. However, Samantha was a southern girl, used to sunny skies and warmer climates. The click of her high heels on the tile floor echoed up and down the long hallway as she hurried to the administration offices read Sex Story
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    9/10/2016: One warm sunny afternoon my girlfriend, Cindy, and I were lying naked in the backyard by the small pool enjoying the peace when her cellphone rang. “Hi Pamela, how are you? …. Of course, come on over, we’re just hanging out by the pool. We’d love to see you. … Sure, bring him over too. It’d be nice to meet him. See you in a bit …. Oooh, really! Can’t wait to see it.” “Can’t wait to see what?” I asked intrigued. “Pamela’s bringing over another one of her young men and apparently he has a massive cock, so I was just saying I was looking forward to seeing it.” That made me laugh read Sex Story
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  7. THE Granny Game

    9/9/2016: The phone rings, Beverly a 65 y.o. granny answer it. It's Johnny calling her to participate a game where they can win money. After convincing her granny, Johnny came to her house so he told her the details. "It is a gameshow were young men answer questions about his granny. Every right answer is $500 but if I answer wrong you have to take off an article of clothing". Vera didn't like the idea at first but Johnny is very persistent. "There is no way I can miss any question about you, and even if I miss one or two it will only work for show then how beautiful you are." After some time Johnny co read Sex Story
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  8. Five big black cocks for me again

    9/9/2016: Five big black cocks for me again I had met this huge black man named Marcus in a plane, several months ago. He had led me to a black gangbang with some of his friends; Victor agreed and I had enjoyed a nice night with all them, using and abusing my mouth, cunt and ass. They really had given me a screwing like I could never forget it. One of them was named Jones, who had a monster black cock so huge that I could not stand him in my asshole during that gangbang. Jones got in touch with me after several months of absence. I met him in some different motels, every time Victor was on a busi read Sex Story
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  9. Perfect timing

    9/9/2016: I had always had a crush on my friend, Charlie's mum. Her name was Kirsty and she was aged in her late 30's and had a terrific body but I think it was her personality that I liked most, you could have a real conversation with her and she always seemed interested in how I was feeling. My own parents were a lot older having had me later in life. All their friends seemed so much older than Kirsty and were of the belief that c***dren should be seen but not heard. So Kirsty and her husband Mack, were a breath of fresh air to me. I loved hanging out at their house and Kirsty often featured in quite read Sex Story
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  10. A Made Up Story About A Real Fantasy: Part 3

    9/7/2016: Part 3 The Awakening Don and I pull into his driveway and up to the garage. Inside we have a pleasant lunch and he asks me if I'd like the nickel tour. Nice home. Small, cozy and well furnished. Made me wonder how a 'maintenance man' made enough to support all this nice stuff. The Master BR had a wonderful full bath. When we got there he asked me if I'd mind giving him some "moral support" while he trimmed his body hair. (GULP) I said "sure" and looked away while he got out of his clothes and got into the shower. He looked real nice while he soaped up through the glass. "I wished he'd ma read Sex Story
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  11. Whatever Works Ch 4

    9/7/2016: The next morning Ed awakens to the smell of coffee, pancakes, and bacon. He grins to himself thinking back to all the tricks the girls put him through and how many times he had cum. He walks out into the hall naked and peeks around the corner to see both Molly and Sara fixing breakfast together. Sara handing dishes to Molly and she setting the table. Molly looks up and sees him peeking read Sex Story
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  12. my life as a slave

    9/7/2016: I woke up early, got out of my room (witch was really more of a closet) and begin with my shores around my mistress house. Picking up things, making her breakfast, and becoming the living room. I love doing my mistress chores. Suddenly I hear noises coming from my mistress room; I finish off her breakfast and set it on the dining table. The sight of her coming down the stair makes me melt, I can read Sex Story
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