1. And Mother-in-Law Makes Three - Part 2

    7/9/2016: To get the picture please read part one first................... As we lay in silence, wrapped around each other and recovering from what only be described as sexual euphoria, my mind started to dwell on the possible consequences of our actions. What had we done? What were the girls thinking now? The same doubts that were creeping into my mind? Would this be the ruination of our previously beautiful relationships? The mental torture started. Sue was the first the first to break the impasse, her thoughts very much in line with mine. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" she sobbed out. "What hav read Sex Story
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  2. LORNA and GRACE (a Lesbian Tale) - PART 3

    7/9/2016: LORNA AND GRACE (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 3 “I’ll leave you alone to rest, as I’m sure you had a long evening”, said Janice smiling “Thank you”, answered Lorna “But I’ll make sure we talk later this week, when your friend is here”, added Janice Lorna’s head was buzzing and she would have agreed to anything. She was exhausted. Two hard orgasms in a few hours, not mentioning the heavy sex, Grace’s cold shoulder, and questions to be asked and answered. Lorna hoped she would sl**p and be able to talk sensibly to Grace tomorrow. ----------------------------------------------------------------- read Sex Story
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  3. My First MILF - Part 4

    7/9/2016: This is the ongoing fictional saga of the best summer of my life … the summer of my "first" … which also just happened be my first experience with the MILF of my adolescent fantasies. To maintain the continuity of the story, I strongly urge that you read the previous chapters before reading this chapter … My First MILF Chapter 4 Of course, the night after my first ever fuck, I was back outside waiting for Brenda to visit me. I finally fell asl**p and woke up in the morning disappointed that she hadn‘t visited. That evening, I walked into the living room and overheard my mother talkin read Sex Story
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  4. Great Morning

    7/8/2016: I stopped by your house early in the morning as you had instructed me to, and as you opened the door, I see you standing before me dressed only in 5inch spike high heels, wet red lipstick and nothing else. I take you by the hand and draw you to me, we kiss hard and passionately, our tongues probing and playing, your breasts tight against me, I can feel your hard nipples pressing into me. Your hand around my cock, grasping it, massaging it, mmmmm, you unzip my pants and wrapping your hand completely around my cock you lead me to the couch. You quickly sit down and spread your thighs as I take read Sex Story
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  5. Affair With Not My MIL

    7/8/2016: This is a work of fiction. I've always been attracted to my 50 year old mother-in-law Amy. I love her fat ass and pretty eyes. She gets me hard when she wears her white pants you can see through. And she ALWAYS wears colorful panties with her white pants that are clear as day in the right light. I'm always staring at her ass enjoying the view. My wife knows how much I want to fuck her and sometimes agrees to pretend to be her. This has been going non since we've been married and I've gotten to cop the occasional feel of her ass and tits. One day my wife told me my mother-in-law needed s read Sex Story
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  6. Sex with my History´s teacher

    7/8/2016: My name is Thomas and I am from a village in Spain. I was in second high school when this happened. I began a new year, the last before going to pursue my career and as usual I had new teachers I had no other years. This course was a little different because although, as always, each new teacher appears, you teaches a course, you know, you just course and not see him again; this time in history read Sex Story
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  7. Mom and son go to doctor

    7/7/2016: Diane and Brian Adams married young. Soon after their honeymoon Brian got a promotion and they purchased a bigger house. They moved away from the city into suburban Long Island. Diane was a good mother and very devoted to her f****y. f****y activities were rather normal: picnics on the beach during the summer and ice skating during the winter. Brian kept excelling at work which he paid for by having less time to spend with the f****y so Diane played a major role in raising their k**s. She was a great housekeeper and a great mother. She was very protective and would rather get up early to d read Sex Story
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  8. Join the Queue

    7/7/2016: Okay so went out with the girls one night for a meal and a dance to celebrate one of my girlfriends birthdays. As usual a load of middle aged women with drink on them tend to tease and flirt with all the young guys and squeal excitedly when they get a dance with some young guy. I'm no different. Birthday girl however had always been a bit of a prude and often passed judgement on our reckless fun loving ways. So we were in this place dancing round our handbags and grabbing all the young single looking fellas to dance and flirt with when I met Terry. Oh he was gorgeous. Tall, dark, athletic, read Sex Story
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  9. Toilet Training

    7/6/2016: Here are a couple of gallery images to illustrate what I'm thinking about...http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4062220-95242753.html#contenthttp://xhamster.com/photos/view/4062220-84851447.html#content Ladies need to give a quick wipe to their labia after going pee... Urine is basically clean and sanitary, so it is usually not unhealthy to lick it or even drink it! Toilet service by licking a woman dry after she pees conserves resources by avoiding the use of "bath tissue". It is also an opportunity for some intimacy between a woman and a sub or even a lover! In my case, it would be th read Sex Story
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  10. Vacation gang bang

    7/6/2016: My husband and I took a trip back to Germany 2 years ago to see family and friends, we stayed with family and had a great time, we went to places we took are girls as they were growing up, on a Saturday we borrowed some bicycles and rode to the lake we use to go to with our girls, once we got there we headed for the FKK or nude side of the lake, it was rather full at 9AM so we found a spot and got read Sex Story
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  11. Discipline on The Croft Part 2

    7/4/2016: The MacDonald croft was on the edge of the village in a spectacular elevated spot, set back from the road and looking out to sea. I had just started walking up the long track leading up to the croft as a Land Rover appeared from one of the fields and turned towards me. Iain MacDonald leant on the door and smiled a greeting to me. “Young Angus! Fine day it is! You’re up and about early for being on your holidays, are you not? I thought young lads didn’t see much before early afternoon surely?” I couldn’t think of a response but he saved my blushes by continuing. “I’m off to Fort Wil read Sex Story
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  12. My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry.

    7/3/2016: I was instructed to put the DVD into the player which i did, and my wife held out her hand for the remote control which i placed in her hand. She pointed to the sofa and indicated that i should sit as she sipped her drink from the glass that i had refilled, she pointed the remote at the player and pressed the play button. I sat there watching as the DVD played and could feel my wife's eyes on me every now and again as the scenes unfolded before us. The story was one of a man who's wife wanted someone who was "better equipped" to satisfy her sexually and the husband over the length of the DVD f read Sex Story
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