1. My First Pussy

    6/13/2016: It was a huge wedding with people from all over the country there to watch and celebrate. I knew the woman who was getting married but not very well, she was a distant relative. There were members of my f****y there but mostly people I had no idea who they were. The wedding was a big church and the reception followed. It was and evening wedding. The reception was good with a lot of drinking and a live band. I found some dudes my age and we hung out trying to be cool. I ditched my parents. We were all talking about who we would fuck and who was hot, like we even stood a chance. As the night read Sex Story
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  2. A f****y Awakening

    6/12/2016: Growing up I always enjoyed visiting my Aunt and uncles place especially during the summer. My Aunt continuously went out of her way to ensure I was happy and had all I needed… if she only knew what I wanted most I could not have. Although they moved to another city and I am now grown up with a f****y of my own, I still think of those days when she would bend over just right in her loose bikini top offering me more than an eye full of her globes which were not big but shapely and firm with large nipples that seemed to poke holes through the thin fabric. One day at work, a very large custo read Sex Story
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  3. A rewarding experience

    6/12/2016: I was horny, I was alone, I was 19 and I was on the internet. I'd never posted anything on craigslist before, but I decided to bite the bullet. I wasn't initially looking for a man. My post was a very generic "NSA hookup" sort of thing. I was looking for a girl. I posted a picture of my cock and.. well I got a few messages from older guys. I turned them all down, because I wasn't interested. But my thoughts begin to change as I found out all these men wanted a piece of me. So, "Why not?" I said to myself. One reply was quite interesting. He was married, but he said he was always attracted t read Sex Story
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  4. Mid-week Hotel Fuck Session

    6/10/2016: It had only been three days since we saw each other, but it felt like months. We weren't sure we could pull off a mid week rendevous, but we sure wanted to try. He had the day off from work. But I had a husband off work too. We wanted to see each other so badly though. I had this burning desire to please him more than usual. We met at our hotel. He already had the room and was eagerly awaiting my arrival. As I walked in, he smiled that smile. He gave me that look. It was going to be a very hot sex session. After taking me in his arms, and kissing me passionately to say hello, I quickly got read Sex Story
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  5. Patsy, Plus Size Everything.

    6/9/2016: I’d always liked the plus size woman. My first lover, the one who initiated me into the joys of sex, and taught me more than I ever thought possible, was frankly fat, but I loved it. I’d had skinny lovers, of course, but those whose frames had a good covering always turned me on more. So when I walked into my local pub that fateful Friday, little did I expect that my life was just about read Sex Story
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  6. Miss Sexy Suspenders

    6/9/2016: Working trip down South big hotel and business conference , well an excuse to get away from things and well few nights with the wife not a bad trip I tell myself. We arrive 4pm Friday nice 4* Hotel nice surrounding's great garden's, pool ,sauna and nice bar, wfe settles into the room the hotel is extremely busy due to the conference. As the good lady settled in I pop down stair's to check the dinning time's out, on the way through the busy foyer there's a woman who catches my eye's, blonde shoulder length hair look's close to my 6ft height very well presented stunning eyes I'm sure we make ey read Sex Story
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  7. christmas do

    6/7/2016: just before Christmas all the staff at my other halves store arranged to go out to a restaurant for their Christmas do instead of an office party at the local men"s working club as was the usual thing at this time of year, she now takes up the story. We all went to the local Toby carvery for a roast dinner, their was about thirty of us , management, floor staff and warehouse workers made up the group, the wine was flowing and some of the girls were getting pissed , it went on for a couple of hours and as the drink was free everyone was having a good time, we decided not to go on to a club as read Sex Story
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  8. my first 3some

    6/7/2016: (all true) I'm 52 and I think I'm the only person on the planet who has never had a threesome. I had always wanted it to be two girls and me, but hell, ya gotta take what comes along. I was on a mission to put together a threesome and live out my fantasy, so I hit Craigslist. I answered an ad a local guy posted about giving BJ's during the day, I was feeling horny and adventurous so I replied to the ad and later that day went to his place. I was greeted by a 50something half naked guy who welcomed me in. He had a porn movie going on his TV so I sat for a few minutes. Turned out there was read Sex Story
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  9. What Happens on the Road...

    6/7/2016: As I was growing up I had the biggest crush on my mom. I don't know why I think all boys do. I would dream about fucking her. I would try to and often would catch her naked or catch her and dad fucking. As I grew older and my dick got bigger and I grew hair on my nuts I started to jack off all the time my mom was one of my stars. A friend of mine showed me a pair of his mom's panties which I was not impressed with till he told me to smell them, which I did. Then I bought those panties from him and started to get my mom's panties from the laundry to use as I jacked off, I would smell them and read Sex Story
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  10. Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 1 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

    6/7/2016: Over the last year my wife has been getting a little more sexually adventurous. She knows how much I want her to be a real slutty wife with absolutely no inhibitions, so she agreed to let me train her up. She said she wants to take things slow until she builds up the confidence in herself and that I would get well rewarded for my patience. I know how much she'll enjoy herself once she gets to that point of being able to just let go, so I decided to give her a little surprise gift to help her confidence grow a little quicker. To set a nice relaxing mood before I gave her the surprise read Sex Story
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  11. A night to remember

    6/6/2016: She was laying in her bed wearing nothing but a bra and black underwear. She looked so sexy. The light from the window landed beautifully on her and he couldn't take his eyes off of her chest. His hands began to ache as he thought about how bad he wanted to squeeze and caress her with his hands and then lick her and place her nipples in his mouth. He hadn't held her tits in his hand in so long but his dick got hard just thinking about the last time he had touched her. He knew she loved having her whole body squeezed and he was dying to put his hands all over her. As he watched her h read Sex Story
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  12. A Grand Adventure

    6/6/2016: ....So they next day, fighting through busy airports and delays, they both finally arrived at their sunny destination... The Gulf of Mexico. Their naughty & devious minds had concocted this plan to meet at a business seminar, providing the perfect cover for their illicit activities. The hotel was right on the beach too, and they both had just checked in only a few minutes before an evening reception for all the seminar attendees. They would reluctantly have to wait just a little longer. The reception was proving to be quite a bore - and as usual Jack and Jill's thoughts were on the same pa read Sex Story
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