1. Mutually Assured

    6/15/2017: Lately, I’ve developed a thing for high-priced call girls. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using a high-end escort service. The service offers a variety of intelligent and vivacious girls for $500 per hour. The girls come right to my office, so I don’t have the added expense of a hotel room. The office is where I spend most of my time these days anyway, now that my kids are grown and read Sex Story
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  2. English daddy fucking smooth boy in India.

    6/15/2017: Let me tell u abt Indian brown boy(me) age 26, tall, slim, smooth, handsome met one English daddy online trough Internet who was coming to Mumbai for Business. So thay decided to meet in posh Hotel near Mumbai Airport. That English daddy was 51, 5.11 ft and 80 kg, stocky white from London. He was very sweet in talk and gentelmelmen. When we met at Lobby of hotel, we greeted each other, we both liked each other. Then he took me to his room. Hotel room was nice clean and with big bed. He took coffee to relax our body and talked along. Slowly, he put his hand over my hand and grabbed read Sex Story
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  3. My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

    6/15/2017: He was busy cleaning the taps going over in his mind what had just happened when above his head he heard the unmistakable sound of heels on an un carpeted floor, then he heard her voice calling down to him to get himself upstairs immediately. It was more of a shout than a call and he quickly put down the cleaning cloth and made his way to the stairs and started up them.At the landing he was faced with four doors and another set of stairs which he assumed would lead to the attic. He knocked on the nearest door and hearing no reply moved to the next one and knocked again. Enter came the voice o read Sex Story
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  4. Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 5

    6/13/2017: Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 5 Their touching and feeling and finally fucking in the kitchen had started Tim's motor running and he was ready to take his mother to bed. He knew this was going to be the night when he got his way. He could tell by her actions that Jill was also ready for the final act in their little game. Tim caressed Jill's ass as they went up the stairs to their rooms to change into something more comfortable and, he hoped, more sexy. As Tim picked out just the shorts of his boxer style PJ's in his room, Jill was standing naked in front of her closet looking over her read Sex Story
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  5. The boys institute.

    6/13/2017: The Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Ch.01 Irene was very pleased with how things were developing the first several weeks with Craig. He had taken to his milking schedule very well, and the daily pill and lotion applications seemed to be working well also. The boy's already prodigious genitals seemed to be growing larger, and he was becoming almost constantly aroused. It now took only half an hour from the time he had recovered from his milking to the time that he began to show signs of involuntary stiffness and easy arousal again. All she had to do was mention something about his ge read Sex Story
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  6. Mom And Her New Office Mate

    6/11/2017: Hello this story all about my mom. She is working in the office and my dad is in military. In my home only three members. This incident started when I was in 8th standard after I become a man I felt that changes in me. When ever my dad come to see I use to watch dad used to fuck my mom hardly. She wasn’t happy with that I thought he used to fuck her from back like a doggy style. Before he leaving he said for next two years he might not come. After he went few weeks later mom was getting ready to office. In her office there is read Sex Story
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  7. Conner

    6/11/2017: Once again, as Conner had been getting ready to leave, his mother, Cynthia, had stopped him so that she could say something to him. From her facial expression alone, he had a good idea what it was. "I know we've talked about this more than a few times already, Conner, but...I am your mother, and I'm CONCERNED that you spend SO MUCH TIME downstairs on-line! It's not good, sweetheart. You need to get away from that---damned---computer! It, it's come to dominate your life." His mother was right, this topic had come up more than once between them. "Don't worry what I do on-line, mom. Oka read Sex Story
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  8. The Adventures of Dennis Part 1--Janis

    6/10/2017: My buddy Jason and I sat on a porch outside a house party in November, watching the partygoers exit a house party. We were drinking scotch and coke and I was numerous sheets to the wind. Jason burped. “I’m gonna flunk that test tomorrow,” he said. I watched the legs of the girls wandering outside. A few of them stumbled on the doorstep like d***ken high-schoolers (which was basically what we still were, as freshmen ages 18 to 19), some of them were helped out by their equally smashed, wonky boyfriends (or guys who wished they were their boyfriends), and others exited smoothly and wit read Sex Story
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  9. Sex With my Mom's Friends--Chapter 4

    6/10/2017: After seeing Brenda and my mother eat each other's pussies, I sped over to Jeri's house. I needed answers and I needed them now. If Jeri didn't come clean with me about everything I couldn't begin to guess what my next move would be. Once I arrived I began beating frantically on her front door. Jeri answered it and I nearly knocked her down as I bolted inside. "What's going on, Jeri?" read Sex Story
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  10. The paramedic and my rectal temperature

    6/10/2017: The paramedic and my rectal temperature I was alone that long week end; Victor had flown away from town and would come back on Tuesday. By Sunday evening I felt my corporal temperature was burning me to flames; I decided to call a doctor to come home to check my warm body… By midnight somebody rang the doorbell. I stood up from the bed; I was little bit flimsy, but I made my way to the entrance. I opened the door and found there a young paramedic… a very young and handsome one. I let him in and asked to go with me to the master bedroom upstairs. He followed me; I was sure he was e read Sex Story
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  11. Sex in the Car and Getting Caught!

    6/9/2017: This actually happened and is 100% real! The location is Ontario Airport in Ontario CA. I had just come home from a business trip and after a week was hornier than hell. This was in 2000, I was 42 at that time so was my wife. I had to travel maybe 4-6 times a year and really did not like it. We had a little phone sex while I was gone and she always knew each time I traveled that I wanted her to "dress up" in some new sexy lingerie to meet me at the airport. I was always excited to see what new "uniform" or outfit she would be wearing, plus it added to our already large sexy lingerie coll read Sex Story
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  12. To Walk a Mile

    6/9/2017: ******** Chapter 1 Ed liked his new truck. It was shiny and big and had a heater that worked. It had lots of other toys too but he hadn't really played with them yet. He'd discovered the air conditioner though. The truck was a present from some of the ladies he loved. When his previous F-150 was destroyed in an accident he'd insisted that he could take the bus to work but they wouldn't have it read Sex Story
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  13. Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 9)

    6/9/2017: Tuesday “Can we go to bed now?” Mason asked eagerly as he got home from school. “Ahh ahh,” Stacey smiled as she scolded him. “Not until 11…” When the time rolled around, Mason eagerly followed Stacey up the stairs. “Are you ready?” Stacey asked, casually. “…” Mason looked to the ground, blushing and trying to hide his erection. “Oh! I nearly forgot,” Stacy said as she gathered the blanket off the bed. “Do you remember when you were little and you used to wet the bed?” “…” “Well… Mama’s been having similar problems now that we share a bed, hasn’t she?” “You could read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Mature, Taboo, Author: Tendril_Notion, Source: xHamster
  14. A Night of Exploration.....Becoming His......Part

    6/9/2017: Draven opened the bathroom door and I could hear the shower. “Kali, come join me for a shower.” He said. “OK” Kali replied. She walked to the bathroom and they got in the shower. “Wash me.” He commanded. Kali grabbed her luffa, put some soap on it started washing his body. “Pay special attention to my cock and balls slut.” He said. Kali began washing his back, down to his ass, she got on her knees to pay attention to washing him. She washed him inside and out then kissed his ass and pulled his cheeks apart and licked his asshole. She turned him around and washed his legs up to his co read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, BDSM, Mature, Author: nola1331, Source: xHamster
  15. Suit Shopping

    6/8/2017: Wandering around the men's department you're checking out all of the suits we have to offer here at Macy's. You reach your arm up and stroke each jacket testing the feel of the wool on your fingertips. I saunter up in a tight black pencil skirt hugging every curve that you can't take your eyes off of, and a pair of bright red paten leather skysc****r heels. These shoes say fuck me all over them... I ask you, "is there something I can help you with, sir?” You tell me you're in the market for a new suit, but aren't sure of your measurements. Being the professional woman I am I ask you if read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Author: nightvalkyrie, Source: xHamster
  16. DONNA - Night out with the Girls

    6/8/2017: A few months after the ‘chief’ had summoned me to his office and we’d had sex, the girls in the office decided to have a night out, when they asked me I leant it involved just going out for a meal and having a few drinks, I was happy with that as I didn’t want to go clubbing. We arranged to meet at a certain restaurant in town at 8:30pm. There were 15 of us and we had a right good laugh as we talked shop and about our lives in general, I learned a lot of what was going on in the office and the personal details of some of my colleagues. 10:15pm and the party broke up, one of the girls asked read Sex Story
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  17. Helping a friend out with a problem

    6/8/2017: My buddy at work approached me with an interesting request the other day. He had heard that I had done a video recording of a wedding or two and was wondering if I might record something for him. I couldn't help but notice that he was a little hesitant on details, but after some prodding he told me that he and his wife wanted to make a sex tape and he was wondering if I would run the camera. He told me that his wife wasn't interested in having sex with anyone else, but she didn't have a problem with someone else watching. We set up a time and I showed up with camera equipment in tow. Rick a read Sex Story
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  18. 108 Avis and Jon visit tony

    6/7/2017: 108 Avis and Jon visit tony Tony had kept his word Jon and I was invited over to his house for dinner one day to meet his wife. Their k**s were grown and out of the house so they had ample room to receive guests either for an evening or overnight stay. Jon rang the door-bell; Tony opened up and greeted us both then invited us in. He shook Jon's hand and moved up to me and kissed me on the lips. By now his wife had come to the door and I was nicely surprised; she looked about my age, nice figure, nice large set of tits hiding behind her dress top, a great pair of legs and really good looki read Sex Story
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  19. Teacher Teaches Well Ch. 02

    6/6/2017: The next day, Cynthia drove her c***dren to her mom’s house and phoned Joey through her mobile phone and instructed him to go to her house at around noontime. By noontime Cynthia was already at her house making some coffee and waiting patiently for Joey to come. After she finished her coffee the doorbell rang so she excitedly went out of the kitchen and then ran to the door. When she opened it she was disappointed to see that it was not Joey but her neighbor Alita. “What brings you here this time of day Litz?” Cynthia greeted her trying to conceal her disappointment in seeing her instead o read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature, Author: Itheswag, Source: xHamster
  20. She Stole My Wife Ch. 04

    6/5/2017: Jimmy is back, better than ever.Part 4 Jimmy Breaks Free I slept well that night, and awoke Monday morning with my mind still in overdrive. I took the day off from school, and spent the day writing, recording, and sending finished material to a friend in the licensing and publishing business. Shortly after lunch, my fax machine rang, and went through the familiar start up sounds. My cell phone rang immediately as well. It was my friend. The fax printed out a contract and all the needed paperwork to get my work licensed and copyrighted. I had sent 3 finished songs, and s read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: magas911, Source: xHamster