1. Did I let prosty get pregnant?

    10/3/2017: Yo was a prosty from Thailand. She was around 30 years old when we met the first time on the road near my house. She was a bit chubby and not so cute. Near my house, there was a famous place of many prostys from foreign countries like East Asia, South East Asia, South America or even from Europe. I sometimes wandered in the place and paid them for sex. I met her in such place. Since then, I happened to find Yo there frequently, and paid her many times. One day, Yo said me that She liked me so much. Then asked me for letting her call me "Anata". "Anata" is a Japanese word what mean read Sex Story
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  2. Bicurious first time (true story)

    10/2/2017: Hope you enjoy my true story of my first time, this is the only place I can share this, not something I can chat about with friends down the pub. A bit about me, I have an athletic build, short hair and a nice trimmed 6.5 inch uncut cock and had come out of a long term relationship 8 years ago. At that time I had always considered myself straight and had no attraction to men, the difference now is that while I don't have an attraction to men, I am attracted to a nice cock and open minded enough to have realised that pleasure can be given and received by both sexes. I think lots of guys feel read Sex Story
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  3. Fantasy - 2 Older Women...........Ladies.......mak

    10/2/2017: I go to a house, knock on the door, one woman answers, dressed in skirt above the knee, blouse, hair down, but is on the phone, so she asks me to step in so that the door does not slam, so I do. She drops something on the floor, leans forward to pick it up, revealing her boobs, which I see, and she knows it, so she goes red, I say no need to get embarrassed, fine figure, great boobs, lucky guy to play with those, she then starts to say how her husband is not interested, and starts to flirt....at this point I think there is just two of us. So, she then starts asking me questions, about wh read Sex Story
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  4. Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 03

    10/1/2017: Note:- This story is one of the story i came across on net so would like to share with u This story is not written by me..................... .......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Over the sound of the radio I heard the back bedroom door open and my aunt's low laughter, followed by Jack's muted voice, then heard the bathroom door close. A moment or two later, I heard the shower begin to run. My stomach gave a little churn read Sex Story
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  5. A Camping Trip

    10/1/2017: Linda and I went out to go camping one nice summer. We packed our sl**ping bags, tent, food, little portal T.V. and clothes with swimming wear. We went to the national park to camp, the people with tents had an area near the pond, the pond was pretty clean. There was a portal potty near by, knowing me, I’ll just pee in the woods. We were in the wooded area, where only people with tents can go, if you had a camper you had to park in a non wooded area. So the woods was almost private, you could see another person about 20 feet away, but it was far way. We got to our camp site, I put the tent up read Sex Story
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  6. Hot picnic

    10/1/2017: We meet for the first time and we are In a field of flowers a meadow We are having a picnic And we have some nice things to eat and Some drinks We talk and I gaze into your Pretty eyes Smile is wonderful I start to fall in love with you And lean to kiss you Holding your face as I kiss you Touching with my finger tips over your sweet lips Kissing your face Kissing your cheeks Covering you with soft kisses As I begin to kiss your neck very slowly Kissing your ear and whispering I love you Soft and gentle Tingly touches Kissing your neck so very passionately And kissing yo read Sex Story
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  7. My Time as a Sugar Babe - Part One

    9/30/2017: When I started university at eighteen, money was scarce so I looked for part time work to boost my income. The majority of the jobs advertised were bar work or cleaning rooms in hotels. They paid the minimum wage and to earn what I needed would have meant working long hours leaving little time for studying or a social life. I didn’t want to go down that route, I knew there was something read Sex Story
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  8. Now Who Is Watching Me?

    9/30/2017: My short Palm Springs holiday was quickly coming to an end. Tomorrow I would be not only leaving the sunshine and heading back to the dreary, wet Pacific Northwest, but I would also be leaving my new young lover. All I had wanted was a few days lying by the pool while Jimmy, my husband, was on the east coast for business meetings. Yes, I achieved that, and the proof was obvious when I took read Sex Story
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  9. Chance encounter

    9/29/2017: Typical wet winter night raining wind freezing wind , lucky my cars baking hot I pull up to the shop on way home jumping out it hit's hard brrrh it's lashing "hello" I shout on way through the door. Making my way to kiosk I notice boots sexy hot long leather boots ass hot ass in tight leather look trousers , black bomber jacket and shoulder length blonde hair, horny thought doggy trouser's over knee highs and g-string over ass cheek slammed nice thought mmmh,, .Oh shit she turn's around just my luck the neighbours wife , we all got 1 the 1 the wife hates constant moaning how much a slut she lo read Sex Story
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  10. The Day My Life Changed Part 2 Oral

    9/27/2017: It had been almost 2 weeks since Cheryl and I had had sex. I had wondered if all was well, as she had not said anything to me about our first adventure. And what an adventure it had been, I did not realize how kinky and over sexed she was. I had already shaved my pubic hairs, and they were itchy. Some lotion helped, but the little whiskers were sticking to my under shorts, and the whiskers on my balls made my cock sensitive, all the time. So I had a semi erection most of the day. It was, actually, kind of cool, walking with a small, soft, boner all day. Around noon Cheryl called me into read Sex Story
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  11. Adventures of Peter and Louise - A Memory from Pet

    9/27/2017: Louise is 52, 5' 6", Brunette, very slim with size 32B breasts a beautiful arse and waxed shaven pussy mound. I am Peter 55, 5' 10", of a muscular build, but I only have a 7 inch cock. I love to please Louise with my cock and mouth, however she does love to have a big dick inside her from time to time and I do love to see her enjoy herself and she loves watching me sharing a cock or two. We have posted our profiles on a few sites in the past, got few nice replies from a few guys in their 30's, and claiming to have 9" or more. However we never followed them up finding single guys can be read Sex Story
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  12. Watching Helena on a porn site

    9/27/2017: Watching Helena on a porn site That week end I was home alone; being my sweet Ana away from town, visiting some old friends in the West. On Saturday I was feeling a little bit horny and then started to watch some porn on the net, until finally I came across a new site; there were pictures of different white women with black men. But then I was shocked to see a picture of Helena, my wife’s girlfriend; that bitch who was a real slut; that bitch I had fucked sometimes, that bitch who had got her husband Jorge become a perfect cuckold… I clicked on the link and watched a video showing her s read Sex Story
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  13. 3 am mature anal

    9/26/2017: At 3 am, I'm just getting out of a 24 hour gym. I get a text message from Susan. "Come over" is all it says. As soon as I got that message, my fat cock throbs and comes to life. It hangings low and full, bl**d gorging to my manhood. I respond with "I'll be there in a few minutes." I head for the off ramp and into Susan's neighborhood. The security guards wave me pass as Susan calls ahead to let me right in. I pull up to her house and into the garage, park next to her long roll of Corvettes, Jaguars, and Cobras. I'm thinking, this "lady has good taste and likes muscles." I walk right into her l read Sex Story
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  14. Secreterial Sin, and Red Knickers - Part 2

    9/26/2017: The smell of her perfume overpowered me a little bit, as I rainedkisses down her long neck. The cold end of the glistening diamond that hung from her ears stroked my fiery skin, as my hands stroked upwards, circling her waist through her silk dress. I stroked her lower back, along her spinal cord, and she shivered in delight, arching backwards. My hands, my hard hands travelled lower, and read Sex Story
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  15. Trying Out A Condom With My Aunt ~ Part 1

    9/25/2017: Before reading, I'm sorry but my English isn't that good. I originally published this story in Gujarati, Urdu, and Hindi; then translated. I'm 16 years old, my aunt is in her early 30's. Please be 18+ when reading. Hope you enjoy. I appreciate all comments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` My grandma always loves when I come over to her two bedroom apartment complex. She lives with my read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Older, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Pregnant, Reluctance, First Time, Author: ICEEE, Source: sexstories.com
  16. Not lonely anymore

    9/24/2017: **co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** Richard Sullivan, an old Librarian. A quiet old scholar who spends his twilight years puttering around the towns dusty old library, sorting and filing endless volumes of forgotten lore; a thick and corpulent man who glides with surprising grace amongst the rows of shelves, carefully pulling and placing the old leathery books. He sighs read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Interracial, Straight Sex, Mature, Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Teen, Author: prettynun2010, Source: sexstories.com
  17. The Cornholing

    9/24/2017: The Cornholing When I was a k**, there was a slang term used to describe anal sex between boys or men. It was called “cornholing”. No one thought of cornholing as gay or queer. It was just another sexual activity. It was an activity that I developed a fascination with and it became a favorite sexual fantasy of mine. Since I cannot write about early sexual contacts here, I will have to be intentionally vague and fast forward to my adult life. I have always been a voyeur and many times I have witnessed others engaged in a variety of sexual activities. There were a number of times I stumbl read Sex Story
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  18. I Cuckold for Shirley

    9/24/2017: Shirley's birthday was coming up and I was thinking of what to give her. I wanted it to be special because of how understanding she was about my time with Dan and Carolyn. I was thinking how lucky I was, Shirley looked great, she could have just about any man she wanted, and quite a few men hit on her. She was also very smart, she was a special education teacher, and really loved her students. The Saturday before her birthday, we were sitting in the rec room having drinks. Shirley said she wanted something different for her birthday this year. I asked what that was, and she told me that sh read Sex Story
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  19. A Little Bump on the Head

    9/22/2017: (The following is a short story of consensual, romantic sex between an older woman and much younger man) Lizzy came home from her real estate job late in the afternoon, pleased to see Rob’s truck in the yard, the young handyman she’d hired to do some work around the house. At 66, Lizzy wasn’t up to the task of painting lawn furniture or fixing various things that always seemed to be need painting or fixing. The single woman was long divorced, but happily so, dating now and then but engaging in no serious long-term relationships. And besides, the dating pool of acceptable men in her age r read Sex Story
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  20. Sexy Stockings Wants More

    9/22/2017: The gardens at the Hotel are stunning sexy H left good ten mins before lunch making my way to the obvious Giant OAK canopy visible as the trunck had been enclosed with perfect hedging with an Arc entrance , not to be disappointed the incredible view before me stood this beauty in high heels leather skirt and silky blouse and even sexier long black leather coat. H smiles and the perfect face lights this section off the garden up, her sparkling green eye's are almost hypnotic " You Always met a man like you on these courses","But I have to say you're a little different " Walking directly towards read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Author: Sexywife16, Source: xHamster