1. Erotic story of BINITA. 02

    9/15/2018: Chapter 02: Binita & Thakur Meet at Home Laju looked up and saw that the young daughter-in-law had been transfixed on the spot looking at her father-in-law reduced to a mass of pleasure seeking, spasming flesh. She got up on her haunches and then stood. She held both hands up as one was lathed in the cum and in the palm of that hand she held some of the flow. Her other hand was stained with the white streaks and oil that came from the fisting she had given with that hand. She used her shoulder to shift her pallo into a slightly more respectable cover of her torso, but the signal that her l read Sex Story
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  2. That Sexy New Guy

    9/15/2018: I almost not want to tell you honey cuz I really like my new Filipino lover. I almost fall for him. But not you worry. He was my dentist last year. You keep telling me to get my teeth checked and clean. So I make appointment. Oh wow, he was sooo cute. And only about 33, younger than me. I imagine my panties just disappearing with him. He looked at me too with desire. I knew we could not do anything cuz he my dentist. His touch was so gentle and sensuous as the touched my lips and did his work. When I make appointment I have give my cellphone number so I know he can call m read Sex Story
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  3. Being Watched

    9/15/2018: [iI noticed him firstly as I bought some salami from the deli-counter. He looked like any regular guy,5ft 10", muscularly built, cropped blond hair,in his early 30s, but it was his piercing blue eyes that seemed to bore down into my very soul. He carried a wire shopping basket with two or three items in it and as I wheeled my trolley down the next aisle I didin't have to look to know he was behind me. I reached to get a box of dried peas, he was staring so intently at my ample backside. I wasn't provocatively dressed in any way, just a grey-marl vest over a blue push-up bra, a knee length read Sex Story
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  4. Missy The Mouse

    9/14/2018: I have always been attracted to what could be described as ‘mousy’ looking girls. You know, those women who hardly ever get a second glance from most guys. I guess you could call them nerds. There are several reasons I lust after these ‘Plain Janes’ rather than perfect tens. First, I am no George Clooney or Brad Pitt myself, so I do not think any really good-looking woman would be interested read Sex Story
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    9/14/2018: We are Indian couple from Mumbai .My wifes name is Sreemayee, this story is about how she was fucked by a 19 yrs old Rahul who is our naibhour . There are thousands of men who fantasize about their wives having sex with another man, but very few will experience it quite like this. Anyone ever had a younger man just take a liking to your wife? Surely some have, but I mean quite literally a guy who developed a serious crush on her. One who would have bathed a cougar if she asked? Well, my wife had such a fellow in her very read Sex Story
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  6. Mother-In-Laws Secret Video Found (ch 1)

    9/13/2018: She made life hell for me, until I found her "dark" secret. I had never gotten along with my mother-in-law, Ann, until recently... My mother-in-law had fought me every step of the way while I was dating her daughter, my future wife, or should I say my currently estranged wife. Sometimes I think our marriage was part of a plan by Ann to get her off of her hands. Her trying to push us apart only cemented us together. Unfortunately, after we got married various issues, many caused by some of the fucked up ideas Ann pushed on her daughter, destroyed our marriage. Sex was one read Sex Story
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  7. A dark shadow outside the window

    9/13/2018: A dark shadow outside the window Home alone again… and also very horny, of course. I sat down in front of the large flat screen at the dining room and put a porn movie in the player. Working hard all day had me so exhausted that I could not relax. Masturbate should release some tension to be able to rest… The scene playing out was one of my favorite; an interracial couple seducing a young babysitter. She was now lapping away at the wife's pussy while the black husband was taking her ass from behind. My own pussy reacted like my desire and it was getting damper now… Soon I was push read Sex Story
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  8. Shower With s*s

    9/13/2018: Brittany turned the shower off and got out. She began to dry herself, and marveled at how soft the cotton towel felt against her smooth skin. She felt her nipples harden as she dried them and then she saw her reflection in the mirror. "I wish I was a cup size bigger," she thought as she cupped her firm B-cup tits in her hands. She followed the line of her body down and thought, "I do have a firm body though." She smiled. She had just shaved and her pussy and legs glistened in the soft bathroom light. It was cold standing there without a towel on, and she saw her nipples getting hard in t read Sex Story
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  9. control

    9/11/2018: While I was looking at Bullchat, I spotted a profile that said "Looking for straight guy who wants to give up control". Intrigued, I said hello like the profile. He said he wanted someone under 50, but I hit him up anyway. Soon I got a reply asking for a picture, which I sent. He talked about how he like taking control of straight guys and playing with them. We figured out that we were on the same page and talked about various scenarios that we could play out. Eventually we decided that I would come visit him. He told me that I was not to cum until he finally allowed me to. I visited hi read Sex Story
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  10. Jenelle Theatre Fuck Part 2

    9/11/2018: It went on like this for over an hour, with cock after cock using my slutty holes. I was covered in wet slippery cum from head to cunt. Somebody must had been making phone-calls cos there seemed to be about 50 or 60 men in the theatre now all with their cocks out wanting to fuck my swampy wet cunt ass and mouth. I just willing submitted to their cock-needs and let them fuck me in any manner they wanted. Phil later told me that at least 40 cocks had filled my cunt with cum, most of which had been pumped into my well fucked cervix. Phil was having a ball sucking all the cum out of my cunt onl read Sex Story
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    9/10/2018: All persons having sex in my stories on this site are 18 Y.O. or older. My College Coed Lover Wanted, a young vivacious woman whose life and educational pursuits can be supported by a generous older man. Please leave a text message at the following cell number ***-###-@@@@. I live in Big City. (An Ad on Backpage in the Personals Section under Casual Dating.) ‘Sir: I believe that I am what you are read Sex Story
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  12. Privates on Parade

    9/10/2018: Back in the early eighties I’d been an air cadet (like a military boy scout) for some four years and at seventeen was reaching the end of my stay. Most guys (for guys were all we were in the cadets at that time) left and took on jobs or apprenticeships. Those like me who’d been in for so long looked at moving on to a career in the military. Before I finished though, I had the privilege of read Sex Story
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