1. Home delivery with a bang

    11/19/2017: It was nice of you to help me with my groceries at the supermarket, with my car in for service it would have been difficult to get them home. You suggested a coffee and we sat and chatted for a while, but I couldn't help notice your quick glances at my chest when you thought I wouldn't notice. Being a bit of a tease I leaned over the table as I stood up and treated you to a bit more cleavage and, surprise surprise, you're now quite keen to give me a lift home. As we get in your car, I pretend I can't get the seat belt fastened, so you have to lean over and adjust it so it fits snugly between m read Sex Story
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  2. the lustful dream-giver 1/2

    11/19/2017: I was 18 when she moved into our building. A just married couple who were originally from uttar pradesh, the northern part of India. She was very beautiful, educated too, compared to her husband she was a sexual goddess, he was very naive. He was a fruit-seller by occupation who would leave home at 5:00 am in the morning and be back by 11:00pm - 11:45pm close to mid-night. As they lived in our same floor, room adjacent to ours, I had a track of his in and out timings. Every Sunday i would get up early in the morning and play outside her door to catch a glance of her bosom, when should bend-o read Sex Story
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  3. Muslim teacher gives practical sexual education

    11/19/2017: Raesah has been married for 10 years now and had three k**s. So she had begun to get a bit chubby. However she still had a fuller and more ravenous figure than other female teachers in the same school. Her breasts were firm and large and her ass was extremely curved and shapely with none of her assets being left to anybody's imagination. Raesah was taught at a very young age about the importance of hijab and how Muslim women should cover up their beauty like pearls are covered by shells. But yet with only Raesah's face and hands being visible her physical attributes would still bring joy and p read Sex Story
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  4. Pop Racer's assistant

    11/19/2017: **co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** It is late in the evening in the dark garage, the white Mach 5 raised up on a lift as Pop stands underneath it, reaching up overhead into the complicated machinery adjusting the pneumatic jack. His Thai assistant Noon is very pretty in her red jumpsuit, the same color as Pops' shirt, her soft brown hair tied up in a ponytail with a matching red read Sex Story
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  5. b*****r & Mother In Law

    11/18/2017: b*****r & Mother In Law Summer was right around the corner. I arrive to my girlfriends house to hang out with her f****y. The only thing different this time is that she will not be there. She is on work duties which requires her to travel. The same time I get there her b*****r and mother get back from swimming at their pool located in the middle of their apartment complex. We all step inside and it wasn’t the hottest point of the year yet but good enough. I noticed their moms nipples showing just a bit. They weren’t fully erect but you can surely see enough. She was a two­piece swimming read Sex Story
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  6. DONNA - My first GOOD MMF without my husband

    11/17/2017: After my awful experience a few months ago with those two guys my husband suggested if I got the chance to try it again, not everyone is so selfish. I thought I would if the chance occurred. Two months later I was down at my mum’s house, as she was at work, and I’d just made a coffee and was looking out of the window when there was a knock on the door. Upon opening it there stood two lads, one said “Hi could I have some water for the windows next door please” I thought he looked cute so I said “Sure come in” as they both came into the kitchen my husband’s words came back to my mind, especia read Sex Story
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  7. My defeate. (Teacher X Student)

    11/17/2017: DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PARTIALLY BASED ON REAL LIFE EVENTS BUT THE AGES AND NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED AND THE STORY IS PARTIALLY MADE UP ON THE SPOT. All my life I was bullied right up until I decided to take matters into my own hands. Sure I would still get bullied for a short while but then it stopped because they'd end up slammed against any hard surface I could find. I stopped taking matters into my own hands when I met a guy. I know I know totally cliché, but this guy was special. Trouble is he was my teacher and I knew that nothing would come of it however it wouldn't stop me from fantasiz read Sex Story
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  8. Fucking a stranger in the back seat

    11/16/2017: Fucking a stranger in the back seat When living in L.A., we had met some nice good neighbors and friends there. One of them was a real nice person. He was an older man called Tom. He was a very kind man and he worked as a private contractor. One Friday evening, as we were sharing a cold beer at the veranda, Victor told him that we were going to spend the week end at a nice cottage some friends had invited us. When Tom heard about the place, he told Victor he had got a contract to work in a near house. So; he asked if we minded if he could come with us. Of course Victor agreed; Tom woul read Sex Story
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  9. Jamacan Vacation

    11/16/2017: Wife Gets Blacked in Jamaica by Smal4u My wife and I never talked about it. I’m really not sure how it became a thing with us either. It’s possible she saw the porn I always had on my computer. I think years ago she saw some stories that I had printed out and read them. She never acted on them, nor talked to me about what was in them, but if she read them, she knew what I was reading and jerking off to. While I don’t think that was the sole reason we went down this road, I believe it planted a seed in her mind that percolated over the years. I’m also pretty certain that she a read Sex Story
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  10. Helping out a friend

    11/14/2017: My wife, Laura, and I had been working for several years in the same company. She was up on the 10th floor, and I down on the 3rd. We had a good work life together, and a good married life together. We still had sex, even after 15 years, but not as often as we'd have liked. Our best friends were a couple we had met at work. I worked with both Jeff and Ginny when they moved into the company. Ginny read Sex Story
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  11. milf and the renaissance festival boy

    11/14/2017: My wife loves costuming and going to the renaissance festival was an opportunity to dress up. She still has a gorgeous body and wearing the costumes of the period gave her an excuse to put the girls on display. She looked so sexy in her outfit with a push up laced bra. I was her servant man and followed closely behind her acting the part and always looking down. We went to the puppet show and stood in back overlooking the crowd. opposite us along the far wall was a young man who appeared to be 18-ish and he was staring at my wife's tits. He was rubbing his crotch and trying to place it in a co read Sex Story
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  12. Lee Returns

    11/14/2017: LEE RETURNS It's been a long time since we've seen Lee. He moved away a few years ago and until today has not been able to return. In that he has come to town for a conference, he has arranged to stay with us. He and his gigantic rock hard cock will be very welcome. Lee arrives, rings our door bell and we invite Lee in. As you may remember, Lee is a very tall, very handsome black man. He and his read Sex Story
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