1. Mom’s Used Cunt. part 2

    10/19/2016: Here I am lying in my bed staring up at the ceiling thinking back to last night when I fucked my mom, when who should walk in to my bedroom but her. She had on her tee shirt, cum nightie and straight away, I noticed her braless tits pressed up against the thin material. Mom sat down on the bed “I know what you did last night” she said then crossed her legs slowly making sure I saw her do it. I started to turn red and I was getting prepared for a right good rollicking when I released she was wearing nylons, how strange I thought with her nightie. Mom crossed her hands and placed them on read Sex Story
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  2. How Michelle Became A Fucktoy, Chapter 1

    10/19/2016: Michelle Barton had been secretly seeing Dave for several months. They had to keep their relationship private for several reasons. First off, Dave was her father's best friend and was forty-one years old - twenty-four years older than she was. Secondly, Dave was married, and his wife and her mother were also very close friends. And thirdly, Michelle's parents had something of a standing in read Sex Story
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  3. Craigslist

    10/19/2016: It's been a horny week. Loads of cock sucking sluts wanting to friend me on my sight. Yet I was only interested in meeting a slut craving a cock down there throat. So I posted this interest on craigslist and got 2 reply. Followed both up and over loads of e mail back and forth, finally got to exchange mobile numbers and the hunt was on.1st up was a bristol woman. Who's interest was anal but said she knew how to suck cock, as she had been doing it since the age of 14. Now in her forty she recond she could take most cocks. I found out later she e****ted on the side also. The second was a ho read Sex Story
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  4. My first experience with mature woman

    10/19/2016: Few years ago i had an unique experience which changed my life entirely.I was 19 years old and i was working in local coffe shop to get some money for the summer break of my collage, after really hard day at work i got into the bus at nearby station thinking only about getting home watching some porn and going to bed.Bus was almost empty and i sat near a mature woman in her mid fifthies, she had straigth blonde hair, big tits and nice legs, i was looking at her and tought how i would like to fuck her.She was wearing tight t-shirt with open v neck which was showing her clevage, and tight spande read Sex Story
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  5. Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam

    10/18/2016: Watching my sweet Ana in a hidden cam When living in L.A., just months after been married, I started suspecting that my sweet Anita was cheating on me. I had to fly weekly due to my business and I finally was sure she brought her lover to our own home. I bought a small camera and installed the device in our bedroom ceiling. I was almost sure that Ana was not going anywhere, but fucking her lover right there, in our bed… On Friday afternoon I confirmed her I was to fly late night and then I dragged her to the kitchen, made her bend over the counter and fucked her pussy in a wild way. I read Sex Story
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  6. Resort Bar Lesbian Affair

    10/18/2016: Hi, I’m Kathy, last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams, a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. My husband used to be a wrestler in college and he still had a body builder’s physique that any women would die for. But frankly, I was becoming bored with him, he just had no class. I had been a bodybuilder also and am still a large, but very muscular woman in her forties. I still love sex with my husband, but often I think back to my college years when I had quite a few lesbian women were drawn to a very physically fit woman like me. If they were sexy, athletic read Sex Story
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  7. The First Time a Woman Fucked Me

    10/18/2016: I was driving through a parking lot this evening when I saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee that reminded me of a story from way back in 1999. I was 22 at the time, and that November I met a 29 year old woman (who I shall call "M." for her anonymity) at a bar. M. was on a separate date but wasn't having too much fun so she kept coming over and talking to me. We kissed at the end of the evening and she gave me her number. M. was tall and thin with light blond hair. She looked older than me, but she did not look 29. All in all, M. was a very attractive, dare I say, hot woman. We made plans and had read Sex Story
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  8. 112. Dora`s bill

    10/17/2016: 112. Dora`s bill (a revamp) Let me introduce myself, the names Lenny, 6ft of unkept, red headed, slim, tired, unemployed, sex mad 30 year old , whose wife is the delectable Dora, a 5ft 10, 36D 24 37, a 25 year old blonde who has just returned to me after some days of intense adventure. It all started at the library, as I said a month ago, I was keeping a low profile from the good lady having squandered her holiday fund on a certainty that obviously with hindsight was not... and the library seemed to be the best place it being warm and the last place on earth the wife would look for read Sex Story
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  9. Keith and Lilli Rose Continued Encounter!!!

    10/16/2016: The couple slept peaceful through the night, naked and wrapped in each other's arms. Lilli Rose woke up first know that she would have to go to work soon. As she laid there awake, she ran the thoughts of the previous night through her head and she realized how hot and wet she was getting just from remembering. She wanted Keith, but he looked so sweet and peaceful just sl**ping there next to her. The more and more she reflected on the night before, the more and more she wanted to feel his hard cock. She didn't know what to do but then it came to her and she smiled a girlish grin. Lill read Sex Story
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  10. My Life Turn Around at 360

    10/15/2016: A very Good Day to you. My story is half truth half fiction. Location and events are true while some words that were applied are of fiction and borrowed from various writers of this prestigious internet sensation xHamster. Some photos are borrowed that was almost similar to the events been written. Names are changed of course to protect my f****y, my love and my only lover. Hope you will like my story and it is my first time to write and pardon me for my grammar. My story which I entitled it “[image]My Life Turned Around at 360*”, still in running for about 4 years now. I wrote read Sex Story
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  11. Baseball Cuckold Ch. 02

    10/15/2016: Timmy's girlfriend submits to his mother's masters! Timmy did not know why the coach or Mr. Smith had it in for him so bad. He knew earlier in the season there was some problems and he had almost been taken off the team; until his parents had a talk with them. Timmy did not realize his mother had had to fuck both men while his humiliated father was f***ed to watch. He did not realize his mother was now their sex slave and had a ring through her left nipple to remind her and her husband of it, or that the two men had plans for his girlfriend, Cindy. The coach knew Timmy h read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: magas911, Source: xHamster
  12. "The Center"

    10/15/2016: "The Center for Interracial Relations" could have been more fully known as "The Center for Interracial Relations AND CUCKOLD TRAINING", because cuckoldry was at the very heart of it's existence! Since The Center's inception, in the summer of 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, had grown almost exponentially! It's founder, and CEO, Demetrius Williams, a lifetime citizen of that same sprawling Southern city, had begun the business after he had become involved (sexually) with an older white married Southern couple; and this single encounter (the husband of the wife had implored Demetrius to "PLEASE sat read Sex Story
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  13. Paula and our friend

    10/14/2016: As the light gently entered the room through the crack in the curtains, she lifted her head and saw him sleeping there. Recalling the events of the night before a big smile came across her face. As she stretched, her arm brushed his side and her hand landed squarely on his manhood; how she had so enjoyed him and now looked forward to more.... Paula knew they needed to rest and ignored the desire read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Mature, Wife / MILF, Author: Paula & Matt, Source: sexstories.com
  14. A Drink of Milk

    10/14/2016: I had known Emily since she was a baby. I watched her grow from a young c***d to an exuberant teen and finally to a very sexy young adult. Yes she was half my age, and to be honest, when she was an 18-year-old gymnast, there were times that I had less than wholesome thoughts about her, but as every father thinking things like that about their k**'s friends, I kept them well to myself. I suspect that as she grew into her early twenties, those full body hugs she gave me, the ones where she couldn't seem help but press her hips tight to mine, were an indication that she had picked up on those hid read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster
  15. k**s These Days

    10/13/2016: The video shows this: A cell phone moving through the kitchen at a loud party, in to the living room. A strobe light, loud hip hop. Young bodies grinding against each other. Wonky guys hoping to see some action. The women dance and flirt, but push the guys away at the last moment. Teasing is fun. The cycle repeats as the phone moves through the crowd, bumping against swishing dark bodies until– An opening. A couch against the wall. Some people are watching and laughing, others are steering clear and pretending nothing’s going on. A guy with bleached blonde hair and gym-toned arms lies naked read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Voyeur, Author: gdmon8, Source: xHamster
  16. s*s-by-law

    10/13/2016: My wife, Kathy, and her s****r, Linda was not very close, so I was surprised when I one day came home from work and found Linda sitting at our dining table with a bunch of suitcases next to her. Kathy told me that Linda would be staying with us for a bit, since she had left her husband. I was surprised to hear this. I thought that Linda was in a strong solid marriage, but it turned out that he had been cheating on her. Linda did not know who the other woman was, but she knew enough to leave him. So Linda was going to take our spare bedroom until she could figure out what to do next read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: happy_manwhore, Source: xHamster
  17. Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

    10/13/2016: Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane I had enjoyed a quick trip to Ohio with my loving Victor, he had invited me to go with him and I had been delighted. My loving husband had been very busy during three days and finally we were boarding a plane to fly back… While sitting on the plane I asked a blanket and received one and a pillow. Victor’s seat was in the aisle and I was on the middle. We had to get up to allow a huge man go through us, to his window seat. The man was really huge, bigger than my husband. Sitting in between, I had no room to move. The plane took off, for a nice fo read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Taboo, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  18. Dominant or Subordinate

    10/12/2016: Dominant or subordinate. What a very important starting point to a relationship. I know people have differing views and tend to categorise themselves as one or the other, usually because the expectation is you are one or the other. I take the view that I am both, dependant on the situation. Let me explain. There are clearly sexual preferences to be taken account of. My view is fairly simplistic. Like everybody on this planet, I love sexual excitement. The best way to get sexual thrills, is obviously to get both participants, or all, highly excited. If he, or she, gets turned on by being the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Mature, Author: mrsrobinsonx, Source: xHamster
  19. Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 8)

    10/11/2016: Friday - Sunday When Mason got home from school, he found his mother washing dishes as if everything was normal again. “How was school?” she asked the usual question. “Fine,” he gave the usual response. “Just fine?” She asked. “Yeah,” Mason walked past her. “I had goodwill come by and pick up your bed today,” Stacey casually announced. “You did…?” Mason was surprised. After seeing her act like herself, he was sure that Stacey would go back on her promise. If she could even remember it… “Listen to me, Mason.” Stacey said, sternly. “I’m only going to tell you on read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Mature, Taboo, Author: Tendril_Notion, Source: xHamster
  20. Living in Cockington part 20

    10/9/2016: I awoke late in the morning and everyone else seem to be already down stairs having breakfast. As I stood in the bathroom having a morning wash, I heard the door open and Zoe my hot blonde cousin stepped inside. She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts that showed off her long tanned legs and with a smile she proceeded to use the toilet right next to me. "I need a pee" she said quickly pulling her shorts down revealing her bald shaved pussy before sitting down on the toilet. I heard the flow of water and tried to look away, the image of her bald pussy reminded me of being with her the ni read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Mature, Author: bighornycock123, Source: xHamster