1. dominant wife and her sissymaid

    9/13/2017: My wife is 50 but is in very good condition. She goes to the gym twice a week and spends a lot on beauty treatments. She has been cuckolding me for about 10 years. I have not had sex with her for nine years. She keeps me in a CB6000 most of the time and when I am not working to earn money to keep her in luxuries I am dressed in very sissy clothes. My wife began to cuckold me because my cock is small and I could not satisfy her. I encourage her to cuckold me because it excited me to see her with other men (it still does). I am also very submissive and when she saw how pathetic I was when o read Sex Story
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  2. Shoot it on her Prego Tummy - An Adult Story

    9/12/2017: I had only lived in my small apartment for about two weeks. I was done unpacking and getting settled in. The last box I opened was my BBQ grill. It was small but did the job. I reached into my fridge to pull out a steak and a cold beer. I dumped some charcoal in the grill just outside my sliding glass door. I then tossed the steak on the grill. I put some tin foil on two ears of corn and a bake read Sex Story
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  3. A Hot Evening's Work Part One

    9/12/2017: I wrote earlier of how Liv and I got started. This episode occurred a few months later and a couple of things had changed. Her lad was now in a full time care home so I no longer spent work time at her place. This hadn't stopped our, now unofficial, meetings but they had been infrequent due to the new routine she was getting used to, involving regular visits to him and so forth. We'd only actually managed a few more fucks due to this. They had been much more leisurely but, consequently, less intense. We had got more familiar with what each needed too, so they certainly had been good times, but read Sex Story
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  4. Couples swinger party true story

    9/11/2017: Couples swinger party true story This story starts a good sometime after Sara . I had got married sometime after that I found out my wife was fucking a guy at work so I decided if she was going to that we would start swinging so I could have fun to . One week I decided to host a couples party . So I looked into hotels I found one that had two bedrooms a livingroom and a small kicthen . I reserverd the room in indianapolis indiana and sent out party invites . I had 5 couples and one single male that was a friend . We live in spencer indiana so it was only a hour drive for us . When the weeke read Sex Story
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  5. Go For It!

    9/10/2017: As I was going thru puberty my older b*****r told me to always go for it! If a girl gives you an opportunity to have sex I should go for it. I had many girlfriends but never had sex. I came close a time or two but for some reason never closed the deal. I had the biggest crush on one of my teachers all thru high school. Her name was Mrs. Sue Foster. She was not really hot per say, but there was something about her that made me want to fuck her. I could tell that she had a fairly smoking body, nice sized tits, nice ass. She was about five foot eight inches tall, dirty blonde hair about mi read Sex Story
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  6. World Traveler Seeks Companion

    9/10/2017: He stood when he saw them and said, "The saleswoman was correct. She said to truly appreciate the beauty of any pearl necklace you must see it around the neck of a woman. They look lovely. You two are stunning." Jan ran up to him. She embraced him, kissed him and said, "Thank you for the pearls." Isabella was more understated with her thanks. She simple said, "Thanks Sam. The necklaces are exquisite." Their car came and they were whisked to the dock. They easily found the twin masked sail boat. The captain and crew welcomed them on board. They sailed for an hour. The boat anchored and read Sex Story
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  7. Swinging Vacation - The Fun Continues

    9/10/2017: On Saturday morning we met Frank and Pam with their friends Russ and Alexis, who’d arrived the night before for the weekend, at one of the sidewalk café’s for coffee. We all seemed to hit it off well, so well in fact we invited the four of them to come by our apartment that afternoon for a suntan in our rooftop garden. It was a wise decision. We all got to know each other a little better, and got used to seeing each other in the nude. Both Russ and Alexis had beautiful olive complexions. Both were shaved, so Lisa and I had that in common with them, as well as many other interests as it turn read Sex Story
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  8. The Office Party

    9/10/2017: You should know dear reader, that this is not autobiographical, but oh my it is a fantasy for me. I'm not Lisa but I could be... And yes, when I finished this story I was a half dressed basket case, and had to lay down. I hope you do too. "I would rather go to a root canal than an office party," Dan told his wife when she finally got up the nerve to ask. "But you go and try not to get yourself fired. And if, I mean when, you drink too much, have somebody sober drive you home". Lisa pouted. "And when I get home, I suppose you'll want... something...?" "I just might, if I've been watch read Sex Story
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  9. Voluptuous Pantyhose Girlfriend

    9/9/2017: After catching up on my jet lag, I return to your house where I am warmly welcomed by your girlfriend again. She is once again wearing a robe as she lets me into the house but is making no attempt to keep it closed. As soon as she closes the door she throws off the robe to reveal her outfit. She is wearing tan pantyhose over dark tan stockings and black garter belt. Her lovely big breasts are hanging out of the green satin top that she is wearing. I can't wait to get my hands( and mouth) on her lovely breasts so I waste no time and strip off down to my pantyhose and take a hold of her breasts, read Sex Story
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  10. Spying on Anita and my special guest

    9/8/2017: Spying on Anita and my special guest That Friday evening I had invited home to have some dinner an old friend; a black guy from my former office; who I had not seen in any time. Anita seemed to be disappointed. She surely would have preferred to go out that nice night, alone by ourselves. Everything was ready for a nice dinner, but then I noticed we had no more red wine. I told my friend Lukas I could run to a near store to get some. I kissed goodbye Anita and left, but after walking two blocks I realized I had forgotten my wallet, so I headed back home quickly. I opened the fro read Sex Story
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  11. damn virginity

    9/7/2017: All I wanted was a nice, safe, monogamous relationship.Of course in high school I was a simple guy, a bit different from the rest of the people where I grew up. I had a direction and a purpose; where most k**s were interested in going to parties and getting d***k (and maybe a peek if they were lucky), I wanted to study and make something of myself. You know the kind. Poor white trash tryng to make something of himself; the k** in the corner with the glasses held together by tape, calculator in hand. If this were an earlier age, he'd be trying to read the little black numbers off the slip stick read Sex Story
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  12. Fuck my step dad

    9/6/2017: We had a step father, my real dad past away when I was young. So my mom married this guy named Mac. My s****r and I was young when mom married him. I was13 and my s****r Helen was 14 years old. My mom worked two jobs and Mac had one job during the day. Couple years later, I was 15 and Helen was 16 yrs old, we would go outside for a bit, mom left for work, Mac would come out, watch us play and then call Helen in the house and told me to stay outside. I asked why, he wouldn’t tell me. Helen went in and Mac locked the door. I was locked outside my own house, for a few hours. When Mac unlocked read Sex Story
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