1. 18 yo Schoolgirl Gets a Mouthful

    10/31/2018: I can just imagine you when you were 18. The teacher walking up and down the rows of students. Their heads down as they write. The teacher standing behind you. You sitting at your desk, tits bulging out of your tight blouse. Top buttons undone. Legs apart. Skirt hiked up. As you write, you finger your pussy. Standing above you, his eyes linger on your tits. His cock grows hard. He makes his way back to his desk and sits down. Now he is facing you and his eyes are drawn back to your open legs. He has an unobstructed view of your pussy. With your panties pushed aside allowing your fingers ful read Sex Story
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  2. I watched my divorced mother with my b*****r

    10/31/2018: My mother was the bad parent, she was the one who meted-out the punishment if we had misbehaved, but particularly on my older b*****r, as he represented her animosity of our father, who ran off with her best friend. It was during this punishment that something happened between them. He was at an age where sex was becoming an important defining thing in his life, and mother's domination was having an effect on him, and she knew it. One day she did not know I was in the house when she came home and immediately began berating him, building up until she became physical, and began to beat him read Sex Story
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  3. 66 Pam’s holiday part (1)

    10/31/2018: 66 Pam’s holiday part (1) The holiday after a few weeks of young Carl enjoying Pam as her lover, was to be a real change of tempo, they trusted the lad and left him a few jobs round the garden while they were away, he and he alone had decided both Pam and Jim that the upturn of their sex life should now be opened up, an adventure with old uncle Fred may be just the thing. The drive down was fraught, 300 miles of holiday filled roads , 8 hours filled with loads of “are we there yet dad”, “can we have an ice cream” and “mum I need to wee” k**s the world over plague parents with such like com read Sex Story
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  4. Vacation at Hawaii, the second day

    10/30/2018: Vacation at Hawaii, the second day The next morning I was having a late breakfast with my loving Victor at the hotel veranda, when I saw my brand new black lover Byron among the people. My cunt started to be wet when I looked at him, while my dear hubby read the newspaper and he did not notice anything. Byron suddenly made a sign to me, indicating I could go outside to the parking lot. Few seconds later I told Victor I needed to go to the bathroom and headed to the main stairs. He nodded with his head and continued reading the news… I went directly to the parking lot and found Byron w read Sex Story
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  5. Breaking in the New House II

    10/29/2018: I guess I fell asl**p after Chris had fucked my brains out- again. When I woke, I was the only one still in the den. Someone had covered me with a blanket sometime during the night. I lay there thinking about when Chris and I first met. My first experience of sex with another man some had been some 28 years earlier and was, well let's say less that totally satisfying. I had crossed the threshold, and that part was good. But, it happened and it was over and I never saw Micheal again. I went back to my straight life, but had a lot of thoughts about what had happened that night and if I would eve read Sex Story
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  6. my fantasy

    10/29/2018: Brian had been a true gentleman. Despite the tameness of what I wanted to experience he had happily gone along with my scenario without trying to pressure me into doing anything else. His front room was warm, an open fire cracking away, whilst soft lighting added to the relaxing atmosphere. He moved over to me and ran his hands over my chest, his hot breath on my face as he kissed my neck. I thought he must be able to feel how fast my heart was beating in nervous terror. I remember standing there like a dumb idiot, not quite sure how to respond. Luckily, at least one part of me respond read Sex Story
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  7. Son...!.its wrong

    10/28/2018: "It's been a great night," I said to myself, "a really good night, and I'm just about ready for bed." It was one thirty a.m. my sister, my brother and their families had left before midnight as they had small kids to consider, and the last of the guests for my father's forty sixth birthday celebrations had left a half an hour ago, leaving the back garden looking like a bomb had hit it. I'd spent read Sex Story
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  8. Prof wants one student, must avoid another

    10/28/2018: It was the first day of the Fall semester, and I was watching students file down the stairs and take their seats in the pit lecture room I was assigned. As usual I was prepared for lecture and could afford the luxury of people watching. I was particularly amused this day because it was the first time in several years that I was teaching Chemistry for non-majors. The class was mostly filled with first year students, and it was this aspect which amused me. It's fun to watch the new students, eager to try impress the rest of the college campus with antics that are purely high-school in their read Sex Story
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  9. 3rd Time Dogging - The Best Yet !!

    10/28/2018: Hubby and me had been dogging twice before, the first time was with me in stockings and sitting in the front with the window closed and men looking at me and wanking. The second time was with me sat in the back of the car with the window down and about half a dozen men touching me. So onto the third time, im dressed in a pair of dark tan suspender tights, ankle bracelet and not a lot else lol. We drove to the spot where we had been before and I then took off my coat and got into the back of the car. After a few minutes a few of the men that were walking up and down spotted me in the back and read Sex Story
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  10. it started with my mom

    10/25/2018: ...my mother’s name is Susana she is 36 years old the kind of body you’d call chubby. And yes she was still in high school when she had me…. She was around 5ft 2in tall. And according to her bra size she was a 38G she never remarried after my father died…3 years ago........and has been taking care of me ever since. My name is Brian ....i am 18 years old........i am a freelance web designer ...so i read Sex Story
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  11. Vegas Mayhem

    10/25/2018: When I stepped off the plane in Las Vegas I was met with a cold wind. I never dreamed Vegas would be cold in the winter. It is in the desert it is suppose to be hot. I was dressed for warm weather and so was my girlfriend I will refer to as "Tattoo Girl". She has eight tattoos on various areas of her body and three of them have my name in them. The biggest, on her right shoulder simply says "Marks Girl". (not my real name but close enough) We rushed to a taxi and quickly headed to our hotel. It is getting colder so we buy some hoodies in the Monte Carlo Hotel, gift shop to keep us warm. In read Sex Story
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  12. Stories I like: My wife's BBW Grandma

    10/25/2018: My wife's BBW Grandma I am 28 years old and my wife is 26. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 105 lbs soaking wet. ;-) we had been married for a couple years when my wife's grandfather passed away and left her grandma all alone. She is 76 years old and the f****y didn't think she should live alone. We have a 3 bedroom home. Planning to have k**s but we don't have any as of yet. So we invited her to come live with us. So she moved over 2,000 miles to come live with us in CA. I had never met Eunice before but I had seen pics of her. She is only 4'11" and weighs about 150 lbs but she wears read Sex Story
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