1. Coffee with Tina

    5/22/2017: Another of my most memorable encounters - for which I hope the truth doesn't cloud the eroticism… This is my own work, and copyrighted as such. No attempt should be made to copy or redistribute in any form on any other site. Tina as I'll refer to her, had gone through an awkward divorce when I worked with her. She was only in her 30s then, about my age, and I was a bit of a shoulder for her. 5'6, not much to look at with teeth that were a little too big for her mouth. Not a stunner if you get the idea. But I was just a mate, going to a local coffee shop twice a week and letting her pour read Sex Story
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  2. SEXFIGHT AT DAWN (translated from the French)

    5/22/2017: SEXFIGHT AT DAWN (translated from the French) Note: This story was originally written in French and posted on XHamster 3 years ago (and is still there). I have translated it into English as well as I could for those who cannot read French. I apologize for the clumsy English since I tried to follow the French as closely as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One must say that she didn’t feel like hurrying. Manuela de Gonzalez was always late and, furthermore, she hated that two-bit novelist for sending he read Sex Story
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  3. visiting my friend

    5/20/2017: When I was young I had a friend that had a pool. I would go over to his house nearly every day to swim. His dad had one rule, shower before getting in, and shower afterwards so we wouldn't smell like bleach. I was getting out the shower one time and his dad walked in the bathroom. I was standing butt naked drying my hair when he came in. "Well, I the water must have been cold" he said laughing. I dropped the towel and covered my little dick. I look up to see Mr. Franks smiling. Confused about what he said I just said it was ok, picked up my clothes and ran to Jeffs room to dress. After dres read Sex Story
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  4. Lovesick Husband

    5/18/2017: Kurt is back in town and coming to visit and fuck his wife My wife Gerta had baked chocolate cookies, my favorite, and they were now on a plate on the kitchen table, still nice and hot, their fragrance filling the room. She was sitting there in just a low-cut top that barely contained her huge bust, and shorts that looked ready to burst from the size of her double-wide butt. I had just finished washing all the dishes, which is one of my regular chores, and thought I deserved a reward, so I reached for a cookie. “Hey!” she barked as she slapped my hand so hard that it felt like I’ read Sex Story
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  5. Back to Daves....PT 2

    5/17/2017: Dave stood up from the sofa, allowing me to swap places with him. I sat with my legs apart, with my painfully hard cock pointing to the ceiling, as Dave kneeled between them. He shuffled forward slightly and smeared the last drops of cum from his cock onto the head of mine, then in one single smooth and wet movement, sucked the length of my shaft into his willing mouth. I gasped as I felt the back of his throat prevent any further progress, but he bobbed his head back and forth, saliva flowing down my engorged shaft as he did so. he paused for breath taking my cock from his mouth. 'How read Sex Story
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  6. Blind Date with a Bonus

    5/16/2017: Last night (Friday) was a date night for me. I was "fixed-up" by a couple whom I've known for years. They had a friend coming to visit (college mate of the woman in the couple). They wanted her to join them for dinner, but she was reluctant to do so - fearing she'd simply be a 3rd wheel. I consented to "the date," fully expecting to simply be an e****t for the friend. I drove to my friends' house, and was greeted with a drink in hand by the female host. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said "Welcome! We've told Buffy all about you!" I smiled - took the drink - and entered the living roo read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Author: goinstrong, Source: xHamster
  7. Stranger than Fantasy: Chapter 2 - Confession

    5/15/2017: After letting Chloe and her friends in, I went to my room. I skipped dinner and now I lay in my dark room, staring at the ceiling. I hadn't checked the time in hours but I knew it had to be getting later since I could hear Chloe and her friends discussing which club they would try and sneak into since they were all younger than twenty-one. Their voices faded and moments later, they all left the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Cheating, Hardcore, Incest, Older, Mature, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: WrittenShanks, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 06

    5/15/2017: All characters over 18 years old _________________________ I awoke to the sound of a muffled alarm clock. I opened my eyes. Still wrapped in a sheet on a sofa across the room, Lucy fumbled for the clock, which was under a cushion, and turned it off. Aunt Anne slid gently away from beside me and stood up. It was summer (though not a very warm one) and enough soft light filtered through the curtains for me to be able to see her naked body clearly. I'm guessing that most blokes wake up in the morning with an erection, or at least half-hard; I say I'm guessing, as I don't make a habit of read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Taboo, Author: swapnil104, Source: xHamster
  9. I'd Never View it as Cheating--Part 1

    5/14/2017: This is a work of fiction—I made it up. None of the characters are real. Any relationship to real people is unintentional and coincidental. ©2015 by Senorlongo. This is a story unlike anything I’ve ever written. It describes a family’s struggle to deal with a major health issue and a wife’s total love for her husband. If only women like Lizzie really existed. “Cum, baby…fuck me…flood my pussy.” read Sex Story
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  10. A new Granny...Finally!!!!!

    5/14/2017: I have changed jobs recently and now work in a retirement community as a maintenance man. I did so for a couple of reasons, but primarily to be around sexy old women again. It's been over 6 years since my Ruby died and almost 3 since Betty passed away and I have REALLY missed them. Please read my stories about these INCREDIBLE ladies! I seen a few women here who caused by cock to throb just seeing them. Hoping to enjoy them. But one had started to call for me to correct small items in her apartment more and more. First light bulbs, then a clogged sink. Just last week though her hot water heat read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Author: jimi1948, Source: xHamster
  11. Irish Exchange Student No Longer A Virgin

    5/14/2017: My wife is from Ireland and she and I visit there every two years or so. Last time we went she befriended Kathleen a very young college freshman at Trinity College, Dublin. My wife Kim and Kathleen spent a lot of time together that summer taking pictures of old Irish cottages. About six months later. Kim told me that Kathleen called her and wanted to spend a semester in America but needed a sponsor. We had a big four bedroom house and our k**s were gone, so I said “go for it”. Two months later I was asked to pick up Kathleen at the airport. I was at the gate and my jaw dropped!!! Apparently read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo, Author: captjim51, Source: xHamster
  12. Church GILF fantasy fulfilled

    5/14/2017: As a young teenage boy, I was raised in a very strict church. There was a f****y that were members there and the mom was a stunning MILF fuck fantasy for me. Protecting her real name, I will just refer to the now GILF as "Kat". Kat always wore a very long dress but nine times out of ten, she wore a low cut top along with her dress to church. There were times that I would walk into the kitchen during potluck and she would bend over to take food out of the oven and I would see her big voluptuous Double D breasts cleavage and part of her bra as she bent forward picking things up. After chur read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Mature, Voyeur, Author: Andreawoody, Source: xHamster
  13. Bourbon street

    5/14/2017: She was walking down Bourbon street with her friends. She heard a jazz band playing and wanted to go listen. She grabbed her friends by the arm and went in the bar. The sound was sensational. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. They walked to the bar and ordered a drink. They started getting into the music and waited for a table to open. After a few more songs and another drink, one finally opened and they hurried to get it. Once they sat down the band started playing a slow sensual song. A handsome sexy man asked her to dance. She got up and went to the dance floor with him. After a m read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Mature, Author: Christian-Grey6, Source: xHamster
  14. The After Date

    5/13/2017: Mom was still up when I came home from my date with Michelle. She was laying on the couch asl**p. Her night gown was very sheer and I saw her black hairy bush through the fabric. It had been a few weeks since I had her pussy. Now that I was dating Michelle I was getting my pussy from her. Mom didn't seem to mind as long as I would take care of her needs on Sundays. Michelle and I went out to the drive in and ended up doing it at the show. She had to get up early to work so I dropped her back home at nine. It was now about nine thirty. I was still feeling horny and there was Mom. I read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: fuckaholic100, Source: xHamster
  15. flashing the mother in law 3

    5/12/2017: I had never thought about my mother-in-law in a sexual way during the three years I have been married to her daughter, Linda, even when circumstances caused us to move in with my wife's parents. But since the time she peeked into my bedroom as I was undressing everything changed. I had never felt so sexually excited. Later that day, when Stella left her bedroom door open allowing me to watch her undress I started seeing my mother-in-law in a different way. Seeing Stella naked made me aware of the shape of her body, the slightly sagging tits, nice rounded ass, in a way that I had not noticed read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: JOHNFINASMITH, Source: xHamster
  16. Stuck in an elevator with a black man

    5/12/2017: Stuck in an elevator with a black man I was attending a conference at Baltimore those days. Victor had stayed at home this time and I had to fly away from New York. That afternoon I walked through the hotel lobby toward the elevator. I had had had a long day and really needed to get some rest before the next day conference. My four inches heels were killing me: I wanted to get rid of them and take a long hot tub bath. The elevator finally arrived. I stepped inside, noticing the mirrors all around me, including the ceiling with gold paneling between the panels. I just pressed the read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Interracial Sex, Mature, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  17. Sexy Widow Next Door

    5/12/2017: Annika is our neighbor out here in the county. She lives alone in a beauty, traditional southern Swedish farmstead house built around an inner court which she inherited after her husband’s death. Being the only c***d of well-to-do parents who both had already passed on, she was very affluent before her husband died. Adding her husband’s wealth to hers made her very well-off to say the least. She is a woman of impeccable culture and taste, not to mention brilliantly intellectual, who seems more that a bit out of place in the slightly backward, uncultured countryside of southern Sweden read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature, Author: grevieby, Source: xHamster
  18. Meteor shower

    5/11/2017: It was dark and the stars were burning brightly, Lucy had her head against the glass of the truck peering out at the night sky with longing. “How breath taking would it be to go to outer space?” She says with a happy sigh. Harry peered over with a smile. He always loved how she talked about the galaxies and everything beyond Earth but one complaint of hers was that the stars were “never truly shining with all their glory because of all that light pollution” So Harry was taking her for a night in a hotel where they could see the stars clearer. Or so Lucy thought. Harry drove into a field an read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Author: kirsty92, Source: xHamster
  19. A chance encounter

    5/10/2017: I was in the military and at one post I had a group of friends that were not in the military, but knew a few of the civilians that worked on post and that is how we ended up meeting. One evening we out drinking at a local watering hole and everyone else had to leave as they had work in the morning. I was off for two days and one of the other guys that was in his 40's was also off the next day. He asked me if I wanted to go over to his place and a few more beers, so I accepted and we headed over to his house in town. I have been bisexual since I can remember having any type of sexual th read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Hardcore, Mature, Author: 724couple, Source: xHamster
  20. Already Gone

    5/10/2017: A wife and her lover plot but the husband is a step ahead. Lisa settled deeper into her seat while looking out the window. They were off the college campus now and moving onto the highway. Lisa and her husband Mike Lars had just dropped their youngest c***d, Samantha, at her new school. In just two weeks' time, they had gone from having a full house to being empty nesters. It was a bittersweet feeling but also exciting at the same time. Mike and Lisa met their sophomore year of college and Lisa had fallen desperately in love with him. They had been inseparable for the next read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Voyeur, Author: magas911, Source: xHamster