1. video prohibido... Mamá!!!!

    6/3/2017: Mi madre se llama Maria es una señora de 60 años, no es gorda, solo un gran trasero que le han dado los años, ancha de caderas, pero no tanto, muslos torneados, chamorros flacos, delgada con cintura aceptable y unas pechos grandes, área pélvica abultada, es decir panochuda, se podría decir la mujer perfecta. Es morena, pelo quebradizo, siempre a los hombros, cara linda, labios carnozos. Ella esta divorciada de mi padre desde hace 20 años, el tiene 70 años. El video en mención data de hace 18 años. El video involucra a mi madre y dos empleados de mi padre y fue echo en una quinta de mi padr read Sex Story
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  2. Step Mom Was A Big Help

    6/2/2017: Just turned fifty, happily married, but the sex life was just about none existent now. I wanted to have fun with my wife just like all the other couples on the websites I visit more and more often. I wanted her to dress up in stockings, I wanted to lick her pussy and I wanted sex more than once every three months. I’d gone down the route of buying crotchless knickers, stockings and basques, even a rabbit to play with but they all lie in her drawer once used or worn once then never to see daylight again. I kept seeing older women on the web sites, in there sixties and some in there seven read Sex Story
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  3. (My Diary The Series) I'm not the one to blam

    6/2/2017: Last weekend I was over at my uncle's farm watching the MLB playoffs with the rest of my f****y. I got there Friday and ended up back home on Sunday night after a wild weekend. I had a great time with my aunts and uncles eating, drinking, dancing and FUCKING. My aunts always invite their friends over to our gatherings and most of them are married cougars/milfs so you know I was on the prowl to see if I can get some PUSSY without disrespecting my aunt in front of her friends. Luckily I didn't have to because when a house is burning down it must be wrecked, or better yet demolished in my read Sex Story
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  4. Pastro John Visits School Teacher

    6/1/2017: Pastor John enjoyed his success and decided he would try his luck with a harder target. He selected Janet, a school teacher who would be available during the long summer holidays. Janet was unmarried and that caused John to wonder why. Could she be a secret lesbian or had she been hurt by a man? Still, in order to find out he had to get closer to Janet. She was part of his charm hug on meeting in all circumstances. Janet was probably about 39 - 45, naturally blonde hair, slim (so slim she had no tits. This caused John to wonder what her nipples would be like if erect.) well no tits is wr read Sex Story
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  5. A black Jamaican stranger for Ana

    5/30/2017: A black Jamaican stranger for Ana Ana and I had decided to spend a full week sunning ourselves at the sandy beaches of Jamaica. We arrived at our hotel there in the evening. The warm weather and the rhythm of the waves crashing on the beach made were really marvelous… We quickly unpacked our stuff and headed to dinner. My sweet wife dressed rather conservatively this first night, wearing just long loose pants and a tank top. After dinner Anita and I went to the beach, to a party around a bonfire. The following morning we took an excursion around the island. By the time we got ba read Sex Story
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  6. Pity fucking and old lady.

    5/30/2017: This past Halloween a few of my co-workers and I had attended a costume after work that day. One of my co-workers Barb needed a ride and since we lived close to each other I offered to drive her. Barb I had found out later is 71 yrs old and we had worked with each other for about 8 years and we had become a bit friendly over the years. Well anyways it was about 10 that night when we decided to wrap it up and on the way to dropping her off at her house and at first she was a bit quiet almost nervous when she got in the car. About a quarter of the way to her house she nervously asks if I would b read Sex Story
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  7. Soccer Mom and a Bully Chapter 4

    5/29/2017: As the week progresses, so does my mothers relationship with Colin, work calls become more frequent as well as late nights. I start receiving more E-mails from Colin with pictures and videos take from his cellphone. Pictures of her mouth wet with cum and spit, video's of him jizzing in her open waiting mouth or inside her sopping spasming pussy. She knows she's being videotaped in them, she read Sex Story
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  8. Gretchen's Thursday

    5/28/2017: Thursday Morning “You’re crazy, you know that don’t you?” asked Crystal Grant not meaning it really. Gretchen Evers knew it was a rhetorical question and went on adjusting the velvet sash. She was using to bind Crystal to the coffee table. “Actually I like to consider myself simply devious.” Gretchen answered. “Deliciously devious.” Amended Crystal and was rewarded with a kiss from her lover. “There, try them now.” Said Gretchen standing up and over her bound girlfriend. Tugging on the restraints Crystal found herself held fast. “Perfect.” She replied. Gretchen reaches over her and picks up read Sex Story
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  9. How my wife became a Hotwife Part 4

    5/28/2017: Where we left I was relaying the story told to me by my wife of just what happened in that fateful afternoon when Bonnie almost instantly changed from a wife and mother to a Hotwife in need of cock. She was being seduced by Hank...Hank is an older gentleman who seems to have the power to turn women into insatiable whores. He did this exact thing to my wife, and she has never been happier. As with part 3...this part was told to me as well by my wife some two weeks after the event. Bonnie had just been told by Hank that she was going to suck his cock and get him ready to fuck her. He did not f read Sex Story
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  10. Having a different experience with a horny client

    5/27/2017: Having a different experience with a horny client My boss at the Attorney’s office asked me to visit a client downtown. He told me that lady was a good client and he wanted me to assist her in some divorce papers. He had already made arrangements to meet her on the next week. Her name was Sondra, but I should call her “Mrs. Hamilton”… I showed up at the appointed time and was surprised when I saw that lady Mrs. Hamilton. She was even taller than me, a beautiful blonde, fairly stocky and showing a tasteful femininity. Her hair was dirty blond and loosely curled, and her face was quite b read Sex Story
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  11. Dad's Drawers

    5/27/2017: A son discovers that there is another dimension to his Dad. Dad was a big man. 6', built like a wardrobe, hairy. Whenever you hear the term "bear" mentioned - his image probably pops into your head. He was also cold, and overbearing. Never abusive - simply the sort of father, it was best not to get noticed by. And I had become very good at flying under his radar - which made things rather read Sex Story
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  12. The process of taking someone through the 12 steps

    5/26/2017: The process of taking someone through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous People will approach you to take the through the big book and when they do approach you ask them: 1 do you want what I have? 2 what are you willing to do to get it? 3. Have the person read the first 164 pages of the big book and after for them to call you Read it, just read it Don’t bug them, do not ask them where they are read Sex Story
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