1. Me, my Girlfriend, and her Mom: Part 2

    11/20/2018: Part Two: Three days passed and no police came for me, and when I saw Ashley, it didn’t seem like she knew anything. Just as I suspected, Jill didn’t have it in her to tell anyone about what I had done, either because she was ashamed or because she loved it, probably both. But after the third day, I decided it was time to stop by and pay her a visit. I arrived at her house in the mid-morning, when read Sex Story
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  2. Prim Miss Williams DP'd 4 some

    11/18/2018: This is set in England in 1820 before American was even thought of and is written in English as spoken by intelligent educated people, if you think the spelling is wrong that because you are a dumb ass Merican, so don't wave the flag of ignorance by complaining, you dig? For instance, in 1820 an Englishman might say, "Good Morning Miss Williams, and how does this bright spring morning find you?" read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Group Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Author: abroadsword, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Brandy's Nightmare Part Two

    11/12/2018: The following story is fictional. If you are upset by incest, rape and sexual abuse/exploitation please do not read it. I don’t condone any of the crimes the villains commit in this story. In my opinion rapists and human traffickers are the lowest of the low and should all get very long prison sentences. Also, I’d love to hear your feedback, what you like and what you don’t like. I plan of writing read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Cruelty, Interracial, Rape, Teen, Author: The_Barbarian, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Fair Trade

    11/12/2018: He works a stressful job. Deadlines are tight, and he is constantly under scrutiny. The pay is good, but sometimes he asks himself if it’s worth it. If it wasn’t for his bike, it’s a good chance that he would have lost his sanity long ago. Several years ago, he bought himself a used motorcycle. It’s a sport bike, or a “crotch rocket”, although that second term has always annoyed him for some read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, First Time, Hardcore, Humiliation, Rape, Teen, First Time, Author: DarkAggro, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Old Rocker, Mouth Fucker

    11/10/2018: We were a damned good band, back in the day. Never got us a recording contract but always felt we were close. Hell, one time we were offered a $400,000 development deal but our lead vocal and manager both said, "Fuck no. We got bitchin' originals. We don't fucking need a development deal. Sign us or fuck off!" I guess they fucked off. Not the best strategy for making your way in the music biz but read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Interracial, Teen, Male Domination, Mature, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Author: byronnnn, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Dumped by Kim

    11/10/2018: Kim and I where dating for about six months and things where going good. She seemed happy and I know I was, our sex life was rockin we where doing oral and she was letting me fuck her ass. Then came the night she wanted to go to the club Lips, this is a place that has a reputation for being sexually wild. I have been told stories of the place and didn't think it was the place for us. Kim said She read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Interracial, Rape, Author: craigtv284, Source: sexstories.com
  7. I want to fuck my daddy

    11/7/2018: I want my dad to fuck me! I dnt kno were this came frm but I want my daddy to fuck me. Nice hard strokes, lick my pussy,suck my nipples hard,suck on my clit,while I deep throat him, get his dick nice n wet have him stroke his dick while he watch me play wit my pussy. I'm 22, 5'4, no kids, live alone, black plus size, not sloppy tho, fat pussy and my shit stay tight and wet well, "juicy "so I've read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Bestiality, Black, Gay, Group Sex, Incest, Group Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Group Sex, Written by women, Teen, Author: PluSizePussi, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Daniel Wolf part 2

    11/4/2018: Daniel Wolf Part 2 Jessup Cat 3 A great wizard bred and crossbred cats and humans until he had a crossbreed of a human cat. He did this so a Wizard could have a familiar that he could trust implicitly . Genus Jessup Cat: Bred from mixtures of assorted cats mixed with Human DNA. The ordinary human is very attracted to the unclaimed (not attached to a wizard)Jessup Cat and yearns to have sex with read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Death, Murder, Rape, Group Sex, Author: Wolfen1, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Love Castle #1 Ava - Interest, Denied!

    11/1/2018: Interest, denied! *Small body, light hair, quiet, diligent, loyal. Maid and attendant* Despite his station there were still women beyond his reach. Indeed, it made them all the more appealing. Interestingly, there now a girl of low position but high potential who he was definitely interested in but certainly had no chance with in a fair situation. Ava was small for a woman, but proud and somewhat read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Domination / Submission, Job / Office Sex, Male Domination, Straight Sex, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Author: Der Freischütz, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Tittyhawk - The Wrath of Commander Titjob

    11/1/2018: Tittyhawk in The Wrath of Commander Titjob Evolution. Selecting mates based on favorable characteristics. In the not too distant future, Humans have begun to evolve. The favorable characteristics? Sexual prowess. The next evolution of Mankind is here... ...and it wants to fuck your brains out. Willing or no... Book 1 The City. Bustling with activity... and crime. And the HAWK. 5'3” tall with raven read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Death, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Group Sex, Group Sex, Mind Control, Rape, Trans, Author: MightBeRealz, Source: sexstories.com
  11. Lesbian desires 3

    10/31/2018: Part Three The Further Training and Breaking of A Sex Slave Jess feeling quite content in the enslavement of her former coworker Carrie continues her sexual, and mental onslaught, and soon a sex slave is born, these are the chronicals of a depraved lesbian making fantasy into reality, and the horrors that follow. Jess walked down the hallway completely naked, her nipples growing hard with read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, Lesbian, Rape, Author: krisk1221, Source: sexstories.com
  12. 1812- Ariana's Voyage

    10/26/2018: Note to readers; This work is copy-write 2016 All of the events in this story are based in fiction If you are looking for a quick read, straight to the point, this is not for you. It has a story line with scenes ranging from mild to graphic throughout This is part 1 of the 1812 series, I will be posting part 2 soon. 1812- The Indian Ocean Preface On a fall day in late September, one of England’s read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, Coercion, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Male Domination, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Reluctance, Violence, First Time, Author: Ari Swan, Source: sexstories.com