1. The Lady and the Tramp

    11/18/2018: Suzie was generally happy with her life. Married to Jason, a Vicar, Suzie had become a sort of freelance amateur councillor, or agony Aunt, to her husbands flock, or at least the female half, and kept herself busy. Jason had three parishes to cover, that kept him busy. Suzie showed her face in all three places, but did more of the group stuff, flower club, help the heroes coffee mornings read Sex Story
    Categories: Reluctance, Author: Te11tale, Source: LushStories
  2. Prim Miss Williams DP'd 4 some

    11/18/2018: This is set in England in 1820 before American was even thought of and is written in English as spoken by intelligent educated people, if you think the spelling is wrong that because you are a dumb ass Merican, so don't wave the flag of ignorance by complaining, you dig? For instance, in 1820 an Englishman might say, "Good Morning Miss Williams, and how does this bright spring morning find you?" read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Group Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Author: abroadsword, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Serena. Seduced on her fathers orders

    11/15/2018: Written hopefully in the style of the mid 19th Century. Long sentences. Commas where today we would use periods. A Country house in Devon in the 1850s Serena The sun was setting over the western horizon bathing the hill tops with a warm red glow and casting deep shadows across the valleys. I stood on the terrace outside the ballroom admiring the view. I heard someone behind me, a rustle of silk read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, First Time, Teen, Reluctance, Romance, Teen, Author: abroadsword, Source: sexstories.com
  4. My Friends' Little Sisters - Julie

    11/14/2018: Hey all. My name is A.L. Wright. Send feedback please, don't hold back. If it sucks, I want to know, so I can improve for my second story and beyond. If you'd like to hear more, there is another part of the story, I'll check in throughout the next week(s). Happy Reading. Around the time I was a senior in high school I had a habit of staying at my friend Matt’s house for extended periods of time read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, First Time, Reluctance, Teen, Teen, Author: A.L. Wright, Source: sexstories.com
  5. The Cottage

    11/6/2018: Cam shivered as the hot water stop flowing. Quickly, he shot his arm out past the shower curtain and reached for the first grubby-looking, brown towel he could find, pulling it towards him. The towel felt crusty and hard as he rubbed it against his skin, almost as if it had never been washed. He smiled regardless - he had the cottage to himself this afternoon. Exhausted after helping his father read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Incest, Reluctance, Author: lookin2please, Source: sexstories.com
  6. What a Tangled Web: Part1

    11/5/2018: I honestly don’t know why I’m making this confession. Is it a confession if you don’t feel bad about what you’re doing? I love what I do, and the men love it too…well they love a particular part of it. What is the saying? A fool and his money shall soon depart. That’s my motto and luckily for me, there are lots of fools out there. I knew that he was my mark from the moment that I saw him read Sex Story
    Categories: Reluctance, Author: MonicaVon, Source: LushStories
  7. Sister Amelia pt 1

    11/3/2018: Sister Amelia Part 1 Everyone has pivotal moments where a decision taken irrevocably changes the course of one's life, often these can only be identified with the benefit of hindsight but, Martha was in no doubt that such a moment had come. She sat alone in the long room, the interview panel of four nuns and a priest had finished their searching questions and had retired to the ante room to decide read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Teen, Reluctance, Slavery, Author: abroadsword, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Gay Mormon BDSM Training - Part 5

    10/31/2018: James fidgeted nervously with his fingers as the car rolled down the streets of Manhattan. His eyes darted around, looking anywhere but over at Victor. This torture went on for what felt like hours, until finally Victor broke the silence. “So.” he said, making James jump in his seat. “What do you have to say for yourself?” James took a breath. “I’m sorry I was late, I just-” “Stop.” said Victor read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, Boy, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Exhibitionism, First Time, Gay, Humiliation, Masturbation, Reluctance, First Time, Teen, Author: hotcocoa, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Sleeping Sister Part 3

    10/31/2018: I must of fell asleep because when I woke up my sister was gone. I checked my phone it was only 8am, I was about to get out of bed when my mom walked in, my mom is 5'2 and around 85 pounds. She also has long black hair with pretty green eyes. "Hey I'm going to the store, do you need anything?" "Nah mom I'm alright, why isn't dad going to the store with you?" "Oh I thought you knew, your dad went read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Incest, Reluctance, Romance, Teen, Violence, Author: RobBoss, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Bible Belt - Part 2

    10/29/2018: It didn’t take long for nightly handjobs to turn into nightly blowjobs. And it shouldn’t have surprised me, but Anne was amazing. Admittedly I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but sheer passion alone must have put her ahead of the field. She didn’t just suck a cock, she worshipped it. Every part of her body somehow became involved, and she made you feel like your pleasure was what gave her read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Straight Sex, First Time, Incest, Mind Control, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Reluctance, Teen, First Time, Author: PantheWriter, Source: sexstories.com
  11. Tricked

    10/29/2018: I really should complain. What the fuck, what’s going on? How did you get in? No… I am struggling but am easily overpowered. I have just entered my apartment and turned my back to close the door. It clicked shut, and then it happened. The hood was pulled over my head, the gag forced into my mouth and rapidly taped in place; it was a pair of panties, I think. My shock had frozen read Sex Story
    Categories: Reluctance, Author: Jay51, Source: LushStories
  12. 1812- Ariana's Voyage

    10/26/2018: Note to readers; This work is copy-write 2016 All of the events in this story are based in fiction If you are looking for a quick read, straight to the point, this is not for you. It has a story line with scenes ranging from mild to graphic throughout This is part 1 of the 1812 series, I will be posting part 2 soon. 1812- The Indian Ocean Preface On a fall day in late September, one of England’s read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, Coercion, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Male Domination, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Reluctance, Violence, First Time, Author: Ari Swan, Source: sexstories.com