1. Black Rod

    9/21/2018: Part 1. Hi my name is, well, Rod. I am of afro-Caribbean origin. I am six foot seven inches tall, an ex-basketball player, now retired and living in London. My weight is around eighty six kilos. I am fifty four years old. Not married, but have had a few female ‘friends,’ no one regular and no one in particular at the moment. As I mentioned, I live in London, actually, in the suburbs read Sex Story
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  2. Blog Entry No. 1: Moss and Me

    9/21/2018: I was enjoying a well needed sit and chat with my friend, Patty in the coffee shop that we frequent, which happens not to be the big brand named one that has a chain on every street corner. I was talking with her about one of our other friends when, looking up from my Chocolate Mocha, I saw someone I hadn't seen in years; Moss. At about 6 feet 4 inches and is the biggest black guy I’ve read Sex Story
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    9/21/2018: I would suggest that the first five parts are read before reading Part Six. I will, however, give a brief synopsis of what had happened for new readers who do not wish to read earlier episodes. My name is Tania Daniels and in the first episode I was working in a small doctor’s surgery as a receptionist. One day I walked through a strange door and was suddenly transported through a portal into a read Sex Story
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  4. The Bus Crash

    9/20/2018: The bus crashed in my sleep so I don't really even know what happened. I woke up and it was quiet. Deathly quiet. I know because there was a dead woman on top of me. I pushed her off and tried to stand up but the bus was on its side. The windows were busted out so there really wasn't anywhere to put my feet. Eventually I found some footing and crawled out the back hatch. It was cold, raining and I read Sex Story
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  5. Rainy Day

    9/19/2018: I hurried up the stairs to your house, braving the cold and the rain getting wetter with every step. You opened the door and the house is warm, always beckoning for me to come in and take my clothes off. You are shirtless and look ready to devour. Unlike my dreams where I am brave, I do not make eye contact. I pause for a moment to take you in and your immediate compliments undo me. I'm wearing read Sex Story
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  6. The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles 9: Starla: The Sexretary

    9/19/2018: The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Starla: The Sexretary Note: When Mary offered to give her sister Shannon and her fiancee George a sex slave, Shannon chose George's secretary Starla who had been trying to seduce George for months. Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Monday, September 23rd, 2013 – Starla Botwright – Redmund, WA “Starla, come into my office,” George read Sex Story
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  7. Hedone 5 Rise

    9/18/2018: Hedone 5 - Rise Aaron awoke to a scream that tore through every nerve in his body. It was a scream that could only be dragged from one on the verge of death. He tried to block out the memories of his first awakening in Hedone's realm; his dreams were still haunted by the torture he had endured that night. The pain still wracked him from time to time as did the memory of his own actions; he had read Sex Story
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  8. 50th High School Reunion

    9/18/2018: This was the year of my fiftieth high school reunion. After receiving the invitation and giving it considerable thought, I decided to go. I had a lot of friends in high school; neighbors, team members, drama clubbers, etc., so, ordinarily, it would have been a no-brainer. However, three months ago, my wife passed, and I was still getting used to living by myself again. As I said, I gave it read Sex Story
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  9. The Devil's Pact Chapter 49: The Victors' Reward

    9/18/2018: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Forty-Nine: The Victors' Reward Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Who were the Patriots? Who wrote their Manifesto? After the ravages of the Demon Wars, only speculation was left behind. The only clue that had survived was a paper that had purportedly been found in a safety deposit box in Philadelphia. On read Sex Story
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  10. Vampiress

    9/18/2018: The rush hit him hard, his body paralyzed from the sensation. There was no pain, just a warm feeling running up and down his body. The only thing feeling alive on his body was his cock, which was getting hard with the tingling. He felt his breath leave his body every time he tried to draw some air in. His eyes look down, seeing the dark red hair cover her face except her one eye. His eyes grew read Sex Story
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  11. A Pilot and his Princess 3

    9/17/2018: In a world where electromagnet levitation, and ion drives are the norm, high octane gasoline is in low demand, making it very cheap. Sundays are perfect for flying, with no traffic in the air at the lower air spaces. I woke up at five, and had the Avenger gassed up and the girls up and fed by 6:30. 7 o'clock saw us on the runway ready to go. "401 Sierra Lema, you are cleared for take off. Watch read Sex Story
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  12. Summer Work with Benefits Part 5

    9/16/2018: Part 5 Summer Work with Benefits John was now fucking two very hot women and also trying to keep up his lawn maintenance business. Tuesday he took care of Jill and Thursday he did Mary and DID is not the full description of the job. Things had gone a couple of weeks doing both women on their respective day when things took a big change. Mary and Jill have been having their own sex parties on read Sex Story
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