1. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 6, Chapter 1: The Pirate's Claws

    10/12/2017: The Knight and the Acolyte Book Six: Heart's Longing Chapter One: The Pirate's Claws By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Xandra – Black Glass Aerie, The Island of Birds I knelt on the edge of my parent's nest on the steep cliff my people lived upon, my feet dangling over the side, staring at the black rocks of Mount Peritito choked with vines. I tried not to look at the large pyre being laid on the read Sex Story
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  2. The Pool

    10/11/2017: She pulled the light summer dress up over her head to reveal her nakedness. Her full breasts were raised, presenting her nipples, hard and erect. The moonlight kissed her curves. She shook her mane of blonde hair around her slim shoulders and she looked to each of her companions in turn. It was a warm night, but she shuddered slightly. “Get into the water,” the woman called. She walked read Sex Story
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  3. Like Animals

    10/11/2017: Finally, my period was over. It had probably been over a week since I had a good fuck. Normally, on the days before my period I'm not in the mood and then when it comes, my sex drive kicks into high gear. I sometimes have sex while on it, but it's not preferable to me. The mess is a really big turn off. My husband was at work and would be coming home later on tonight so I had a lot to do read Sex Story
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  4. Susan's next encounter

    10/11/2017: For the next few summer months Susan’s sexual pleasuring and adventures continued unabated. Not only was her partner Garry shagging her daily, and some days several times, but Sean, Rod and Tommy were also regular visitors to her body. She was getting it up to six times a day by the early autumn. By the time, Garry’s football team headed off on its annual week away Susan was ready for a read Sex Story
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  5. One Big Horny Weasley Family- chapter 5

    10/11/2017: This is a work of fan fiction. All characters and locations are the property of their respective owners. I own the story line. Chapter 5- Unexpected News Harry opened the door to his house and entered quietly. He figured Ginny was probably upstairs sleeping, and he didn't want to wake her. At least he didn't want to wake her until he crawled into bed with her. He kicked his shoes off, and crept read Sex Story
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  6. what a way to spend a Friday night!

    10/10/2017: Alicia and Taylor kneeling on a big bed, wearing sexy underwear. “Okay,” Scott holding the camera says, “looks like we’re ready to start. Mom, you ready?” “Hun, You know I’m ready,” Alicia said as she grin seducetivly. “Tay, you ready?” “I can't believe i let you two talk me into this, but yeah, I'm ready.”Taylor grinned wickedly at her husband behind the camera. “Okay, let’s go, then.” “Mmm, come read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Incest, Straight Sex, Wife / MILF, Author: ray1971, Source: sexstories.com
  7. A Tour Of The Isle of Lesbos - the Reward

    10/10/2017: Girard awoke to the sound of loud moaning nearby. He rose to a sitting position on his floor mat and looked toward the sounds. A man not far away was sitting on his bench and a woman was bent over in front of him, holding her knees with her back to him. She was bouncing up and down against the man’s lap as he leaned back with his hands on the bench. His moans were mournful, hers were read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: benawriter, Source: LushStories
  8. Satan's Den

    10/10/2017: It is amazing how a decision or two can change your life completely. I guess I should give you a little background. Two years ago I was a computer technician for a small firm here in town. At 32, with no family and a small apartment it seemed like a dead end. I did not have a girlfriend and had been with a couple of guys over the years, mainly for a quick blow job or at a glory hole for some read Sex Story
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  9. Adventures of a Railfan Part 4 - Nicole

    10/9/2017: Adventures of a Railfan Part 4- Nicole Hello everyone! This is the 4th and final part of my Adventures of a Railfan series! This part is about Nicole, the girl I am currently with. As always, I changed everyone's name to protect the innocent. I don't need any trouble from my past girlfriends! Ann left me in the worst way possible, for her best friends ex! That was the worst feeling in the world, read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Straight Sex, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Author: Railfan1984, Source: sexstories.com
  10. The Knock on the door

    10/8/2017: The knock on the door surprised me. The January night in Iowa was cold, cold, cold. I had already slipped out of my clothes for the night and sat in my recliner, writing on my laptop; it was a short story about my childhood. Since my divorce three years earlier, I spent a lot of my ‘alone’ time writing; mostly on the subject I know more about than anything else… me. I’ve written hundreds of read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Romance, Author: Don'sdick, Source: sexstories.com
  11. Falling

    10/8/2017: ‘Fuck! It’s cold out here!’ I thought as I hit the door leading outside. A 4a.m. call to get to my high school and then ride a bus two hours to what was probably going to amount to a very boring wrestling tournament... There was no upside here… well other than the fact that this would be my very last wrestling tournament as a minor! My 18th birthday was tomorrow! I stopped and pulled my bag on and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Exhibitionism, First Time, Hardcore, Straight Sex, Masturbation, First Time, Author: Lukas Grey, Source: sexstories.com
  12. Getting Back Together

    10/8/2017: It was only around 10am when my phone rang. “Hello?” “Hi Jeremy, we’ve got a bit of a problem,” a woman’s voice said. I immediately recognized the voice: it belonged to Amanda’s mother. Amanda was my ex. We broke up a month ago after a relationship that lasted only two months. I ended it because I caught her in bed with another guy. They weren’t fucking but they were naked except for read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: ilp99, Source: LushStories
  13. Divine Succession - Chapter 11

    10/8/2017: When Samantha woke up the next morning, she rolled over, in order to cuddle up to her husband. She was rather surprised however to find only an empty space. She opened her eyes, and remembered that David was away on a business. She sighed, and went back to sleep. It was nearly midday when she finally woke up again, put her dressing gown on, and went downstairs. “Hey mom,” Jack said. He was sat on read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Death, Domination / Submission, Female Domination, Incest, Male Domination, Straight Sex, Mind Control, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Group Sex, Author: DragoTime, Source: sexstories.com
  14. THIRTY-ONE DAYS...PART 2 [chapters 7-11]

    10/8/2017: CHAPTER SEVEN I met Danny at The Wing Hut on Monday night. Nine p.m. Danny was holding our favorite table. As I approached I could see his scorecard on the round table top. With three empty beer bottles. A fourth in his hand. Oh. Oh. Not good. I was expecting to see two names on Danny’s scorecard. There were none. The four Amigos were using golf scorecards to record our game. From the Wisconsin read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Extreme, Gay, Hardcore, Group Sex, Voyeur, Written by women, Author: rojack, Source: sexstories.com
  15. The Succubae Seduction Chapter 4

    10/8/2017: = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Chapter 4 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Heading for Answers, Finding Trouble Instead “Well, it seems I needn’t have worried about you, after all,” a voice says above me. My eyes snap open to see an unfamiliar woman in a jogging outfit, bleached blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and some of the longest legs I’ve ever seen leading up to a read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Body modification, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: SSelxuyt, Source: sexstories.com
  16. Cherished

    10/8/2017: They say when you strip away a core sense, the remaining compensate. A natural response, to combat increased vulnerability, heightening awareness as mind and body adjusts. I can only imagine this as I stand at the foot of the bed, intense eyes devouring your beautiful naked body. Your eyes shrouded by silk, plunging you into a world of darkness as you wait in desperate read Sex Story
    Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: Whispered_Words, Source: LushStories
  17. Lazy Sunday

    10/7/2017: I wake up with the sun already bright out forcing me to rub my eyes. i feel the bed next to me noticing there isn't another body there. I decide to investigate further and slip on my black and grey sweat pants and plain white tank top and head to the bathroom. After finishing my business i move to the kitchen and see my lovely girlfriend sitting and lazily eating an apple while listening to music read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Anal, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Trans, Author: DmanGrey, Source: sexstories.com
  18. Suburban Sadist - Origin

    10/7/2017: Suburban Sadist - Origin This story contains: Blackmail Humiliation The actions described are fictitious and entirely illegal and immoral. *** Sadism: noun 1. Psychiatry. The condition in which sexual gratification depends on causing pain or degradation to others. 2. Any enjoyment in being cruel. 3. Extreme cruelty *** Mrs Blackwell looked at me with wide and tear-filled eyes as I explained what read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Coercion, Cruelty, Discipline, Extreme, Humiliation, Male Domination, Straight Sex, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, BDSM, Slavery, Teen, First Time, Author: ComorosXTR, Source: sexstories.com
  19. The Sexy Tentacled Alien Man

    10/7/2017: From the moment that the tall, distinguished handsome young man walked into the bar I knew he was different. He had that look of coolness but with danger running through him. He had short brown hair, chiseled cheekbones, with a strong body. I wanted him. I stood next to the bar observing him. I held my breath as the man caught sight of me staring at him. I turned away but couldn't help but read Sex Story
    Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: bronte27, Source: LushStories
  20. Just Trust Me

    10/7/2017: I was making coffee in the kitchen when I heard you say, “Damn it.” I laughed and shook my head, “What’s wrong?” You came into the kitchen, snatching the cup of coffee I had made for you out of my hand. “We were supposed to go out today. The picnic I had planned? Well in case you didn’t know: it’s raining. So no picnic. Instead we’re stuck here.” I opened the fridge to put read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: l1ttl3sub, Source: LushStories