1. Following Nature's Way

    6/28/2018: I just had to get this off my chest so someone will understand that loving sex does not make a girl a whore. Just because a person is a golf junkie or plays the lottery every day does not make them perverts of their passions. My passion from an early age was sex. Some call it an addiction, but I'm okay with that. When I first found out about sex, I loved it. I adored it. I love what sex read Sex Story
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  2. Bad Romance

    6/28/2018: Heya XNXX! First post, so please leave some feedback! I just love the idea of breeding with strangers, having them fill a girl up with cum! If she's tied up, even better! I'm thinking of making a series out of this, if ya'll like it :3 24 Hours of unprotected Breeding >:D Forgive my terrible intro, but here's the story! ~ Jenny ------------------------------------------------------------------ read Sex Story
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  3. Au Pair (Part 2)

    6/28/2018: “Well, it cannot be that bad,” she trailed off. “Or it’s a matter of your sister grinding your bones without you willing to admit it? Lacy is not a burden to you, is she?” she inquired with raised eyebrows. “No, the Au Pair is accompanying her down here,” I stated with a frown. “Ohhh,” she laughed, “and you are warned not to shag her,” she continued, laughing even more. “Nope, I am read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: Gallo, Source: LushStories
  4. Jerks Finish First - The Bachelorette Party part 1 - Chloe

    6/28/2018: Title: Jerks Finish First - The Bachelorette Party - Chloe Series: Jerks Finish First Sub Series: The Bachelorette Party Author: Nick Schwartz Keywords: MF, maledom, femsub, dom, sub, bdsm Summary: Kent is a jerk. He meets vulnerable Chloe who’s having trouble finding entertainment for her friend’s bachelorette party. Kent was a jerk. He had made his peace with that. At 24, he preferred getting read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination / Submission, Male Domination, Straight Sex, Author: Nick Schwartz, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Obsession, Lust and Perversion - Chapter 21

    6/27/2018: CHAPTER 21 Alisha poured another cup of coffee and went out onto the patio. She sat down and watched a small group of deer as they grazed near her home. She thought to herself how all the things she had dreamed of were beginning to happen. Her plans for the ranch are coming together and in a year or so she will start to see the results, and, if she has planned right, they will be the beginning of read Sex Story
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  6. Dreaming of Daddy

    6/27/2018: Sitting here waiting for your call, I feel the need to hear your voice. My hands start to play with my breast, imagining it's your hands. I feel my nipples grow hard below my hands. My index finger and my thumb start pulling my nipples. I'm dreaming it's you pulling my nipples with your teeth. I'm moaning out in pleasure, starting to grind the air. I yell, "Oh, Daddy, please touch me." read Sex Story
    Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: Babygirljenn72, Source: LushStories
  7. When the Need Strikes - Chapter 6 (Final)

    6/26/2018: Neither sibling got out of bed the next day. They each just lay in their respective bedrooms, staring at the ceiling, remembering what they’d done. The positions…the locations…the sensations. They told their parents that they’d come down with some kind of stomach flu, and it wasn’t until noon the day after that either of them got out of bed. Craig winced when he heard the sound of a knocking on read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Incest, Mind Control, Pregnant, Teen, Author: PantheWriter, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Love Of A Lifetime

    6/26/2018: The heaviness in his heart had pulled him low, so very low. Grief and loneliness had consumed his entire existence. Every day was dark. The sunshine could not penetrate his despair, nor shed light on the night-time of his soul. It was a year to the day since he had sadly lost her. "Get out more," they said. "Why not go for a walk once in a while?" they said. "Come and see us, won't read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: LloydOxton, Source: LushStories
  9. Baby, The Stars Shine Brightly

    6/26/2018: Why else would a girl go sans Victoria’s Secret? I suggest a quick drink in the local pub followed by an early night, but how long does it take to drink one pint? I nurse my half pint of Guinness for too long. I yawn theatrically. “Tired? Let’s get you home.” He finishes his pint and, saying goodnight to the landlord and one or two locals, we head out. “Let’s take a detour over read Sex Story
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  10. Vincent

    6/25/2018: The day started out normal enough. Eve and Kent were going about their weekend routine, laundry, cleaning house and having a big breakfast together. They enjoyed their lazy days off on the weekends, because it was one of the only days that they were able to share together. See the work schedules that they kept didn’t always permit time to share what they liked. It was a sacrifice they made when read Sex Story
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  11. Impulse

    6/24/2018: We hadn’t know each other long, but there was a sweetness about our affection for one another that was intoxicating. A desire to touch one another gently. To kiss softly. To be close. We had been laughing and joking, running around the house like children. I grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to the dressing room. He sat down, smiling at me, catching his breath. I regarded him for read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: Hedone, Source: LushStories
  12. Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 9

    6/23/2018: A week passes without any action. The two of you go to school, try to focus and go home afterwards. Although you stay with Danielle the complete week, nothing happens. When the two of you get home you just watch TV until it’s time to go to bed. Danielle isn’t the same now that her aunt killed herself. She’s not the happy girlfriend that wants to have sex and is laughing all day long. She read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex, Author: ilp99, Source: LushStories