1. After school with Linda.

    6/26/2017: After that morning's quickie with my step-sister Linda, I was on a high. My cock could still feel her hot, wet vagina massaging it with each thrust. My legs trembled, whenever I thought about my explosive ejaculation inside her. Her clean, womanly scent on my clothes had embedded itself deep in my hormones. Finally, there was the anticipation of being alone with her for the weekend read Sex Story
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  2. Assistant to my son

    6/25/2017: I had nearly finished question 19. My two and a half hours of writing were about to come to an end. This was my third practice exam paper of the day and I was exhausted. Summer had just started and I had just turned 18. I longed to be outdoors doing something rather than cooped up inside all day studying but the upcoming exams were important. At times I felt like giving up but my mom Samantha was very supportive even though it was just the two of us and she had no extra help. Mom was a hard worker at her job and still found time to do all the housework and support me through my exams. On top o read Sex Story
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  3. My hook ups with a sexy SSBBW

    6/25/2017: This is a true story of my multiple hook ups with a sexy ssbbw. I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her. She had nice big tits, a big sexy belly with soft rolls that made my cock turn rock hard thinking about running my hands up and down her body while squeezing and licking those rolls. Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them to g read Sex Story
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  4. Another dangerous taxi driver

    6/24/2017: Another dangerous taxi driver Victor and I had attended a very nice joyful party that summer night. We have danced for hours, chatted to some friends and had really had a good time. But as I danced with some of my girlfriends, my lovely Victor had visited the bar; more times than I had waited. Then later that night I found my sweet husband was “out of order”… When it was time for me to leave I hunted him up, easy enough, because he was at the bar still and suggested that it was time to go. No way was he driving us home. We had to leave our car overnight, because I had taken some read Sex Story
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  5. My wife's sexy friend

    6/24/2017: My Wife’s Sexy Friend You will probably think I am a horrible person after reading this but you be the judge as it actually happened. My wife and I met in a little shop that made cannoli. Marie is her name. She is a beautiful Italian woman, Five foot six, with deep dark brown hair and stunning brown eyes. We started dating shortly after meeting and things moved quickly for both of us. She told me early on that she thought she loved me and I said I felt the same. I really did but I was never really sure. We were married the next summer and shortly after had our first c***d. I was v read Sex Story
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  6. My First Doll Sex

    6/23/2017: Long story short, I got my hands on a pair of little bratz dolls. I had seen the doll cumming vids here on xhamster already, and certainly didn't dislike them. I also like how many doll lovers you can find on here. I'm not talking about blow up dolls, or simulated faces with mouths, not that kind of thing. Nothing wrong with it, huge turn on... and if you look at my list of faves you will still see dolls like that as well as devices that don't look like anything human but that provide friction in some way shape or form to be applied to the shaft of the needy man's penis. I love to cal read Sex Story
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  7. The Little Mink (AKA My ex wife before we married)

    6/23/2017: It felt really good laying on the soft blanket in the sunshine on a crisp Fall day! Joy had been admiring herself in her full length mirror in her bed room after squirming her little round buns into the tiny green plaid hot pants. They were so short the hem of the leg holes all but disappeared into the very slight cleft of her pretty buns. She added a white halter top and a pair of sandals and headed to the small pasture in the woods her f****y owned a quarter mile away. She lay there soaking in the sun and looking down her body from her supine position, the air was perfect for laying th read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Taboo, Author: billeyed, Source: xHamster
  8. My Best Friend and My Brother.

    6/23/2017: This story is a work of fiction that is based on fact. Carey and his brother Daren featured here are from my first story, " My First Cock ", which tells the story when I started sucking Daren's cock. Since then I have had the pleasure of having several cocks in my mouth and ass, as I have had them. I've written several true stories about my gay encounters and plan to write more, both fiction read Sex Story
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  9. More of Sarah (My Girlfriends Mom)

    6/22/2017: In my favorite overstuffed chair in the living room thinking of what has transpired the last week with breaking up with Cindy and the new found relationship I have gained with Sarah, Cindy’s mom. A week ago we had made love so many times I couldn’t be sure on the count? I had sequestered myself between my house and the boat I needed time to put the situation in order in my own head! The phone rang bringing me out of my day dreams, with no one else was home I had to get up and answer it. It was Sarah asking, would it was alright if she came by to visit? I said it was OK, she said about a half read Sex Story
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  10. Summer Fun 2

    6/22/2017: David and I had plenty of fun that summer. We had extra time on our hands to play all our favorite games. Our parents typically dropped us off at our grandparents house before heading to work, just about every weekday. Of course grandma Margaret and grandpa Ralphie didn't mind having us over. David and I had our very own room there which even had a full size bed, for whenever we'd stay the night. I remember one day in particular... Mom was running late for work as she rushed over to grandmas house to drop off me and my brotthr. We each opened the doors to the back of mom's car before hoppi read Sex Story
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  11. Ibiza

    6/21/2017: And, of course, I was the last one to get to know. That bastard made me feel just 6 inches tall. I just can't get it out of my head that he was fucking Jenny behind my back." You could almost see steam coming out of both ears as my s****r, Rosie, was talking on the phone to one of her friends. "Just how I'm going to get my money back I don't know. I guess the travel insurance would only pay out if I got knocked down by a runaway bus and I can't just tell them my boyfriend was fucking one of my best friends." There was a break as Rosie listened in to yet another stream of advice. This w read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: Itheswag, Source: xHamster
  12. Schoolgirl Fantasy Revised Version

    6/21/2017: As I sat on my couch, i was thinking, "Being alone doesn't have good perks. Maybe if I wanted to dream something naughty, it might be cool." So, I closed my eyes, and I dreamed of a very naughty schoolgirl who would do what i like. All of a sudden, I heard a sexy female voice say to me, "Hey Ace, you bad boy, you big stud." I woke up, and there was this hot girl who was dressed as a naughty schoolgirl. She had nice lovely pigtails, a very sexy tied tight white top, in which her gorgeous boobs were poking through, a very sexy stomach, a very short plaid skirt, knee highs, and rebel goth b read Sex Story
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  13. Ditsydoo and Sam's fun day!

    6/20/2017: I first met Kitty through XH a couple of years ago, she's a lovely BBW MILF with a lovely face, great boobs and incredible nipples! We met for lunch and went for a walk, unfortunately she had to return to work, so all we had time for was a little passionate kissing. I must say that she is a great kisser, I love deep french kissing and Kitty does it to perfection. Lovely soft lips, active tongue, just kissing her got me hard and I really wanted to drag her into the bushes and give her a quick knee trembler there and then! However, on this occasion it just was not possible. However, I did ma read Sex Story
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  14. Strange Trail

    6/20/2017: It was a strange trail that Tod began that night. It was to take him in a direction that, while he may have fanaticized about, he would never have thought possible. His mother, Kitty, had been much in need of a vacation, after having worked the last two years without a day off. His father’s death had left her with a small computer repair facility to run with little personal knowledge of the business. After finally getting it to the point where it would run with a manager, she had sent Tod to stay with his father’s s****r, Nora, for two weeks, while she went on a cruise with a cousin. Tod d read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: Itheswag, Source: xHamster
  15. Fucking My Next Door Neighbor

    6/19/2017: These people moved in next door about ten or twelve years ago and the husband was kind of a jerk, very unfriendly and I hardly ever saw him. But the wife.....I did not see her much at first either. Then I started noticing that she liked to do yoga stuff on their deck and occasionally a little sunbathing. I started taking notice. Not a beauty but not bad either. Then she was about 37-39 5'8ish and maybe 140 lbs slightly chubby, dark hair and complexion. I grew blackberries on the fence that separates our property and a lot of them are on her side of the fence and she came down one day when s read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: cunticker, Source: xHamster
  16. FUCK MY GILFRIEND I Can Get you to Her ¡¡¡¡ She´s

    6/19/2017: Heres what we gonna do, just to get your cock all juiced up and veiny; She is in Paris France Right now working and making her Final School project; I know where she works and where she is studying. not her schedule but if you wait outside for her you will see her there, she´s usually alone or might be with a girl friend doing the internship with her; You could hire a couple of hood guys to wait for her outside of these places and when the time is right get her quick in to the back of a van, i Would only as that you take video from the moment you get her in the van....you could be there wi read Sex Story
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  17. Mother in Law Wanted Some Loving

    6/18/2017: We were at a f@mily wedding on the wife’s side at a hotel in Bowness on Windermere in the lakes district. The wedding and reception had taking place and it was now the night do. Earlier in the day I had got to see my mother in laws full bush when out in a boat on the lake, when she needed to go. It was well after ten at night now and we have been at this wedding more than twelve hours with drink flowing for at least ten of them. I danced with Susan the mother in law thinking about her lilac suspenders and knickers, dancing close sometimes and rubbing myself against her. We got back to read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: nckboy, Source: xHamster
  18. Unintentional Nudist

    6/18/2017: In some respects it worked out exactly as I planned. In others, I had no idea what I was about to unleash. Outward appearances would not have given a clue. Our f****y unit was not organized like that of Ward and June Cleaver but individually we could have been plugged into that scene and looked like we came out of central casting. In a crowd I wouldn't have drawn a second look. I was of average height, average build and ran around in jeans and a t-shirt. I was in decent shape since I played baseball year round but nobody would ever mistake me for a steroid using pro. My step-s****r was jus read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexykamel, Source: xHamster
  19. kate sunday evening

    6/18/2017: Sally and I sat in the garden trying to make polite conversation,i think we was both a bit embarrassed Kate came back she had put a skirt on, What was you talking about ? Kate asked Nothing really sally replied, We had another drink, the conversation got onto me again and how good I was, And Kate bought up the walk I did in her clothes and told sally I had enjoyed it Sally asked if I wanted to be a girl? No I said I like being a guy and took another sip of wine So why do you like dressing up then, I don't know! It turns me on I guess. What items of girls clothing do you like most, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Author: sissychris, Source: xHamster
  20. I Finally Fucked My Dad's Friend

    6/18/2017: Mr. Walker was my dad’s friend. It had been a year since I knew him and we kissed last month in a party at his house. It was me who started all this. Let’s just say I was a big slut who wanted to fuck with her dad’s friend. I was nineteen. I had blonde hair, 34C size tits and a fine hot ass. I always found myself getting horny to see older man checking me out. However, Mr. Walker was read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: BraveBitch, Source: LushStories