1. A wild night with Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    5/24/2018: Mr. and Mrs. Smith were out for a party, and I was babysitting their five-years-old son. Yes, I worked as a babysitter to earn a little extra. I was a good girl, but recently I turned into a dirty whore. I had recently discovered the pleasure of touching myself. Now I did it almost every night and in the mornings too. Sometimes I did it in the afternoons, after getting back from school. I read Sex Story
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  2. The Last Time I Fucked My ExGirlfriend

    5/24/2018: This is a completely true story. Cynthia and I had broken up after being together for over five years. It was a rough breakup and I was affected by it more than she was I think. She was sexually active in the months following, but I stayed loyal to her in hopes of rekindling out relationship. I know, that sounds stupid now, but it is what I felt to be right at the time. Anyway, after about three months, I met another girl. She was everything I needed in a girl and we had went on four dates. The only thing we had done at the time of this story was made out a couple of times. We were in a fresh read Sex Story
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  3. I'm glad you like them, now good night, honey

    5/21/2018: When Jacob was about **, he started to notice me in a way he had not before. I had been divorced for a long time by then, not dated much. I got looks and some offers, but I kept myself pretty busy -- too busy -- between work and Jake at home. I was almost 40 at that point, and I guess people would say I am pretty, but I'm not one of those women who still look like they did when they were 20. My face is round and my dark blond hair is still natural if interspersed with a few gray hairs. I am short, so probably the word "cute" was used more than "pretty" when I was younger, but I am kind of read Sex Story
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  4. stuttering Jeremy -3

    5/21/2018: "They won't come down here," she said, reading my thoughts. "I'm over eighteen and they trust me," she smiled seductively. "I don't want to mess up on our first date," I told her. "So if I'm going to fast..." Before I could get the rest of the words out she shook her head and helped me undo the rest of the buttons. She pulled her blouse open and I started massaging her tits through her bra as we started kissing again. I fumbled a little with the front clasp of her bra but she helped me without breaking the kiss. Her tits aren't as big as yours but they were so soft I never wanted to stop to read Sex Story
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  5. The Farmer’s Daughter (Chapter 2)

    5/21/2018: I slept like a rock in his arms and when I woke up he was gone. The sun was just peeking through the drapes when the door suddenly opened and he walked in. “Good morning sweetheart. I wanted to have breakfast with you alone. I hope you don’t mind?” “No I don’t. I think it’s very sweet of you to do that for me. You truly make me feel like a Princess.” “You deserve to be treated read Sex Story
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  6. Power Bump

    5/20/2018: Great, the power is out again. What is the point of living in the city if the power goes out more here than it did on the ranch? Which I don’t miss the ranch, at least it was quiet there but then again it was boring. But with the power out, the neighborhood becomes silent, dark and peaceful. Going through the camping gear I found the lantern, with dead batteries, of course. Phone battery is sitting at 15% so that will also be dead soon. Thankfully I keep the flashlights near the bed and can easily maneuver the hallway with little help from lights. Walking down the hall I feel as though read Sex Story
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  7. d**gging The Mother in law

    5/20/2018: Wendy sits in a local bar on a Saturday night waiting for Jim to pick her up and take her home. Wendy is a beautiful woman, she's 50 yrs old, she's 5'4 with shoulder length blonde hair, and, a nice b cup chest, and, tonight, she's wearing a black party dress, no bra, and, no panties. She sits at the bar, nursing her Vodka, when, Sam enters and sits down next to her. "Hello, Sam, She says, what are you doing here?. Figured that I'd check out the local bar." Sam replies. "Well, Sam, what do you think of this bar?" "Would it be wrong of me to say, that you're the best part of this bar, Wend read Sex Story
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  8. Mortisha goes wild (Her s*s drives me crazy part I

    5/19/2018: Once she came down from her euphoric climax, she kissed me with unbridled passion while groping my manhood. I'm going to get this bad boy rock hard then fuck it right off of you. Her mouth was again doing it's magic on my cock. At my age I've been with a few ladies, but this one really liked sucking cock. Her mouth was everywhere, tip, shaft, balls, Licking, sucking, lapping, kissing, deep and shallow. Every trick there is she seemed to know and use at will. Once I became unbelievably hard She got above me and lowered her warm, wet cunt down to encase my shaft. Slow, almost to the point of agg read Sex Story
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  9. A Loser and a Winner

    5/19/2018: Alex Hughes stepped off the Greyhound bus in front of the village hall. He gathered his green canvas duffel and his overflowing laundry bag as he looked at the clock atop the government building. It said 4:15. If he hurried, he could catch the end of the game. He ran down to the St. Thomas campus, three blocks away. He hadn't seen her play all year, and didn't want to miss the opportunity today. Three hours earlier he had completed his last final exam of the spring semester at Western Indiana, and immediately hopped on a bus for Wilkes Grove. His mother had been sending him newspaper ar read Sex Story
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  10. A 'loving' f****y.

    5/18/2018: This happened in the 80's when I was married to Gill (Gillian) and she was pregnant with our d aughter. My wife's mum (Joyce) was a sweetheart,a plump lady in her 60's who was divorced and semi-retired.She'd been a full time legal Secretary but now did 2 afternoons a week.Gil and I were made for each,both had a very high sex drive and after 3 years of marriage we still 'did it' several times a week! She loved oral and anal..which were her 2 favourite things about sex..lucky for me lol.I've 7" and she said it fitted up her arse perfectly..and was a nice size for her mouth as well! We trie read Sex Story
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  11. Long Tongues

    5/18/2018: Long Tongues Hank moves in: I was being transferred by my company from state to state on the average of once every two years. When I moved into a rental home in Southern California, everything seemed normal at first. My neighbors, the Smiths, had a buffet lunch poolside as a “welcome to the neighborhood” party for me. That was when I met their twin daughters. Average girls, I remember thinking. Boy was I wrong. Paige and Phoebe were both young slender teens with almost non-existent curves. They both wore braces and glasses. They were blondes with lovely tans. Their bright blue ey read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Trans, Taboo, Author: tankengine123, Source: xHamster
  12. How to Deal with a Step-Father

    5/18/2018: Derek had never known his dad. He only knew he had been the high-school jock that all the girls had been hot for. His mother had him when she was eighteen and he had been raised mainly by his grandparents. He didn’t start dating until he was seventeen and then only for things like school dances and when he needed a date to be included in activities with his friends. When he was eighteen, he read Sex Story
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