1. Touching my s****r-in-Law

    7/17/2018: Two grown adults who should know better cross the line and have an intensely erotic experience./ I had fantasized about my s****r-in-law for years. There was nothing wrong with my wife but the thought of doing something naughty and taboo with my s****r-in-law was such a turn on for me. I did wonder when I first met her if she found me attractive; there were a few signs but it turned to nothing. My wife and I even had sex one night while she was sl**ping downstairs on the couch. It turned me on so much and I'm pretty sure it turned my wife on too, as the sex was amazing. When I came read Sex Story
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  2. The Wreck of the Horstfels

    7/16/2018: CHAPTER THREE I had been back from leave at the Army Pay Corps barracks for only a day or so when I went down with severe stomach cramps. The camp doctor depressed the right side of my abdomen, I gasped in pain and by the afternoon I was in a private room at Worthingthorpe Hospital scheduled for an operation to remove my appendix that evening. It was the first time in my life that I had read Sex Story
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  3. Jen’s Painful Lessons

    7/16/2018: Susan called me and asked me to stop by her house after work. Susan was a real pain. She was the widow of my dead ex-partner and, as far as I was concerned, a real nut burger, to put it mildly. Jim, my old partner had been a good friend. I owed him (and his f****y) I guess. While Susan was ditzy, she was also very beautiful and so was her young daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer, “Jen” to her friends, had been a marriage surprise. Susan thought she was putting on a few pounds when her doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Susan went from being a young trophy wife to becoming a mom, Jim a dad, an read Sex Story
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  4. Groped a Stranger and Getting Fucked in the middle

    7/16/2018: I added more details of what happened, I hope you like it! Earlier this year, I went to a party with my bf which had a lot of friends and random people. As soon as I arrived I started drinking and socializing and before I knew it, I was d***k. Well one thing about me is when I get d***k, I become incredibly horny, literally dripping wet, and need to get fucked hard. At this point I notice this one guy in the kitchen that looked cute but he had Big muscular arms which are my biggest turn on. Turns out he was a friend from the past of my bf and they were standing in the kitchen talking and c read Sex Story
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  5. Katie

    7/15/2018: When my wife and two daughters and I moved into our house a couple of years ago, the only thing we really knew about the neighborhood was the fact that it was outside of the bigger city, it was remotely quiet, and not a lot of traffic. It was a nice subdivision off a main road, with easy access to town, grocery stores, and about fifteen minutes across town to the local mall. It also was right read Sex Story
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  6. Message leads to Massage! And More? [1]

    7/15/2018: Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name in the original version of this tasty tale of tease and tough treatments Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name because I wanted to surprise her with my second sexy series of stories Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as I felt sure, confident of my cunning capabilities to get her hot and wet Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name as a Jenny is as juicy between beautiful legs as a no-name young yummy Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, First Time, Taboo, Author: Poet-PETER, Source: xHamster
  7. comet

    7/15/2018: Blowing Comet Comet, my 5 year old golden retreiver, and I have been playing for a couple of years now. But until recently I've never been able to get him to mount my mouth. It finally worked. We usually start out playing around on the floor with each other. I'll get him a bit excited, then reach under him and rub his sheath. As soon as my hand makes contact he stops and stands perfectly still. He knows what is coming. I'll stroke his cock a few minutes till it starts peeking out. Then I'll usually play around with him some more. Then back to stroking his cock again. Th read Sex Story
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  8. Having Sex With My Boyfriend And Ms. Robinson

    7/14/2018: "You never told me that you were shadowing Ms. Robinson, Abby." My boyfriend Jake moaned as the floor became soiled with his cum. With widened eyes and a beating heart, I leaped up and rushed to him. My arms wrapped around him as tears were shed. "I'm sorry, Jake, it was just a fantasy that came true. I didn't mean to cheat." Tears flushed out of my eyes. Chuckles exited both of read Sex Story
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  9. My Fantasies

    7/14/2018: Women can also enjoy sex and have wild fantasies too. When my mother was in her late teens she had sex with the son of a f****y friend. She became pregnant and ran away to Manila and worked as a massage ther****t and then gradually became a sex worker. She met my dad when she was already pregnant and when I was born I was sent back to Cebu to live with my grandfather and another half s****r. I was the second Secong bastard c***d - LOL Second Secong.... I met my f****y maybe once a year. My mom and stepdad did marry and had three c***dren. My parents love them and I always fe read Sex Story
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  10. Father and Daughter Reunited

    7/13/2018: Every man loves his daughter - the apple of his eye! And daughters usually love their Daddies. But sometimes their love has more depth than you might have expected. 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 My wife and I migrated to Australia back in 1967 and we initially settled in Brisbane. We'd only been married for a week before we caught the boat to Australia, so although we already often enjoyed one another sexually; socially, we hardly knew each other; a true recipe for disaster, as it happened. My sweet little daughter Sandy was born late in 1968 in Brisbane, Australia. She was a nicely proport read Sex Story
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  11. 0052 Threesome for Dave

    7/12/2018: 0052 Threesome for Dave Dave was experiencing the most intense sexual feelings of his life with a threesome of lovelies. Right now, one beautiful green-eyed girl was straddling his head with her warm pussy feeding him her sweet juices. Her b*****r was riding Dave’s cock with his snug asshole… bouncing wildly and screaming with pleasure. The other s****r was between his open legs, alternately licking his balls and her b*****r’s soft peter. Her fingers were inside of Dave’s asshole playing sweet games. The older couple sitting in the room were smiling and urging them on. They were read Sex Story
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  12. o seara de mai

    7/12/2018: Este o dupa amiaza placuta,Tremuram de placere si de excitare. eu si vecinul meu am hotarat sa ne dam intalnire intr.un parc. ...Se apropie ora intalnirii, si incep sa ma pregatesc ...fac repede un un dus, imi trag o rochita de vara mai lunga putin si fara sutien,sanii mei erau vizibili pentru toti care se uitau la mine,ma aranjez un pic si imi dau cu parfumul care stiu ca pe el...pe claudiu al innebuneste... Ajung in parc la locul stabilit, (un loc mai retras,asta ne place... )si al zaresc pe o banca ,este imbracat cu pantaloni scurti si un tricou semitransparent ,care lasa sa iasa in eviden read Sex Story
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