1. Stepdaddys accident

    9/23/2018: This is a story from my teens. Many coincidences led to a very special experience with Him, my father. None of us would have seen it coming and would never believe it would happen, but it did. If he hadn't been in that bicycle accident I would never have had to care for him as I did for a brief period of time. With bandaged hands, stiches and some titanium in his under arm he was more or less helpless and totally dependent of my care. The doctor had estimated 2 weeks until the stitches could be removed and potentially even more for the fractures to heal. Mom had passed away some years ago and read Sex Story
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  2. A Boy and His Mother

    9/22/2018: -------------------------------------------------------- This work is copyrighted to the author © 2012. Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration. -------------------------------------------------------- A Boy and His Mother by Jones (jonesrulestoday@yahoo.com) *** Albert is a skinny 11-year-old and very unhappy and unfulfilled. That is, until he discovers masturbation and that he is flexible enough to suck himself off. One night his single mother comes home d***k and read Sex Story
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  3. After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 2

    9/21/2018: I do hope every one enjoys this part of the story and I thank everyone for their comments. After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 2 Magee and I woke up the next morning still in each other’s arms, sharing just the one pillow that I usually used every night when I would sl**p either with Sandy Ann, or by myself, “Good morning beautiful.” “Good morning to you handsome. How did you sl**p last night?” “Like a baby or a log since I slept all night I’m not sure which way I slept. How did you sl**p?” “I’m like you, I slept all night long.” “It was a first in a long time since I sle read Sex Story
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  4. Addicted, more

    9/20/2018: After Wendy told me about how much she loved my huge cock and how she had fucked her stepb*****r after months of watching him masturbate at night, I could not get enough of her and she was so fucking horny all the time. She told me how lucky she was to find her dream cock! We fucked all the time, or should I say we had sex all the time. I would give her a lot of oral pleasure as well as fuck her. I loved her curvy big body, it was made for lots of fucking. She was just as often the initiator of our sex as I was. She wanted to be fucked in the morning before we went to work, often we would sne read Sex Story
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  5. A Naughty Evening

    9/18/2018: My mother married my stepdad a few years back, and recently his son came to live with us. He’s four years older than me, but extremely good looking. My stepfather told him to get off his lazy ass and find a job. Unfortunately, after he graduated college, he just couldn't find anything in his line of work. The economy tanked, and jobs were hard to find these days. He's basically just drinks read Sex Story
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  6. Sarah and Old Man Earl

    9/17/2018: "Well what do we have here?" Old man Earl asked. Standing in front of him in his shed were Ritchie and Sarah. Sarah's panties were down around her ankles, her dress was pulled up above her little tits, and Ritchie had his penis out stroking it. It had all started a week earlier when Sarah first moved into the neighborhood and met Ritchie. He told her who all the cool people were and asked if she wanted to be part of the cool gang. She said yes, even though she was very naive, having grown up out of town on a farm, this was the first time living in town. She hadn't had any friends growing up a read Sex Story
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  7. Jenny, Mum and Dad Pt5

    9/17/2018: Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part 5. He grabbed her thrusting wrist and yelled, “Don’t you move a fucking muscle,” and then yelled as he relieved himself into her. Groaning and roaring through the pain his cock was in and the heat generated from his hot urine filling her cunt made him light headed. He wanted her to feel the heat as long as she could but felt he couldn’t stay upright for much longer. He was fucked from his hard work and felt like his cock would never be the same again. Jenny never expected anything like this. She knew straight away what her father had done and was shocked to feel he read Sex Story
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  8. My Niece's Friend.

    9/17/2018: This is a follow up to a story I wrote about interrupting my niece and her girl friend in an outdoor shower awhile ago. Although I will try to have each story stand on it’s own, perhaps you should read, EVER ACCIDENTALLY WALK IN ON SOMEONE before you read this. Here is a link:http://xhamster.com/user/HHenry57/posts/295910.html I have been asked through comments left after people have read that story and through the Private Messages feature here at Xhamster if I ever took up the offer my niece’s friend gave me at the conclusion of my first story. I can tell you that as hard as it wa read Sex Story
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  9. Elizabeth's story- sibling love - Ch 3 -Gary need his release

    9/17/2018: Chapter Three: Gary needs his release Gary had just ‘forced’ me to a powerful orgasm with the pulsating water massager. Okay, ‘forced’ is a gross exaggeration, but he assumed control of the moment. I not only allowed him to do so, his assertive actions added to my stimulation. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my very young life; and it triggered an emotional release of read Sex Story
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  10. Storys I like: Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Fee

    9/16/2018: Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Feet In the 5 years since I first met my future Mother in Law Kathy, I had had many opportunities to admire her sexy feet in her support tights and had built up a nice collection of her tights, knickers, bras and even a pair of her shoes. Whenever I got the opportunity I would wear and wank into her soiled tights and knickers. Things had moved on and I had married my girlfriend and we had moved into our own place which meant that I was seeing less of Mother in Law. Apart from calling in at the weekend I hardly saw her. Then one weekend I was chatt read Sex Story
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  11. The nun

    9/16/2018: THE NUN As far back as s****r Mary Angela could remember, she was never interested in sex. As a teenager she developed large breasts at a very young age and was curvy and beautiful. Despite the fact that she always dressed very conservatively. In her youth, boys and even some girls, treated her very nicely. She, however was never interested and as soon as she turned 18 she started her career as a woman of god. It’s all she ever wanted to do with her life. Many years later, in her early 40s she taught history in a catholic high school and despite the fact that she could still turn heads read Sex Story
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  12. A Thousand Words - Part One

    9/16/2018: Summary: 'A picture is worth a thousand words', and it was never more true for what Rhea had in mind for herself and her husband. Rhea: http://i.imgur.com/bt8SC3f.jpgThe Rake:"It's fascinating how the perception of people towards an activity, thought and sometimes even a person changes with a change in environment". At least, that is what Rhea contemplated as she walked the length of the art gallery, admiring and sometimes abhorring the paintings and photographs on display. The exhibits were based on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, and naturally, the read Sex Story
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