1. My First Erotic Massage

    3/20/2018: As a career woman, I have a very stressful and demanding job. It doesn't leave a lot of time and energy for a life outside work. So I get a massage and a professional stretch every Friday. As I walk into the Spa, I notice a muscular, well-defined man man with rugged good looks and bright blue eyes standing by the counter. I look him up and down admiringly while his eyes are averted. My breath catches as I view him from behind while he walks towards the back of the spa. He glides down the hallway, his ass looks so great in his tight black jeans. As I check-in for my MST massage/stret read Sex Story
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  2. Stripping Anonymously For My Mother

    3/20/2018: It was due to my college tuition that it all happened. After my parents had divorced two years ago my father had moved across the country and cut off all contact with me. My Mom had had to take two jobs for awhile just to get out of the pile of bills she was under partially due to the divorce so when it was time for me to go to college I had to pay my own way. My first year I had to work long hours to pay for it and it was difficult to find enough time for studying let alone for a social life. It was during the summer when I was nineteen between my first and second year of college that my read Sex Story
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  3. Mommy and Daddy Really Love Me

    3/20/2018: It's Friday and I can hardly wait to get home from school. Tuesday was my eighteenth birthday and Mommy and Daddy have promised me that Tonight will be the best birthday party I've ever had. We're going to spend the entire evening and night celebrating. Now I'm an adult and tonight Mommy and Daddy are going to show me how big people love each other. I've been looking forward to this evening for years. I remember when Daddy first noticed my boobs starting to grow. I had just gotten out of the tub and he was drying my hair. "Susan, come here", he shouted. "Our Candy Baby is growing up!" read Sex Story
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  4. Indian Daughter-in-law's Dilema

    3/19/2018: My name is Suganya a house-wife aged 37. I reside with my husband and our four c***dren, at Chennai in India. We are a middle class South Indian f****y. My husband is a nice man and takes good care of my c***dren and myself. Though I have four c***dren with him, yet somehow, my private relations with my husband is not so fulfilling. That is because, unfortunately, my husband is a physically weak man. He is short, thin and very timid in nature. Though at least once a week, I do satisfy his husbandly needs, I get quite frustrated during those times. That is because, neither does he have the p read Sex Story
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  5. What moms go through for their boys. Part 2

    3/19/2018: The next day it was Saturday. The boys were at home and John was already up getting ready for a day at the golf course. Jackie woke up to sounds of water splashing in the pool. She yawned, streched, and glanced over her right shoulder to see John findling with the golf clubs. "Oh great you're awake, where's my nine iron honey?" He asked his wife. Jackie responded "How could I be asl**p with all the noise going on, I don't know, did you check in the basement?" John raced downstairs to look for the rest of his golf clubs. Jackie got up, walked over to the window and saw her boys jumping in and read Sex Story
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  6. Explanation to my wife

    3/18/2018: Trying to tell my wife how this all happened was tough to say the least! I am married to a lovely early 40's brunette with large 38dd breasts on a very lovely not fat but thick frame. When we met she had already had 3 c***dren youngest Bradley 13, Dakota 17, and Daphne 23. I work alot of hours at night so Katherine and i dont get to see alot of each other at times,but we are very very much in love with each other. I am 37 a decently built man 6'3 212 pounds not ripped but in good shape. My main asset is that i have a fairly large cock...its over 9 inches!! One day i came home from work to a read Sex Story
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  7. Bedtime on My 18th Birthday

    3/16/2018: Bedtime on My 18th Birthday bybigwomenrule© Growing up in a small village of close families, he behavior of myself and my mother never seemed unusual. I knew we were closer than most as it was just her and I, and we did everything together, more than I did with my own friends. I can unashamedly say that my mother was my best friend. I had my own bedroom, but that was mostly for show, as I spent nearly every night in her bed with her, snuggling and sl**ping together. My eighteenth birthday fell on a weekday, and I had a small party planned for the weekend, but me and my mother read Sex Story
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  8. Redhead Babygirl pays her rent

    3/16/2018: Tammy was shocked at the news! She was just told by her boss that her job was being eliminated. What on earth was she going to do now? Even with a regular paycheck she barely got by. The next day she went to the unemployment office and she was told she would get some weekly benefits but then they told her how much. That would never pay her rent or put food on the table. As the next few days went by she dreaded telling her landlord that she would not be able to pay him. He seemed like a nice enough guy but he did want to get paid. The day came for the rent and Mr. Grant knocked on the read Sex Story
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  9. Fucking My Best Friend's Girl

    3/15/2018: The night started out like most other Saturday nights, I was over at my buddies house pre-drinking for another party somewhere. Except this time, his woman was going with us. I didn't care, I've always enjoyed her company, got along great with her, didn't matter to me! But my buddy was a little ticked about it, he had another girl at the party he was wanting to hook up with, so she was gonna be a major pussy block for him. Plus they had been fighting, so they were both being bitches. Bound and determined to make the best of the night, I tried my best to play good cop and cheer her up. Finally, read Sex Story
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  10. A question

    3/15/2018: I have come up with a little challenge and would like to see some answers take a minute to read this and answer The challenge is below This is listed in several languages here: 1. English This is a little fantasy of mine If I give myself to you for a full 24 hrs what would you do? Use your imagination nothing is to taboo ( keep,in mind it's a male) Please people answer in comments (everyone's view points welcomed I look forward to reading answers) I now challenge people to post the same and see what answers they get back might be fun ----------------------_-------- read Sex Story
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  11. There's Something About My Son's Girlfriends - 9

    3/15/2018: As the sound of my straight-six disappeared into the distance the girls settled on the couch across from Jennifer's mother. "Well? Which one of you naughty girls wants to go first?" Anna asked, looking from one to the other as they sat there, innocent smiles on both their cherubic faces. "Sorry, Mom, what are you talking about?" Jennifer replied, feeling her cheeks begin to redden slightly read Sex Story
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  12. The Babysitter (Chapter 2)

    3/14/2018: I awoke Sunday morning with my cock in Clarice’s mouth, and my right nipple being nibbled on by her college mate, Susan. As I slowly opened my eyes, Clarice said, “Good morning, sleepyhead. We thought perhaps we were too rough on you last night.” Clarice was our family babysitter until she graduated from high school a year ago. Before she left for college, Clarice had “seduced” me, and I read Sex Story
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